i liked this so much so here is the bigger version of it

So my lock screen collage was much better well received than I was expecting so, since so many of you liked it and since it is a certain Mr. Scientia’s birthday ‘today’ (an hour off in my timezone but its the 7th elsewhere in the world rn so who the fuck cares  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) I am sharing my non-lock screened version for all of y’all because everyone needs a beautiful phone to wake up to in the morning. 

Tumblr is probably going to bollocks up the picture so here is an imgur link to it.  It was made for iPhone 7 plus resolution (1080x1920) so it should scale to any other size nicely.  

Since it didn’t take half as long as I expected I am also tempted to do one for my ipad so they can match once I have had the chance to get onto my platstation and rummage for even more screenshots for the bigger size (ahahaha i say this like I might not have enough ahahahahahaha I have enough to sink the titanic all over again….) If I do you can be sure I will share that as well o/

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Page 7 for all? Love your art!

I’m really glad you do!!!

Alright so, Sktechbook A, page 7 has nothing interesting in it >’:
BUUUT. I think that’s ok because sketches on the other sketchbooks are really nice /I THINK/

Sketchbook B

I don’t think it shows too well because I’m posting pretty much the whole page BUT here’s a cleaned up, bigger version!

Sketchbook D

I really want to fix&color one of these!

Sketchbook C

Since it’s the whole page everything looks super tiny. BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS PAGE and this silly… “petstuck AU“ thingy I was working on.. SOO
I’ll post everything else here as well. SORRY for doing this to your dashboards

I’m not sure if they’re siblings, but Roxy and Gamzee are kids and share a room, and they have a tiny grumpy pet troll Karkat! And this thing is all just… so so adorable and fluffy and cute. I wanna sketch more.

[wait, maybe a readmore will work on dashboards… I’ll try just in case]

More sketches after the ‘Keep Reading‘

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Ursa Major and the Golden Fleece

So we all know where this little nerd right here gets his nickname: 

Ignoring for now the fact that this is a crazy-ass birthmark that almost definitely has something to do with his fate in Gravity Falls (because c’mon, endgame guys), let’s talk about the constellation itself: the Big Dipper.

So, first off, the Big Dipper itself is actually part of a bigger, more complicated constellation known as The Great Bear (Ursa Major). Most of us can’t see the whole bear today though, because of pollution (boo humanity!). But back in the days of the ancient Greeks, you could see the whole thing, and they noticed something funny about it - it never sets below the horizon. Now because the ancient Greeks were awesome like that, they have a myth that explains why.  As with pretty much all Greek myths, it starts with Zeus’s inability to keep it in his pants. 

There are a lot of different versions of this one (some say Callisto was training to be one of Artemis’s hunters, some say she was just a random princess, some say her fate was due to her father’s wickedness, etc) but the gist of it is, this beautiful woman caught Zeus’s eye, and he decided to go down to Earth and pay her a little visit. In some versions he visited her many times, in others it was just once - but nonetheless, together they had a son, Arcas. This is where the big differences come in - one version of the myth tells it so that Zeus continued to visit Callisto for years after their son was born, and as was bound to happen Hera found out and was angry. In order to protect Callisto, Zeus turned her into a bear to hide her from Hera - Hera, being way too smart for that nonsense, decided this was an appropriate fate and tricked Zeus into leaving her that way. After the god and goddess were gone, Arcas happened upon the bear that was his mother and shot it while hunting - when she died, Callisto returned to her human form and Arcas realized what he’d done. In another version, Hera found out about the affair soon after Arcas was born, turned Callisto into a bear, and banished her to the forest for years. When Arcas was old enough to hunt, Hera convinced him to shoot Callisto - either way, the story ends with Callisto stuck as a bear and her poor son killing her unknowingly. Zeus felt pretty guilty about this, so he turned Callisto back into her bear form and placed her among the stars as The Great Bear (Big Dipper) - then, Arcas, who was watching his mother, was turned into a constellation as well, The Little Bear (Little Dipper) who was always turned in her direction. 

Sweet story, right? Only it doesn’t end there. “Hera, enraged at this honor to her rival, persuaded the God of the Sea [Poseidon, we can assume, although there are multiple sea gods] to forbid the Bears to descend into the ocean like the other stars. They alone of the constellations never set below the horizon.” (Mythology, Edith Hamilton)

I guess not being able to go into the sea like all the other stars was a pretty severe punishment, or something. Who knows what was going through Hera’s mind. But that’s why the Big Dipper never sets below the horizon, never sinks into the sea. 

In Gravity Falls, we’ve come to accept that the sea represents the potential young children see in the world - especially Stan and Ford. Though Ford let go of that dream to chase things on land, Stan held on. When he looked out to the ocean, he saw endlessness - beauty and possibility and adventure. But Ford would never sink into the sea.

There are some pretty obvious parallels between Ford and Dipper - and although it’s not as cut-and-dry as some people make it out to be, for the sake of remaining as uncomplicated as possible, let’s say Dipper is the “Ford” twin, and Mabel is the “Stan”. 

Mabel isn’t without her ties to outer space, either. Her symbol on the Cipher Wheel is the shooting star. Shooting stars streak across the sky in a brilliant and beautiful flash, and then they’re gone forever. Constellations are eternal - especially ones that can’t set below the ocean. I bring you now to another Greek myth - the tale of the Golden Fleece (any of you watch Between the Lions as a kid? They did this one once).

Before Jason came along and dicked it up, the story of the Golden Fleece starts with a brother and sister - Phrixus and Helle. They were the children of a king and his first wife - however, the king grew tired of their mother and sent her away, and remarried a woman named Ino. Ino was like, the original evil step mother. She knew that since Phrixus was the first born son, he was all set up to become the kingdom’s next ruler once her dear old husband kicked it. She wanted her own son to be king though, so she bribed a messenger to fake a prophecy stating that unless Phrixus was offered to the gods as a sacrifice, the corn in the kingdom would never grow again. 

Hermes caught wind of this and was like “nuh-uh”. Just as Phrixus was about to be sacrificed, a flying ram with a fleece of gold swooped down from the sky and lifted him and his sister to safety. Yay, happy ending! Nope, sit down. Story’s not over yet.

Hermes figured he’d better get the kids as far away from their step mother as possible, so he sent the ram to fly them over to Colchis. While flying over the straight that separated Europe and Asia, Helle slipped off the ram’s back and fell into the water, where she drowned. Phrixus made it safely to land. He did not slip off the ram. He did not sink into the sea. 

You’re probably all picking up what I’m putting down here. Dipper is cursed to hover above the horizon for all eternity, never following the other stars down into the sea. He’ll bring the golden ram to Colchis, where it will be sacrificed to the gods that saved him and turned into the Golden Fleece, which protects the land and blesses the soil. He’s the hero of our story. Mabel is a shooting star, destined to burn out brightly, to fall down into the water. To die helping her brother to safety. Just like Stan before her, she never makes it across the sea. 

- ally