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(AU) One week after their little prank on Seth Rollins, the lunatic duo has grown close. With Seth along with The Authority seeking revenge, Dean refuses to let AJ out of his sights. Although AJ doesn’t mind Dean stalking her every move since she might just have a little crush on the lunatic fringe.

Dean: Are you gonna’ be on that thing all the time when I’m around? 

AJ: Yup! 

Dean: Oh come on, what’s so great about that block of technology anyway?

AJ: The video-games! 

Dean: How the heck can you play video-games on that tiny little screen?

AJ: It’s simple… Agh! You made me lose! 

Dean: Good, now shut that thing off. 

AJ: You’re ridiculous, you know? It’s not like the boss lady is gonna’ dive through my screen and bite my face off!

Dean: I wouldn’t rule that out, they’re pretty sneaky.

AJ: Yeah… You’re right, I’m just gonna’ shut this off now…


When she was fourteen,

No one told her that

Four years from now,

Her closer-than-family best-friends-forever

Would be no more than a memory

Tucked in a bright shining corner,

But that’s okay because

Those were the best years of her life

And even though they don’t talk anymore

She wouldn’t ask for otherwise.

No one told her that

Her penchant for troublemaking was

A cry for attention,

A cry for help amidst self-destruction,

And four years from now

Her joking replies to serious questions

Would become her only line of self-defense

To mask her insecurities,

As she swore to never bare her vulnerability.

When she ditched her violin exam back in fourth grade,

No one told her that

It foreshadowed her fear of failure

Manifesting into weekly mental breakdowns

Four years from now,

Because she was raised to believe that

Anything less than the best was a failure

So if she was going to fail trying

She would rather not try at all.

No one told her that

Four years from now,

She would lose all meaning in her life

And her only wavering motivation would be

Pride and spite in her morning coffee,

Caffeine that powers her in short spurts

And drains her afterwards,

But that’s okay because

There will always be free refills.

And when she was eighteen

She wondered:

Four years from now,

Would she have the fight choked out of her already,

And how many years would it take

Until she stood there, defeated,

No longer living, barely existing,

On the edge of a bridge?


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(i found this old-ish poem in my files. still kinda scared to submit the others tho. if ppl like this one then maybe idkidkidk)