i liked the initial sketch better

1. About this Journal Page: I usually add this on the first page, it’s sort of like the alpha because it explains the things that i plan to do w/ my journal. I add “Dear reader,… Love, Me” and script my name + heaps of doodles.

2. Birthday Special and Etc. Bonanza: This page is a list of people’s birthday and other special occasions where either list it down or make huge tables similar to a legit calendar. Doodles make this 10x better.

3. Favorites of the Month: I love doing this because it feels like I can actually reminisce the things that i love about the month. I do this in sketches and paint it with watercolors because watercolor makes everything 100x better.

4. Things I love about the season: Frankly speaking, we only have 2 “seasons” in my country so that’s practically just rainy and dry. And since I am desperately in love with summer, I dedicated a list of things I love about it.

5. The Huge Movie list: This movie list is meant to be a sort-of “reacts” and “ratings” kind of thing because i always love rating the movies that I’ve binge watched.

6. The Moody Playlist: I shuffle my tunes and seek for beautiful tracks and turn them into themed playlist. I think this is perfect if you have a spotify account because you can later on make a legit playlist.

7. Tick it off: This is quite typical tbh: the to-do-list page. The page which makes your journal a bona fide journal. I often times write down my to-do-list with boxes so that i can just tick off when i’m done.

8. Bucket list Version 2.0: Also a classic, you can add a little twist to your bucket list by turning them into sketches instead of the old, lame bullet-ed list sort of thing. Bonus: you can add how old, how you want to look, etc.

9. Thoughts in a Bullet: I do this to write down with ease the bothersome thoughts. I just write it down either in phrases or sentences. Thoughts in a bullet is perfect for calming down and easing the anxiety.

10. The Sunday’s best: Sunday’s best is actually the page i dedicate for when I’m chilling. I practically just let my thoughts wander and write it down in a page. I either make a playlist for sunday, how i want my sunday to be, quick sketches of my bedroom, and tv series i binge-watched that day. Sunday’s best is practically just a chill page and you’re free to do whatever you want to do with it.

11. This Week’s Bake, Blend, Stir and Fry: I honestly just call it that way because it sounds cooler but the gist is that page is meant to be your Recipe of the week sort of thing. If you’re a person with a heart for cooking, then this page is for you.

12. The Featured Pet: I love making this  page because I can actually add my pets in my journal!! I’ll sketch them and describe them and just list down the reasons why I love them. Some of the stuff i write are: name, age of description, color, animal, breed, favorite food, behavior, personality, when it barks, etc!!!

13. Quick Urban Sketches: This journal page idea is something to do when you’re feeling the sun and you want to go outside and bathe yourself with it. You practically just sketch heaps of beautiful buildings, strangers, shrines, etc and paint it using a watercolor (i do it this way, you can do it in your own way too). And then describe it in a short phrase, sentence, or maybe even a paragraph. This is perfect if you’re an outdoor person who loves the sun ~

14. This Week’s Highlights: This is quite similar to favorites of the month however it’s for the week plus it’s not only your favorites. I actually like doing the highlight page because i want to remember all the things that happened to me for the whole time i was having this journal.

15. Dear Elle,: Elle does not exist. I don’t even know anybody with the name Elle. I just dedicate a page for her because I feel like I’m talking to a friend. No, she’s not an imaginary friend. I think the things I write in my dear elle page is mostly directed to me. In dear elle, i write down with all my heart the things that I'am afraid of, my flaws, insecurities, anxiety and I usually just sum it up with a nice positive reminder.

16. The Botanical Garden Dream: Actually this is just a page dedicated for my favorite flowers that I’d love to have and plant in my garden one day. I usually just make this in a garden-looking way so there’s not much words but sketches and doodles. And then i color it using my colored pencils because it’s easier to work with pencils for botanical tbh.

17. 100 Resons to be Happy About: I made this on my first journal (that’s when I was 11) and every time i read it, i still can’t help but smile. This page is a major help for struggling people out there. Honestly, it’s just a page filled with heaps of things i love and i write them down in different sizes, orientation and fonts so that it looks sort of like a mess but not really.

