i liked this season ur opinions mean nothing to me

UHm…//sweats as i nervously slide back in

i would be surprised if any of u guys still remember who i was… but anyways a few thousand years late responses to the asks \o/

aa <3 thank you guys so much TT i didnt know there was a jaehee x mc week but a late contribution to it /o\!

AHAHA// im imagining it in a college AU laughs 

thank you!! TT im surprised u still remember me..but it’s my honor to receive such positive feed back on my works!! ;q;)9

1. Aww that sounds really cute i dont think its bad! dont let others opinion affect u on what ever makes u happy …!

2. LOL I MEAN ive been kinda in and out on this fandom…o)–< 

3. paps zenny//….i have drawn him before but ww ill keep in mind in the future to draw him again 

1. Aww thank you! im glad you like this pairings too ^^)9 new season is out so im excited to draw them again +___+ !!!

My reposting policy is simple, as long as you credit me AND link ur image back to this page i allow it. However, you may not sell/edit/claim my works as yours. 

Nothing too bothersome has affected me so far regarding reposting but it may change…thank you for asking though! a lot of people have been asking me whether or not they can repost but please refrain from reposting on tumblr/twitter!

 Aww thank you! I hope everyone has a nice day too <33