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This is really old art of mine but it’s actually one of my better ones and I figured it should be on my Tumblr XD

I wrote a sort of scenario/explanation to go with it too, under the jump

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Say You’ll Haunt Me Pt. 9 (A Kenny Omega Story)

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Okay, I finished this a lot quicker than I expected but I already had the ending in my head for days so it went fast once I started writing. Thank you to everyone that has liked and commented on this series, you all made this so much fun for me. I loved writing it and one day I may revisit this world. @daintymissdevitt Thank you for all of your help. I feel like it became ours at some point and I’m okay with that lol <3

Also…I’m pretty sure the tags are still messing up and notifications aren’t getting sent out. So if you missed part 7 or 8, there is a link below.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

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Day 7: Cover me - Comfort/fluff

It was finally over. They were finally able to have the peace and the quiet that they craved. They found a place in the warm weather because it was better for Jack’s joints. It was a small beach house but they didn’t need much space. Gabriel no longer shifted into wraith form, his anger and anxiety gone. Being at peace allowed him to remain the same Gabriel Jack had known all those years before.

Not that it would have matter as Jack was now fully blind, and needed help doing even the most basic of tasks like shaving. But it didn’t bother him because it was Gabriel who did those things. It was his life partner, the man he had fought for, with, and against. The man who knew him inside and out.

They comforted each other through nightmares, flashbacks. It wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs. Sombra would peek in on them from time to time because Gabriel had helped her complete her objectives, which meant she owed him a favour. And he had already told her what he wanted: when Jack left this world, she would hack and disable his nanites and let him join him.

People visited from time to time, still not used to the idea that Soldier:76 and Reaper were living a domestic and idle life. Swimming in the ocean helped relieve stiff joints and their nights were spent wrapped around each other, happy for the first time in years.

The night was clear and the breeze soft as it blew through the small house with all it’s windows open. They talked, late into the night until Jack couldn’t keep his eyes open. As he said every night, just in case, he croaked out the words “Don’t be too far behind me. We have the gates of heaven to storm. I love you Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel’s reply was soft in his ear. “I won’t be long behind you mi luna. Yo quiero Jackson Reyes.

That morning Jack didn’t wake up. His flesh was cool, lips pale. Gabriel glanced down and knew immediately. He reached for his communicator and connected to Sombra. “It’s time.”

It didn’t take her long to get there and once she was, she held up her glove hand that dealt with all her hacking. “Are you sure about this Papá?”

He nodded. “That fool is going to storm the gates of heaven and never learned to guard his left. Because that’s where I should be. Tell everyone we love them.”

She brought her hand down and hugged Gabriel who hugged her back. “And when you find that ingrate we called our son….. Tell him we’re proud of him. And of you.” he said, and she clung to him for a moment longer before stepping back and holding her hand up again. She was trying to hold her tears back because damn it she was a tough woman, she didn’t have tear ducts, but they fell anyway, silent and slow.

“I’m going to try and make this as painless as possible. I’m sorry if it hurts.” she said before her fingers started to move and Gabriel’s body started to glow purple and disintegrate. He held back his small noises of pain and soon was as gone as Jack was.

Jack sat at a bar, young, built and blonde. On his face was none of the aged, weathered damaged, just the scars that Gabriel had liked so much. Someone slid onto the stool on his left and he glanced over at the man. “Hey baby you’re a 9 and I’m the one you need.”

“You from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.” Gabriel replied just as rakishly handsome as he had always been, with just a little grey starting at the temples.

“We finally made it.”

“Now what?”

“The same thing we do every night Gabe. Take over the world.”

Gabriel was lost for moment before he burst out laughing. “Good god Jack that was an old reference.” Jack was laughing as well, leaning his head against the man’s shoulder.

“I thought you’d enjoy it.”

