i liked this more than i was expecting to honestly

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I'm getting more and more concerned that Gimple is gonna do the whole canon without seeing the canon moment for Caryl where we see them in bed together or such without the union scene, I can hear Gimple in my head "we wanted the audience to play it out in their heads as we could never meet expectations" and honestly I will fight him if it goes like this cause can anyone imagine anything better than Daryl or Carol's facial expression after a first kiss?

I’m not gonna lie Anon - THIS is my biggest fear! I have zero worries about ti not going canon, but I have had this dear in my head for most of the season that they will reveal Carol and Daryl the way they revealed Michonne and Ezekiel in the comics - waking up in bed.

And that they’ve kept the Ezekiel crush thing in as a red herring so people think it MIGHT be Carol and Ezekiel in bed together but NOPE, SURPRISE it’s Daryl.

If this happens, I will start a gofundme to raise enough money that I can fly to LA and personally slap Gimple in the face. Because after X-Files pulling this crapola, if TWD does it too I may actually need to be incarcerated. 

THE ONLY WAY to do this and not have me kill a man, is for the cold opener to be that and then the ep goes back in time to a few hours previously to show how it happened.

Are you listening, Gimple?! That’s the ONLY WAY I will allow this.

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Re: The Dark Swan look. Personally, I didn't have a big problem with her costume. The first jacket and skinny leather pants weren't terribly flattering, but were okay. It maintained her standard silhouette. The later look with the flared coat a bit 50s for my taste, but eh. The problem, IMO, was every closeup had that painted hair & TV is a closeup medium. I never heard the crying thing was a problem. More the audience expected dangerously sexy/charming & she wasn't.

I could see that.  I was personally bugged by the longer in the back than in the front a-symmetry.  In some versions it honestly looked like the cut of a bicycle rain jacket (which go long to cover the butt).  Which is not exactly a sexy look.  But it’s hard to look sexy when your hair is painted in elmer’s glue.

Jen publicly talked about crying every ep during her SDCC NerdHQ panel this summer.


I made some more overwatch ornaments/ charms based on the recent event sprays!! They look so gosh dang wholesome, honestly.

Also, as it turns out, I have to pay significantly more rent than I expected to this month, so if y’all would like to support me, you can purchase these and other overwatch merchandise from my etsy shop, AlchemistsCrafts.  I’d appreciate it a lot <3 !!

Language learning advice I should give myself more often

- I did not start speaking a single word of my NATIVE language until after 1 year.

- Language learning is not a race, it is a new way of life.

- Some times I will feel like I’ve made lots of progress, other times I will feel like I’ve gone 10 steps back. It’s all relative.

- Stop expecting to make leaps and bounds in a day’s work.

- I still encounter words in my native language, after 20 years, which I do not know.


- I would not think someone struggling to speak my native language is stupid, so native speakers of my target language would not think the same either.

- I know you say “I’ll never need to know this word” but honestly if you’re aiming for a high level of “”“”fluency“”“”, please learn it.

- “Fluency” is too broad a term and not a clear goal to aim for.

- Even native speakers make mistakes.

- If the content I am learning is too simple, I am not challenging myself.

- “If you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same results.”

- Don’t be ashamed for having an accent.

- I will one day in the distant future look back and think how amazing the journey to learn my language was.

- The journey is always more exciting than the destination.

- Speech between 2 native speakers is one of, if not the, hardest things to understand. Do not be disheartened.

Twenty Questions

Marvel Writing Challenge: @canumoveyourseatup-no vs @oneshot-shit

Prompt: kissing scene from The Notebook

Paring: Bucky x reader

Word Count: 2953 (I’m a wordy nugget I’m sorry)

Warnings: language, bit of angst/self depreciation, fluff!!!

A/N: Ahh I’m so nervous to post this don’t mind me I’m just an awkward potato! Honestly, passionate romance and I go together like pickle juice and marshmallow fluff… aka they don’t go together at all. But I did my best, modified a few things, and came up with this. It was way more difficult than I anticipated, and it’s probably not as romantic as people may expect, but I wrote what I’m comfortable with and I’m pretty pleased with the result. P.S. italicised text indicates thought.

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The two of you walked in silence, the sun slowly drifting towards the horizon as you made your way towards what you hoped was the direction of the Quinjet. Ruins of the HYDRA base were strewn everywhere. How you and Bucky managed to escape the explosion alive was beyond you, but Steve instructed you to set off the detonators, so you and Bucky got the job done.