18. *insert TV Series*’s Lessons: I did this on Modern Family and I swear to god this is like the most favorite thing I do about the lesson sort-of thing because I just !! I often times divide it in characters like: Here’s for Haley, Alex, Luke, Phil, etc. And I’ll apply them to myself and it helps out trust me!!

19. 17 Things I’ve Learned Before Turning 17: This is perfect because I can actually look back and see how much I’ve grown. You can do it too but you can use your age instead like if you’re 12 it can be 12 things I’ve learned before turning 12. Something like that.

20. The Dreamy Backpack Adventures: The Dreamy Backpack Adventures is actually just the list of places that I want to visit before I die!! I often times get my inspo from tumblr and do a mini research and write it down on that page too.
21. 10 Things That Make Me Happy: This is quite similar to 100 reasons to be happy about but this time it’s more of a me. I just write this down when I’m totally feeling myself and stuff like that. I got the inspo from the anonymous chain message going on in tumblr so yep.

22. The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: I make this page because I’m one heck of a huge fan of road trips! I often times just make a playlist, write a to-bring-list, make my outfit ideas, and food list kind of thing that i shall do for the whole trip. I also sketch my pillows hehe!

23. Other Versions of Sunshine: I actually made something like this and posted it here, can you remember? It’s just a bunch of lovely little things that remind you of sunshine. I write this down when it’s a sunny saturday and it’s the golden hour (4-5pm).

24. Little Things to be Happy About: I also made this and posted it in here. It’s quite similar to Other Versions of Sunshine but this time, it’s more like a little bit of less descriptive. I suggest making this before doing the Other Versions of Sunshine. This will honestly pump you up a bit.

25. Reminders to Myself: These are cute little positive things that i write down so that i can sort of just read it when I’m having a sad day. I add cute little doodles around too. To make this 10x cuter, i add little animal or cupcake or plant doddle with this bubble reminders and stuff. You can also scan this and post them in tumblr.

26. Sketches: I don’t really think I need to explain this. These are just cute sketches of everything: your house, neighbor’s house, your friends, strangers, etc.

27. The Pressed Flowers & Leaves Page: I’m pretty sure your journal will be a thousand times better if you press some flowers on another book and tape it using washi on your journal. You can dedicate a whole page with captions (what’s the plant, where is it from, when it was picked and pressed, initial color, etc) for your pressed flowers. Perfect for future gift ideas.

28. The Ultimate Picnic Guide: The Ultimate Picnic Guide is also quite similar to The Ultimate Road Trip Guide. I sketch my little cute picnic idea and add colors (using watercolor, still) and then i label it and point it out. Like, the sort of food I will eat, the colors of the blanket, the books I will read, the outfit that i plan to wear, the basket i will bring and stuff. It’s honestly better to sketch it than just write it down. But you can always just do it your way.

29. Paint and Palette Test: I think most artists use a separate sheet of paper for this but honestly the palette test is one of my most favorite thing about painting and making art. I keep it in my journal and test the colors that might match. This is really perfect for future art references and also nice if you’re having an art block + don’t know the heck what you should do. This palette test page could help.

30. A Love Letter: A love letter is sort-of a self-project i made because i love to write letters to people. I will make letters for my friend, my crush, my mom, my dad, and other relatives when i feel the urge to do so. I usually never give them out because well, that’s the sole purpose of writing it- never giving it out. So yeah, a love letter is perfect for when you just want to pour out your feelings over someone and you don’t want them to figure it out. EVER.

31. What I Want To Be: This one is just a goals of the day sort of thing. You can also do it in a goals of the week or month. :-)

32. Things I Love About *your favorite artist*: This can either be a singer, painter, dancer, etc. I honestly just do this to express my love for my faves.

33. The Skin Care Guide: Every time I purchase new things to spice up the softness of my face, I’ll sketch the cute little bottles and facial stuff that i purchase and describe it and write my reviews.

34. The All-time Page (fave books, music, etc): This is a little classic. I basically just write down my all-time favorite books, art, painters, movies, and more.

