i liked the lineart though

focc buddies!!

ive been working on this for many days and i accidentally saved it as a jpg and it had to get parts redrawn BUT i finally made it aaa

i love lolbit so much theyre good and kind.

Catch me way too many AUs deep into pretending that everything is fine and that they’re a happy family.

Happy Father’s Day, guys

His mind twisted by spite and bent on revenge, the Usurper came to bring darkness down upon our world.

For nonnie, River/Twelve in B4. Thanks for the prompt!

@pilferingapples Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome? Because you are.

istg blizzard why you gotta make such interesting characters and then stick them in a game type that I will never ever play

Wanted to draw some cute DenNor so here they are (ref used)


Here’s Grego from Prisoners of Peace! I drew him sad because I can’t draw smiles everyone in this book is sad! (Aaaaaaand now i have to draw his bf too yay)

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for Berwald and 3D ? Thank you^^

Here you go anon!!!!!! I have no clue why or how he ended up as a little kid….. Hope you like how it turned out!