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Tutorial time - here’s another of my older tutorials on how to make your own relatively simple weapons out of plasticard. You’ll need plasticard of at least two thicknesses - I find Gale Force Nine’s Plasticard variety pack (google it to find a nearby supplier/ebay) is a good way to get a bunch of different thicknesses of plasticard all together. 

For weapons I’ve found plasticard of about 1.5mm/0.06″ thick is the most suitable, along with thinner plasticard of about 0.4mm/0.015″ for adding detail. So!

1. First off, plan your weapon out and draw it onto the thick plasticard. Use pre-existing bits if you have them for size reference, and err on the side of slightly too large rather than slightly too small. It’s easier to trim a weapon down to the right size rather than trying to make it larger later if it started out too small.

2. Don’t try to accurately cut out the weapon immediately from the plasticard, it’s more difficult than it really needs to be. Just start off by getting the rough shape first, then begin trimming away the excess from the sides bit by bit.

This whole thing is a messy process, by the way. Be prepared to have plasticard shavings and bits EVERYWHERE.

3.  This pic shows some of the ways I shape the plasticard - trimming it away strip by strip, almost like peeling an apple. Or for larger chunks, cutting in slices, then trimming those off. Plasticard’s much easier to deal with if you just cut off thin layers or small sections, instead of trying to carve out large chunks. 

The drawing will most likely rub off the plasticard while you’re working, so you may have to re-draw it on every now and then to remind yourself where everything goes. Or you can coat it with a thin layer of PVA glue and let that dry, to act as a protective coating for your sketch. The glue will peel off easily once you’re done. Or you can just keep a copy of your design on a piece of paper or something nearby, that works too. XD

4. Once you’ve cut out the rough shape of the weapon, you can use sandpaper to smooth out all those rough areas and refine the overall shape. Cut out a small piece of sandpaper, then fold or roll it into the desired shape to get into those awkward areas.

5. When you’re happy with the weapon’s overall shape, now comes shaping the blade properly. Use your knife to carefully begin carving away thin slices of the plasticard to shape one side of the blade’s edge. Don’t try to take off a lot at once - if you accidentally take off too much, it’s very difficult to fix it. And remember you need to do this on the other side as well, so again, don’t take off too much! It can help to alternate which side you’re carving, to gradually get the edges to meet halfway. It may help to practice carving on some spare sprue first, to get used to the process.

6. Once most of the carving’s done, you can use sandpaper to help smooth out any uneven areas and get rid of any knife marks. By this point the blade should be pretty much finished.

7. Now onto the hilt!  I roughed out the hilt’s shape, then cut out a piece of the 0.015" thick plasticard to glue on and shaped the edge the same way I did with the blade. This can be very fiddly! Don’t worry about getting a perfect fit though - it’s better for it to be slightly larger than you need, so you can trim off the excess later.

8. Here’s both of the hilt pieces glued on, but not yet trimmed down to size. Once the glue’s dry though, you can use your knife and sandpaper to trim off the excess and shape the hilt the same way you did the blade.

9. And here’s the hilt and guard trimmed down and shaped. I just used my knife to scrape off the corners of the guard, round it out, and shape the pommel, then used sandpaper to smooth everything off.

10. There we go! Your custom weapon’s now ready to attach to your model. Plasticard works just fine with regular plastic glue, as it’s pretty much the same material as plastic models. Superglue also works if you’re using metal or resin models. 

I hope this has helped, and let me know if you have any questions! :D

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hi!! I have a question about digitally coloring over traditional sketches. When i start, I place the pic of the drawing on an open ps document so that the background layer's behind it and usually set a multiply layer over top the sketch for coloring. I can't really color in the background behind the sketch unless i manually color it in around the drawing. Is there an easier way to do this? and is there a way to change the color of your lines? Thanks so much!! sry if this was hard to understand!


No problem!

So, I basically do this 2 ways. I mainly do it as the second way but I’ll explain them both.

It depends what you wanna do with the lineart and what program you use and how much you wanna edit it form the original scan. These are not the only ways I’m sure and are not the only ways to do them, it’s important you try them and modify them to fit your needs if necessary.

♦ Method A - In Photoshop♦

This is what most people do to separate the sketch lines from the “paper”, it’s something that’s been explained and it’s around a lot so I won’t get into the details of how to use Photoshop just how to do it quickly.

This will allow you to have the sketch in one layer, getting rid of the “white” of the paper.

1-Edit your scan if you need, levels, hue, etc all before doing this to improve the contrast on your image. This will work if your sketch is made with color pencils or carbon pencils the same, but in case you wanna do an action on PS so you ca have this done automatically, it’ll probably won’t work with every scan the same unless they are similar, like for animation projects this is handy as this will work with inks too.

2-With Channels window open, there’s an icon at the bottom of it that’s a dotted circle, what this does is load the channel as a selection.

Make sure all the channels are selected, this usually comes as it is by default unless you change it.

You can also select the blue channel, which in this case will only select Sapphire in blue at the left, or the Red channel that will select Ruby on red at the right.

View the image above bigger here

You’ll see your lineart selected, don’t worry if not everything shows perfectly selected, it’s selected, it’s there. You can improve the selection by contrasting your scanned sketch before doing this as I mentioned.