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I dont understand how can you fetishy pearl so much. Im not saying that because she´s from a family friendly cartoon show, but becuase she is as flat as a skate board. Also I dont think she even has genetalia (Oh god! please dont draw that with a dumb "like this? huuurdy huurr" comment >.<)

Personally I like all chest sizes and really disagree with the idea that a girl needs huge boobs in order to be sexy. The size of the breasts shouldn’t matter, it’s who they’re attached to that matters. As for gems not having genitalia, I’ve seen this complaint before and think it’s kinda nitpick-y. I mean if you wanna get technical, then why would gems even blush if they don’t have a circulatory system? The answer is that it just looks nice, don’t over-think it.

My uncle’s friends started ganging up on me on Facebook earlier today and it was horrible and I didn’t even do anything controversial. My uncle posted something about history and it was pretty wrong so I corrected him (respectfully…he is my uncle after all). Yeah, there was a tiny bit of politics in there but I absolutely was not rude, I never am, and I’m allowed to have my own opinion without men in their 70s (THEY ARE IN THEIR 70S. These are old men lauding it over young girls.) ganging up on me and telling me to shut up because I’m 20 years old.

I’m quite upset about it but I’m going home for the weekend tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell my dad because he’s gonna be so pissed. That will validate me.

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Hi! I first want to state how lovely your writing is, I fell completely in love with it as well as your portrayals of the characters you right. You're very creative, and as such, I totally understand if you're swamped, haha! If you ever have time/want to, I was wondering what you'd think of a request where Lance, usually seen as so nice and calm, actually loses his temper over something, and it kind of frightens Keith, who hates yelling/rage in general? Thank you, regardless if you write it! <3

I normally save my comments until the end, but this whole message is so sweet I can’t even deal with it. Thank you so much anon, this is too much, you’re so nice <3 ;3;

“You can’t just keep acting like you’re the only one who knows what they’re doing out there!” Lance slammed his hand down on the table and took a small step towards Keith. “You’re constantly throwing yourself into danger and half the time you mess up every plan we make by doing it, you’re immature, if you keep doing this, you’re going to die, or worse, lose Red.” 

Keith’s eyes were like glass, glossed over as if he was tuning Lance out as he shivered. He was backed into his chair, and Lance was even closer to him now, but Keith really couldn’t  answer, he didn’t have anything to say for himself, and Lance just looked, so angry. 

“Hey,” Lance grabbed Keith’s jaw, “are you even listening to me? Do you understand what I’m saying?” Keith stared at Lance, shaking and then quickly realizing he needed to answer. 

“Y-Yeah.” Keith’s whole spine felt like it was going to give out, Lance’s tight grip on his jaw the only thing holding him upright now. 

“Are, are you shaking?” Lance looked Keith over and let him go. Keith folded, still shivering, but he shook his head hard, trying not to let on just how much Lance had scared him. At least Lance had lowered his voice now, but he was also carefully grabbing Keith’s shoulders, picking him up as he knelt in front of the chair. “Hey, it’s all right, I’m sorry.” 

“I’m fine.” Keith looked away from Lance, doing his best to just not look like he was having a flashback to the numerous foster parents who’d done nothing but yell. He shifted, pushing back in his chair as Lance softened a bit. 

“Keith.” Lance paused, collecting his words as Keith squirmed, wishing he could leave. He shifted when Lance moved his head to look at him, leaning up to press a kiss on him. That was certainly, a distraction, Keith’s whole body freezing, this time, though, this time it felt kind of nice. “I don’t want to lose you, okay? I’m sorry I yelled.” 

Keith nodded, wide-eyed again and trying to collect himself, but Lance kissed him again and Keith slid off the chair into his arms. He clung to the front of Lance’s armor, and Lance held onto his waist tightly, neither of them willing to let go. 


yeah thats definitely the vibe ive been feeling as of late. and no you’re making perfect sense!! gotdamn…13 hours…i hope you can relax now Q-Q -patpat-

So, I’m less than 20 followers away from 2,500. I just wanna say thank you to ALL of you for making my Tumblr experience a great one. I really appreciate your comments, likes and messages. ❤ You’ve all been so supportive and I hope you know I consider you all my friends.

