i liked this shot

The scene where Sana is sitting in her bedroom looking at herself in the mirror is definitely one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen. The shot is large and showing part of her bedroom – it almost looks like she isn’t really there for a moment. It’s not fancy or aesthetically beautiful, it’s just a teenage girl in her bedroom feeling sad and lost. There’s no music, no distractions; the scene is not letting you look away, or get distracted by anything else. You have to look.

“3 Weeks”

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“Sexual-Frustration. Noun. (countable and uncountable, plural sexual frustrations) A state of agitation felt by an individual whose sexual satisfaction is considerably less than desired”

3 weeks. It had been 3 weeks since he last touched her. It’s not intentional, he’s just been so busy he’s barely noticed and to be fair neither had she but her body had.

For the first week she was fine, content with his fleeting lips on her forehead as he rushed out the door are the tired kisses he gave when he got home late. She was okay with only feeling his hands on the small of her back as he reached over her for his razor as she brushed her teeth. She was fine. The second week was manageable, yes his fleeting lips left her flustered and his tired kisses left her wanting more and sure when his hand brushed over the small of her back it left goosebumps in it’s wake but she could ignore it. She was fine. So why tonight, on the 3 week mark, is she so temperamental? Why has she been short with him all day and why couldn’t she focus on anything at work?

She’d been home from work for about an hour when he walked through the bedroom door. He’s mad at her, she yelled at him this morning for reasons he was unaware of. She’d dodged his phone calls all day and ignored his attempts at finding out what was wrong. Yet he still notices her staring at him when he walks into the room, can see her sat on the bed with her now closed book and her bottom lip between her teeth as her eyes follow him around the room, he can feel her watching him and that’s when it clicks. 

He turns and walks to her like a predator who’s found his victim, his hands pulled her clothes off slowly and then parted her thighs as she watched him with wide eyes. He’s not touching her, not how she needs him to, not where she needs him to. He’s leaning over her with that goddamn smirk on his face as his fingers lightly trace her inner thigh.

“Saw yeh staring. This what’s got you so frustrated? Pretty girl missed my hands on her huh?” 

She can’t respond, she doesn’t need to. He knows her answer, can feel her answer.

“Missed y’too, missed how your body reacts to me like the earth does to lightning. Missed how you arch into me, as needful of me as I am of you. Missed this.

She still doesn’t answer, it’s as though his touch leaves her speechless. Her body is too busy welcoming the feeling of his hands on her skin to reply, too busy forming goosebumps to form words.

“S’my pretty girl not gonna talk to me? She not even gonna moan for me?”

He’s asking for it now, almost teasingly, he can see what he’s doing to her yet he still wants to hear it. He wants to hear her.

“Harry I…”

“What baby? Can’t please you if I don’t know what you want”

And she’s trying, trying to tell him what she needs, trying to ask for more but she just can’t. She’s overwhelmed, he hasn’t touched her for weeks and it’s too much yet not enough all at once.

“H please

“Please what poppet?”

He’s making her beg for it. It’s like he’s punishing her, for being moody with him, for not just asking him to touch her, for making him work it out for himself.

“Please touch me, need you to touch me”

“But I am touching you gorgeous”

She almost sobs, she’s so desperate and he’s toying with her. A moan escaped her as his hands moved to her pubic bone. It was all too slow. The moan was more dissatisfaction than the opposite but still it evokes a teasing glint in his eye.

“Am I close sweetheart? M’I close to where you want me?”

All she can do is nod, he’s so close but he’s not there.

“What about here? is this better?”

His hand is flat against her mound and his thumb is rubbing softly just above the top of her clit. Her eyes are wide and watery as she silently pleads with him to give her what she’s so desperate for.

“Oh no, that’s not what you want is it sweets? No, you want me here”

His thumb finally touches her nerves and it has her gasping like it the first time she’s breathed since she saw him walk into the bedroom. He’s barely done anything but yet she’s arching her back and gripping his arm and he’s enthralled with it, with her, he’s only rubbing her in slow circles and she’s writhing.


“What was that my love?”

He’s not teasing her anymore, not trying to make her beg, he was just so wrapped up in watching her squirm that he couldn’t comprehend what she was asking for.

“Please H, need more”

“My sweet girl wants more huh? Wants me to make her cum?”

She’s breathless, the rasp in his voice driving her insane. All she can do is say “please” like that and his name are all that’s in her vocabulary right now. Her please makes him smile, she’s completely as his mercy and he loves it. He slips his fore and middle finger into her while his thumb presses steady circles into her clit and she’s whimpering and to him it sounds like heaven. He knows her body like he knows his own name, he knows what makes her tick, so when his fingers touch the most sensitive spots inside of her and she lets out a cry he just smiles, her body is his and he knows how to use it. She can feel her stomach tightening and her heart beat in her throat.

“So close”

“Yeah? Is my pretty girl going to cum for me? Gonna let me watch you break?”

Her eyes are squeezed shut as she nods, he can see tears threatening to spill and he’s proud. His fingers stop moving and instead they press on her softest spot, the spot that makes her scream. The pressure there coupled with his thumb on her clit is too much, she’s hypersensitive and he’s using it against her. Both of her hands grip his wrist as she lets out a sob, his head snaps up in worry just to be stunned with the image of his girl completely wrecked because of him and he swears it’s the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. His free hand moves to cup one side of her face as his thumb brushes away her stray tears, something so innocent compared to what his other thumb is doing to her.