3-The selection you get is actually the inverse of the sketch, to select the sketch just invert the selection (shift+ctrl+I)

4- Add a new layer on top of your scan layer and use the paint bucket to fill it and I’ll look like this:

6- When you hide the scan layer at the bottom you’ll see your sketch layer:

-Add a white layer below your transparent sketch lines to see it clearly:

7- And now you can clip a mask to your transparent sketch lines layer and you can color it whatever you want and use the layer in any layer mode you wish and start adding your colors:

♦ Method B - In SAI♦

This is how I did that particular Ruby & Sapphire pic and it is often how I color sketches.

This will not give the same result than the previous method A but it’s better, in my opinion, than using the sketch in multiply. You can use Method A sketch lines and use this though, but you have to use SAI, even though PS has similar layer modes they are not the same than the one I’ll be using in SAI.

1-For this particular image I used the original sketch scanned, and I duplicated said layer and used a black and white version of it as you can see below.

2-Now for the important part. I set both layers on the mode Shade on SAI, the original scan sketch layer is on 75% opacity and the black and white sketch layer is at 55% opacity. This is not for other reason than personal taste and I tried and liked how it worked with the colors. Both layers combined look like this:

3- I added the flat colors:

4-Then started shading:

Now the interesting thing with Shade Mode is that the lineart will get darker/intense the darker/intense you shade it and it burns on the colors better than in multiply mode and I personally prefer these results much more.

That’ll be it! I hope you find this helpful and not too confusing, please don’t hesitate in asking if any questions arise 😊

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O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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I wanted to practice backgrounds and stuff, which I’m still like, not that good at at al lmao, but as usual I needed to make an entire thing out of it so here’s some Beasts and the creator of a three layered realm, mostly designed to trick gullible people, etc etc generic, “Spirit Is Bad And Tricks People Into Giving Them Things” trope lol… but details under the read more if interested

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AllyCharms' Winter Soldier Arm Cosplay Tutorial!

So you want to be the Winter Soldier at the next con. You have everything planned out from the jacket to the boots, but one thing on your list terrifies you: the metal arm. You want to make something perfect, but scared that you’ll mess it up somehow. You are on a budget and you don’t want to do just tin foil or duct tape. What can you do?!

Well fear not! This tutorial is here to help you. This Winter Soldier arm can be made on a (somewhat?) budget and will get you compliments. My arm took me a week and a half to two weeks total to physically make and much longer to plan how to do it. I suggest taking as long as I did, maybe even more. Patience is key here!

So how is this arm made and how can you do it? Click on the read more and find out everything (this is a long and detailed tutorial so bear with me)

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Word count: 4693

Author’s note: So, here is the promised SPN/TW crossover, just because I know a lot of my Cinnamon Rolls like Supernatural, too! It’s actually just some ideas that I use from Supernatural, so this series won’t feature the Winchester brothers (I’m so sorry!) but I hope you will like it anyway. I mean, the role I gave Derek is just… ugh. Too hot to handle. Seriously. I’m not sorry for that. Not in my entire life. Let me know what you think, you beautiful human beings! :3 ❤️ (Oh, one more thing: this is going to be dark, angst-y and dramatic af.)

If anyone is wondering what song I was listening to while writing, for it being my main source of inspiration, here’s the link. :) And don’t be afraid to use the (Y/N) remover, cupcakes! :*

Warnings: a bit of swearing, explicit descriptions of getting hurt

Your name: submit What is this?

I’m running in the woods. Something is chasing me. Vaguely, I can remember something like getting here from town, but I couldn’t tell how or why. The preserve is eerily quiet, save for the loud gasping that’s ripping out of my throat constantly. I instinctively know I shouldn’t draw attention to myself, the attention of that something that is following me, yet I’m unable to suppress my desperate whining that’s the result of my fear and exhaustion.

The chase ends for me when I slip on a couple wet brownish yellow leaves that’s covering the entirety of the forest floor. I use my hands to deaden the impact, but it’s still not enough to prevent my nose from getting hit – I think it was a root of a tree. I hiss in pain, and I can feel as my ankle is pulsing in sharp pain. I’m already moving my hand to touch it to be able to tell whether I have bones broken or if it’s simply sprained, but I can hear noises coming from behind me.

Automatically, I hold my breath, even sticking my palm in front of my mouth. I want to turn to have a quick glance behind my back, but for some reason, my neck just won’t obey me. A few seconds later, it turns out that it would have been unnecessary anyway – accompanying the sounds, I can distinctly hear the breathing of an animal, which eventually morphs into a sinister growl. A carnivore.

I know that whatever I’d try to do would be useless; the predator knows exactly where I am. It saw me and it’s approaching me. I know, because its soft paws are getting closer and closer on the wet leaves. A wild shiver runs down my spine, as though I was struck by a thunder. The frantic fluttering of my heart registers as the loud beating of blood in my ears makes me deaf to the world around me.

The blood, that breaks out of my body like a tidal wave in the next moment in the wake of the animal’s claws as it rakes them through my back. I want to scream, but no sound comes out of my throat, making me feel like something has taken my vocal cords, or maybe it has torn my lungs out already. I keep trying to scream and scream, when…

I shout loudly as I bolt up on my bed, pyjamas and body covered in a thick layer of sweat.

My widened eyes are fixed on the opposite wall until I realise it was all just a dream. A very realistic dream, in which I felt everything, yet it was a mere dream, unreal and safe despite everything that happened in it. It won’t hurt me. Dreams are harmless. My brain slowly switches to the here-and-now instead of the realm of fantasy. After a while, I have the capacity to notice that my pyjamas are soaked in my sweat.

