i liked this cause it seemed like just average fans

lmao how i became a larrie

karma is a bitch cause i remember back in 2011/2012 i was such a snobby girl that didn’t listen to pop. i made fun of everybody that liked 1d cause i thought they were just average looking boys that didn’t sing and used lots of autotune. then the teen choice awards happened in 2012 and they caught my attention cause they actually seemed kinda funny? so i looked up their videos on youtube and i was like damn they really are funny. their friendship seemed so appealing. louis and harry were my faves straight away, and i tried to read as much about them as i could. so i started seeing people talking about how harry and louis were a couple and i kinda felt it was true but i was in denial for like three days cause i was a dumb 14 yo that really thought harry was my soulmate so he couldn’t be gay?? but it literally only took watching this one larry video, (veterans will know) that featured songs like give me love, read all about it etc. and i remember crying at three am being like holy shit they’re in love. i was hooked for life tbh and don’t regret it one bit. might sound dramatic but becoming a larrie has really shaped me into the person i am today. thanks to that i’ve learnt so much about so many things. i’m not even gonna list them.