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Hey guys, I know it’s already kinda in the middle of February but I had this printable lying around waiting to be posted so, ya know, better late than never, right? Anyway, hope you’ll like this; I’ve been using it to plan out my month and I thought I’d share it. Feedback would be very much appreciated, as I’d like to continue making these if it helps a lot of people.

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WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 12nd of February, 2017


Y/N’s POV:

“I have to be in LA in 4:00PM” I told to my driver, Justin before I buckled my seatbelt on. He nodded back and started his car

“You will get a lot of extra time before that, miss because it won’t take more than 2 hours to drive there” he chuckled softly. “I know but it’s better than being late” I commented and he could nothing but agree with me. “That’s right, you can ever know what happens”

Like we couldn’t. After about an hour, his car started make a weird sound and we had to pull a side. Justin walked to look if something was wrong but nothing was. So we continued our driving

After a few moment I heard Justin curse out. “What’s wrong?” I asked worried and looked in front of us on the road if there was something wrong. “It’s because of the gasoline. The sound comes from it. We’re running out of gasoline” he mumbled.

He was probably kidding, I thought but soon I noticed him pulling the car out of the road to some secluded parking place. And just then his car die out. We were in stuck


“A hour??! I can’t wait this long, I have an important woman in my car and she should be already at her meeting” I heard Justin yelling to the phone. I walked to look how cars passed us. Everyone seemed to be way too busy to stop and help

“You know what, keep your stupid tow truck!” I heard Justin mumbled to his phone before he walked over me. “This might take some time, Ms. Y/N. They will be here in hour maybe more since we got in a little.. ” “fight? Yeah, I heard” I laughed and looked the clock to my phone, 4:35pm

I was already over a half hour late so there was no reason to try anymore. At least they knew that I might not be coming today. The signal suck just this part of the city and I couldn’t call with my phone to anyone to come help us. We could nothing but wait

I opened the door of backseats and sat down. I rumbled my feet against the ground and tried that way kill my boredom but it didn’t really help. Justin sat on the driver side and tried still start the car but nothing. He opened the radio and calm melodies filled the car. At least something good, I thought

Minutes passed and we just sat there without saying anything. “Are you sure that this all happened just because of loss of gasoline?” I asked. My question made him turn his head and he looked me

“I mean are you sure that there couldn’t be anything else wrong.. like some things broken or..” I gesticulate with my hands and tried tell him what I meant. And he understood

He stood out of the car and I followed him. “Well, let’s check if Miss wants so..” he mumbled and opened the front cover of his car. I followed his every move and I couldn’t lie that he looked good on that moment, especially when it had started darken

The setting sun gave just a perfect light around him. I noticed that I had forgotten to breath and I started cough. “Are you okay?” Justin asked but didn’t make an eye contact with me. “Yeah.. I am” I told and coughed still few times before it stopped

I still kept staring how good he look. His brown hair was a bit messy and when his hoodie got dirty, he just took it away. Without thinking that i was there. “Do you see something interesting?” he winked and cleaned his hand to little tissue which he found from his pocket. It made me blush and look away. “What?” I tried act innocent like I wouldn’t have idea what he was talking about

He just laughed and continued his work. “Nothing.. nothing..” he mumbled himself while he moved things away in front of his eyes. “Let me see what th-” I mumbled lowly and stepped closer to him which seemly quailed him. Some oil splashed over my white shirt inside the car when he pulled hand out of there. I looked it shocked and he looked me shocked back. “Oh my God, I’m so so sorry.. let me-” he started search a rag from his pocket

“No it will just make more m-” I warned him but he was already cleaning my shirt which did nothing but more mess like I thought. My front was all black now of oil and I felt embarrassed. “.. more mess” I finished my sentence and walked away. He stayed there and I was able to hear low cursing coming from his mouth when I moved to sit on backseat and search a new shirt from my bag

Thankfully I had always a new one with me when I went in meetings. I pulled off my dirty shirt and put a new one on. I was buttoming up my shirt when I heard a light cough behind me. I turned my head quickly over the sound and pulled my shirt to cover myself. It was Justin

Justin’s POV:

I felt bad. How did I let thing like that happen to her? A professional driver won’t let his customer suffer or won’t fuck up her shirt. I rubbed my face and groaned. I moved back to the car and decided try give a better apologize even it might not give her a new, clean shirt