Burying my face in my hands, I rub it, then jump off of the bed. I wobble a bit by the dizziness that takes over me due to the abrupt change in my blood pressure, but it vanishes quickly and I migrate to the kitchen. I crawl over to the counter, massaging my forehead awhile and taking out a glass from the cupboard. I drink up the water in impatient gulps – it’s like an elixir to my exhausted body, refreshing and relaxing. I exhale a relieved breath.

I can hear yapping behind me, making my muscles tense once more, only to realise that I have a dog, who is obviously worked up because he could sense my unease. Soon, I can feel that cold, damp nose prodding at me, and I turn around immediately, crouching down and rubbing his head, fingers raking through ebony black fur and hooking into the red leather collar once.

“I’m okay, don’t you worry,” I whisper. It takes me by surprise too, how much my voice is shaking. I clear my throat before smacking a kiss on my dog’s muzzle and standing to head to the bathroom.

There, I wash my face, throw off my clothes and take a shower. I don’t even wait for the water to turn warm, the only thing that matters to me is for it to clean me outside, too. I suppress every single one of my paranoid fantasies that my subconscious has been bombarding me with relentlessly, close my eyes and just let the water wash away my entire body, flowing down my skin and down the drain.

When I’m ready, I wrap myself up in a white towel, my dog running to welcome me at the door already, looking at me with his huge blueish-grey irises. I offer him a small smile, then go to my room to change into a pair of sweatpants, a tank top and a sweatshirt. After a brief consideration, I forego the bra. I opt to go to the 24/7 shop in town to buy myself breakfast there. I attach the ruby leash to the collar of my dog and jump into my shoes, turning to the animal with a smile, “We’re going out to buy food, sound good, Bucky?”

He barks at me, tail wagging excitedly, then we take off. It doesn’t take long until we arrive to the shop, and there, I tie Bucky out to a rail before entering.

“Morning,” I greet the guy standing behind the cashier. Apparently he’s barely awake, but it’s nothing to be surprised about; it’s ten to five.

“What are you doing here?” asks Adam instead of welcoming me. “Too much Adderall, (Y/N)?”

“Nah, just got hungry and woke up,” I lie. Adam doesn’t need to know about my parasomnia. No one needs to know about the nightmares that have been haunting me for weeks. Bucky is the only one who’s aware of them, because he has to witness as his master wakes up with a piercing scream every single night.

I go back to Bucky and we walk for a little longer before returning home. There, I put one of the pizzas in the oven, while the other two in the freezer. For the time being, I take my laptop from my room down to the kitchen – I’m writing a book based on Scandinavian and Celtic mythology. I’ve already published a book under a fake name, which became a bestseller within a couple weeks, and right now, I’m working on the continuation of that. Of course, it’s much harder to find time to write with the university in the picture, but right now, I’m enjoying the peaceful weeks after my successful exams.

Lydia took the role of my editor on her own, without me having to ask her, hence she’s always pestering me to sit down and write. I open my text editor, but I’m only capable of staring at the blinking sign at the end of the last line. My muse completely abandoned me, and I have no idea what to add to the story; what words to use, what phrase to put them in, how to achieve the effect I want to have on my readers…

Instead, I open the help document to skim through the sketch I typed in by way of a reminder. There are notes, too – I always do this when I decide to work on a bigger project, I can never start them without a guideline or a plan.

It doesn’t help much, either. I start to think that my body has just reached its tipping point, and from now on, there’s only way for me downwards, and not back. After all, exhaustion will kill you faster than starvation or dryness. At the moment, it frightens me more than that something, that predator, that chased me in my dream.

Not for the first time.

I rub my face again, as though trying to rid myself of my nightmare, exhaling loudly. Immediately, the picture of me wanting to scream flashes back into my mind, as I got mute for some reason, probably because that animal has already torn out my lungs from among my ribs through my spine, the only evidence of its presence are the vertebrae laying haphazardly on the forest floor around me, getting lost in the sea of leaves.

I bury my face in the heels of my palms, vaguely registering that Bucky is nosing at my thigh, but I can’t find it in myself to react in any way. As for now, I’m unable to do anything else besides sitting on this chair and listening to the low buzzing of my laptop, which is soon accompanied by Bucky’s helpless whining.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble under my breath, words hardly audible even to my ears. I rake my fingers through the dog’s thick black fur with a hand, mouth curling up in a smile at the familiar silky touch, getting lost and revelling in it. The previous whining is replaced with giddy yipping.

. o O o .

“Is there something wrong?”

“What?” I ask, coming back to myself from my daydream. My eyes find Scott and Stiles, sitting from across me, surveying me with worried looks. I try to force a reassuring smile on my features, only to fail miserably. “It’s okay. Nothing’s wrong.”

Scott’s eyebrows furrow and he jerks his chin in the direction of my chest, telling me, “It may work with humans, but you can’t lie to me.” I curse the damn werewolf abilities in my mind before vowing to myself that I will find a way to control the rhythm of my heart somehow – even if it’s impossible.

“Nothing serious,” I try again, but Stiles shakes his head.

“Even I can see that something is bugging you,” he points out, then adds after a brief contemplation, “Just tell us you don’t feel like talking about it, but you’re the worst liar ever.”

