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ahhh omg sorry if this is extra, obvs feel free 2 ignore I just have a lot of music opinions for the gangsey, adam- diversity by family of the year blue- loves noname!! henry- loves tegan and sara!! ronan- bad believer by st. vincent noah- let's go surfing by the drums gansey- lovers' carving by bibio (also he loves vampire weekend imho) also bc im obsessed w/ the image this song gives me of piper romping thru cabeswater with a demon- the forest awakes by st. vincent

oh my gosh, this was awesome! i totally agree on all the bands everybody likes (esp henry liking tegan and sara!!) and these songs are all spot-on, too, both in lyrics and in ~vibe~!

adam / diversity by family of the year
No trouble’s ever gonna take anything away from me

ronan / bad believer by st. vincent
What do you know? I’m just a bad believer

noah / let’s go surfing by the drums
Oh mama, I wanna go surfing… Oh mama, I don’t care about nothing

gansey / lovers’ carvings by bibio
Lovers’ names, carved in walls, overlap, start to merge, some of them underneath… Maybe they appear in graveyards

piper / the forest awakes by st. vincent
My heart beating still, through the perilous night… The bombs burst in the air, but my hair is alright

Haven’t watched poods or Mark in a week and damn it’s all bc I’m busy as heck but oh well, hopefully they’re doing great :) also I feel like I should draw something but this would be different, I don’t feel like I should drawn this guys rn bc I don’t feel inspired so wanna draw bts, some ideas maybe if u know them ? Maybe a recreation of your fav video of them ?

sorry for not posting anything, I’m on hiatus rn but probably Saturday I may at least one thing draw


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done





female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”