i liked that she has obviously been trying to get adam to realize that what he did last week was wrong

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So Tony has feelings for Sam but doesn't think that Sam could ever have feelings for him so he takes everything that Sam does as being friendly. However, Rhodey and Bucky realize that Sam does have romantic feelings for Tony so they set out to try to convince Tony and get Sam to do something.

So this turned out to have a lot less angst than I thought it would. Watch out for the cut.

“Tony, why haven’t you told me about you and Sam?” Rhodey greeted him when he came into the workshop.

“Because there is no me and Sam?” Tony gave back, confused, just poking his head out of the suit he was currently working on

“But you’re in love with him,” Rhodey said and plopped down on a stool.

“Maybe?” Tony gave back and then cringed. He had been convinced no one knew about his little crush on Sam but apparently he had been wrong. He could only hope that Sam himself didn’t know about it too.

Rhodey raised an eyebrow at him before he said “And he’s in love with you.”

“Most definitely not,” Tony said with conviction, because that was simply not true. He and Sam were friends, good friends even, but there definitely were no feelings involved on Sam’s part.

“Have you seen the way he looks at you?” Rhodey asked him and Tony outright laughed at that.

“With barely concealed annoyance?“ he gave back and Rhodey shook his head.

“You’re an idiot,” Rhodey told him. “That man is in love with you. It’s clear as day on his face whenever he looks at you.”

“Can you not?” Tony quietly asked, because he had thought so too in the beginning, but soon enough he realized that it was just friendship he was seeing on Sam’s face.

Sure, maybe the guy loved him, but more like he loved Steve and Bucky; as friends and nothing more.

“Tony,” Rhodey sighed and Tony quickly hid back away in his suit, determined not to listen to Rhodey anymore.

It wasn’t as if anything good would be coming out of this.

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Deck Bitches, Deck the Halls

A/N: Right, so @marauders-groupie​ and I (if you didn’t know) have been working on this Christmas Vacation inspired AU together, and we have had so so much fun with it so far. And we’ve been so excited about it that we literally couldn’t wait any longer to post the first chapter, so here goes nothing. 

Word Count: ~4k

Chapter Summary: “This is slowly turning into an episode of Full House. I’m not Bob Saget, Bell. I’m not strong enough to be Bob Saget!”

read it on ao3

Clarke closed the book she’d been reading, barely being able to focus on the words with the amount of christmas spirit swimming through her head.

“Bellamy?” She asked, pulling him out of his computer screen induced trance. He pushed his reading glasses back up the bridge of his nose before turning to face her in acknowledgement. “What do you think about inviting our parents to stay for a while for the holidays?”

His face lit up at her suggestion and she knew he couldn’t say no. For all of his pretending that he doesn’t care that much at all, he was a family man through and through. “Alright, yeah. We’ve got enough room.”

“So - I was thinking - my mom and Marcus, your mom and Octavia.” And then she realized that the number would soon grow rapidly, seeing that Octavia and Lincoln came with their kids. “We’ll manage to fit the kids and Lincoln in too, right?”

“Sure. We’ve got the pull-out couch, and If all else fails, we can go out and buy an air mattress.”

Clarke smiled at him, already excited at the prospect of having a Christmas just like the ones in movies. As an only child with two very overworked parents, she never got to experience the whole big family get-together. “We’ve got the house, we’ll have our family over - it’ll be a real Christmas. It’s just - this can’t go wrong, right?”

Bellamy tugged her into his side, his laptop and her book long forgotten as they planned the most amazing Christmas ever. They’re adults, they could do it.

“Clarke, there’s no way that this can go wrong.”

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The moment I thought I knew

Just imagine this was last December…. even though it wasn’t or whatever.


“Tay! It all looks so amazing!” Karlie said, bouncing over towards me.

“Karlie! You made it!” I squealed in return.

It was both my 26th birthday party and an end of tour party. I had invited all my friends over to celebrate, having not seen any of them for over 2 weeks. Karlie had said she might not make it because of work, but here she was!

“I made it! And I come bearing cake!” She said, lifting a box from the counter as we walk up to it.

“Is it THE cake?” I asked her, my eyes going wide as she flipped the lid open and I saw it, “Oh my god! You’re the best! I was telling Adam how this cake is the best thing ever and he promised he’d try it!”

“Seriously? Adam is going to eat cake?” Karlie said, laughing.

All my friends knew about Adam’s crazy food and fitness regime and how I had been trying to wean him off it a little at a time.