She was on backseats. Door was open so I looked in and the view made my eyes widen. She was sitting there just her bra on and closing her bag. She pulled a new white shirt on and started button it up. I coughed and in second her head turned. She looked me shocked. To be honest I was a bit shocked too

“Oh sorry, again” I mumbled and turned around. “Just finish what you’re doing and then let me know” I said and turned my back to her. Somehow that curious side of me kept telling that not looking at her would kill me. I bit my lower lip and shook those inappropriate thoughts away. Be professional Justin, I told myself. You have no chance to fuck up anymore or you’ll probably get fired and that would be the world ending for me

“Ready” I heard her mumbled and I turned around. I sat on the backseat with her. “Soo.. I just wanted apologize that what happened. I can bring that shirt of yours in laudry and cost that all” I said and looked down on my feet. “It’s okay, Justin. Thankfully I had another one with me” she giggled and nodded over her new white shirt. I smiled a little and nodded

“Good but I will still do that what I said” I grabbed her dirty shirt on the seat and brounght it on front seat in my own little bag where I kept my phone and other important things. “Soo.. now we have to just wait ‘till those guys come back” I mumbled and leaned on my seat and breath out deeply. I noticed her nodding from my back mirror but she didn’t say anything back

We stayed quiet a long moment. She looked out of the window and sighed. “Bored much?” I chuckled and she chuckled back. “Yeah” she mumbled and looked me suddenly in the eyes from the back mirror. “Are you married, Justin?” she suddenly asked and leaned closer to me. “No, why you ask?” I chuckled and looked her. “Just asking because someone had to break this silence between us, and you know what I hate the most, silence” she said

I knew it. She always asked me to turn the radio on when it came too quiet. “It’s so boring just sit here without saying anything, let’s chat” she requested and I nodded. “You ask now?” “Uuum.. how long have you been in that job where you’re now?” I asked and she rolled her eyes. “Stop being boring, ask something more interesting”

“Well, would you like to tell then how many customers of you have fucked after those meetings to get a deal with them?” I was shocked what I had just slipped out of my mouth. She started just laugh and fell back against backseat. “Right to the business. Damn, I wouldn’t have expected something like that coming out of your mouth”

When she calmed down she came back to closer to me and whispered to my ear. “Too many times to count” It made me shiver and I looked her suprised. “Wow” I chuckled. Somehow I didn’t feel want to be professinal at all anymore. She was making it hard for me. Maybe she wanted me to lose a bit. I was ready to do that if she wanted that

“I didn’t expected that from you either” I whispered to her and pulled her closer. “I thought that a professional woman like you would ever fall in that kind of low actions” Our lips were just millimeters away from each others. “Are you saying that sex is low?” she raised her eyebrows but didn’t back away

“No but I’d not have thought you could use it on those fuckers. Woman like you deserves a quality” I mumbled and peaked her lips softly but pulled away then quickly. She looked so cute when she was confused. “And where I could get that ‘quality’?” she inquired. “From me” I smirked

She raised her eyebrows and moved back. Now I fucked up, I thought and I was ready to apologize my stupid words but for my suprise she told me to follow him. I jumped out of the car and moved after her in the backseat. “Show me what you got then, Bieber” she whispered and pulled me closer to her

Y/N’s POV:

I could nothing but myself. I just needed him. His words were like a drug to me which I wanted more. The way he spoke to me made my panties pool so fast. His hands grabbed me by my hips and I let out a small whimper when he started pull my tight jeans off

“You’re so sexy” he mumbled when he got my jeans pulled on my knees. I kicked them off and added more pressure to our kiss. His tongue slipped to my mouth, I didn’t complained about that. I liked it, I needed it

My hand wandered under his grey t-shirt and I felt his strong muscles against myself. I was impressed. I started pull his shirt off so I could see more. When his t-shirt was on the floor I could nothing but admire his beauty

Not that body would have been the first thing I look for a man, no personality came always first for me. Body was just an extra gift and that man have it

I ran my hand against his abs and bit my lip. “I’d not have expected something like that” I mumbled half myself, half to him. He chuckled and started slowly open buttons of my shirt. Soon I was fully open to his eyes and I could tell that he liked the view

His lips met my neck. He started suck it like an amateur. “I’m actually really happy now that those guys decided take some time to come here” he chuckled darkly and let his lips move lower against my body. I let my hand move over his hair and that lower he went, that tighter that tighter my grip against his hair got