“Okay, okay, I got the message loud and clear for the first time, too,” I say frustratedly. I start sipping on my shake angrily, fixing the surface of the table with a death glare. A bad feeling begins engulfing me, like somebody is stalking me, but I’m not intend to allow my paranoia to take over me and my entire life.

“We just want you to know that you can count on us,” reassures Scott, ever so caring. They both know I don’t like to talk about my emotions or issues, but they wanted to let me know that, no matter what. “You can talk to us if you feel like it. Anytime. Even in the middle of the night.”

“Okay,” I agree quickly, hoping they will drop the subject after then. To change the topic, I ask, “So have you seen Star Wars yet, or we can still bicker you about it?”

Scott groans, which is more than enough as an answer.

. o O o .

We only part our ways in the evening. It has turned dark quite a while ago, and I still have this maddening feeling that someone is following me, it starting to eating me away. My veins fill with adrenaline, and I want to take off running so badly, yet I refrain from it. Instead, I reach into my pocket to dial Stiles.

“What, you missing me already?” he jokes.

“I think someone is following me,” I whisper into the device, voice breaking at the end of the sentence. ‘Exactly like in one of my dreams’, I add mentally, but I don’t dare speak it out loudly. There are two nightmares that have been repeating over and over again; in the first, I get torn apart in the preserve, whereas in the other, at home. But both starts with a chase in town. A nightmare can be scary on its own, however, when you realise that it will likely become a reality, it’s just a whole new level of terrifying.

“What? Are you sure?” His tone is not even the least playful now. “Did you see him?”

“No,” I admit, automatically glancing over my shoulder. Actually, I have no evidence that someone is hot on my heels, right? Just this stupid instinct that has been sitting on my shoulders heavily the entire day. Silently, I exhale a long breath. “I’ll be home in a couple minutes anyway. Never mind,” I add, then end the call.

After then, I nearly run the entire way home. My nightmares invade my mind like a thick, gooey haze. As I’m fumbling with my keys to get inside, I find my hands are shaking violently with fear. As soon as the door is open, I shut it behind me harshly and slide down along it with my back plastered to it, heart still on its way to beat out of my chest violently. I type up a quick message to Stiles to let him know I’m home, then migrate to the bathroom to take a shower – for the second time today.

. o O o .

My sheets are wet when I bolt upright on the mattress. My jaw has fallen down, opening up my mouth through which I greedily gulp lungfuls of air, like my life depended on it. Bucky is next to me without missing a beat, offering himself to me to confide in, even when I feel like I’m loosing my mind. I’m not even sure when I’m dreaming and when I’m awake. My nightmares have seeped into my days, into my life, and the constant feeling of someone – something – keeping an eye on me is never leaving.

But for the first time, I saw the animal.

Due to my book, I recognised the creature, but it only works me up further instead of helping me to settle. Also, for some reason, I distinctly remember a date from my dream – instinctively, I know what’s going to happen on that date.

The day when my dreams become a reality.

“But which one?” I ask myself. I’m not expecting an answer; it was a rhetorical question, but in my desperation I have no idea what else to do. What else should I be dwelling on? At least I know what I can use to hold the creature back, even if just for a short while.

I get up and go over the same routine as yesterday – while the pizza is being cooked, I stubbornly add a couple thousand words to my story. I think of Lydia, who will refuse it anyway if she doesn’t like something in it. She’s only satisfied if people give maximum performance, and this is the reason why I’m equally happy and afraid; happy, because it’s like an insurance that every single one of my books will be perfect, but afraid, because Lydia can be rude when it comes to stating her dissatisfaction.

I make sure that Bucky has something to eat, too, then I take a seat at the dining table and, pushing my laptop away, I start consuming half of the pizza. My stomach is the size of my fist due to the anxiety, and I have no idea why I think my dream will come true. It’s only natural that I’ll have paranoid thoughts on the long run, but that belief? That is just insane.

My dad comes home half an hour after I finish eating. He works at the police department, and he does the most of the night shifts in the station, hence we can hardly ever have a proper talk. Instead of making a beeline for his room, he approaches me in the kitchen, still typing away on my computer. He clears his throat to earn my attention.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he starts. “I’m glad to see you in the mornings, but you’ve never been the early bird type. Is everything okay, kiddo?”

A lump forms in my gullet at his question; I know exactly why he asked that. Not only for the nightmares, no, those are just a small part of the whole picture. Nightmares alone can spook you, but they are not necessarily harmful. But in my case, that rule isn’t true. In my case, nightmares can be the embassies of a much worse thing. I swallow hard before opening my mouth to answer.

“Yes,” I say quietly, then add by way of a reassurance, “Absolutely.”

I can see that my father isn’t the least convinced, but he just nods in acceptance, holding his hand up to say goodbye to me before going to clunk out on his bed.

I take a deep inhale.

. o O o .

In my next dream, I can hear howling from the distance. I know this is going to be the sign of the creature coming for me, the only warning I will get before getting killed.

I try to spend as much time with my friends before the due date as I can. Besides Stiles, my best friend, I don’t neglect Scott, Allison, Isaac, Erica, Lydia and Jackson, either. Returning to an old habit of mine, I start to pay frequent visits to my father at the station – I can’t sleep properly anyway, and this is the only way for me to bring out the most of the time I have left. Since I’m there anyway, I engage in a conversation with Parrish, too. I like the guy, because he’s genuinely willing to help, and he watches out for my father also, for which I’m especially grateful.