Soon the party was in full swing. People were dancing around to music, food was disappearing faster than it could be replaced on the dining room table, and drinks were flowing freely. Since the weather wasn’t too bad and Austin had set up the outside fire pit, a bunch of people had migrated outside.

There was only one person who didn’t seem to be here. One person who I hadn’t seen for 2 weeks and hadn’t heard from all day. I tried my best to not fret about it. He probably just got caught up in the studio…. But why hadn’t he called me?

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so, I’ve got a couple issues with how fandom and CS fandom in particular is responding to tonight’s episode, and so I’d like to get something off my chest

the obsession with infantilizing hook and pretty much ignoring the 99% of his life before he met emma is really getting on my nerves. one of the things I really disliked about s4 was how they essentially made him into a toothless puppy who was infatuated with a woman. which is okay, in a sense, because that’s what was needed then. but fandom has forgotten that before he was killian jones again, he was captain hook. we got a teaser two weeks ago, a reminder of the villain he used to be, and that excited me.

because like it or not, he wasn’t ooc or horribly one-dimensional tonight. he was everything he’s always been when consumed by darkness(rash, thoughtless, selfish, hurtful, evil)

think about the three hundred or so years he spent as a villain, embracing his darkness, with only small little glimmers of light. all we’ve seen is the glimmers, and yet we think he wasn’t so bad.

but yes, he was so bad.

he had a very long time with darkness as his only companion, selfishness corrupting what had started out honest enough(with love) until all he had was his revenge. it’s only been since emma stepped into his life that he’s begun to see the light and step away from that darkness, searching for a happier ending. so counter three hundred years of hate with maybe fifteen or sixteen years total of love(liam, milah, and emma), and you start to see why it’s so damned easy for him to slip back into who he was.

remember emma herself, who was ready to leave her family, despite how much they loved her, and run back to new york with henry, because that’s what she was good at, because that was what she knew and once she’d had a taste of the easy life, she wanted it for the rest of her life. and she’d only been alone for twenty-eight years.

it’s easy to love someone when the going is easy, and it’s easy to stay when you love someone. see aforementioned puppy killian from s4. he loved emma because there really wasn’t a huge drastic issue standing between them. there wasn’t the ultimate betrayal. it’s easy to be selfish and hate, it’s so fucking hard to love someone who committed the ultimate betrayal against you. and if this was any other situation, would we still be saying he has no right to be this way?

and now there is and we’re surprised by his reactions?

we shouldn’t be. hook has always felt things so intensely; he loves or he hates and I doubt he’s ever had to try to live with both. yet he quite obviously still does love emma, you can see it in how he threatens rumple and when he struggles with the darkness at first. he loves her. but he also hates her. and how can he reconcile the woman he loves with the darkness he hates(that makes him hate), with the betrayal she caused. so he doesn’t. he hates her with every fiber of his being, and he tells her so. he crushes her heart before she has a chance to crush his(again).

everything has been leading up to this darkness. like adam said; the darkness is like giving a drunk a drink, and emma didn’t just pass him a sip, she force-fed him the bottle and threw away his liver. hook cannot deal with it on his own, and she showed her hand, showed he couldn’t trust her when not only did she turn him into the dark one, but she made her first words to him a lie about excalibur. how was he supposed to trust her to help him after that? by the time she realized what she’d done it was too late because he’d already let it in.

we know the darkness consumes someone, and hook was and always has been ripe for the consuming. he’s smart, but he’s reckless, and the darkness preyed on that, because it knew he would do whatever he had to to make sure he would never get hurt again. it feels like reaching to say this is all his grand plan, that there’s a good honest reason behind it all. who knows, I might be wrong, and I eagerly await whatever will happen. but I think hook is dark. I think the darkness is playing him, not the other way around, because this does make sense.

but, of course, there is a glimmer. his own words will come back to haunt him soon, because I firmly believe that he was right, and we’re all about to see it; anything can be forgiven when someone loves you. even when that anything is as dark as what hook has done.

especially when that someone is the motherfucking savior

Unbroken ~ chapter 72

Authors note: I Gave up on English because I just couldn’t get it and felt like writing soo if I get a bad score I blame you lot. Kidding I’ll just deal with it. Follow me on twitter @XmissmeX
Hope you all like this chapter. Sorry it took so long been sleepy and busy, and tired. Blah! Nt enough time in the day for just me.