“You’re soaking” he mumbled with calm tone and rubbed me slowly before he pulled my panties off. His fingers ran teasingly against my already pulsing sex. “Is that all for me, Y/N?” he asked smirking and suddenly his touch disappered

I moaned desperately and tried get him back where I needed him. I arched my back and beg him to continue but he simply just pushed me back against the seat

He enjoyed watching me all weak against him. “Tell me what do you want Y/N and I’ll give it to you” he told. “You” I almost whispered because I could get anything else out of me. “Which part of me?” he said and started open his jeans in front of me. I’d have came just by watching his little teasing show

He pulled his boxers off and relieved his glorious cock out. He took a pack of condom out of the backpocket and put it on before he leaned over me. “Would you be ready to answer, sweetie?” he asked

I didn’t say anything. “I won’t do anything until you say. Just nicely remind that those guys will be here in any minute” he looked out of the window and then back to me. “Your mouth, hands, dick.. everything” I got finally out of my mouth

He took me without asking after those words of mine. He started thrust his length inside me without mercy and a few moment I was just a moaning mess. “Yess, Justin. Please” I begged and let my nails sink against the leather of backseats. “You like that? You like how I pound you like a little slut that you are actually” he murmed to my ear and made me let out another moan

His breath hit perfectly against my neck and I could tell that he was enjoying this as much as I did. I closed my eyes and let the feeling take me. I forgot everything else around me. There was just me and him

Justin’s POV:

Why didn’t this come earlier in my mind? I’d have all ways to make this happen sooner to us.. What had stopped me from cheating a bit? I’d have so many chances to do this with her but just now I got a chance to it

I’d have almost wanted to kiss the surface of my car and thank it for stalling. I’d have wanted to call those guys that there was no hurry to come get us. I wanted this last forever but I felt already how I was close

She felt too good around me. My pace started slow down and it was hard to keep myself in control anymore. “In three” I mumbled to her ear and she nodded. We counted together but in the end it was just a mess when we both released ourselves in two already

I kissed her deep and caresed her neck. “Oh God it was so good” I mumbled while I tried catch my breath. She just moaned softly back as answer

However soon my eyes met a lights of the car which was coming closer to us. “Shit” I cursed and jumped out on her. “Shit, shit, quickly Y/N! Get the clothes on they are here” I yelled to her

Y/N’s POV:

I was still recovering from maybe one of the best orgasm ever when Justin suddenly jumped up and threw me my shirt.

“Shit, shit, quickly Y/N! Get the clothes on they are here” he yelled. I started panic and look for my clothes. I pulled quickly my shirt back on not caring to put my bra on. This was emergency. Sound of a car kept coming closer and my heart beat 100 miles per hour

I got my jeans on just before the big car stopped on that place where Justin’s car stood. Justin moved out of the car and went talk with the man which gave me still a couple minutes time to fix myself

My makeup had gone messy. I could nothing about it but I would always say that I had cried because I couldn’t get in my meeting if someone asks. I walked after over Justin and the man. “We’ll tow your car in the closest gas station, sir” he told to Justin who nodded back to him. “Thank you” she said and looked over me

“It seems like that we might get back on the road already tonight so you won’t be late to your meetings tomorrow anymore, miss” he smiled but I could see a smirk corner of his mouth when he spoke out

“No, I think that I might take a hotel room somewhere and then tomorrow I might call you again to pick me up. Plus I think that you need some rest too” I said as serious as possible. “Okay, whatever you say” he nodded before we moved to that man’s car

He went attach Justin’s car to his. On that time Justin gave me a one last kiss. “That hotel thing sounded good but I might come take a visit to your room then if you don’t mind” I didn’t say anything but he knew my answer

i just finished to watch the whole Star Trek franchise

● i started in january 2015 so i almost spent 1 year to watch everything

● i’m pretty sure i can drive the enterprise better than my own car

● my fav series is DS9

● garak is a little fucker but he’s my fav

● i already want to rewatch the whole thing help me

● The Voyage Home is the best movie bc old married spirk AND WHALES

● i’m a mess

● don’t talk shit about Janeway if you praise the others captains for the same kind of mistakes

● i ship too many characters

● i’m in love with every female characters jesus

●. i liked star trek enterprise and i don’t understand why a lot of pricks on the official FB page are always hating on this show like sutfu damn it

● i’m french and nobody watches star trek here JUST SAVE ME PLEASE

● my least fav series is TNG and i think this show is a little too overrated

● i live for picard’s facepalms

● i became “too tolerant” now i’m always like “here my friend you shouldn’t talk shit about these speci… people bc this is not right mate”

● Into Darkness by JJ Abrams introduced me to Star Trek and this is why i like the reboot

● when i went to my english exam, the teacher was a trekkie and she was amazed that a french girl could know so much about star trek so we ended up talking about space travel and how ST inspired many scientists omg

● is this appropriate if i dress like a vulcan everyday?

