i liked this 'noise' photo effect so i used it

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I just found your art and you're officially my new favorite artist??? holy cow?? like im just so blown away by all of your work!! If you don't mind my asking, I was wondering how you manage that blurry, photo effect, as well as the video static effect in some of your horror work? If it's too complicated to explain or anything then dont worry about it, just know your work is seriously inspiring to me!!

AAAAH, thank you so much! >////< 

I’ll try to explain this as well as I can, because I use many techniques for those pieces, like noise filters and dust overlays. One thing I like to do is duplicate the image and change the Advanced blending settings on both of them. Once you do that, you can move the duplicate image slightly and it’ll create a disorienting VHS style 3D effect.

I also like using VCR and tv caption font, which you can download easily for free. The glitches are a combination of real and hand drawn VHS overlays on top of the image. 

And here’s a quick tutorial on how to make the square glitches you see on modern displays. 

Play around with different styles and make it look as grungy as possible.

Hope this helps. ^-^ 

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Hey! I'm so sorry if someone has asked you this before but I tried finding it and I couldn't. I was just wondering how you edit your gameplay pictures? I loove them, thank you!!

Hi Bby! Don’t worry, I haven’t been asked yet! :) But thank you so much for liking my editing style <3 I’m still tryna figure out what I like :P

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