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I fiiiiinally finished my Dishonored whale sculpt! This poor thing has been sitting unbaked and neglected on my mantelpiece for actual months now, and I finally had the time and energy to work on it. I might still do a little touching up. I also need a proper stand for this guy eventually.

This thing was absolutely riddled with problems from start to finish, not the least of which being the fact that I’m out of practice with sculpture because of how rarely I do it. So I’m not 100% happy with this. I still like it though!

Process shots here!

Remus’ 1st year

So this is my first ever “fanfic” type thing. The idea comes from a post by @siriuslestrange

pls dont judge it too hard

Remus Lupin has learned to keep his head down. When the Sorting Hat exclaimed, “GRYFFINDOR!” and the room exploded in applause, Remus let his tawny hair fall in his face as the hat was gently removed. His face felt hot and he desperately wished people would stop staring. He shuffled to his new table. 

His new roommates seemed nice enough. There was Sirius, the one with rather long hair and a brilliant smile; James, the one with glasses and oozed confidence; and Peter, the one with blonde hair and a kind face. But Remus was scared. So very scared. So naturally he kept to himself.

And when he found himself in his four poster, his new roommates gathered around him asking about the scar on his nose, he nearly wet himself.

“Bloody hell, mate!”. The one with glasses tugged his hand through his hair, “How’d ya get that?” 

He inwardly hated himself for stuttering a weak, “I-I um… w-w-was p-p-p-punched in the f-f-ace a f-few years back-k-k?”. 

And a few days later, when Sirius padded out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, the bathroom was left blessedly empty. It would be okay to take his shirt off for a quick shower. 

And Remus hated himself again for being so forgetful. In his overenthusiastic run into the bathroom, he slipped on the still-wet tiles and stubbed rammed his foot into the sink and landing with a loud thwomp on his arse. He couldn’t stop himself as the agonizing pain kicked in:

“Bloody buggering fucking shit! Motherfucking hell! Merlin’s tits! Fucking ouch!”

But the sound of slow applause made him forget his pain, as when he looked up, face hot, he saw Sirius Black leaning against the doorframe and James standing next to him. James had his eyebrows raised in shock and approval, still bloody clapping, and Sirius was shaking his head slowly. 

“Wow, Remus. That was quite eloquent of you”, Sirius laughed.

“Yeah, do you kiss your mum with that mouth?”

Remus so badly wanted to be upset. Only, James was moving towards him with his hand outstretched, and soon Remus was being hauled off the floor and Sirius was handing him a towel.

“Th-Thanks. And yes, I bloody well do.”

And from then on, if you asked anyone at Hogwarts who Remus Lupin’s best friends were, there would be no hesitation before the names “Black” and/or “Potter” would come up. More often than not accompanying an eye-roll.

“I always laugh when I think about when I did Jennifer Lawrence for the Oscars [in 2013] and she fell going up the stairs. Later that night, when I went to touch her up, I was like, ‘That was the best hair shot of my entire career.’ The second she fell, every camera zoomed in and saw the back of her head. We don’t ever get to see the back of the head on the red carpet. It was a very simple bun with a few twists in there, but it was like the hair shot heard around the world.” – Mark Townsend, hair stylist 

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Hello there I'm new to your blog and I love it. I'm fairly new to fanfiction and I'd love to follow more Harley and Joker fanfiction blogs can you suggest some?

Hi! Welcome new friend! 

Thank you! I’ve answered a question like this before, but I’m always up for sharing the love! 


@crystallinee-waters is a beautiful writer. Her fanfics are truly works of art. 

@murderous-manipulative-angel is a great writer who has fanfics, she doesn’t update often but she’s great. 

@batsy-batsy-batsy is fantastic! Even though she doesn’t post many fanfics, you better be sitting down when she does because they’re always great! 

@mabelmadnessss is a very active writer that is also fantastic. 

@royal-flush-gang is a new writer I’ve found that is fantastic. 

@cvioleta is another great one that I just discovered! 

Here’s a speed round from different sites: 

Pygmalion by AnimeAries402 

Therapy and its sequel Resurgence by PuddinFreakyStyle

Laugh Like You Love Me by the_reluctant_nerd1701

The Bright White Jackets series by BloodonUrsuline (highly recommend) 

PunchLine by SibilantWhisper

My Weakness by This_Twisted_Mind_Of_Mine

The Art of Seduction by  MaggieBee

All The Comforts of Home by alittlegreenrosetta

Idk if you know this but I also make fanfiction that can be found —> here 

Thanks! If anyone else writes fanfiction, make sure to comment because I want to read more too! 

When you pause the livestream at the right time -dabs-

Dear, Secret Admirer | Part 1

Reader x Member ft Hoseok

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Words: 3k

A/N: Ya’ll I’m so stupid I realized that I shouldn’t have put featuring because Hoseok is actually in this series a lot. Sorry lol. Enjoy though. 

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i love how much eleanor still trusts flint and how much flint still respects eleanor. the whole time that he was her ‘prisoner’ she asked him for advice and he gave genuine help, never trying to trick or manipulate her.

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What kind of weapon(s) does Red use?