● anyway i can say that i’m a fucking trekkie now

the fandom seems to be of the consensus that dathomirian zabrak are essentially just big cats.

with this in mind, i feel like there are some important things we need to consider:

  • is their prey drive high enough that they’ll chase laser pointer dots?
  • do they have an ‘if i fits, i sits’ attitude towards boxes, baskets, etc.?
  • are they at their most affectionate and cuddly in the morning after waking up?
  • do they express their love for those close to them by gifting them the mutilated carcasses of things they’ve hunted?
  • do they blep?

Since school is about to start for me and many, many others, I decided to do a post about apps I use for school to help anyone looking for apps to help them out in any way.


  • Google Apps

Most of my classes in school require something to be done online, whether its an essay or a presentation or whatever. I like to use google apps like Drive, Docs and Slides to save and write and create everything I need for school. I feel it’s a lot better (for me at least) than Microsoft word and Powerpoint.

  • Forest & FocusNow

I know this is very popular in the Studyblr community and I completely understand why. I use this almost everytime that I study or do school work. It gives me better motivation to study and it’s cute.
Forest is a paid app, but there are ways that the app will plant real trees in areas that need it. FocusNow is a free app if you don’t have the ability to buy Forest. It still works just as well.

  • TED

TED Talks are so amazing. I love to listen and watch them when I have free time. It helps me feel productive when I’m not doing anything since I’m learning and feeding my mind. 

  • Duolingo

Since I’m not taking a languages class this year, I decided I want to practice my Spanish. I’m still rusty, but I would love to continue.

  • Dictionary

Of course I need a Dictionary app. It’s what I use for all my vocab.

  • iHydrate & Plant Nanny

It is so important to stay hydrated and I know for sure that sometimes it’s hard to do that during the stress of school. I use these two apps to track my water intake and motivate me more to drink. iHydrate lets you track all liquids, not just water. And Plant Nanny is just adorable, watering a plant while you water yourself.

  • Apple Apps

Just ones that came with my phone I use often. Notes, Calculator, Reminders- all self-explanatory. Podcasts is the app I use all the time. I love podcasts so much and listen to them all the time. My faves are NightVale, Kings Falls AM, Serial and RadioLab. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me!

And of course, you need games on your phone. I just have a few to pass times and sometimes I play them if I need to calm down or need to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Merged, Two Dots, Dots & Co, and INKS are games that are beautiful, simple and so perfect and calming. 

And the rest are just fun games I play purely for fun. (gotta catch ‘em all!)

So that’s all for now. If during the school year I find any other new apps to use and love, I’ll update you on them. Also if you have any requests on posts, message me please and I’ll be happy to put in my input.

(Graphic made with Canva.)

I won’t lie, it’s been awhile since I was last comfortable in someone else’s presence. I have secrets, I have small stories I keep in the crevices between my bones that I’ve never dug out but last night I stole some words and my joints seemed to connect better than they ever had before.
I won’t lie, there’s a lot of things wrong with me, like the way I hold my breath when I drive by graveyards or the fact that I change my mind constantly but I know what I care about and if you’re willing to accept all of the things I won’t change then maybe we can both be left breathless at strangers’ funerals.
—  the wolf boy series // a.m