If only you hadn’t managed to bury your escape route, lose your comms, get chased into the forest by surviving HYDRA agents, and completely loose your bearings after finally killing the bastards.

To say this wasn’t your best mission would be an understatement.

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Hopeful Romantic

To make it an even better week I met a guy last night. It was just a casual meet up after the bars to watch tv and just chat. But it didn’t turn out quite like the casual encounter I was expecting. We talked, and I liked it more than I usually do. I felt something. And I could tell by his smile he felt the same and he didn’t seem to want to leave. We were both laughing pretty hard at one point, and that’s when we both just looked at each other and started making out..for awhile. Clothes came off of course. But it was just raw and honestly kinda nice coming from a guy that’s not interested in hookups. We just made out naked and I was so damn into it. And that was it. He grabbed me and didn’t let go until the morning. It’s rare for me to be able to fall asleep with a guy and to feel that level of intimacy without sex or even getting off (I was also incredibly attracted to him holy shit). He graduates while I’ll be in Germany so I probably won’t ever see him again, but it makes me look forward to the future for when I actually will find a long term thing that makes me feel everything I felt last night.

Guess who’s now followed by:

  • one thousand inactive blogs
  • seven hundred porn bots
  • five hundred disappointed people who followed me because I posted once an edit about a show or whatever I don’t talk about anymore
  • four hundred people who followed me by pure accident and forget every time to unfollow me till I pop into their dash for some reason
  • two hundred and thirty people who still have hope that I’m gonna post more edits like I used to and are this 👌 close to unfollow me
  • one hundred people who barely appreciate me and my content because it’s never homogeneous and full of bs
  • fifty people who appreciate me a bit more than the previous hundred ones
  • and twenty people who really care about me and go to my blog everyday to see all the shit i posted/reblogged???!


A bit more than 2 years of activity and I reached this milestone and this is truly amazing! I honestly didn’t expect to have this amount of people who had thought once that I deserved to be followed and managed to override the ugly url and icon i have in my possession congrats guys
This website may have its flaws, too many to enumerate them, but tumblr is clearly my favorite, especially for the facility it gives us to share our numerous talents with thousands of people, mostly without the help of a more popular person who gave a s/o to our content to boost it! Everyone can start their dream did i just call that a dream without basically anything to start with, unlike some other websites like F[censored] Okay lots of ppl here are cheaters anyway but unlike these other websites, they’re not not the foundation of tomblurgh amiright? Because this is what I did: starting with nothing but the few things I knew about editing. And now?? I’ve been Honored™ by your wonderful reception and I can’t thank you enough for that!!
And even if you guys think it’s only a stupid button you press to hope to see entertaining things you’ve never seen before, these 3 thousand buttons means a lot to what I’ve shared with you these two years… So thanks again!! Love u

Okay alright now that I literally threw up my “endless love” to you guys, what should I do to celebrate it as it deserves to be celebrated??… hmmm… should I… bring back the

Good Ol’ Follow Forever™??!!!!

tbh I should call that a shout-out instead, because y'all know I’m gonna unfollow each of you someday hehehehehehe

More seriously, let me introduce you some blogs I follow where I reblog stuff from to create the hell of a mess that is my blog. Some of them are highly talented, and also i love some of them from the bottom of my left big toenail. #podophobia tw
Some of them (that’s a lot of “some of them” in a row gdi) are mutuals, so their names are gonna be bold or in italics or whatever, right? Of course NOT! This shit is soooo 2K14 c'mon!!

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Again, thank y'all so much for following me recently or since the Beginnings™ (btw u guys freaking amaze me like HOW THE HELL ARE U STILL HERE)

And of course, as we say in french: [deep voice] JE NE SAIS QUOI SACRÉ BLEU AU REVOIR


Reasons to read the poison study series by Maria v Snyder

-good representation of a victim of torture and abuse who now has ptsd
-but she is so much more than a victim and has a full life and wonderful narrative
-poisons are cool
-valek is a sexy assassin
-yelena is a 10/10 female protagonist and is impulsive as hell
-yelena always manages to get in shit but holds her own throughout everything
-the author low key slides a trans character in there when you least expect it and it isn’t a big deal it’s just like oh cool this is nice. Honestly a trans character in a high fantasy??! I thought I wasn’t reading it correctly for a second I was shook
-lots of PoC
-well designed cultures
-cool magic w souls and fire and lots of weird mind powers
-did I mention Valek yet? Bc he is an A+ male lead and is an unconventional alpha male and is wonderful
-claustrophobia is represented
-magic school and who doesn’t love magic school
-evil men but they don’t win
-amazing story arc of an abuse victim fighting back against her abusers and learning to heal and be this amazing bad bitch
-much more but I don’t think I need anything else to convince you