On the night of my death, my dad has a night shift.

For the last time, I give everyone a call, just to hear their voices once more – I give myself more time on the phone with my dad, but when he points out it’s high-time he ended the call, I can only nod with my teeth squeezed shut tightly, jaw clenching. I’m not trusting my voice any more; I can’t be sure if I would be sobbing, or I would scream in frustration and ask my father to save me from damnation.

“We’ll see each other in the morning,” he promises. The calming voice of my father is replaced with the loud, obnoxious beeping of the dead line, which makes my heart twist painfully in my chest. The words, ‘I love you’ were left unheard by my father, for him ending the call too fast.

A few teardrops roll down on my cheeks, but then I remind myself that it’s time, and I begin the preparations; I take the rocksalt, some iron slivers and a piece of devil’s shoestring that I collected in the woods a couple days ago.

Some minutes before midnight, I can hear the sinister howl.

I swallow back the scream that just demands to rip out of my throat, and the question, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ is evoked in my mind. After all, I never made any kind of deal with a demon, and demons don’t exist anyway. I take the chair that I stood in the living-room, facing the clock on the wall. I took one of my dad’s shotguns, just to make sure I’ll be safe, and  a knife that I know is made out of pure iron.

Half a minute to midnight, I call Bucky to myself. The dog stands on his hind legs to put his front paws on my thighs, and allows me to hold his head between my hands as I pull his muzzle to mine to touch our noses together. He’s wagging his tail, so I have to make sure it won’t blur the circle I drew with the salt.

“Look after dad instead of me, okay?” I kiss the top of his head affectionately. By way of an answer, Bucky happily barks at me, tongue lolling out on the side. I want to add something else, but Bucky suddenly starts snarling wildly.

My heart skips a beat. I turn around with a quick motion, giving myself a clear shot of the creature.

“That won’t hold me back forever.”

I’m unable to reply, I only have capacity to hold Bucky back from attacking the individual, because I can be sure it would kill my dog without a second thought, too. After all, the hellhound came for me without a reason as well.

“Maybe for long enough for you to get bored waiting,” I say after contemplating my words. My heart is still jumping in my throat, but the salt is still protecting me, which more or less settles me. The hound laughs at me scornfully, then shakes his head.

“This doesn’t exactly works that way,” he informs me. He looks around in the room, taking it in, eventually stopping on the couch, taking it without thinking twice about it. His eyes slip to my dog. “I won’t kill that thing, you don’t have to hold on to it like your life depended on it,” he points out nonchalantly, resting his crossed feet on the coffee table lazily, as though not having a care in the world.

“I’m happy you feel at home,” I mumble sarcastically, earning a half-smile from the hellhound, instinctively tightening my embrace around Bucky.

“What can I say, the hospitality is excellent,” the hound says, opening his arms comfortably. His cynicism I would definitely like if it weren’t for the fact that he came to kill me.

“May I at least know why you’re here?” I hiss, eyeing the hellish creature despisingly, matching the disdainful look he’s giving me. The man’s eyebrow arches for a fraction of a second, like this question took him by surprise, but then he just shrugs, face morphing back into a nonchalant expression.

“Thank your mutt,” is all I’m offered as an explanation, but it’s only good to make me even more confused. My fear is gradually replaced with infinite curiosity.

“What?” I ask, clearly having no clue. “How could Bucky be at fault for you being here?” The hellhound exhales exasperatedly and rolls his eyes, like giving explanations are the biggest pain in the ass for him in the Universe.

“Box,” he says. The man doesn’t look away from my face, hence being able to pinpoint the exact moment realisation dawns on me after going through confused rage, and being shell-shocked.

“Oh my God!” I exclaim. Due to the surprise, my arms around Bucky loosen, and he immediately takes off to attack the intruder. He wildly starts towards the peacefully sitting man, and I barely have time to yell, “Don’t!”, my dog is already laying on the parquet, seemingly lifeless. “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing,” shrugs the hellhound, lazily lifting his gaze back at me. “I don’t get why you care what happens to it. It’s the reason you’re going to Hell after all.”

“Because he can’t be held at fault for digging up that… thing,” I answer. “Besides, you could have buried it deeper to make sure no one will find it. But of course, it’s not like your interest was for it to never be found.” By this time, clear rage is forming my words. “By the way, you’re a hellhound? I was expecting something more… canine.”

“Don’t worry, I can do my job just fine in this form, too,” he assures, flashing a threatening smile at me, showing off his set of elongated, sharp fangs. “I can demonstrate it.”

“I’ll pass,” I answer without missing a beat. “Instead tell me about this thing that you came for.”

“I don’t see the point in it,” he replies easily.

“Come on, can’t I have a dying wish?” I try. I know it’s useless to ask him not to kill me, because that’s not an option. The hellhound gives me a once-over, his eyes not even fluttering when they land on the shotgun. When he takes a deep sigh, I know I won. For some reason, somehow I know it means the hellhound agreed to clue me in, and not that he’s fed up with playing around.

“The box that your mutt dug up –”

“Bucky, if you will,” I interject, only to be rewarded with a death glare. “Sorry.”

“On the box, the Celtic knots tell a story, or I should say, they warn you that whoever owns the box will be killed by the hellhound. The one you have has my sign, indicating that it belongs to me. That sign is also a Celtic symbol – it’s called a Triskelion or Triskele.”