Unbroken ~ chapter 72
Harry pov

I get in the car and slam the door shut. I force the key in the ignition and pull out of the drive way. My eyes lock onto the roads, concentrating on the icy parts. I can’t believe Mia is acting this upset over something that’s meant to be a joy. An innocent child is being created and she’s upset about it. She should be thankful she is carrying a child. I shake my thoughts and take a left, changing direction from Louis’ house to my mums. I pull my car up in the driveway of the house, and jump out. I close the car door, locking it before jogging up the front steps, dodging the ice. I knock on the door twice, awaiting an answer. The door opens and my mum smiles. “There’s my baby boy” she coos bringing me in for a motherly hug. “Hi mum” I sigh, and she pats my back. “What’s up? You’re tense” she frowns letting me in the warm house. The house has the same smell since I was younger, I can’t explain it, it’s just a smell that is familiar as always. “I know I am.” I nod,
“Where’s the kids? And Mia?”
“at home” I answer plopping myself down on the couch like I still lived here.
“What happened?” Mum sighs, knowing something’s wrong. I don’t usually come here and vent to her about my problems, but when Mia is the one that is turned against me, I need to do something, and right now talking to my mum is the best thing.
“Everything, Mia and I keep bickering over everything, she mainly starts it.”
“Just today?” mum asks me sitting down,
“yes since we got home last night she’s been cold to me, I don’t even know what I bloody did. She’s bloody emotional mum. I’m getting sick of it. Yelling at me because I didn’t watch Adam to her freaking standards. He wondered off into our room and got into the open draw. She’s being bitchy” I vent and mum just looks at me listening.
“Harry, son. She’s probably on her period, relax.”
“no it isn’t that” I mutter,
“Are you sure?”
“yes I’m sure, she’s hormonal and emotional, she got all sassy when I tries to talk to her. She tried to say I seem miserable and that I never talk to her. I always talk to her, sure not about what always bothers me but she’s not my bloody therapist. I don’t need to tell her everything, I can deal with my own shit. She has her own shit to worry about and I don’t need her stressing.” I continue venting just letting it out.
“Harry don’t worry, she’s probably just not in a good mood today. I’m sure she will come around.” my mum explains, and I roll my eyes.
“Yeah that’s what I though a few weeks ago, but no. I told her likes the name Grace for a baby girl and she was just like "cool” and she even said she didn’t care.“ I cross my arms, beyond annoyed.
"oh darling it’s not a big deal, it’s just a name that isn’t going to mean anything.” mum smiles,
“yes it will, then when she said she didn’t care, I told her that she’s being selfish. She isn’t even pretending to be happy she can have kids, and that there are people out there who can’t. Yet here she is upset that she’s pregnant.” I blurt out and mum looks at me wide eyed.
“woah, woah, woah, back up a minute. She’s pregnant?”
“Yes she is, we haven’t told people.”
“How is she pregnant? She was on the pill” she questions a little confused, I look at her confused.
“you knew?”
“Yes she asked for some help” my mum nods sipping a tea that was on the glass table in front of me.
“Oh so everyone knew but me? She told you but didn’t bother to tell me until I found the pills.”
“She didn’t tell people, she asked for advice Harry. If she took then correctly the chances of conceiving was small”
“she stopped taking them.” I answer,
“why? She can’t have kids.”
“Yes she can, she didn’t want more. She stopped taking them because I got mad and she agreed she was being selfish.” I admit, and my mum looks at me and shakes her head.
“You heard yourself the chances of her carrying full term was unlikely”
“yea they said that before we had Darcy and the twins, and they are fine.”
“I don’t go against you often, but you’re wrong. That poor girl has a right to be sad Harry. She’s probably scared, she didn’t want more at the moment and you told her she was selfish for it. That was mean of you. You need to get home and apologize to her. She’s not selfish she’s scared. When you get home you need to have a long talk with her and be kind to her. For the next how ever months you my boy better dote on her hand and foot, if she has an ache you try fix it, she has a craving you go get her what she wants. Let the girl relax and let her emotions out.”
“I look after her obviously, she doesn’t want this baby it isn’t fair.” I softy say, realizing I have been quite wrong.
“She will come around, she loves it Harry, it’s apart of her, in her body. She’s connected to it, she’s just scared.”
“She wasn’t with the twins.”
“Yes she was, she kept it hidden from you because she didn’t want you thinking she was weak. Go home, give her a big hug and a kiss.” My mum instructs and I nod.
“I was a dick wasn’t I?” I sigh, and she nods lightly.
“She’s going to hate me isn’t she?”
“she loves you, she could never hate you.” my mother shakes her head before getting up an sitting by me. Her hand squeezes my shoulder, “she will always love you. Remember that, just like you’ll always love her.” my mum whispers before giving me a much needed hug. “Thanks mum” I whisper,
“you’re welcome big boy, now go tell your wife you’re sorry and you love her. And while you’re at it, say hi to her for me. I nod, "I will” I get up. I walk to the front door and give my mum another hug before leaving. I step out into the icy weather, and walk to my car. I’ve been harsh on Mia I guess. She didn’t want kids for her own reason, I was wrong for calling her selfish. The drive home was rather short, my mind bickering at me, telling me how stupid I am. I walk to the front door and push it open, before I slide my coat off. I walk upstairs and walk into our room. I see Mia sitting up in the bed, her face tear stained. She looks at me before instantly looking away. “Mia-” I start to say but stop. How do I explain I’m sorry? When I know sorry won’t be good enough?
“I know you probably dislike me right now, but I’m sorry. I was being a dick. You’re not selfish. I guess I’ve been selfish. I uh I’m really sorry, I am. I don’t know what to say or do because it probably won’t fix things.” I let out before I sit on the bed. A few minutes of utter silence passes before Mia crawls over to me. She nestles her head in my chest. I wrap my arms around her, “I’m so sorry” I whisper,
“me too” she mumbles. I move her so I can look at her. “I truly am, I love you, never forget that” I whisper before kissing her lips gently. She nods before we end up cuddled together on our bed.

