i liked the thought so yeah

i still can’t get over the fact that ks tried to show pcy silliness to ji (and cuz ji didnt pay attention to him, he patted ji arm to make ji look at him)…….. like he thought pcy was hella funny and he wanted ji to look at pcy too, cuz pcy made him laugh so unconsciously he wanted ji to laugh too like wow. damn. that’s just. so endearing ya know?  

funny thing is ji didnt look that impressed by pcy antics lmao. he was like “haha yeah he’s funny” then looked away/down before he played along w/ them (he pointed at pcy after that).

let’s talk about old autistic parents

thought i’d talk about my dad’s autism bc we never discuss what old autistic ppl are like (he’s 68), or what actuallyautistic parents are like. and i think it might offer a little hope to autistic ppl out there like me who are scared of the future

yeah so my dad just self diagnosed himself with my help like a few days ago, and he was just kind of like “oh yeah, duh!” and then went back to doing his thing, and i think that’s great! we went to a museum today that has both of our special interests (architecture and fashion/history) and he was so over the moon! he doesn’t express emotion very often, but when he does, he really lights up! like his eyes get really big and he points at things v vigorously and it’s really adorable. he can be pretty stonefaced and he often feels left out from social stuff. in fact we were talking a lot about how we both feel like we don’t understand social stuff, but he can also be SUPER social, like always talking to strangers. he doesn’t really stim that i can see, not like i do. he actually is a very stiff person like body wise? like he doesn’t move a lot lol. he also will be on his own train of thought and then chime into the middle of a conversation with something like “if you meet aliens should you look them in the eye? or eyes? hey how many eyes do they have?” which is EXACTLY what i do. he has a lot of auditory processing issues like me as well. he often sits in a separate room from my mom and i so he can focus on his stuff and be alone. i don’t mind! whatever makes him comfortable. he also has no concept of how to handle money and his special interests are carpentry, architecture and history. he never went to college but he’s had a v successfully life as a carpenter and he’s still working after like 50 years. he had a gambling problem for a while and i know he still struggles with it, but he hasn’t gambled ONCE in 17 months! he has a hard time with change and new things and says no a lot just like me. he also gets lost a lot but that’s bc he doesn’t pay that much attention to where he is!!! (like me lmao) his favorite fabric is denim and he has accidentally set himself on fire a few times when he’s welding but he’s v chill about it.

this pic sums up my whole family basically and it’s great

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Yeah! I thought the same thing.

In my opinion, the finale was saved because Ufotable finally realized that, well, the fans didn’t quite like the anime. And I bet that there was another finale planned - and maybe it was already done by that time - because, let’s face it, no one expected such a long delay. Doing something like that doesn’t make sense, unless they really did have to remake episode 25.

(And, well, my theory is that initially the anime was supposed to end with SorAli, judging by the baiting, and Sorey not going to sleep/disappearing, but that’s just my guess.)

Of course even getting the canon SorMik doesn’t erase the fact that the plot was, well, a mess - Sorey still didn’t kill Heldalf, Alisha still became a queen without earning it, Eizen is still a dragon that miraculously ‘gets better’ - but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like the finale. A half of the episode was, essentially, RoseAli and SorMik fluff, and I loved it.

Still, SorAli baiting did happen, as well as light Mikleo/Edna, but in the end, SorMik is as canon as it is possible. And that’s a big thing, since we gave up on that idea ages ago.

{[LINK:https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Cole-Sprouse-Lili-Reinhart-Talking-About-Bughead-43388073 }

Taken from Pop Sugar’s interview with Cole + Lili:

“When POPSUGAR asked Sprouse and Reinhart how they felt about the passionate fan reaction to Bughead, Cole’s response was immediate. “Aroused!” he joked, adding a more serious response: “Uh yeah, it’s flattering that people like it as much as they do.”

Reinhart chimed in with a thoughtful reply, alluding to the pairing’s comic origins: “I think because it’s a little bit unexpected in a way, you know, because Jughead is kinda doing his own thing in the comics, so to see him relate to a girl is — you know, people are excited about that.”

Sprouse agreed. “In multiple iterations he’s asexual, in some iterations he’s aromantic, and I think because this is a new universe this is definitely a different iteration,” he explained of Jughead and the decision to cast him as Betty’s suitor. “This is something that was kind of uncharted territory, and we didn’t really know if it was gonna take. But it did, and people really love it. It got a huge response.” “

Hold. The fuck. Up.

What was that???

In multiple iterations he’s asexual, in some iterations he’s aromantic, and I think because this is a new universe this is definitely a new iteration […] this is something that was kind of uncharted territory…”

Separating Jughead’s aroaceness aside, uncharted territory?!? What the fuck happened to the “long rich history between Betty and Jughead that needs to be represented?” or “he was only ace in one comic?”

