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a headcanon on how tae would be like as your boyfriend

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pairing : taehyung | reader

genre : fluff

warning : very very lowkey implied smut

author’s note : i know it isnt tae’s bday yet but i’m gonna be away from tumblr for a few months a while bc of my finals and school :/ but anyways!!!! i’ll be online every now and then but idk if i’ll have the time to write… i will definitely get back to writing and posting sometime next year not sure when tho okay enough me ranting,,,, enjoy this lil headcanon my lovelies!

  • you two were obviously best friends before y’all began dating
  • cross reference to my bestfriend!tae headcanon :)
  • look at me promo-ing my own stuff hahah i’m smooth
  • basically he finally picked up the courage to ask you out
  • a summary of how y’all got together:
  • “yo kook, how do i look? does my hair look like i just came back from a walk on the beach?”
  • cue the jeon smirk™ “why? who you tryna impress, hyung?”
  • “you’re no use bye”
  • he shyly walks over to you, mentally preparing what he’s gonna say
  • you look a d o r a b l e in your high-waisted jeans and over-sized sweater
  • you’re talking to one of your friends by the lockers but she soon pulls the “uhhh my goldfish is sick so i have to go….take him to the doctor… see ya!” card when she sees tae walking towards you
  • she winks and waves goodbye and you’re about to ask her what the fuck happened but–!
  • “hey y/n!” really, kim taehyung, that’s it? /cue the tae smile™/
  • you swore you won’t spare her alive next time you see her
  • “hey tae!” 
  • tae’s this close to losing it when you give him a war smile
  • goddamnit you look so cute and pretty and you smell like flowers and–
  • “tae, are you free tonight? maybe we could watch a movie or something…” omg you’re shy too ndkdjs but you beat him to it
  • “uhhhhh yeah! i would love to!”
  • and yeah you’re dating now
  • ok a few weeks into the relationship, fight me on this he’s shy and doesn’t know what to do/say
  • he doesn’t know when to hold your hand and when to just like not hold your hand ??? but what is self control when it comes to your smol hands ????
  • but your hands look so hold-able so he holds one of them anyway when you’re looking elsewhere
  • he doesn’t miss the small smile that plays your lips after he does
  • he is v v soft and v v weak™ when it comes to you
  • he likes to think of you as his saviour
  • so when shy phase is sorta kinda over,, 
  • he’s all over you trust me
  • super clingy in the best way possible
  • he loves giving you hugs, esp the hugs you’re not expecting
  • “tae…i can’t breathe lemme go”
  • “nah i’m good, babe”
  • nICKNAMes
  • he calls u literally anything:
  • baby
  • babe
  • sweetcheeks
  • pumpkin
  • sweetheart
  • y/n-ah / y/n-ie
  • he absolutely has to have some sorta physical contact with you
  • you used hold hands as best friends all the time
  • but you’re dating now,,,,, it’s different
  • he’s so whipped for you all the time 
  • he’s touchy too omg kill me now i’m soft for this bb
  • he would v v v much love if you play with his hair while he plays video games or is just laying on the couch with his head in your lap
  • he plays with your hair too
  • a lot
  • forehead kisses
  • hugs you and literally sweeps you off your feet
  • blushes when you compliment him
  • smiles smiles SMILES
  • the number of times he’s tickled you until he’s hovering over you which leads to something else ;)
  • he’s quite comfortable with you after like a few weeks of dating
  • so, you know, you’ll do it maybe a few months after dating or even a few weeks :))
  • when do it, he likes to take his time and literally worship you like you’re a goddess
  • which you are :“)
  • he loves complimenting you 
  • he tells you you’re beautiful everyday
  • would do anything for you
  • just wants you to be happy
  • brings you out to shop and buys you 28363837 things
  • - clothes, accessories, make up ,, fOOd you name it
  • he’s also v protective
  • must have an arm around your waist at all times
  • fights are super rare but you guys after sometime of calming each other, get over it and kiss to apologize
  • omg when he kisses you he puts so much passion into like he wants you to know how much he loves you just by kissing you
  • buys you teddy bears and flowers on a weekly/monthly basis bc “they’re cute and reminded me of you…”
  • haha you have a full collection of things tae has bought you,,,, 
  • and that’s just after you started dating
  • loves you very much and you love him very much 
  • and you’re legit that one couple
  • by that one i mean y’all
  • make out in the cinema
  • in the dressing room
  • backstage after a show / concert
  • mostly places where people won’t notice you,,,,
  • the boy’s shy public
  • but hand-holding and arm around waist is a go-to
  • he’s happy bc you like him for who he is
  • he knows he can be himself around you
  • he’s comfortable around you
  • but like,,
  • the boys tease you two so much
  • like one time you stayed over and they’re all like
  • “hey remember to keep it down, alright?”
  • that’s probably hoseok or jimin lmao
  • the boys love you and you love them!!!
  • family!!!!!
  • when you’re over
  • tae shows you off so fucking much lolol it’s really cute
  • the maknae line and you have video game contests on a weekly basis
  • when you beat jungkook/jimin:
  • “das right bitches!!!!! that’s my girlfriend right there!!!!!!”
  • but when he beats you:
  • “in yOUR FACE–”
  • /cue your eyebrow raise/
  • “say that again, tae and consider yourself sex-free for a month”
  • “oooooOOOHHHH NO SHE DIDNT” - chim & kook in the back
  • he loves to make you laugh/smile
  • i’m literally a puddle of goo bye
  • all in all
  • you’re happy he’s happy 
  • you’re smiling and he’s smiling
  • you’re always smiling
  • bc he’s always there next to you
  • and he’s the reason behind your smile
  • oh yes i did