Alec in 209

How much do you want to bet that the show is just going to completely gloss over the fact that Alec tried to kill himself. Like they probably won’t even mention it again which I think is completely wrong. So many young people in LGBT community have suicidal thoughts and the fact that Alec actually tried could be a very sensitive topic and a good opportunity for the show to address it and relate it to the real world. But I’m honestly expecting it to never be mentioned again. Alec really deserves to have better storylines than he’s getting. And is it so hard to just let Alec be happy for more than 5 minutes for once.


And here is my masterpost about my December Prompts! Because it was a lot of work and I’m proud I’ve made it :D Thanks again to all of you for your likes, reblogs,  comments, messages, support and everything. It really helped me! And welcome new followers. I hope you’ll like it here!

Day 01 : First Snow
Day 02 : Baby it’s cold outside
Day 03 : Ice Skating
Day 04 : Cookies
Day 05 : Playing in the Snow
Day 06 : Warm Fire
Day 07 : Starry Night
Day 08 : Family Dinner
Day 09 : Hot Cocoa
Day 10 : Mittens and Scarves
Day 11 : Mistletoe
Day 12 : Peppermint
Day 13 : Tree
Day 14 : Lights
Day 15 : Gingerbread
Day 16 : Snowed In
Day 17 : Sick
Day 18 : Holiday Market
Day 19 : Ugly Sweaters
Day 20 : Coffee Shop
Day 21 : Volunteer Work
Day 22 : Caroling
Day 23 : Tradition
Day 24 : Festival
Day 25 : Gifts
Day 26 : Candles
Day 27 : Toys
Day 28 : Miracle
Day 29 : Sacrifice
Day 30 : Ring/Proposing
Day 31 : Midnight/Resolutions

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honestly nothing gives me more petty satisfaction than when snobby regulars come into the restaurant and expect me to have "their usual" memorized, than to pretend I have no idea who they are/what they're talking about. Like 9/10 I actually DO have their order memorized, but I hate that they get an attitude about it so I pretend I don't, and make them say it anyway.

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*raises hand* I got a question! Will we also learn how Oikawa found Iwaizumi and found out that he's a /magical" plant? owo P.S: After reading the snippet and seeing your WIP I'm really looking forward to this AU. Yet alone because of the growth of IwaOi and how Iwa will look more human over time. I'm very curious about it! :o

Ah! I’m so happy “curiosity” seems to be the winning feeling about this AU lmao - I was honestly a little worried. But I’m glad you liked the teaser stuff!

SO. Anyway. I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s probably going to be a lot more plot to this fic than anyone is expecting there’s certainly more plot than we were expecting. Basically Oikawa is a botanist who stumbles across plant!Iwa by chance, really. He’s in a profession where he comes into contact with weird plants all the time, so one of them was bound to be a magical shape-shifting plant at some point…right? Of course, being a scientist he is absolutely fascinated with Iwa on a plant level as well as a…personal level… And sometimes - to quote the fic - “you just have to lick something for science”.

God I wish I could share more with you because some of the stuff we’ve discussed is hilarious and adorable and sdjksdjls I’m excited to see it come together <3<3 Honestly @notallballs is amazing and you should all go and shower her with love. 

bangtan when blazed
  • Namjoon: philosophical af (as expected), creates thirteen different conspiracy theories within a minute, doesn't react to physical contact
  • Seokjin: so much munchies, the kind of munchies where you get weird ass cravings like why tf do i want to put ranch on the doritos i put in my sandwich, laughter gets distorted, praises himself to sleep
  • Yoongi: exhausted as soon as he hits the blunt, moves super slow, honestly he's probably only smoking to help his insomnia, is also super deep but he keeps it to himself
  • Hoseok: so much laughter, taehyung blinks and he's dead, more touchy than usual, paranoid af tho, if you cough slightly he will scream, gets in his feelings but then gets distracted by something and starts laughing again
  • Jimin: super happy for no fucking reason, starts complimenting everyone with a soft voice, pets people, "I'm just so thankful I'm friends w you guys :-)", everyones annoyed, is probably on the verge of tears
  • Taehyung: blankity blankity blank, really thinking about namjoon's theories, wants to get up and get something but ends up just staring at it from afar w his mouth slightly open, becomes a genius when he does speak
  • Jungkook: completely baked w one hit, coughing mess, "I'M FINE I'M COUGHING ON PURPOSE I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT SMOKING WEED OK", dtf, starts laughing at his own thoughts, more meme than usual, just sitting in the back eating the rest of the doritos by himself, smug af, has never smoked before but didn't say anything for the sake of looking cool

