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hello!! im rly interested in hakyeon bc I watched him on weekly idol and I thought he was rly sweet;; would you mind linking me to a primer or videos that describes his personality better? :)

Of course!

4 Things did a special on Hakyeon about two years ago which I think is a nice place to start

Last year he had a radio show which really allowed him to show many new sides and thankfully fans translated several of the best episodes. I recommend his birthday episode, the episode with btob, the episode with apink, and the final episode. (But there are many other subbed ones if you want more!)

More recently he did Celebrity Bromance with Lee Wongeun who he met on the set of Sassy Go Go, which I would definitely recommend watching if you haven’t yet (There are four parts 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .)

Other than that I would recommend watching recent VIXX TV episodes (all of which you can find on the realVIXX channel) to see how he interacts with all the members

I think one of the problems with trying to learn about Hakyeon (or really anyone who’s a real person) is that you can’t approach him like a set of fixed traits. He has changed a lot over the years and his personality is not easy to simplify. If you want to really know him you have to think about him from a multifaceted view point. At any rate I certainly hope you enjoy getting to know Cha Hakyeon!

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Gif Tutorial by Kong-TV

Since last night a sweet anon ask me to do a Tutorial for gif, here I am! 
I’ll try to make it really clear to be sure everybody can understand it!
N.B my photoshop is in ITALIAN but I try my best to give a right translation of all the terms! 
P.s at the begining I’ll give you some tips please make sure to remember them throughout the tutorial! 

Don’t hesitate to ask any clarification or explanation, my ask box is always open for you ^^

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