So, in celebration of my almost reaching a goal of mine, tomorrow in the late afternoon, I’ll be posting a new Seb x Reader that I’ve had sitting in my drafts for a little while now.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart.

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So I’m a mod on All Things Geeky and Pop Culture page, and I posted the pic of Wonder Woman punching out Drumpf, when I went to check on how the page was, someone posted “grab her by the pussy.”

I’m just like, “nope.” And deleted the comment.

Shrimp’s Secret Chapter One

Hello people! This is my first fanfiction on here, and I kind of hope you guys like it and leave a comment on what you think so I can hopefully improve my writings. This will be Chapter One.  I will be continuing to write this, sorry if it’s short… Or not that good. (I have lack of confidence in myself.) The future chapters will be longer.

Chapter One:

Levy quietly reads her book, in one of her chairs in her apartment. She was currently living in a small one-bedroom apartment. Her living room was painted a tasteful blue, but it was already like that when she had bought it. It was actually one of the reasons why she choose that apartment, it’s also why she had found it so charming. In the middle of her living room, there was a small brown futon for a couch with some decorative pillows that matched the walls and the brown of the couch. And next to that, there was a lounge chair that was Levy’s favorite spot. It was just Levy’s chair, the one she always curled up in with a blanket and read her books whenever it got cold out.

Just as she was reading her book, there was a knock at the door that startled her. She closed her book and held it in her hands as she swung the door open. It was Gajeel, his expression was fierce and tired in a way. His hair was a mess, his shirt was torn and sweaty and his muscles were piercing through his shirt with scratches and bruises all over his body. As Levy’s eyes lingered over his body, they found their way back up to his eyes. And, his eyes, his red eyes immediately found her brown ones and looked deeply into them. It felt like he could read her soul.

Levy gasped over Gajeel’s appearance. “Gajeel!” She yelled as he fell to the floor snoring.

Levy bent down and poked Gajeel, but all she got was some muffled noise and then more snoring.

She sighed, with a smile on her face, and then wrapped her dainty arms around his torso and proceeded to drag him into her apartment. His body heat he emitted from his body was warmed than she anticipated, it was like he had a fever or something. Levy dragged Gajeel past her doorway, though he was much too heavy for her small body. His head fell between her breasts, with him drooling onto her pale skin, causing her to blush and almost drop him. But she knew she had to lay him down properly and cover him up. Somehow, after a few minutes of dragging his limp unconscious body on the floor, she managed to get him up on her futon. As Levy laid Gajeel down on his back, she couldn’t help but notice all his muscles protruding through his shirt. The Solid Script mage couldn’t help but be slightly attracted to Gajeel in this state, especially since she wasn’t used to seeing him this torn up. His hair was a mess and his clothes were torn to the point there was hardly any fabric covering him. He was sexy, Levy blushed with that thought of Gajeel.

Ever since that night, the night Gajeel and her had slept together at Natsu’s and Lucy’s wedding. All Levy knew was that she wasn’t in full control that night, she had accidentally had got too drunk, since she wasn’t much of a drinker she had never really paid attention to what her limit was and bam, that night she had passed her limit and then some. She only knew about how embarrassed she was with the after math of it all, the fact she woke up naked to him in bed all sore all over and bite marks covering his and her body. She had never expected to sleep with anyone, let alone Gajeel Redfox. She was also embarrassed over the memories of that night, how he felt inside of her, how he heard her moan, how he took her virginity. And the fact he was the one to cause her to make all those moans… She secretly was hoping that he didn’t remember it at all, but then again, he was just as drunk as she was and he probably remembered bits and pieces of that night.

Levy left her living room, with Gajeel on the futon, searching for a blanket and a pillow for the Dragon Slayer. She had a spare blanket at the foot of her bed as an extra blanket, and since she had just cleaned it recently she brought that out for Gajeel and covered him up with it. And then she just tucked one of the decorative pillows under neath of his bed, as he snored and drooled all over it. She remembered feeling his immensely warm body heat and placed the back of her hand on his forehead to check his temperature. He was hot, like fever hot. So she went to get him a cold wash cloth and placed it on his forehead.