lots of Ahsoka requests! I chose palette #3 @avada-matata @i-am-not-a-committee @blurry-jace

EDIT: fixed a few things bc the anatomy was bothering me

Okay, so I’m, like, really suuuuuuper late to the party but I finally got to see “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Ultimate Edition) tonight and something that honestly surprised me was how well I thought Ben Affleck handled playing Bruce/Batman.

He definitely had the bulk and size the part called for…

Originally posted by thearkhampunisher

…but I wasn’t expecting him to hit all of the right emotions.

Originally posted by yesthebatmanme

Originally posted by yesthebatmanme

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And, yeah, then there was this, too. I’m shallow, what can I say? ;)

Originally posted by iwannakarnezi

I knew I’d love Henry Cavill because, well, I already love his Clark/Superman…

Originally posted by manculture

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…but Ben surprised me by holding his own. Which was a hard sell because, like, 97% of the movie is him trying to KILL my beloved Clark/Supes, so I was fully prepared to curl my lip at him through most of the movie. ;) The fact that I could still feel for him, even at the times when I was thinking, “Bruce, c’mon, man! Don’t be a jerk!” definitely says a lot!

So, yay! Well done! \o/

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Pressing pause.

First and foremost, because I don’t want to bury the lead:  I’m taking a writing hiatus.

With that out of the way:

I feel terrible just writing this post, never mind putting it out into the world. But the truth is that, right now, I need a break. Somewhere in the last couple months, writing’s felt like this overwhelming obligation more than a hobby, something I need to do because of deadlines and expectations.  I don’t feel inspired, I feel forced.

Obviously, that’s not your fault.  Honestly, I’ve felt this on and off for a while.  Blame my job (both the old and new, honestly).  Blame my psoriatic arthritis, which sometimes leaves me in “swamp creature” mode.  Blame the season, my social obligations, or the insufficient hours in the day.  Either way, I need to hit the pause button.

I promise this break is only temporary. Presumptions isn’t pefect, but I’m proud of it.  I want to finish this story and tell all the other tales that are waiting in the wings. But the problem with the last couple chapters—and, really, most of Sua Sponte—was that I let the schedule kick the story’s ass.  I worried about output, not what the characters wanted to tell me.  My writing suffered because of it.

(I really like Chapter 12. Even during the parts that hurt, Chapter 12 turned out pretty much just like I imagined.)

I never wanted to end up in a place where I needed a break in the middle of a story.  But I think Chapter 12 is a good place to pause, and more than that, I think all of us—me, you, and the characters—deserve a little more breathing room.  I’ll keep you updated.  I already think I know how the rest of the story’s going to look.  But for the first time in a long time, I’m going to let the story tell me, not the other way around.

Thanks for understanding, guys. And I promise, I’ll still be posting and acting like a general menace in the meantime. You’re not getting rid of me any time soon. 

( from the look of things, it seems like despite my annoying array of promos and tendency of being distracted, i finally managed to reach a milestone that i never quite expected! granted, i had experienced a drop in followers ever since my short semi-hiatus, but now, to think that more than 200 of you disregarding actual porn blogs of course are interested in a self insert turned oc like vivi?? 

