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Simsrena: life with a tiny human...

Do you have those days when you think to yourself, what am I doing with my life? Maybe I should go out and take a walk, maybe talk to some real life people, sit in a coffee shop and people watch… 

So I when I crawled out of bed today I thought my day would be something like this…

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The reality was a slightly different story…


I played with Simsrena…

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And that success was… CAM HAD A BIRTHDAY!!! YEY!!! BERNIE AND SERENA ARE GOOD PARENTS AND DIDN’T FUCK ANYTHING UP except for when they both went to work because I forgot to have them take family leave and they left baby Cam at home on his own and then social services turned up to take him away and I panicked and had to restart my game. Damn it! I wasn’t supposed to tell you that!

So yeah. Bernie was pretty happy about it. Will a picture of them playing in the garden make you forget what came before this? 

No? How about Serena reading Cam his favourite book?

I know! I’m a bad parent!! I didn’t guide my Sims and they failed! 

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So when I fixed my Sims lives and Cam had his birthday take 2, I decided that he should be a little charmer. Cause Cam takes after his mum (Bernie) and as we all know, the Wolfe’s are irresistible and it clearly runs in the family! Plus, Serena is also his mum and as we all know she can charm the pants off anyone… especially Bernie…

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But do you know what toddlers do when they’re charmers? They get grumpy and argue about taking a bath. Great! So not only do I have to drag my own lazy ass to the shower today I’ve also got to deal with this kid? If I’d known having a kid was going to be this much hassle I wouldn’t have done it…

That’s all the contraception I’ll ever need. Thank you sims for reinforcing my instincts to never ever reproduce. 

When I finally got Cam to take a bath, it was pretty cute. He and Bernie had a lot of play time!

Bernie got really wet… and unfortunately for every Bernie nut job out there (myself included - I’m a fully paid up member!) it wasn’t the good kind of wet…

That got weird… moving on…

While Bernie cleaned up the mess in the bathroom, Cam moved onto his other mum. Isn’t he cute? He wanted hugs from Serena and as soon as he got his hug, he asked for food. Oh yeah… I see what you’re doing Cam. Give the adults all the cute and they’ll do whatever you want. Smart kid.

It’s still pretty cute though.

Anyway, after Cam had his birthday, pooped a lot, had Bernie carrying him on her back like he was flying, had a tantrum, was dragged to the bath, had hugs and food from Serena, he was happy to sit and play with the tablet in the living room. 

I can hear you asking “but what about Bernie and Serena?”

Never fear, Bernie and Serena still get lots of quality time together…


Wait…. you have free time away from the kid and you have a tickle fight?

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I wanted snogging. I mean, just a little kiss. I would have settled for a kiss on the cheek. Hell, holding hands and staring deeply into each others eyes would have be fine too! But no, oh no, you tickle each other. 

Having kids suck.

Well… until Cam joins them for a movie and I see them all like this…


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I’m getting all the feels. Too many feels.

I need to go to bed…

berry-bub’s 10k faves page !!

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So, as i have said, i wanted to make some studies with skin colouring

I have found new style of drawing (left pictures), there colour of skin is very close to actual skin colour of a character. I want to draw in this colouring style more, heh!

But this style dont have color light, wich i usualy use in my style. So, the second pictures is trying to do something with my usual way of colouring. I think i start to understand how to work with style to make skin colour more close to actual! Yey!

So as you see, colour of skin is changing (like every others colours). then you use light effects. So, is this okey? 

And, yey, i think i should do more things like that. Tumblr, thank you for advices and helping, this is very important ^U^

and THANK YOU SO MUCH, my tumblr friends, who helps me with understanding this question!!!!! People, you are amazing, i love you >W<

a-beautifuldayna  asked:

A reaction to Bts coming home seeing you curl up sleeping with your guys 2 months child on the couch^.^

Omg this is so cute and kind of hard to write lol PLUS I had major feels writing this lmao.


Seokjin : Jin here would be a grinning mess, seeing his two most cherished and loved people curled up into a ball, obviously waiting for his arrival,his heart would totally melt at the sight and he’ll reach for his pocket and fish for his phone to snap a picture or two.

Yoongi : Yoongi would be a little less smiley,unlike Jin. Because the first thing he’d feel is worry for the both of you,he’d worry if both of you are comfortable in your position and how long have you guys stayed like that (im not saying that Jin wouldn’t worry or anything, he too would be worried,but in his case it’ll be after he had stared at the both of you for too long,only then he’d realize lol). Nonetheless, his heart will also flutter at the sight and like Jin he’d snap a picture or two.