35. The Book Trip: You can google up some nice book recommendations or from good reads and then you write it down. You could also try to write your expectations and stuff.

36. The Movie Binge: This is quite similar to the Book Trip but this time I write down cute movie recommendations for future binge-watching. Yay!

37. Dear Future/Past Me: I’m not sure if this is classic but I actually like doing this. I wrote a letter for myself 5 years ago and I opened it today and just wow, I was so surprised with how much I’ve grown. So if you practically like those things, you can add this to spice up your journal.

38. Dreamy Date: Practically just a list of things/quality that i want my future significant other to be. Or how my dream date will go. Or just practically the “date a person who..” kind of thing. 

39. To Be Or Not To Be: It’s just a cute list of all the inspirational quotes i gather from everywhere. At times, I’ll sketch the figure/portrait of the person who said it and add a little thought bubble with the quote.

40. The Grocery List: Honestly, I just make a grocery list kind of thing because i love drawing goodies and food!! It’s more of a favorite page kind of thing but this time it’s filled with canned foods. You can also do this in bullet form.

41. The Fashionette 101: In other words: outfit page. This is where I sketch my #ootd or just the outfit inspos i get from tumblr. As you all know, i have a tag #ootd_insp. I sometimes sketch nice outfit ideas from there. 

42. Cut It Out: The Cut it out is page is practically dedicated for magazine cut-outs. I have a lot of old magazines and art books that I’ve finished reading so instead of throwing them, I’ll just cut ‘em and paste on my journal.

43. Little Flaws I love About Me: This is also inspired by the chain anonymous message about loving yourself. You just practically just list down the cute little things you like about yourself.

44. List of Pets and Plants + Name Ideas: This is sort of like a keeping track page for all my pets and plants. I will also sketch and draw them when I feel like it. This is perfect with watercolor, jsyk. :-)

45. The Space Page: The Space Page is one of my most recent page where i just draw a lot of space stuff and all the planets and add cute little facts about it. I sometimes add glitters instead of painting them because planets are fab as heck.

46. Mini-Comic and The Everyday Adventures: Literally just a little comic strip about your everyday encounters. I made a similar one entitled “The Homey Adventures” and you can find it somewhere in my blog. You can divide it in four squares or depends on your own liking.

47. The Brunette and Grainy Pictures: If you have a lot of vintage, european-ish sort of stickers and cute little goodies, you can make a vintage page for that. You can fill it out with nice doodles of buses and pins and stamps, too.

48. Doodle page: This is entirely different from the sketch page because doodle page is a lot more chill and adorable. You can fill up a whole page or just half of it or maybe a quarter and add other sections if you want.

49. Poems: Yep, quite obvious, guys.

50. The “Why I love” Section: Some Why I love suggestions: tea, coffee, ice cream, your dog, color, food, etc. You can add a lot of details and images because the more detailed the better honestly.


So, I appreciate money is difficult for everyone now. And I know my prices seemed a bit extreme. So I feel these are better prices. And like most people I imagine, money is tight. Sooo, commissions would help xD.

What I will draw:
- Any fandom/ character of your choice (seriously, expand your fandoms on me, it will be fun)!
- persona characters / character generally
- couples (NO SMUT)
- groups
- creatures
- action scenes (be specific about poses)

My terms :
- No SMUT content. Gore, etc. I don’t mind.
- I will send you a sketch of the initial commission prior to completion, that way I can change things you don’t like.
- Payment is needed prior to the completion of the commission.
- Be descriptive of what you want. It helps me create exactly what you want. Send me references as well.
- write to me in a note about what you would like as it’ll help me organise things.
- I will send you my email for my Paypal through a note once we’ve discussed the terms of what you want for the commission.
- Unless specified, I will add my watermark on the commission to copyright the work. 


Hello guys this is my first time opening up commissions for this side blog! (lmao i quit my job to pursue law school but i don’t want to ask money from my parents for extra curricular stuff so ah this is the only thing i can think of for extra income rn)

If you’re interested please read below for further information! (btw reblogs help ;;u;; thanks!)

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Commissions are currently Closed! :>

(slots can be viewed here!)