“That’s it sweetheart, cum for me, that’s my good girl”

His lips are on her cheek as she cums, her hands leave his wrist to grip his shirt tightly in her fist. Her body is stiff and her eyes are shut, tears are still streaming down her face but she’s silent. He’s watching her completely fall apart and he can’t believe he’s gone 3 weeks without seeing this, why was he depriving himself of such a beautiful sight? She’s shuddering as she comes down, her eyes still closed but the death grip she had on his shirt slowly being released as he lays her back against the bed.

“Are you okay my love?”

A shaky breath leaves her as she nods and opens her eyes to look him

“I’ve missed you”

It’s a quiet confession that he would’ve missed had he not been solely focused on her. It makes his heart ache. How he could ever leave this perfect girl, his perfect girl, without his touch for so long is beyond him and he’s making a promise to himself to never leave her without him for that long again, never going to deprive himself of her again. 

finally, you and me are the lucky ones (kolvina one shot)

Despite everything, Kol and Davina find each other. Despite everything, they find their own happy ending. 

(soulmate au & rewrite of the originals season one)

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An Awkward Kiss

Sherwin looked up at the cutest guy in his class above him. Jonathan found himself on top of the other with his knees and hands on each side of him. He was shielding him from the beaker, they were mixing chemicals in, from exploding.

Glass was scattered around them and the rest of the class was watching them. Sherwin didn’t even notice they’re watchful eyes. He watched his hero pick a piece of glass from his hair.

“That was crazy,” Jonathan chuckled. “We should do that more often.” his eyes filled with worry. “Are you okay, Sherwin.”

Sherwin opened his mouth but couldn’t find any words. Well, words that were appropriate. “You have the prettiest eyes.”

Jonathan blushed at that. He looked cute before, but now he looked absolutely adorable. And that made Sherwin do something he would never do otherwise; he kissed him.

It wasn’t a perfect kiss that girls or boys dream about. It was sloppy and awkward. The boy didn’t know what he was doing and it being one-sided made it worse. He pulled away, feeling regretful. It showed on his face.

Sherwin looked absolutely terrified. He felt like he made the biggest mistake in the world. He saw the disgust on his classmates’ faces and the shock on Jonathan’s. It made him feel sick and nervous. The only thing he could do, in his mind, was bolt. He whispered a quick apology to his crush before scampering from underneath him and out the classroom.

Jonathan just sat there dumbfounded. He was just kissed by another boy in front of the entire class. It made him feel anxious and scared. He never kissed anyone before so he didn’t understand the feeling he got during it. It took him a moment to realize how his heart raced during it.

He couldn’t believe he didn’t notice how he pressed closer to the other without meaning to. He couldn’t believe… he let the cutest boy run away to cry or who knows what!

Jonathan found his feet and glanced at his classmates. They all expected him to sit back down at his desk and pretend nothing happened. But he wasn’t going to do that. Without much thought -or maybe too much- he raced out of the classroom in search of the redhead he honestly wanted to kiss so bad.

Sherwin rushed outside to take comfort in the shade of his favorite tree. He fell to his knees beside it as the tears came down. He leaned back against the trunk as he sobbed. Candy, his heart, sat down on his knee and watched him full of sorrow. She could do nothing but feel him break inside.

Jonathan found himself outside looking for the boy he longed for. He felt stupid for not kissing him back in the classroom. Why didn’t he? Was it fear? Or maybe he was just too shocked to do so. Either way, the regret was eating him up.

He scanned the courtyard for any sign of him. His heart almost broke spotting him leaned up against a tree in a fetal position.

Jonathan took a deep breath and made his way over to the other, very slowly. When the sound of sobs hit his ears, his pace switched to a run.

He was on his knees the moment he got to him. The taller grabbed Sherwin’s shaking hands and started kissing the tears away.

It took Sherwin a bit to figure out Jonathan was trying to calm him down. It did. His tears stopped flowing and the other’s kisses became slower and gentler. It then became obvious what was going on, and his cheeks turned a bright red.

Jonathan pulled away to look it Sherwin’s brown eyes. “Are you okay?”

Sherwin nodded, leaning closer to him. “I’m sorry about what happened, I-”

“Don’t be,” he cut him off with a smile. “It made me realize something.”


“This.” Jonathan pressed his lips against the other’s. Sherwin couldn’t believe it was happening. He was kissing the cutest guy in school. Wow. He kissed back nervously and wrapped his arms around the other’s neck while Jonathan tangled his hands in his soft curly hair.

Off to the side, Candy was squealing.

Another one-shot. This one just popped into my head so.. why not?


New tank glamour time! I was sick of the schoolgirl look, and I finally invested in the Shire body for my tanks, so…

Main Hand: Replica High Allagan Guillotine (Metallic Silver) / Head: Heavy Wolfram Helm (Metallic Silver) / Body: Shire Custodian’s Armour / Hands: Mythrite Gauntlets of Fending (Metallic Silver) / Legs: Hemiskin Brais of Fending (Shadow Blue) / Feet: Mythrite Sabatons of Fending (Metallic Silver)

I couldn’t decide if I liked this picture with or without my DOF effect on it, so you get one with and one without~


the most romantic interaction i’ve ever had in skirmish: when enemy genji used swift strike on me, then ran to a health pack and shot shurikens at it, telling me to use it


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”


“Who are you?!”


Introducing my newest Klance AU, The Prince and The Pirate! (technically its not that new, i’ve had it in mind for a while lmao)

BASICALLY, Lance is a prince who’s next in line for the throne, and Keith is a pirate. Lance was at a party meeting his suitors one rainy night and Keith’s pirate crew raided the place, but the storm picked up and destroyed the boat. these two ended up washed up on an uncharted island together, and now they gotta figure out how they’re gonna survive ヽ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚


allusions to alec being gay in season 1

+ the moment alec came out