Blunt drives were a big deal growing up on Long Island unless you were a complete nerd or successful or whatever. You’d learn about different neighborhoods, how to drive high, and that accidents sober you up real fast. I’d like driving around the north shore, especially Sands Point (East Egg for you literary snobs) because there were rarely cops and rich people are never home to ask questions like “Why is that car driving around the block again?”. Also Sands Point wasn’t gated off like some new money zoo full of scaredy cats. I think Long Island was a good place to grow up because it’s healthy to know that in life people are going to have more than you, often a lot more, and contrary to popular belief, it does make them better than you. They’re smarter and better looking and more resourceful and more valuable to civilization as a whole than you. My friends and I would drive through these areas high and I would scream “these people are so much better than us!” No irony, no jokes, just a boy awake and aware. Sands Point has fallen out of favor now because wealth has been divorced from breeding. Money is it’s own organizing principle. If you’re descendants of royalty you still have to live next to some greasy wop because they accumulated enough pizza money to buy the house next to yours. No one is safe now. Everyone wants to be fist fucked on Instagram with a golden fist. The place to do that is East Hampton with some other new money reality tv pig. There are few who can appreciate the quiet corners of the world, the ones where money didn’t taunt you on Bravo, it multiplied in silence while using it’s vast resources to slowly choke you. It was a mysterious world, the Gold Coast, and one that dies a little bit every day. Our titans now are touchy feely twitter types, constantly apologizing for some indiscretion, too exposed to be interesting, too boring to be evil. But there are still a few castles on the north shore of Long Island that stand as a reminder that greatness is never nice, and that the men who live in castles are always, in some way, at war.

  • Emma: Hey Regina...
  • Regina: Yes dear?
  • Emma: I think Zelena's right.
  • Regina: How so?
  • Emma: Well...why are we walking and driving everywhere? We could be poofing!
  • Regina: Out of everything she said that is what you learned? And also I've asked you not to call it poofing.
  • Emma: Poofing sounds better than magical transportation...and I think it's an interesting question. Think how much time we could save!
  • Regina: And what about everyone else?
  • Emma *shrugs*: I don't know...I just like the idea of you and I poofing places together...it will make sneaking away a lot easier.
  • Regina: It would but...and I loathe to say this...your mother would still find a way to find us.
random hq headcanons
  • Bokuto gives the best hugs out of anyone ever, like it is literally impossible not to feel at least a little better after getting a Bokuto hug™
  • Daichi drives a minivan and people kind of laugh at him about it at first but he actually really likes it because he can fit lots of stuff and/or friends inside and it really does suit him
  • Akaashi can recite pi to more than 100 digits and Bokuto is super amazed by this
  • Kuroo gets a part time job as a pizza delivery boy and Bokuto repeatedly orders pizza just so he can say hi but then runs out of money so he just starts calling the place repeatedly to say hi until the manager threatens to block his number
  • Kageyama adopts a pet turtle named Shelly and she’s the first animal who’s ever been friendly to him so he just loves her lots and he likes to sit on his belly and watch as she slowly eats strawberries.  Sometimes he takes videos and sends them to the whole team
  • Oikawa has been a huge fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek since childhood and refuses to accept the argument that you have to like one over the other because they’re both so DIFFERENT but also PERFECT how could anyone make him choose
  • Hinata likes to read storybooks to Natsu before she goes to sleep.  When he’s at training camp, he packs one of her books in his bag and calls her so he can still read to her.
  • Suga is actually an avid fan of professional soccer, and he won’t shut up if he’s asked about the topic, which tends to drive Asahi crazy 
  • Iwaizumi really likes kids and everyone on the seijou team is always super shocked by just how soft he is with all of them as they hang off his arms and beg for piggyback rides
  • Ushiwaka still plays neopets
  • Yachi and Yamaguchi both cover for each other when the other is having an anxiety attack and both commiserate together through long rants over lunches and really they become best friends
  • Tsukki went to see Jurassic World in theater no less than 18 times
  • Kenma is the type of gamer who can never decide on who to marry.  When he played Fire Emblem he restarted 14 times because he kept marrying someone and than changing his mind.  Eventually he just gave up and let Kuroo chose
  • Alisa insists on cutting Lev’s hair, but he doesn’t mind at all and goes to practice bragging about how fashionable his new haircut looks isn’t his sister the best
  • Kiyoko is actually a kickass gamer and she and Kenma are friends by pure coincidence in an online rpg
  • Tanaka has never been able to beat Saeko at arm wrestling and it is a very sore subject for him that she never passes an opportunity to bring up
  • Asahi really likes planting flowers, and his room is filled with dozens of potted plants that he spends hours doting on and talking to
  • Noya can actually bake really well and likes to make cookies and decorate them with little volleyballs for the first years

andresaaa10  asked:

Do you think that kuvira's life is fair?, cause she has suffered since she was a child. Maybe she could have a better treatment because she did a lot for her nation. :)

I don’t know how there could even be an argument.

Kuvira was abandoned by her own parents when she was eight.  She was taken in by a woman who saw her more as a student than a daughter, and never really knew unconditional love because of it.

