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I was wondering what’s your top most favorite jimin focused fancam like a complication of diff ones because the fancams I’ve watched had me on the floor 😩

Hey!! I’m actually so excited that this ask got sent since I have a playlist with a bunch of his focuses!!! 😊 I’ll try to narrow them down to my top 10 performance focuses (these aren’t really in any order):

  1. perfect man (of course)
  2. tomorrow at trb in hong kong (has a special place in my 💘)
  3. fire at ulsan summer fes
  4. fun boyz at super seoul concert (all the fancams from this day are 🔥)
  5. bts begins solo (honestly get this video away from me)
  6. baepsae at beijing epilogue
  7. lie at gayo daechukje
  8. 3j dance break at tokyo showcase 
  9. bst at ksb1 open concert (this look 😳)
  10. nmd at youth unison fes

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I know I say it everytime but this is another must see Jonsa video.

It’s so beautiful, the editing and the music fit really well and it’s not just Jon and Sansa story… there are references to a lot of other characters (Cersei, Danielle, the Mad King, Stannis, the Tarlys, Septa Mordane ) so it’s like an amazing 4 minutes recap of most of the Jonsa forshadowing.

I’m so happy I found it

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you guys pls do me a favor - if you see my photos reposted anywhere without credit pls let me know…(theyre easy to spot because theyre the only ‘professional’ ones taken of Gerard this weekend and also bc of the way i edit them) like it really bums me out. not saying ppl do it on purpose and most ppl are like OH IM SORRY I DIDNT KNOW when i tell them and thats fine but some people are also total assholes about it

like i was the only photographer allowed with Gerard this weekend and as much as i LOVED every second of being able to do that - its also hard work. like i sacrifice time editing and uploading photos and i could have spent that time walking the con or hanging out with people…but i wanted you to have great photos of Gerard and seeing them reposted with no credit whatsoever just makes me :/

so yeah pls let me know if you see anyone reposting them, thanks!!

preacher + season 2
i was left to my own devices / many days fell away with nothing to show / and the walls kept tumbling down / in the city that we love / grey clouds roll over the hills / bringing darkness from above / but if you close your eyes / does it almost feel like / nothing changed at all? / and if you close your eyes / does it almost feel like / you’ve been here before?

i’m not sure if this has been discussed before, i haven’t really seen much… i’ve always been very curious as to what exactly Shiro is thinking about here.

the other paladins’ thoughts are obvious - Keith’s lonely ranch, Lance’s family, Hunk’s food, Pidge’s brother. but Shiro’s i’m not exactly sure about. i’m assuming that’s a spaceship at the Garrison, most likely the one they boarded for the Kerberos mission.

is Shiro thinking about Sam and Matt Holt? how he lost them to the Galra? is he wishing that he (and the Holts) had never boarded that damn ship and thus never been taken by the Galra? is he simply thinking over and over “I just wanted to be an astronaut”?
 is he longing for simpler days of teaching unruly kids during drill practice instead of leading 5 teenagers to save the entire universe?
 OR is he trying to draw on his Garrison leadership to help him through this? thinking about all the times his teachers and collegues said he was a great leader who could inspire anyone to do anything?

(my money’s on the first one, but i’d love to hear people’s thoughts!!)

im losing it over the situation in spain my dudes it’s so ridiculous

so the spanish government sent most of their police force to catalunya on two ferries 


and the internet exploded with memes because i mean, seriously, a looney tunes ship. full of police. so apparently they realized how embarrassing that was and today they did this


edit: to clarify, the police are STAYING THERE until october 1st, when the referendum should take place. so they basically just covered their own windows with that shit.

Cover up the polka dots x

Mattiles trade with my darling @esparafuso <33 (I hope the digital edit doesn’t look too weird here but it was similar before,,, stupid scanner always gives me headaches)

I honestly admire ufotable’s overall restraint with their 3D camerawork in Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu especially compared to their last work, Tales of Zestira the X cause I went and watched the first eps of ToZ the X again and in the opening alone there are a grand total of ELEVEN dramatic moving camera shots.

Eleven. in 90 seconds of footage.

Edit: Correction, it’s fourteen. No really.

Edit 2: For comparison’s sake Katsugeki’s OP has only six dramatic 3D camera shots


favorite tom holland candids (2017)


Neil spotted the Foxhole Court long before they made it to the stadium parking lot. Built to seat sixty-five thousand fans, it’d been placed on the outskirts of campus where it could tower over the shorter utilities buildings nearby. The paint job only made it stand out more: the walls were a blinding white with obnoxiously bright orange trim. A gigantic fox paw was painted on each of the four outer walls.
Nicky clapped a hand to Neil’s shoulder. “All the orange grows on you,” he promised.