Some Important Info:

  • One character per illustration only 

  • I will provide up to 2 WIPs for the initial and final sketch plus a colour test (where I just slap colours and shading on before doing it nicely). I will make minor edits according to feedback (if you dont like the entire initial sketch, though, I’m willing to make one new simple sketch. From there, let me know which you like better)

  • Very complicated designs may incur additional costs (around + 5-10 USD)

  • Paypal only (under the same email as above: emer.xzh@gmail.com). I’ll send you a Paypal invoice! Once I’ve received payment, I’ll begin work on the piece! I will send you the finished work through email :>

  • I draw really really slowly. I am not fast. At all.

Will draw: Fanart, OCs, props (like weapons and stuff), certain effects (like fire and water, but only in my style)

Will not draw: Anything explicit, gore (blood is okay though), backgrounds, anthro/mecha (they’re not my specialty but I may be persuaded if provided tons of image reference, however)


If you’re interested, please email me at emer.xzh@gmail.com with the title “[name/username] Commission” with the following info:

  • the type of illustration and if it’s in colour or just the lines
  • if it’s fanart or an OC (for characters I’m unfamiliar with and OCs I will ask for 1-2 sentences of written description) and image references of the character/OC if you have some (i would love those)
  • brief description of how you may want the character to appear if you have a preference (with regards to pose/mood/colours etc.)

  • your tumblr username, if you would like me to include it when I post the illustration on here

Additional Notes:

  • It’s my first time doing commissions so please be patient with me! I’m still fumbling around with this so do tell me if I can improve with my process in any way!
  • If you have any questions, please send me an email or an ask here on tumblr :>
  • If there’s anything you’re not sure if I’m willing (able) to draw, send me an email and we can talk about it!

Another animation for a MAP on Youtube (there are still open slots, grab’em while you can). This time it features an OC. It’s still extremely rough and off-model at most times but so far I’m happy how it came out!


anonymous asked:

I love how you make all the worlds seem so real and functional! I feel like im actually there 0-0 How do you decide what goes where and how it works? I know youve got the description to work off of but itd be nice to hear about your process as well! Have a nice day~ ^^

First of all, thank you for the compliment, it means a lot. 

I strive to make places which are consistent both within the setting of SBURB and with themselves. Fantastical things can appear but they pretty much always have an explanation which aligns with the rules of the game world.

After the break is a fairly detailed spread of stuff that goes on when I am designing a land picture:

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@jaxstronomy is to blame for getting me off my butt to do an effort piece getting me on board for a Cross tarot project! And given that Elysia is pretty much a living ray of sunshine, it was only natural that she get the Sun card!

I didn’t really think to document the process all that much, but @anryl was interested in seeing it, so I’m gonna put what I have of it under the cut.

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The first time Yoongi saw you you had sat across from him in the campus library, hair a mess and eyes bloodshot and tired. Yoongi wasn’t sure why he did it but he rushed off and bought you a coffee, the smile that graced your lips upon receiving the beverage had sent Yoongi a little lightheaded and he decided that it was one of the best things he’d ever done for somebody.

The next day you returned the favor, and from that moment on you and Yoongi grew close. Each day you exchanged details about one another, Yoongi learnt that you were very passionate about art and you learnt music was his one true love.

So when you came to him one day, eyes filled with panic and fingers twitching nervously Yoongi wondered what was wrong. You explained that you were in need of a model for your art class and you’d fail if you didn’t have one. Without thinking Yoongi had immediately blurted out a yes. And so, here he found himself stood in the center of the room surrounded by several girls sat behind canvases, painting him with such concentration that it had him feeling uneasy and a little self-conscious.

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dandelionandbuttercup  asked:

How do you get inspired? I'm asking you because you seem like an inspired artist

Inspiration is an illusion

Real answer, at no point in my day do I feel inspired, and yet here i am making art. The more you progress with your art the more you realise that feeling really inspired to create something specific is very rare, and it doesn’t necessarily lead to better artwork. In short the trick is to create without feeling “inspired”, but it’s not a very good answer so I’m going to elaborate ahead. This is super long, but I feel like you deserve a serious answer.