IT HONESTLY WARMS MY HEART AND IT BRINGS A GENUINE SMILE TO MY FACE, especially since a while back, i remembered deleting her cause of my own personal troubles i won’t be disclosing here. but seriously, thank you very much for making my time here all the more enjoyable again! i don’t know how best to express my appreciation in mere words, but i’ll still be making an attempt at it underneath the cut before my follower count will doubtlessly drop again.

warning: incredibly sappy. )

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As someone who is bisexual and has had experience with pressured intimate moments, I was really just more confused by this episode than angry. Malec so far has been so understanding and loving that it was really weird to come up with this scene out of the blue. I honestly was expecting Magnus to stop Alec there. But I'm holding out hope that they didn't actually have sex. It just feels way too rushed. I'm just more sad to see the fandom so upset. I don't want my fellow members to be mad :(

The worst thing is, imo, that this all could have been solved with like 1 more minute of that last scene. Or just some touching, an okay, or someone getting shirtless. Just some intimacy. Or some more talking after Magnus dropped the “vulnerable” line… but then the scene fades to black and you are left wondering like…. wtf?! I had to witness Jace having sex with some random girl but Malec’s first time which is so so important happens behind the scenes? I call out bullshit!

And yeah, the fandom is really pissed. We are all so annoyed that you don’t even see much gifs. And people in general are really fed up. I mean it is one thing to constantly bait the Malec fans with giving away the only Malec scene of the ep for weeks (lbr most of the viewers tune in because of Malec)—which was already uncool af—but now cutting the balcony scene AND screwing up Malec’s first time after seeing Jace having sex? Not cool. Not cool at all.

So, let’s be real….this is a home made problem and it came back to them (Todd, Darren, Freeform, the writers, …) now as a boomerang.

Honestly there was so much cool stuff in FB but one of the things that surprised me the most was Newt himself. I went in expecting this charming, lovable, slightly eccentric and cheeky, awkward-yet-strangely-enigmatic dude. And, in a way, I got all of that. But the impression I got more than anything was actually a man who is - or was - very very lonely. His only friends, until he met Tina and Jacob and Queenie, were his creatures. Where were his family? His friends? He thought he annoyed people. He never “fit in”. He wasn’t just awkward or eccentric, he was odd, and outcast, and lonely. And honestly, having a character like that who can also be someone so friendly and cheerful and kind is very important - much more important than some simple eccentric, charming, disruptive adventurer.

Boldly Go #1 came out today, and I’m a bit floored. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see Jaylah for a few issues. So, naturally, I am just enthused about this. Granted, it’s only one page and Jaylah’s only in one panel, but it’s honestly just a lot more than I was expecting. 

My expectations were more like—Jaylah goes to the Academy on Earth and Scotty stays with the crew, wherever they wind up. I thought, at best, we’d get long-distance video chats of sorts between Jaylah and the crew (or Scotty) and that she really wouldn’t make it on board until issue five. But instead, we got this, and it is so much better than everything I expected and it’s actually everything I did not expect at all.

I mean, Scotty’s a guy who can only be dragged out of the Enterprise just short of kicking and screaming. The guy loves his ship. Said ship is undergoing massive reconstruction and I would’ve expected Scotty to stay on Yorktown where it was being rebuilt. Probably be an obnoxious backseat driver to everyone rebuilding that ship.

But instead, he goes to Earth. With Jaylah. Takes part in the Academy, and not just coming in as a one-off guest speaker, but as a teacher of Starship Safety Protocols. As a teacher of a class Jaylah’s taking. Like, it’s almost as if he’s decided to stick as close to Jaylah as possible or something.

So, no doubt, after reading this issue and adoring it for it’s pacing, writing, and overarching story setup (Borg, Borg, Borg!) all I can do is grin like an idiot at how happy it makes me to see Scotty’s on Earth with Jaylah. I want to know more about that situation. Like, are they inseparable still, even outside of the classroom? Is Jaylah shacking up with Scotty (and I mean this completely non-romantically, because I’d slay to see them in an awkward, sexual-tension-infused “platonic” roommate situation) or is she staying in the dorms? Do the other students see her as the “Teacher’s Pet” or…? Will we get to see Scotty showing Jaylah around Earth or San Francisco? How long are we going to have just Scotty and Jaylah on their own Earth holiday before they join back up with the crew? Are they supposed to be low-key parallel to Spock and Uhura’s sabbatical on New Vulcan?

Then, can I just gush for a minute about Scotty at the Academy, teaching? Scotty, who, initially had his application for the Academy rejected because he was “too smart for his own good?” (Ongoing #19) Like… Scotty, who wound up not getting into the Academy until about his mid-twenties (versus late teens) because he was rejected and spent a few years working freighters and came back as a much older student? That Scotty, back, when he could be taking part in the Enterprise’s reconstruction, to be close to Jaylah?

Man. Sign me up for this. Sign. Me. Up.