The political situation in which she became embroiled wasn’t fair to an idealist like her, either.  She was eighteen, full of naive optimism and drive to make things better when she started, but she was handed a role that basically guaranteed she’d have to compromise her humanity and play the bad guy if she were to have any hope of success.  And, of course, that role was a terrifyingly temporary one – the sort of thing that’d make her success in leadership a liability to the people above her as soon as they were done with her.

She was set up to function as a “necessary evil” by design, and I don’t think she was aware of it when she agreed to take the job.  Recognizing the good that she’d done in the Earth Kingdom and crediting it to her would kind of be an admission that she was more than just some dictator who took advantage of the chaos, I think.

It’s not even that it’s my favorite design ever (though I definitely think it’s a lot better than many fan designs that got passed around as being godly, even though they were really just kind of generic anime tigers, but that’s a discussion for another time) buuut the fact that I need to see hate for it every fucking where drives me up the wall, so I tend to like it more as a means of defense?

It’s always the same, repetitive argument over and over and over and my GOD do I not care about how there should be a quadrupedal fire starter (even though Typhlosion actually moves on all fours but whatever).

It’s a stupid, stupid reason to hate on it, and the people who STILL get mad about it being Fire/Fighting even though it ISN’T Fire/Fighting, but Fire/Dark are even WORSE in my opinion because jesus christ you don’t even know what you’re talking about and yet you have to be an ass about it. Enough!

I’m so tired. I can’t even make posts on my own blog about how I’m okay with it without others reblogging them to chime in about how they don’t like it. I don’t give a rat’s ass!

Y’all are all over “every pokémon is precious~” when a cutesie Pokémon gets a woobifying backstory about its looks, but then turn around and are absolutely nasty to another over the SAME DARN SHIT. I’m so tired. I’m going to raise my buff kitten and she’s going to smash a barrel over y’all’s heads.

I no longer have an ache where you used to be. my bed is not too big for me and I’ve been keeping warm just fine. I don’t miss your hand in mine while I’m on my monotonous drive home or to dinner or the store. I don’t have a crushing anxiety of wondering where you are and who you’re with and if you like them better than you ever liked me. I don’t care anymore. I am releasing you from my bloodstream, you are no longer a part of who I am, only of who I used to be. I’ve grown a lot since you left, and I’m sure you have too, and even though we’ve grown apart there’s a piece of you in a version of me somewhere out there. but you no longer have that hold on me, I’m setting myself free. I’m letting you go and I don’t feel bad about it.

So I didn’t realize that the story of Memories Pizza was a national story and thought that FB was advertizing articles on it because I’m from the area. So let’s make a few things pretty clear since I know that this is the Internet and that everything gets stretched out of proportion. 

First off, let me say that I have never eaten at Memories. Why? Because I am never driving along Highway 6. The town is two miles square. We include it in the area because they sometimes pick up our radio stations and we’re like “South Bend! Mishawaka! Elkart! La Paz!… walkerton, maybe.”

However I do know that the smaller towns, particularly ones by the highway, suffer a lot in terms of business. Rent costs go up, there isn’t a lot of legal help for small businesses, and there’s a general attitude that convenience is better than atmosphere. 

Additionally, a homophobic attitude is not surprising. 

Paraphrase: “We don’t discriminate, but we just don’t like the looks of you.” Straight until proven gay- so weddings are out. Which is funny because they don’t appear to have a catering option. DO YOU EVEN CATER?

So its a shit economy, the town is tiny, and outside of Walkerton no one seems to know about this place. The fact that has been running for 10 years is a testament to dedicated patrons. 

And I find it awfully convenient- SO CONVENIENT- that they would make this announcement just after the bill is signed allowing businesses to make these sorts of statements and then not even a day later there is a GoFundMe to ‘Save Memories Pizza’ at over $200k. 

And I find it awfully interesting that people commenting on the possible closing of the restaurant, donating to the cause, are from Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, and pretty much every state other than Indiana. You have never eaten here. You will likely never eat here. You have no investment in this restaurant other than that they share your bigoted opinions. 

So a restaurant in a tiny little town announces their bigotry, blames closing on the gays, gets (-checks the current status of the campaign-) $203k?

I’m not saying that they did it for the money, but that certainly sounds fishy. And since the campaign has, in the past 2 minutes jumped to $206k… can anyone blame me for being a little suspicous of the motives here?