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when will he stop

hey. what’s up. my name is Kierra but most ppl call me Teddy. i’m a black trans girl who’s slowly making the strides to present the way i’ve always wanted to. i’m just trying to do the best i can to quell my dysphoria as much as possible. i have a part-time job as of now but i can only work so many hours per week, not to mention that mental illness and dysphoria make it hard enough to work as is!

if you’d like to help me move along in my journey a little faster you can donate to me thru venmo (@teddywasnthere) and thru the cash app ($teddywasnthere). if you have an issue w/ just donating i also sell my own writing @ gumroad.com/teddywasnthere and i’ll be adding more to my shop in the coming future.

if not, reblogging this helps a ton or even sending an encouraging message. even thinking about transitioning can be an exhausting and lonely process and choosing to move forward w/ it is proving to be twice as difficult, so any kind words are also appreciated. i love y'all and i hope y'all have wonderful days 🙇🏾‍♀️💕

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dan & phil playlist04: 18 - one direction

“we took a chance, god knows we tried, yet all along, i knew we’d be fine…i have loved you since we were eighteen, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved and to be in love”

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Protecting the Hokage. Or, fighting beside the Hokage

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OFF doodles(●´ω`●)

@pastelsphere Here is Zacharie! And Sugar too! ^-^

@glasses-and-psi Hula hoops ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@brainplaguerewind a few Queens, I thought you might be interested

cute Reflection guys and Vesper by @dan-jang


The power in my hand was gained for her sake.


“He thinks it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him. Part of it’s finally knowing what’s going on. And he’s excited to have his friends back– to be part of the in-crowd. Shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. It’s so Quil.” 


More from the doodle batch from the last post as well! I ended up doing some little cheebs of Prompto and a cute little Promptis on too! I’m debating about cleaning them up and turning them into stickers and possible charms if people are interested! But I should probably make some for the other boys and finish the Marlboro-Kun ones I’ve planned out too LOL Other than that, back to finding some inspiration! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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"Say hello to Sensei for me."
  • "Say hello to Sensei for me."
  • Takasugi, ep 261

“That’s right. You won’t be judged by the shogun or the heavens. You will be judged…by me. Don’t bother trying to remember me since I’ll bring the Tendoshuu and those worthless crows… No… I’ll bring the heads of every person on this planet down to hell with me. Say hello to Sensei for me.”

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned, and Anna counts her blessings that Elsa is omnipotent, not omniscient

And even then, the beautiful, blonde manifestation of Winter is just that: Winter taken form. The ice and snow act on her command, though Anna has no doubt Elsa knows some sort of loophole to extend the range and versatility of her divine powers. 

Anna mumbles a prayer under her breath as she scales the cliff, thanking all of the other powers that be that Elsa hasn’t tracked her down yet because of it. 

“I should’ve never listened to Kristoff,” she grumbles as her sore fingers grasp at the lip of a cave hewn into the cliff’s face–a combination of the weather and dwarven architects that had left their mark centuries before. “’There probably won’t be any consequences’, he says. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen’, he says…” 

Anna hauls herself inside, upper body muscles working double to ensure she does not fall to her death in the process. Her arms are as sore as the rest of her from traveling–running–non-stop, and she collapses in a tired heap on the cave floor. 

She had only learned of this cave by chance at the last town she had passed through for provisions. According to the merchant, few dared to ever visit, due to the treacherous climb. Barring that, the dwarven ruins further beyond the cave entrance were said to host dangers long since lost to man. 

Why anyone would even build such a thing to begin with is anyone’s guess… 

But regardless, the cave serves its purpose in allowing her a few days to catch her breath and gather her wits for a more long-term plan. Elsa would never think to find her here. 

The thought is both relieving and saddening. For on one hand, Anna has fallen hard for the goddess of winter, and seeing her never fails to send her heart soaring to the heavens. But on the other… 

Anna musters just enough strength for her palm to meet her forehead in a dull ‘smack’, exhaling loudly. “’Mad’ probably doesn’t even begin to cover it…” 

“You’re right. It doesn’t,” a very familiar voice says, just as Anna feels a snowflake land on her nose. 


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Dig into my muse’s life | headcanons

@ask-the-three-eyes sent 7 & 12 (7 will be answered with a separate post, I got two 7′s to answer! ^^)

12:  What is your muse’s happiest memory from their childhood?

From what I can remember, that day really changed a lot for me. I thought Mama would be angry with me for wanting to wear make-up, but it turns out she wasn’t! 

Each time I think back to that day, it always brings a smile to my face because I knew then I could feel safe being myself around her. 

((Fun fact, I also have to admit that when my mom showed me how to do make-up for the first time, it was pretty much one of the best and funnest days of my life. Tricky, but it was a fun bonding session we had when I was starting out with make-up c: ))

I’ve had a commission I’ve been slowly working on for months and I’m trying to crank out the last of it so it’s finally done. Soon, hopefully. In the meantime, look at these nice colors I managed to get.