“What’s inside the box?” I keep asking. The hound’s mouth slowly stretches into a careful half-smile.

“That, I’m not supposed to tell.”

“But that was our deal: you tell me everything about the box before I die.”

“The word ‘everything’ wasn’t explicitly included,” he says, but I make a sad, pleading face at him. He massages the bridge of his nose, taking a deep breath through his nose, making his nostrils flare. “All right,” he says in the end. “In the box, there are the remains of my master, so if the box is open…”

“The bounty on my soul will no longer be valid,” I finish the sentence instead of the hellhound.

If it is open, yes,” he stresses the most important word. It doesn’t cease to wash my giddiness away. “The key has never been found by anyone before. Everyone died so far who was the owner of such a box, believe me.”

“But they didn’t know about the key, or that their lives could be saved by the contents of the box.” The hound shrugs.

“There was someone who knew about it, but he didn’t find the key before his due time.”

“Maybe because their hellhound refused to sit down for a second to negotiate.” The demonic creature’s eyebrow arches once more.

“Am I supposed to consider this a negotiation?”

“Maybe,” I answer mysteriously, warily. “If you want, it depends on you.”

The hellhound apparently contemplates his choices; how interested he is in the deal, and what good it would make him if he accepted the offered game. He takes his feet off of the table and, leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees, he rakes his eyes over my figure sternly, leaving a burning path along my skin in their wake. I have no idea why he’s doing this, but I do know that the more minutes I sit here waiting, the more anxious I become.

The murderer gleam never leaves the demonic man’s eyes, which is the main reason for my fear to keep growing. Also, I know well enough that hounds are not the type to rebel against their masters. If anything, my chances for that to happen are as good as having a jackpot on the lottery.

Then his lips part again.

“Derek Hale.” My eyes widen in surprise. I can hardly believe that this is reality, that the hellhound is really accepting my compromise, that maybe I don’t have to die tonight.

“(Y/N),” I introduce myself as well, however, sceptical as ever, I’m urged to ask, “Why…?” I can’t find the proper words, but they aren’t needed anyway; Derek shrugs as he answers.

“If a hellhound is sent by his master to collect a soul, that hellhound is forbidden to return to Hell until he fulfilled his job. How much do you think I want to go back to the person whose biggest fun is torturing me 24/7?” I shake my head. Of course he’s reluctant to go back. No one in their right mind would want to return to someone who causes pain instead of a gentle stroke of a palm, and who whispers deathly promises into your ear instead of a kind word.

“So,” I begin tentatively. “This means you will be ‘chasing’ me forever?”

“Something along those lines,” Derek nods.

“Then we’re going to spend a lot of time together, I assume,” I grin at him.

It will only do good for the both of us if we kill this demon. I can also consider it an insurance, making sure I won’t end up dead before the Sun would rise in the morning. Also, the chair isn’t the most comfortable choice of a sleeping place, either.

wildwood-nomad  asked:

What pencils (for sketching first), pens, and paper do you use for your illustrations for scanning? I do the same thing with my work before digitally colouring and touching up a little, but my lines don't come out that crisp sometimes.

Paper kinda varies, I generally go for something thin with not to much texture like sketch paper or copy/printer paper. I prefer mechanical pens with softer lead, B or 2b, 0.7, Pilot ENO brand (just find a decent brand that are not too prone to breaking as some of the shittier ones are, try out whatever is available and see what works). I used to ink my stuff but the lines sort of died in the process so I gave up on that. Most of the drawings here are just graphite.

As for the cleanup part I usually play around with levels until I get the right amount of contrast and then selective color if I feel like ridding the whites of yellow/grey. Nothing very sophisticated really. Also solid color layers on different blending modes for the colored lines and, again, selective color - sometimes I set the white to be a color that contrasts/complements the lines, I think that’s kinda visible in the Tobago houses if you scroll down a bit.

(My Photoshop speaks Swedish but I hope I called everything by it’s proper English name here. Computer and I are both in a mess of bilingualism rn.)

But yeah good luck doing the art, keep up the good work etc.


happy wednesday everyone! welcome to part four of eight (halfway there) of the in your atmosphere drabble series. you’ve all been so wonderful so far (you’re wonderful always, let’s be real). i hope you’ve been enjoying these little glimpses into the future! thank you for being absolute rays of sunshine. hope you’re doing well, sugarplums! lots and lots of love! 

naeem khan and tom ford - fall and winter 2022

“Harry, you need to come see the dress,” Eva said. Or maybe it was more of a demand, the way her tone sounded. He was sitting in a studio with Liam, Louis, and Niall working on a concept for their eighth album together when his mobile buzzed in his pocket. “Harry, I’m not joking! I’m like fifteen minutes away, tops. You would’ve been able to run if you didn’t wear those ridiculous boots today.”

Harry held up a finger to the boys, excusing himself out of the circle to take the call out in the hallway. “Eva, what’s up?”

“I need you to see the dress,” she repeated. “Like, now. While it’s on.”

“I’d much rather see you with the dress off,” Harry said, snickering.

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I Want To Stop Right There OR I Feel Like This Episode Was Lucy Setting Up The Football And Next Week We’re All Charlie Brown

But for now, to quote a holiday classic*, “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love!”