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Drawing. I like to make comics of my ocs tHAT NO ONE WILL EVER SEE. Oh, is listening to music and day dreaming count as a hobby??


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(( I haven’t considered their regionality etc. okay, basta as long as their looks are almost similar, or identical, I take it //slapped ))

(( Swerte nalang yung same sila ng city or region based, eheheh //slapped ))

(( So I know for the Philippines, lots of peeps commented on Coco Martin as similar to Philippines and stuff, but idk, I saw the likeness more in Zanjoe Marudo -ALSO THE HEIGHT, THO ZANJOE IS 6'0’’ WHILE EMILIO’S LIKE 5'10’’ YEAH- .))

(( I actually asked the Local Actor/Actress experts in the house to help me because I DON’T REALLY KNOW THE NAMES, ONLY FACES OF ACTORS HHAHAHAHAHAHA I’M NOT A big watcher of local shows nowadays orz ))

-PAULO AVELINO (Manila): why not //slapped hard ANYWAY, I saw the likeness in the semi-messiness of hair, and how he played this boss I forgot the series, but yeah, and he wore them glasses nicely. Then the smirk and poses. Very Manila for me.

-EULA CABALLERO (Cebu): Face shape and the cutesy smile, also she’s not too white like other actresses ahashdflkdlk j. AND I GOT TOLD THAT SHE’S A CEBUANA SO I WAS LIKE WOOHOO BONUS POINTS //kicked.

-DIEGO LOYZAGA (Davao): THE SMILEEEEEEEEEE. And luckily, the hair he sports in most shows! :D ! Skin tone is hecka fine too tho. And he’s a really nice guy from what I heard.