1. Step one: get a sketchbook

You’re going to want a place to generate ideas in. Get a sketchbook, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (and for what I’m about to suggest I think it’s actually better to get a cheaper one), ditch the loose sheets flying around your room, keep them for finished illustrations (but we’re not there yet). Aside from keeping all your drawings organized together (thus preventing you from losing your drawings), a sketchbook is fun to flip through.

I’ve had these two for this purpose and was very pleased with both (yeah, they’ve got scribbles all over them. don’t worry about it) the good thing about them is that they’re relatively cheap, but the paper is still of a decent quality.  They have lots of pages,so you’re not as afraid to “waste” them.

2. Step two: Scribble in it, a TON

Keep doodling and scribbling all over it, keep throwing ideas at the paper to see what sticks, even if it’s a shitty idea. Don’t be afraid of “wasting paper”, that’s why you bought a cheaper sketchbook. It doesn’t need to look pretty, a sketchbook is for learning and brainstorming. Looking and my art blog (and most artists’ honestly) you see mostly finished illustrations, so it’s easy to think that I just come up with an idea and then finish it. But in reality what I upload is a fraction of what I draw. My sketchbook is FULL of sketches that nothing came out of. Fill an entire page with doodles of hamsters, or landscapes, or even instagram models. It doesn’t matter, keep drawing.

Here are some examples of pages I did not upload.

3. Step three: don’t worry about it

About six months ago I was looking to get into art school, and of course to pass the exams I needed to present a portfolio. At the time I’ve been drawing in sketchbooks nearly exclusively for over two years, so I had very few illustrations to show. So I had about a month to build a stronger portfolio, and naturally I decided to make more, and more “inspired” ones. Let me tell you I have never produced more artworks I hated than I did then. Not even a single one was included in my portfolio. And of course after I had already presented and the pressure to create good artwork was off I finally was able to create more things I liked (I did get in to art school, so no need to worry). Point of the story is that you’re a better artist when you don’t put yourself under the pressure of constantly being good, so don’t worry about it (specially if you’re not a professional).

4. Step four: keep throwing shit at the wall and eventually something will stick

Ideas are like an avalanche. They can just stand there for ages if you’re not doing anything with them until they eventually melt and disappear. But it also means that it takes just a small push to bring all of them down. What you initially thought was a bad idea might lead you to a different better idea, and that one might lead you to another idea, and it would lead you to two more. Keep the momentum going until sometime in the future when you find and idea you’d like to turn to a finished painting. I am not the best example (because I don’t draw as much as I should), but even then there are times when I can seat for days and not draw a single thing, and then all of a sudden one sketch leads me to burn through 5 pages of my sketchbook in an hour. It took me 7 sketchbook pages from initial concept to final design when I was coming up with Major Tom, all done on the same day. And I drew even more characters that day that I haven’t uploaded.

5. Not exactly a step five: don’t neglect your technique

That’s a piece of advice I wish teenage me hadn’t ignored. Your technical skills are the tools you use to create. The better you skill are the more ideas you can execute. that means drawing the boring shit, like hands, perspective, still life etc. I started out like a lot of artists, drawing mainly anime, avoiding drawing hands, or any perspective to speak of. My art today suffers because of it. I’m 22 and still struggle with drawing proper hands, my perspective is off at best. Learn from my mistakes, it’s ok to draw the fun stuff, but also draw the important boring stuff.
(Disclaimer: this is a lesson I haven’t quite finished learning myself)

6. Step six: don’t limit yourself to one style

Beware the trap of “that’s my style”, beside limiting you in skill, committing to a style when you’re still young will limit you in what you can draw. Again, when I was younger I drew nearly exclusively anime. That meant I was very limited in what I could draw, and worse - I was getting sick of it. By the time I graduated highschool I couldn’t stand the idea of making another single anime drawing. i was going through a small art crisis, since all of a sudden I didn’t have a set style anymore. At that time I tried a bunch of different styles from realism, to american cartoon, and for a short time even french catoon. Today I draw in a fairly realistic style, leaning towards more or less cartoon depending on the specific subject. The best style is having no style. Your art will always have your touch to it, it’s something you can’t escape. Make the style work for you, not the other way. When in doubt look to Picasso. This guy exchanged styles like socks and he’s one of the greatest artists of our time, and even though his artworks are sometimes completely different from each other they are all still undoubtedly Picasso.