She has a variety of guns she uses, but her favorite one she has nicknamed “Mr. Burns” because it does ballistic AND radiation damage, PLUS the bullets explode on impact. It’s dangerous though, because the blast radius has the potential to hurt any allies that might be close by as well. Hell, if you’re standing to close to whatever you’re shooting, the blow-back can hurt YOU too! Here’s some screencaps of her holding it.

It’s a really overpowered gun, lol. I think I found it in Far Harbor, & then upgraded it at the weapons bench.

@reimeijennoir I wanted to join on the avatar thingee so….THIS IS MY AVATAR @///////@ PLZ DONT JUDGE ME >///< I DREW THIS WHEN I HAD NO ERASER AND I WAS TOO LAZY TO GET IT AS WELL XOX  Thats why i just overwrited all my mistakes u can see it if u really squint xD! >////< and lol xD. plz excuse my baka handwriting and bad pic quality :’)

Anyways nice to meet you all and I hope u guys will accept me here @//////@

@canthydefromthelicht Cuz she the waifu who i mentioned xD

EXO Reaction-Cuddling that animal.

Hey @maknaevicky here is your request.  I’m soo sorry it took me so long to get it to you.  Life got in my way and I blew a tire today….Geesh, anyways if you don’t like it, let me know and i’ll give it another shot.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Xiumin:  When he was tired and wanted to lay down and cuddle with you he would see you cuddling with his wolf stuffed animal.  He would try to get your attention and when it didn’t work, he would admit defeat.

Luhan: You’d be busy cuddling with his cute polar bear stuffed animal and completly ignoring him.  He would try blowing kisses to you until you decided to finally pay attention to him. 

Kris:  When he saw you clinging onto Ace, he would be sad that you weren’t hanging onto him.  He would slightly pout for your attention, which would remain on Ace.

Suho:  He wouldn’t understand why you would want to cuddle the stuffed alligator instead of him.  He would keep touching you trying to get your attention while you ignored him.

Lay: Once he saw you hanging onto his stuffed cow he would be sad that you weren’t holding onto him.  He would look at you with his cute, dimple smile and you would loose instantly.

Baekhyun:  When he came into your bedroom and saw you hugging his bear he would whimper, wanting you to hug him.  When you didn’t he would just lay his head on your shoulder and admit that hes lost.

Chen:  Being the cute, supporting boyfriend he is, he would let you continue to cuddle his little bear while he sat there and watched you with a loving smile.

Chanyeol:  Once he saw you hanging onto his duck stuffed toy, he would be surprised and sad that you weren’t hanging onto him.  He would just continue to be sad until you gave into his smile.

DO:  When he saw that you weren’t paying any attention to him, he’d look over and see you holding his stuffed owl plushie.  Instead of being angry, he would look at you with his serious face, just making you laugh.

Tao: When he saw you hugging his stuffed panda instead of him, he wouldn’t know what to do in order to get your attention.  He would make funny faces, then sit there sulking until you choose to talk to him.

Kai:  When he came home and saw you on the couch holding his stuffed bear, he would smile to get your attention.  When you didn’t pay any attention, he would give you a gift to get your attention.

Sehun:  He would be really clueless about what to do when you were carrying around his stuffed bunny.  He would just sit there and be clueless about what to do next.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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Top five William moments

a chit sone

1) “it’s not forehead, it’s suit.”

2) “SHUT UP” “Yes.”

3) THAT PART IN LYCORIS where he’s railing grell about how she done fucked up and he goes “OUT OF THE QUESTION”

4) The 3cm intrusion

5) the Monologue about demons

honourable mentions:

- the entirety of BoC
- take a shot everytime he adjusts his glasses
- i liked him in Ciel In Wonderland okay
- his entire rivalry with sebastian
- the eyebrow twitch thing
- fixing his hair every time he does something even mildly strenuous
- pokerfaced staring 
- catching the chainsaw with two fingers (mostly bc fingers…)

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Heyy! Firstly, I LOOOOVE your writing so much! Your fics are just too good! Secondly, I was wondering if you plan on making a part 2 to the old college try? I loved it so much, and I know it's a one shot but I feel like there could be more! Thanks!

Yes, there’s definitely going to be a part 2 and probably a part 3.

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear you liked it!


Yeah, I’ve figured it out, I’ve seen the unknown
Like a shot in the dark, I’ll carry you home

A New Week

Personally, I like Mondays. It’s a new shot at getting things right, a good starting point if you’re trying to form habits, and for me, a chance to get out of the house.

Not that I don’t love my house and family- I just love being busy.

I love rushing around, trying to grab coffee with friends while not missing class. I love exploring campus in search of the perfect study spot, and doing math homework with my co-workers as we try to be receptionists. I love jumping from place to place, and having the satisfaction of filling out every slot on my planner. I love the feeling I get when I come back home, knowing that however exhausted I might be, I’ve been productive and hopefully fairly successful with the day’s activities.

I love Mondays- not the waking up early bit of course- cause it’s a chance for me to start anew.

Specifically- I’m gonna write this f'ing book like my life depends on it. I’m gonna be really mad at myself if chapter 21 isn’t finished by this Friday. Guys, keep me accountable, ok.