-SHAINA MAGDAYAO (Luzon): HOLY, WHEN I SAW HER IN GLASSES I JUST, THAT’S LUZON RIGHERE!!!! XDD And she has raven hair then basta. Pang-Luzon talaga hahah h

-JC DE VERA (Visayas): ACTUALLY THE LONGEST TO LOOK FOR A LOOK-ALIKE WAS VISAYAS’ CUZ, IT’S HARD TO LOOK FOR BABY-FACE-ISH brown tone Filipino actors, with more round/almond eyes. I don’t know, I just found it in him, the likeness. AND THEY HAVE ALMOST SAME HEIGHTS. Visayas being 5'5’’ while JC is 5'6’’-ish



-ZANJOE MARUDO (The Philippines): C'MON. I CRIED WHILE LOOKING FOR EMILIO’S LOOK-ALIKES. OTL Then I rememebered him from several shows, I actually followed this actor back then, he’s a really flexible actor. So nice nice. He’s also a lil chubby on the sides but still rocking them abs so yep. THAT’S VERY EMILIO, was what I shouted in my mind. And he makes funny faces. His roles are not too serious. AHHHH AND THE HEIGHT YES. ok I’m done. //kicked out

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25 !! YAYYYY

25) Did you create any characters (in games, art, or writing) this year? Describe one

25) Hoho… I always create way too many OCs >_> I think I’ll just describe one of my DR OCs: Name: Kyoya Mirizaya Talent: SHSL Linguist Appearance: Brown messy hair, green eyes, white shirt with the top 2 buttons undone, blue jeans and black shoes. Wristwatch on left hand. Personality: He’s kind and outgoing but he does like to tease his friends… Also a really big fan of puns lolol
Admin Saihara

25. I made quite a few but I ended up scrapping a lot of them… ;; And I don’t have many noted down which is my mistake (Tho they’re in previous convos with Admin S lol) I haven’t made any that I’m especially proud of because I would remember them hahah
~ Admin Kaito

Fire Emblem Fates ‘Get to Know Me’ Meme

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Copy, pick one of the two options by bolding them, and tag a few friends at the end! You can only pick one!

Hoshido or Nohr (I’ve played both but I’m a slut for hoshido hahah)

Saizo or Kaze (Salad ninja is my bff and also my husbands bff tbfh he’s friends with the entire family ahahah)

Raijinto or Fujin Yumi (fujin yumi is prettier so yeah)

Classic or Casual (i like having fun)

Great Knight or Paladin (I really like the word “paladin” its really elegant sounding lmao )


Magic or Strength (stab stab kill :) )


Marrying for stats or for support conversations (if u marry for stats only we cannot be firiends lol sorry by e)

Niles or Rhajat (Rhajat is precious af)

Glass cannon or Iron Defense (STAB STAB RUN)

Sakura or Elise (DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE BUT..Sakura…)

Pavise or Aegis

Dark Mage or Diviner (A+++ design tbh aLSO their attack animations are really cool hehe)

First Gen Characters or Second Gen Characters (guilt free marraige hell yeah)

Brynhildr or Siegfried (you’re basically asking me to chose between a book and a cool emo sword)


Speed Run or Support Grind (STAB STAB MARRY)

Kana or Morgan (dont u dare make me choose omfg)

Sol or Luna (mostly cuz i dont think i have sol on any one of my units? lmao)

Defense or Resistance  

My first husband was/will be: on birthright its Silas, Hinata and Takumi !!! while on my conquest’s only file lmao its Keaton!!! my sole reason to get that route fuck i hate conquest omfg and if i ever manage to get my hands on an e card anytime soon to get revelations Silas will be my hubby again i love me cinnamon knight

My first wife was/will be: planning to marry Azura  that woman needs happiness asap and also Mozu she’s so cute bhjbjhb

My favorite child character is:ALLL the kids i gave birth to it was hard work goddamit

My current mu’s hair color is: DEFAULT haha i really love default corrin, she’s perfection////

ok now a question i made hehe

Birthright soundtrack or conquest sound track: (Dusk falls and No justice is perfection)

mmm you dont have to do it but i tag @cocoonuts @moencabbage @kaidoumi n anyone else who wants to do it hehe

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I bet you CCS!Syaoran would be the type of kid who checks his hair and clothes before picking up the phone to call Sakura (like, regular phone, not face-chat) 'cause he's a cutie chicken nugget (*・▽・*)

Of course he would! Maybe he ends up being more self-conscious about his looks while he’s with his girlfriend. Not that he needs to tho hahah