(gif source: pansexualbcky *holiday classic: Love, Actually)

My thoughts on Season 7 Episode 10 under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hi this is an ask for the mun um I'm a beginner at art and wanted to know if you had any tips on coloring in people? (Their skin and stuff) everytime i try it comes out looking bad )'; So i wanted to know if you had some tips for me?

Hello, bananon! Alright, eventhough I said I’d be on hiatus with art and stuff, I simply couldn’t ignore this. I apologize for the delay, as I tried to work on materials to show you how I do my stuff. I’ve never seen your artwork, so I can’t tell you exactly where you need to work on, so I didn’t knew what exactly you were looking for, so I’ll give you and everyone a walkthrough on how I color in general. English is not my first language so expect mistakes, if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask!. It’s gonna be long so sit tight.

Ok, first things first I get my sketch

I prefer to do my sketch traditionally because I have a better control over it and has a natural feel to it. Also, no face, because the size of the sketch was too small to draw it in, I normally draw faces and expressions beside the sketch or digitally do them before stepping into the lineart My prefered program is Paint Tool SAI


After I defined my sketch I dive in into lineart on a new layer above, here are my prefered brush settings with stability set at S-5 because my hands are a shaky mess. I Named this brush John Cena. I’ll explain how I do lineart some other time, but in general, I make sure the outer lines are closed and without gaps.


Choose the magic wand tool and slect the outer area of the character or whatever you’re coloring. 

Before I go in and expand my selection, I go ahead and fix imperfections and major lumps the magic wand failed to reach. Like the ones I circled above, let’s get rid of em lil shits! :U For the lumps circled in red, I used the selection tool that has it’s brush settings similar to my John Cena brush. For the one circled in orange I use the magic wand.

Now it’s all clean and sparkly!

Now go up and choose selection and then increment ( or expand, whatever program you use todo digital art )

And it should look like this!

Go to selection again and choose invert.

Tadah! We managed to select the entire object without much headache! Now we can finally move to coloring.


Make a new layer below your linart layer, name it however you want, and then choose a color you like. I normally like to choose a darkish gray color, but today I’m gonna choose hot pink because I felt like annoying the heck outta Eirik. Use the bucket tool to fill in the selection. This layer will allow you to see paler color ( like skin, eyes, deails ) easily and prevent you of havin gaps within the coloration.

Now before I color, I like to determine the light source and how my shading will look like. I make a new layer above the carbon copy layer.

And determine my light source and shadows. I used very simple shapes with the yellow color, I like to use complementary colors for this. Breaking down an object into simple and geometric pieces will help you understand how an object interacts with the light source and its environtment in the picture, Cubists and Impressionists ( eg. Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Braque, Lhote  ) used this technique into their arts for the same reason. Save a copy of this so you can use it later.

Example 1 - example 2

Up there are practice examples to show case what i mean You can try practice this on your own, take a Hellanistic sculture portrait and trace over them the guides ( I encourage tracing only in practice use and/or if credits and permisssion are asked, don’t do it anyhwere else ). Colore the the lighter side with the warmer complementary color, and the shades with the colder.

Ok back to the tutorial.

Create a folder above the carbon copy layer, and clip it.

Then make another group in it with an actual layer in it ( think of babushka dolls lol ), the entire folder will make eveything inside of it a clipping mask, previnting my coloring to go anywhere outside the carbon copy. Fore each character’s part, I make a different group so I’m organized.I always begin with the skin because it’s beneathe everything. ( clothes, hair, etc. )

See what I mean? If I didn’t clip the group, my colors woul run over like in the picture below.


Make a layer above your base color, I set the layer in multiply, adjust the opacity how I want and added the fringe effect with a 50-60 ish strenght with the width as thin as possible, this will give my shading a crisp and anime-like look. I’m using the John Cena brush for shading too. Oh and remember the copy of your light and shading guide? Open it up and now we can use it as our shading reference!

I used a dark grayish purple color for the shading. I always prefer to use gray or purple or a combination of both for everything I shade, as they’re the most neutral ( purple being both warm and cold color ) to work with. Avoid using warm colors ( like red, deep pink and orange ) for shading as warm colors don’t enchance the depth of the shadows.

Sometimes, I like to smooth out some parts of the shaddow, to give it a fading and natural look to the character. Like Eirik’s triceps and under his cheekbones. I make a new Air Brush, let’s call this one CroCop!

First I delete some of the shading where the lines don’t meet, using the John Cena brush, then more so with CroCop, and finally, use the bluur tool with a very low opacity and size to smooth it out.Make sure you checked this tiny lil box, this will turn you color into transparency and work as a eraser but with the brush setting you’re working with, neat stuff, huh?

I make a new folder and a new layer in it for clothes. Unlike on my skin layer where I colored in carefreely, I went ahead with John Cena andprecisel outlined the hae of Eirik’s shirt, making sure it had no gaps.

And then filled in the outline with bucket tool, made a new clipped layer above to draw the shirt’s design, then merged the two. 

Now I simply shade it the same settings and options I did with the skin, however, this time, the shading layer is clipped so it doesn’t go over the skin layer. I used the shading guide and references online to get an idea how to shade folds. You should NEVER be ashamed for using references, you have absolutely no reason to be stubborn about it, references are there to help you improve your art.

