i liked this it was cool

You guys.. I had the most intense Feeli-O’s for Zerhys lately and I just had to draw the Smol Tol picking up the Big Tol and being happy.

  • fandom: omg Ladrien content the day has been saved!!
  • me, externally: yeah i know it's so cute i love! <3
  • me, internally: can we get a peek at chloe's development? can we get a quick look at the bee miraculous transformation? can we get more miraculous lore? are there going to be more powers for ladybug and chat noir to unlock? can we get a sneak peek at some of the new recurring villains? is master fu planning anything with the bee miraculous? can we get teasers about the plot for the season or about the future development of the characters? can we get a more specific release date?

Getting told that having a tattoo will lower my chance of getting hired places gave me equal feelings of “im going to get 50 more” and “ :( ”

if you thought this wasn’t one of my fave shots in ‘the spoils of war’ along with one with the dragon flyin over him then u thought wrong

not  to  be  That  person  but  why  are  we  still  insulting  people’s  preference  writing  in  uhhhhhh   2017

Like I wanna make serious content today AKA GET YOUR LUNA EDITS ON DA WAY YOU GIRL! But then, all my little head can think about is making another pun shit post.

*Looks like i am going to be guilty and participate in Noctis week too, I JUST MUST INCLUDE OLDER NOCT IN THIS I DON’T CARE HOMW MANY TIME!


played around with floorplanner dot com and came up with Duck’s room (not the canon room layout but the one I envisioned for my fic)

The website is rly cool and a much better one than the floorplan designer i was using before, esp since its free, you can make like.. 12 layouts for free and save them all to your user