Either they’re saying whatever the fuck to try to justify themselves, or Cole has done some deep research, has realized RAS + CW have seriously fucked the a-spec community over and is trying his best to throw us a bone or some other convoluted shit.

The thing that sucks? Aphobes latched on to “Jughead was ace in one comic” because that’s what Cole said. He doesn’t just get to magically take that all back now. Because aphobes aren’t listening now. The damage is done.

This shit is so frustrating.

And my eyes rolled so far back I saw my brain at Lili’s “it’s unexpected in a way.”

No it fucking isn’t. There’s nothing “unexpected” about a white straight boy and a white straight girl who are friends, the “bad boy” and “good girl” ‘opposites attract’ bullshit, “falling” for one another. It’s like the complete opposite of “unexpected”. It’s a troupe. Josh god damn Greene sells novels that turn into movies off of it. “Unexpected” my ass.


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Hi! I LOVE what I've seen so far from your yoi superhero au. I have just one question. Why is Victor's outfit blue, not pink? I'm not criticising, I'm genuinely curious about this 💕 maybe it's because of the ice theme.. maybe the pink version is his 🌟FINAL FORM🌟..... well whichever it is I'd love to hear your thoughts on it 💕

Don’t hesitate to ask anything, I love questions!

As to the costume, there’s nothing too unique, it’s simply because of his ice theme, yeah. Though the idea about the pink version being his ~ final form ~ DOES sound interesting, I like it! 👀 

I plan to make all of character’s superhero costumes resemble their respective skating costumes but with some changes so they look more superhero-y or something. And Victor’s costume is now a one-piece suit and it’s much more tight lol, though it still has this light half-transparent fabric piece on it’s back.

I made this quick doodle some time ago, to show how it looks.

(Gloves and boots probably won’t be black, but you got the idea)

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I got to say RPF aren't usually my cup of tea but damn woman! The Plot is amazing! Seriously I'm already 10 chapters in and I'm propably gonna finish this fic today. It was super weird reading Misha's lines since he is so different from Cas but Misha is Misha and I love the man for the weird shit he says; and you captured that part of him perfectly. So far the best line has been: "Yeah, but Jared's out there. The IQ of everyone around instantly drops about fifty points." *fangirl signing off*

Haha omg, out of context, that line seems like such a fucked up thing to say! (Don’t worry, people who haven’t read it yet– Misha loves Jared, they just tease each other like crazy throughout the fic).

Anyway, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, especially since you don’t usually read RPF! Be sure to tell me what you thought of the rest!

Ugh … Cockles is so freakin’ cute.

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“The Plot” - on Ao3

Okay, so I just watched the ‘Hawaii Five-O’ season 7 Valentine’s Day episode (the UK is a bit behind the US, and I’m even a few behind that, but I have them recorded), and, yeah, I’d read and seen a few things on tumblr and AO3, so I thought I knew what to expect, but I gotta say, sincerely, wow, just … wow. They are really putting McDanno front and centre again this season, aren’t they?

All the bantering, the looks, the touches (seriously, Steven, why are you stroking his ear like that??!), the safeword ffs, and more chemistry between them than either of them share with their super-hot girlfriends who they both basically just abandoned on Valentine’s to go hang out with each other. I mean, WTF??! Just let them get married already!!

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Originally posted by peggyswilliams

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You may have done this before, but would love to see something about Sherlock and Molly after Molly tells Sherlock that John wants anyone other then him. I picture Molly going to Sherlock at 221B after babysitting duties. Would love to hear your take on this. Thanks!

Hm, this kinda sounds like a fic prompt…which I actually wasn’t asking for, so I apologize if my post was confusing. I was asking for meta subject matter. So maybe you’ll be ok with me talking about my general thoughts on this? I’ll do my best. :)

I absolutely do believe that Molly would have tried to see Sherlock soon after having to deliver John’s message to him. She clearly felt awful about being put in the position of having to say something like that to him. Molly cares about the feelings of others, so having to even be the messenger for words like those would probably make her feel pretty bad. I think Molly knows how emotionally vulnerable Sherlock can be and how much value he places on his friend’s lives. I mean, she has literally seen him physically risk his life and give up his normal life for two years for the safety of people he cares about! She would already know how gutted he’d be about the circumstances of Mary’s death, but then to know John is outright blaming him on top of it? Molly was probably already super concerned about Sherlock’s mental and emotional health well before the events of TLD. 

I’m sure that when she did go to see him she’d have assured him that John would probably need more time, and to be patient. And she would have assured him that she of course didn’t blame him. And (as I wrote in a one shot after TLD) I think she might tell him that she’s grateful that he’s alive. Understandably, everyone’s focus was on grieving Mary’s loss, but I also maintain that not enough love was shown to Sherlock to make him feel the happiness to still have him around. The fact remains that he narrowly escaped death, and he should have been assured by at least some people that they were so very glad he did. It doesn’t make them less sad to have lost Mary. It’s just taking a moment to focus on something good. And if anyone would know to do that, I think it would be Molly Hooper.