Hoseok : Okay I can literally imagine Hoseok pouting as soon as he enters the door and walked in on you guys curled up into a ball WITHOUT him, he’d be like “why am I not invited in the cuddle party? And pout jokingly at you and your baby’s sleeping state,
something like that lmao,but he’d get over it immediately and like the first two members he’d also snap a picture, this time its more than two pics, who knows maybe a couple of hundreds? Lol. Hey, it might came handy when you decided to do a scrapbook.

Namjoon : He’d be super smiley,like his dimple with be so deep af and he would melt at the sight too. Also I could see him being a little emotional about it like, he’d be “ah, I wish I could spend more time with them” or “ Ah, I’m sorry for not being a good husband or father” smth like that, like where did those thoughts came from and all, idk I just kind of imagine him looking at the both of you and he’d feel a rush of different emotions, that he didn’t know was even there wash over him. BUT he’ll definitely took a lot of pictures because moments like this are rare for him to see ,specially with his busy schedule.

Jimin : I see Jimin as a mixture of Namjoon and Yoongi. He’d be so worried too if you both were comfortable and all that, he’d even go to your room to get some pillows to make sure both of you are in great condition. And also like Namjoon he’d be emotional too,maybe shed a few tears?. Jimin can be emotional (? Idk if its the right term to use,forgive me) when it comes to people that he loves and cherish so you might stir a little from causing him to hurriedly wipe his face,fortunately that didn’t woke you up BUT he’ll get over it after some time of talking it out with himself and finally smile at how the two of you look. He’d also take pictures, including one with him on it.

Taehyung : He’d be a lot like Hoseok enough said lol. And also I could imagine him loudly cooing at how cute you guys looked as he snap pictures at different angles. He’d be so loud he’ll wake you and your baby up but that’ll won’t last long because he’d join you and it will now be the three of you curled into a ball,him sneakingly snapping some pictures at your “bonding time”.

Jungkook : Okay I could imagine Jungkook’s eyes sparkling as he stare at the both of you curled up into a ball as soon as he walked in. He’d be so smiley (showing he’s bunny teeth) and he would stare at you guys for sooo long he’d be in such a daze. Everything in him would flutter, long story short he’d be beaming at the sight. And he’d definitely took a picture.

Yey!!! Lol I finished it. Thank you for requesting I hope I did it the way you wanted it,( cause I was a little confused at first if what you meant was curled up into a ball or curled up like in a cuddly type of way? I’m sorry if I’m not making sense) please let me know :( if I got it right or wrong, so I could change it for you if it is :) , anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN :)



Let me start off by saying that this was hands down the most well thought out touring k-pop concert I have ever been to and please trust me when I say I’ve been to and performed at enough concerts to confirm this.

Everything was beautiful, the lights, the staging, the choreography and the setlist, everything was so on point. BigHit really spared no expenses for this concert and I am so insanely proud of Bangtan. 

They were precise, sounded amazing live and had magnetic stage presence. Even their dancers were great, this was really a very well rounded concert for a k-pop group.

Being right in the front definitely enhanced my concert experience because the music was literally booming and I could feel the bass in my soul (seriously lol), nothing was obstructing my view and I’d say we were really close to the stage. 

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed (boooo) so I’m sorry if this is all words and no pictures ;; (the stage was really bright too, so any photos I managed to get with my lousy phone is overexposed)  


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We are now parisians
  • We finally arrived on Saturday. Yei! So much excitement.
  • Paris is beautiful. Even better than in the pictures. And I don’t even know half of it.
  • Our apartment is tiny. Like fucking really tiny. But I don’t really mind. It’s perfectly functional. We have everything we need here. Also the neighbourhood is really good.
  • Suiz already started his classes at the master’s programe. 
  • I started my french clases at Alliance Francais. I am way too happy about learning french again. I know a little bit of french because when I was little my mom got me and my sister into clases. So I remember some.
  • We don’t have phones yet. That’s why we’ve been MIA so much. We should get our new phones probably on friday. We’ll see. When we do we’ll photo spam you with pics of Paris!
  • It’s cold here! Not so much as you guys in the States, so I wont complain.

That’s all I got for now.