This answer ended up being super long because most artists online would reply to this question with something along the lines of “look for things that inspire you!” which I think is a cop out answer and it completely misses the point (sorry basically every youtube artist), it’s an important question that deserves better. You’re asking for advice to get inspired because things don’t inspire you, thats the whole problem. I also think this isn’t a very good advice in general, I feel really inspired maybe four times a year, and yet I created more than four artworks. Don’t sit around looking for inspiration because it won’t come. Draw without “inspiration”, you don’t need her anyway.

anonymous asked:

Do we need initial designs for commissions?

Nope - I also design fakemon commissions from a written description, or from scratch if you just have a general idea of what you’re looking for.

For something like that, the commission process goes like this:

You tell me what you’re looking for, as detailed as you’d like, including the general design, the inspiration behind it, the colors you’d like, etc. (the more you can tell me, the better). Then I draw you an initial sketch to look over, and I’ll make any changes you’d like. I’m not offended by criticism and I want you to be happy with the end result, so I’ll refine the design until you’re happy with it. Once we’ve settled the design, I’ll do the final lineart and send you flat color options. We’ll go back and forth until you’re happy with the colors, then I’ll doing the final shading, completing them.

I hope that helped - I’m happy to answer more specific questions privately, off anon :)


So, because I recently lost my job, I’ll be opening up commissions! It would be super rad if you could help me out.

All but the roleplay icons will be solely traditional works and will be mailed to you. I will ship anywhere in the world, provided that you are willing to pay shipping and handling. If you aren’t able to pay for shipping, I will scan the artwork and send you a digital copy instead, and keep the original. All artworks will be scanned so that I may keep a copy of the print for myself. All works will be signed and dated in ink.

Payment is due when I provide proof of the initial sketch, and must be in USD and delivered through Paypal. This will also be when changes to the piece can be discussed. If you require a change, payment will be due when the new sketch is completed.

For original characters, please provide either an example of what they look like, or a detailed description. Even if all you have is a picture off of a character creator in a game, it’s better than going in blind! If you cannot provide an image, then please give a detailed description of what they look like. The more detail, the less chance there is of me mucking up the piece of art you’re paying for.

I will approach you with questions and extra details as needed, so be sure to also provide me with a concrete way of getting a hold of you, such as Skype or Discord information or an email address.

I will not draw smut, suicide, or hateful propaganda. 

In order to keep things organized and stress-free on my end, I’ll only accept five commissions at a time, and will open them again as I finish each piece.

Open Slots:






If you have questions, hit me up with an ask or through Tumblr IM! And, of course, regardless of whether you can or cannot commission me, please reblog to spread the word! Every bit helps.

EDIT: I’m an idiot who can’t spell so I changed “Neuvau” to “Nouveau”. 

anonymous asked:

so im making an art blog bc i draw a lot and i want to try and share some of it so many i could get some tips to improve and stuff, do you have any tips for figuring out if a drawing is good enough to post (btw im really happy ur back !! ive missed seeing u constantly pop up in my notifications) ?

Hello! Sorry for late reply on this one - 

My rule for posting is… I generally post everything I draw, except if I really dislike how it turns out. I usually don’t progress beyond the initial sketch if I already dislike a drawing, and then I’ll just re-draw it to make it better, or I’ll just flat out abandon it. But really it’s up to you, whether or not you want to post something. 

There is no hard rule for quality for posting - there are no “posting auditions” or criteria. That’s what’s so great about sharing sites like Tumblr - people just… post their stuff. Yes, you’ll get feedback on it, and maybe it won’t be positive 100% of the time - but to grow as an artist, you need constructive criticism and feedback!! 

So if you want to post your art, even if you don’t think it’s “good enough” (and good enough for whom?), you’ll probably make someone’s day better just by sharing something you’ve created, and maybe you’ll even get tips on how to improve for next time! 

