i liked the one year anniversary stuff though

Yo making these takes SUCH A LONG TIME but anyways, my blog is approaching its one year anniversary! And I just recently reached 1K (!!!!), so this seems like an appropriate time to make another follow forever. I am incredibly grateful for every single one of you! I initially just made this blog to encourage myself to use Photoshop more, but I am glad that there are people out there that actually enjoy the stuff I post haha. Even though school has been kicking my butt, and I haven’t gotten to edit as much, thanks for sticking around :)

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Two Year Anniversary!

So. Wow. Hi everyone. It’s been two years since I made this blog. Damn.

It feels so surreal that it’s been two years already, it feels like I wrote my one year anniversary post just yesterday hahaha.

This past year has been absolutely amazing for me. Even though the most part of it was 2016, I still had a pretty decent year myself. I graduated, I moved school, I voted, I have never had a closer relationship with my friends, I turned 19, I have become a better person and a functioning adult (the last one I’m still working on), and most importantly, I have never felt better. I am more confident and more optimistic about my future than ever before. (I’m tearing up once again what’s happening)

I hope that my dream of working in Disneyland Paris is coming true this year, and that I figure out exactly what I want to do after that.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who follows me. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been here since the black-white logo, or since this most recent Belle one, I love you for sticking with me. I don’t talk a lot to you guys, but remember that you can always message me with a question or anything, I’m more than happy to talk!

And since this is such a special day, I decided to finally post a picture of myself on here. Enjoy hahahaha!

Love always, Lynn :)

oh my god i was like 17 when i started writing on tumblr and i roleplayed about 23 characters during those 4 years. to celebrate that i opened up photoshop and made something as shitty as this. a side from that though, it’s corins’ 1 year anniversary, so im cheering on that as well. he’s my first ever original character and i love him very much. i dedicate those who were interacting with me since day one i still enjoy your existence. other than that here are the people that make me smile and all that embarrassing stuff. i love you. don’t expect anything better.

               I locked away a wish to be by your side.

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