This might not have been exactly what you hoped for, but it’s just some of my thoughts on the matter. :))

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While armatus Milked Soy at the end of anime is pretty sweet for some people, does anyone realize the implication of it? I mean I certaintly never heard seraph armatizing with another seraph before.... On second thought, anime has different logic than the canon so I don't really know.

Yeah, so Sorey’s still human, and it’s great they can armatize and all that, but unless Seraphic Reincarnation is a thing in this trainwreck alternate universe that was never explained, enjoy the neverending tears.

Also known as, I still like the game ending better because they made a point of mentioning it and talking about it and gave you an open ended reunion so you could decide for yourself whether Sorey returned as a human or a Seraph so you could give them the option of a Mayfly-December Romance with a happy ending.  It’d be a nice break from all the other ones that don’t!  *glances at Jude/Milla and Emil/Marta*

     “Hm, looks like a bummer with that line, huh?” Liliana motioned to occupied line to the bar, a daring smile filling upon her lips while holding onto to her clutch while standing behind them. “I should’ve thought about sneaking in some into a flask. But, I was too chicken and knowing my luck, I feel like I would’ve gotten caught.” She acknowledged with a shrug, wandering dark hues around Westbrook Park. “Liking everything so far?”

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This isn't important but I thought Cas and Kelly's nephilim eyes looked like snake eyes, which is probably why they threw in Dean's "You aren't the only one rolling snake eyes" comment...And Lucifer's been called a serpent before on the show, so...I don't know.

Hahaha, I don’t see why not :D Nephilim eyes were all-over gold before, I think?

yeah - 


And now it’s the Lucifer eye effect but gold, so they’re not re-using this effect exactly. Idk if it’s intentionally to look like snake eyes (since the effect starts with Lucifer’s red eyes) but it’s not… NOT unlike snake eyes since they’re not human and the effect is really different from the full-eyeball glow… I  mean, it could be more awful dramatic irony for hindsight just from the Lucifer > serpent connection rather than the specific look :D

I find this photo incredibly cheese but at the same time really cool haha it looks like something from the future. Like some weird sci fi movie… Or maybe my imagination is running wild and you guys are just like
“Mate that’s just an over exposed airplane window”
Well technically yeah… But where’s the fun in simply seeing that? Haha

Yesterday I flew back to our home in Switzerland. A lot of people may be like whaaaaaat I thought you were Aussie. Well I am but I was born and grew up here in Switzerland. I moved to Australia when I was 15 :)
So just visiting friends and family before I head back to the motherland haha wooooo

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I thought Cancers & Aries are not good matches like I thought they were compatible you know but y'all make it work

I don’t really get that deep into the signs when it comes to dating or having friends, if I like you then ima be a good ass person towards you regardless what your sign is. Ya’ll pass up way too many good opportunities with that type of mindset. My first relationship my ex was a Taurus and that nigga played me so yeah my girlfriend is a blessing regardless of her sign.

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So everyone here knows you're a huge Cas/Misha girl, and I was just wondering what your thoughts are on how Cas has been treating the Winchesters lately? I was kinda upset with him in the latest episode, but I love him so, so much that I really hope he gets it together in the future. If this somehow came off as offensive in any way, IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE. I'm simply asking for your opinion. :)

I’m not upset with him at all. Yeah, him stealing the colt was problematic. But like, the fact that he was so desperate to make the Winchesters proud of him makes my heart hurt. I can’t be mad at him. He just so desperately wants to be validated and I completely understand that.

And then when he put the Winchesters to sleep at the end of the episode, that wasn’t really him. The baby brainwashed him (and kelly). I’m worried about him. I want him to be ok and to not be brainwashed for ONE SEASON AT LEAST FOR FUCKS SAKE 😂

So tada! There’s my opinion :-)

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Dudeeeeee I was reading this fic right? And JUST. My mind was blown. I thought that oh JK is here now. Everything is gonna be calm, maybe they'll fight over the girl. BUT JK IS JUST AN ASS. AND JUST. WALKS AWAY? AND IM. LIKE. FICS. ARE. COMFUSING

hahahaah hooooldd up!! which fanfic were you reading hun? :) yeah.. fanfics can be confusing at times but i then still love them sm! hehehe :3 

*my i-like-it-but-im-still-confused face*

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


endless list of favourite characters: nathan drake (uncharted)

yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end…you’re always left with that same feeling. sometimes you gotta…choose what you’re gonna keep and…and what you’re gonna let go.