So just - just post everything. Post all the things, and either way, you’ll win. 

Also, ignore the haters.


Draculaura - Frankie - Clawdeen - Cleo - GhouliaLagoona

That is who you are: Chapter 7

First l Previous l Next

Hey here! I’m so glad my dear translator found the time to translate this new chapter! It’s a beautiful birthday gift! Thank you so much @whosthatgal <3

Also, I wanted to dedicate this chapter to the members of the fandom whith who I discussed about if Hiccup and Astrid would have sex before marriage or not. Remember this post @nightfurylover1112 @fanwriter02 and @crazy4dragons? Hope you’ll enjoy the flashback of this chapter ;)

Happy reading!

P.S: I hope the fanart made by my bestfriend at the end will please you!

The memory of the previous night having hardly faded, I got up, still surrounded by the sumptuous bed curtains we’d slept within, and was about to get out of bed when a hand caught me by the arm.

“What, no good morning?” Hiccup said.

I slid back under the thick covers, bringing my face close to Hiccup’s. I leaned over him and pulled him close for a delicate kiss on the lips.

“Good morning,” I said, smiling.

He invited me to snuggle against him, and I positioned myself against his torso, my head just below his neck, and he wrapped me up in the warmth of his arms.

“So, you had a good night?” he asked me.

I stuck myself a little tighter against him, nestling my head under his chin and caressing his torso.

“Hiccup…it was one of the most beautiful nights I’ve spent with you. I savoured every moment, it was divinely good and you were extraordinary…Thank you,” I whispered.

He tightened his grip around me.

“No, it’s all you, Astrid…You’re so beautiful, so seductive…I…I still can’t believe how lucky I am that I have you…How could you have chosen me, instead of somebody else?”

I turned my head to the side, perplexed. How could he not know? I turned to look at him, amused, and smiled.

“Stop smiling!” he said, pulling me towards him. “What’s so funny?”

“You,” I answered, a smile still on my lips.

He finally returned my smile. I took his face in my hands.

“Hiccup, stop underestimating yourself…You want to know why I chose you instead of somebody else? Well, because I love you—plain and simple. I love everything about you, from your kindness to your unbelievable awkwardness.”

I drew back, running a hand through my hair, then continued.

“When you got me to fly on Toothless for the first time, it opened my eyes to the world around us. You opened my eyes to another future. I always thought that I’d become a great warrior, battling dragons—and look where I am now! I love you because you’re different, Hiccup—don’t ever forget that.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you talk about your lovely art? What brush do you use? Program? Do you have a process or can you Show a bit how you make those precious lines?

I primarily use Clip Studio- the pens and brushes are so clean and precise, I love them. I used to use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop, but Clip Studio is great not just for drawing really clean lines but it’s also great for painting. This piece I did earlier this year was done entirely in Clip Studio. It also has a wide array of tools for manga drawing including halftones and pattern brushes. And it’s only $50. It’s a great investment for aspiring artists. ANYWAY I’LL STOP ADVERTISING MY FAV PROGRAM.

I like to use paint brush tools for my initial sketches bc they flow nicely and the variety of width is easier to control. My initial sketches always look like blobs lol. I would post a pic of my process but I have a bad habit of deleting sketch layers after I’m done with them :/ I also have a REALLY BAD HABIT of not using any references. I really need to get better about that bc I know I could be so much better with anatomy if I actually used the 100s of refs I save into a useless folder on my desktop. I usually do 3-4 sketches before putting down the final lines. An exception would be this: 

 (that was all one layer sketch save for the phone convo lol)

I have different techniques for different types of pieces. When I draw, I always do the lines first, color, and shadows last. When I paint, it’s the reverse, shadows, color, lines lol. Clean lines are harder for me, but I really try haha. I use a 9pt-16pt pen tool for that. Actually, my anime/cartoon style is heavily inspired by one of my fav artists and good friend snickerdoots. She’s been a huge source of inspiration for me for quite a few years. Her lines are such the art goals lol. Go check out her stuff!!