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For anyone who hasn’t seen my youtube vid I’m gonna be releasing this design I made for a limited time, starting April 10th at 4pm GMT and ending May 1st!!

I’m just testing the waters to see how selling merch works and what kind of response I get, and if people like it I’ll look into setting up a permanent merch site with more of my designs!!

These Cool Guy shirts will cost $15 and come in 5 different colours: White, Ice Blue, Light Pink, Orange, and Tahiti Blue. They will also be available in all sizes XS through 3XL. They will be printed to order and shipped worldwide!

So excited to see how this goes!! Keep an eye on my blog for the link when I drop the shirts! ;)))


HIATUS MEME [1/10] music videos: wmyb

Baby you light up my world like nobody else ,the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell,
You don’t know (oh oh) you don’t know you’re beautiful.


DS: “There have been times where you almost feel like you’re chasing this song (Pompeii) all over the world and I’m sure there are people who would complain about it, but for us, we just feel really lucky that this is an insane thing we’re able to do.” [vid]


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I like these satisfying vids.
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paperpoltergeist  asked:

Is orange their official team colour?

No, they actually don’t have an official team color! (Though orange is Austin’s “natural” ink color) I imagine their team color is assigned with every match, sort of like how it works in-game. 

But of course, they still have their own preferences…

(Lime green does not work well with Austin’s hair… Though to be fair, Benji is probably the one on his team who pulls it off best. It is his ink color after all.)

K im in pain rn so imma share some septic egos HC’s

So i HC the egos have different physical attributes so you can differentiate like hair cut/colour,eye colour and height with some other stuff


  • Bright green hair that hangs in his face slightly. Lotta fluff but he wears his hat all the time so it’s hardly seen other than the tufts of hair that stick out from under his hat.
  • His eyes are a green/blue colour,but more green than blue i like to think. 
  • He’s the tallest ego at fuckin,, 6ft and has a little bit of a more muscular build, he lifts bro.
  • He totally reps Jacks merch in his vids,he even wore an ‘antisepticeye’ shirt in one of hids vids jst 2 support his bud.


  • Marvin has v long hair, a little ways past the middle of his back i think. It’s a green fading down into blue sorta colour and it’s often brushed back
  • His eyes are very similar to a cats eyes and are a rich, enchanting purple.They’ve almost always got some kind of spark in them
  • He’s the shortest of the ego’s at 5′6,pretty soft body. 
  • Wears gold and silver often as they both are said to have magical properties
  • hides stuff in his hair for tricks (he gets stuff tangled in it alot and once they had to cut off a chunk of hair to get a rabbit out before it died)
  • can do actual sorcery but hides it behind a magician act


  • Very dark green hair (like how we see in the halloween vid). 
  • super messy as well, has probably never touched a brush/comb in his life,with it sticking up all over the place and stuff
  • His eyes change colour often,going from green,to a ‘septiceye’,to heterochromatic,to pitch black. 
  • Eyes usually stay at black but sometimes flicker to blue or dark green depending on his mood 
  • he’s the second tallest, 5′11 (although they like to joke that his hair adds about 2 inches)
  • his ears are pointed and sometimes twitch like an animals would


  • Schneep has short dusty green hair,with some grey coming through on the non coloured parts.
  • He has brown eyes that look VERY tired but still have a gleam in them that’s hard to stamp out
  • He’s 5′9 and a has a sharp and angular kind of body type
  • he’s usually wearing his coat and general hospital wear,but when he’s not he likes to wear sweaters and normal jeans

Jackieboy Man:

  • Jackie has slicked back vibrant green hair that is usually unseen because of his hood,though it does slip out from time to time.
  • he has golden eyes and is quite proud of them and how they look! He likes the way the stand out and contrast with the blue of his mask.
  • He’s 5′10 and quite lean in body type, very agile and fAST.
  • Usually wearin his costume,but if he isn’t he’s probably wearing something super-hero related,like an avengers shirt or something.

I'll probably add to this later but it’s late and i’m tired.