How I shade pants, depends on what material they’re made of. In this case, i have black leather pants. Because they’re black, the way i shaded them are opposite than what i normally shade. I first color in th dark part, then with the John Cena brush draw in the midtone according to the light souce, and finally, a dark purplish tone as a highlight. Depending on the material, I also like to add a color with CroCop brush. In real life we see this a lot, when the coloration of the background or the surface beneathe us are bounced off and reflects on our skin and other smooth materials.

Now onto the fabulous hair! The same way like the shirt, I first do an outline for the hair following it’s respective shape then fill it in. ( all in a different group and layer that’s above the clothing group ) Because Eirik has a very dark hair, I doodled a purple colored strand of hair to show you how I shade hair easily.

I used a midtoned gray color on a new layer above hair base colorm set the same shading settings ( multiple, fringe, etc ) and shaded the ends of the hair, the red doodle above shows you how the strokes go, like a water sprinkler, it goes from narrow to wide as it follows the hair tip.

I make a new layer between the shading and base layer ( both shading and highlight be set at clipping mode ) I used te base color and set the highlight layer in screen mode to add te highlights. Onwither hair strands I used H shaped strokes, for smaller strands I used a Wi-fi shaped strokes.

Now the final steps, I go over to the lineart layer, make a new layer on top of it and set it as a clipping layer. Then I use a purplish flesh color to color in his scar ( people with very pale complection have purplish scars ) The two colors next to Eirik are what I use to torture him color/draw scars on him.

Finally on the same layer, i take a dark salmon and color the outlines of the skin ( with exception of eyes and tattoos ). This gives a really nice and smooth and natural look to a character.

I colored in the rest and the details the same way like the rest and this is our final product! This is how I typically do my cellshaded works, I hope this can somehow help you!


Because Eirik in this picture has rather small eyes, I did a seperate walkthrough on how I do eyes here. ( Sorry about the typos >3>;; )

kisseshannibalanddraco  asked:

Cara why do you always draw in red? I have a professor i love and he does it too he draws so much in red and i was never sure why but i see a lot of other artists do it and i was just curious.

I usually sketch in red or blue pencil because I can then draw directly over those lines with a black pencil or pen, and once I scan it in photoshop, I can do a nifty little trick and edit out most of the sketchy red pencil lines while leaving the black lines :D

For example, here’s the first sketch I did for the piece I’m working on right now. It’s pretty small, probably about 1”x2” but I liked the lines of the composition, so I scanned it in.


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anonymous asked:

First: Your art is AMAZING, I stalk this blog for a while and really enjoy seeing your works on my dashboard and it always keep me determinated to draw more and practice but I always wanted to paint like this and it always was a failure. How did you started? How you managed to draw that Bowfin in this perfect style in 45mins? I know, practice, but what else?

Aaaah, thank you so much for your kind words, this really made my day aaaa. ;; Also, I’m so sorry for taking so long on replying. I was going to actually paint an entire pic to answer this post (I have no files that show good processes) but I haven’t had the time to draw. Here’s the best I can do with some old work!

A lot of my painting techniques I get from painting traditionally (oil/acrylic) so I tend to only paint on one layer and merge constantly.  Here’s a process of the Knights of Ren post, it’s the best one I can find without making the file one completely merged layer lol.

I basically sketch out the entire thing first and throw down the color scheme. I have a file on my computer which a ton of pictures with kickass colorschemes. Sometimes I just toss colors myself, sometimes I pick accents from these files. Depends on how I feel.  I’m a huge fan of unsaturated scenes with flicks of bright accents.

Put your base color layer under the sketch/lineart and when you go in to paint, paint ON TOP of the sketch. You get rid of the lines that way and you don’t get attached to your sketch. Sometimes when you draw something and you fall in love with the sketch it’s hard to change it, but painting ontop of it helps you actually get details in hehe.

After you get the colors down, just fill in shapes. If you use photoshop, hold down “alt+click” to color pick directly from your painting. I’m not sure what advice to give on this since I pretty much just draw blocks of color and go in and detail it. Here’s some more early process pics from other work. 

Refine until you like the result. Here’s a big tip though: Edit your colors! On Photoshop, my best friend is: “image” > “adjustments” > “color balance”. You can make a fairly dull painting so much more vibrant with just some basic adjustments. You can also use an airbrush, paint over it and set the layer to “overlay” or “soft light” or “hardlight” or whatever looks good. Adjust the opacity as well if it’s too intense.

I hope that helps! :) 

Coloring tips on photoshop!

Oh man, I’ve recently come across a huge breakthrough with my digital coloring technique. I know that folks have been suggesting Clipping Masks for ages, I don’t know why I didn’t before? I feel silly! 

I figured I should make a little guide to explain why it’s so helpful and can cut down on HUGE amounts of clean-up time. I know it works for photoshop, I’m sure there must be other art programs that have similar functions.

Anyway, here’s what I’m gonna use for example:

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So, today is soshhy’s birthday \o/

Apparently she doesn’t know how to do this birthday thing (or she’s secretly a hobbit) because she gifted me with fic earlier which you should all go and read because it’s amazing

But I had been doing some scheming and plotting of my own and have written a little fic for her as a gift. It’s silly and ridiculously schmoopy because that’s what birthday fic should be!

The last thing Steve expects when he gets back from his run is to walk into an apartment that’s warm and smells delicious. When he’d left Bucky has still been in bed, mumbling that ‘doing anything at this time is unnatural’. He’s not even sure if Bucky was awake or not since all he’d been able to see was some hair poking out of a huddle of blankets.

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