The once sleeping dragon slayer grumpily sat up, groaning and rubbing the back of his neck. It was all stiff and sore. I must’ve slept funny. Gajeel thought to himself, he opened his eyes and looked around. As he slowly took in his surroundings and scents he wasn’t quite used to waking up to. And by the looks and smells of things, he couldn’t help but notice he was in Levy’s apartment. But where was she? And what time was it?

Gajeel looked over to a chair, the one right next to the futon. There was a blanket in it and a book sitting across it on the coffee table. Shrimp must have stayed up reading? Gajeel got up and headed over to a closed door, and never having really been much in Levy’s apartment, he was pretty sure it was her bedroom. And he’s never been in her bed room either. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was sleeping, or up reading a book. So he quietly cracked her bedroom door open only to see darkness surrounding a light over her bed, providing a visible outline of her sleeping body with a book folded on her chest she was cuddling.

With a smirk, Gajeel closed the door. He honestly thought she looked cute like that. All cuddled up to her books, he often wondered why she loved reading like she did. But maybe it’s an escape of reality for her? Gajeel didn’t know why, but he loved listening to her talk about things, even though he didn’t always understand what she was saying all the time. Especially since she was far smarter than he was, but he thought she was beautiful, not that he’d ever admit that to her face.

Gajeel didn’t really feel comfortable alone in her apartment, with her sleeping. Especially since he wasn’t sleepy anymore. And he didn’t necessarily understand why he came to Levy’s, he was much too tired when he showed up last night that  a lot of thing’s didn’t happen to make sense. But he knew, he should probably get back to the guild and start looking for a new mission. So he began looking around her kitchen for a pad of paper and a pen to write with. He didn’t want to just leave and have her wake up, shocked that he wasn’t there anymore. So he figured he’d leave her a note.

As soon as Gajeel found a pen and paper, he sat down at her kitchen table that was cluttered with countless books. Honestly her entire apartment, there was so many books littered around it Gajeel lost count after Ten and just gave up. He understood that Shrimp loved to read, and he accepted that. However, it was making his sitting situation at her kitchen table rather uncomfortable for his muscular body… And trying to sprawl out in the chair seemed nearly impossible just for him to write her a freaking note! And the iron dragon slayer somehow, just managed to make it work.

On the paper he wrote;

Oi Shrimp thanks for letting me crash I’m headin’ back to the guild seeya – Gajeel Redfox

And leaving that on her kitchen table, he left her apartment and went back to the guild.


thanks so much @violet-thepon reading this comment made me smile like soo much 

I was so worried that it wasn’t good enough but seeing that you somewhat like it …..this just made me feel soo happy i’m just paralyzed with happiness  just thanks violet 

Admin K, looking for a little.

Alright, so, my little has kind of left me. As in, fallen of the face of the earth, won’t answer calls, texts, or anything. For 2 weeks… So I am looking for a little. And, as a guy, I would normally be biased towards a little who is “good looking”. So in order to eliminate that, I’m doing somewhat of a “drawing”? Basically, I will give my info, if you think I’d be a suitable Daddy, or little, like and comment “I’m in”. One random person will be chosen by me. If things don’t work out, I will go again. This is meant to eliminate knowing what you look like as I want someone who has a great personality. I don’t care about looks.

Background Info:

So far I have been told I’m an amazing Dom, but my 4 relationships haven’t ended so well. The first one ended in someone else “stealing” her. The next one ended up with her leaving internet because of her mental health. The third… I kind of screwed up. My last one ended with her leaving internet as well.

About me:

I am a 15 y/o switch. Most would describe me as resourceful, kind, attentive, and loving. I’d like to take a little bit of time to get to know you, and I’m looking for a relationship that could eventually turn into irl. I am both sexual and non sexual.

So I am generally a sweet individual, I don’t have the world’s worst looks, and I promise I’ll take care of you! Btw, I’m bisexual, and I don’t care what gender you are. I am one of the most open minded people I know. Talk to you later!