I’m suddenly awoken to Mia nudging me, “Hm what’s wrong?” I tiredly ask wanting to go back to sleep.
“your car alarm is going off I think” Mia tiredly explains, I look at her for a minute before hearing the alarm. I sigh before getting out of bed, I grab my keys before hurrying down the stairs, I open the front door and go out to my car, nothing seems to be wrong with it, just the alarm going off. I turn the alarm off before looking around the area. Nothing seems odd or suspicious, so I walk inside. I close the door, making sure to lock it before I make my way to the stairs. I climb them tiredly before I crawl into bed. “Everything okay?” Mia asks me, moving closer to me to cuddle. “Yes love, the alarm went off that’s all” I whisper, pressing my lips to her cheek. Mia falls asleep, and I close my eyes, slowly drifting into my sleep.

My p.o.v

I hear the door creak open but just feel Harry pull me closer to him, my back pressed to is stomach. His head in the crook of my neck, I hear little feet echo before Darcys tired little voice. “Daddy..Daddy” she whispers, when Harry doesn’t answer, he just continues lightly snoring, her little feet walk over to my side of the bed. “mummy?” she whispers, “Go back to bed Darce” I softly instruct, but she shakes her head. “Sweep with you?” she asks with a bit of a lisp. “go back to your bed” I whisper escaping from Harry’s grip before getting out of bed. I pick her up, her arms wrapping around me, before nestling her head into the crook of my neck. I carry her to her room, gently placing her in bed. I pull the covers over her gently to keep her warm, before I place her teddy bear by her pillow. I lean down, leaving a soft kiss planted on her forehead. “Sweet dreams beautiful” I whisper sweetly, watching as her eyes flutter close. I walk out of her room quietly, before creeping to my room, careful not to wake the twins. I get in our bed, before Harry pulls me back to his embrace in his sleep. I giggly lightly, even in his sleep he wants me close.

Harry’s groan wakes me up, before I feel the bed shift, and the sheets move. A wiggling between Harry and I. “No other side” Harry mumbles, not wanting Darcy to get between us. She sighs before she plops over by Harry. I hear her soft breathing before Harry’s soft snores, indicating he fell asleep again. “mm” Harry whines- Darcy climbing over the two of us. She nestles herself down by me, she lays on her side, so her back is pressed to my front, just like I am with Harry. I feel a few kicks to my legs, Darcy trying to get comfortable, wiggling around for the perfect position. She finally settles down before falling asleep, letting me sleep as well. For what feels like the 100th time, I wake up to a small kick to my stomach, “Darcy” I whine as she wiggles around, “Harry…Harry” I nudge him awake, he groans as well. “Can you put her in her bed she’s hurting my stomach?” I ask, too lazy to get up myself. I’ve already put her back once. Harry mumbles something before he moves his arms down to my tummy. He’s too lazy to get up as well, Darcy wiggles a bit more before her leg manages to hit my stomach again. Of course not with any force but enough for me to be cautious and no want her by my stomach. “Okay I’m going, I’m going” Harry sighs knowing I am about to ask again. He unwraps his arms before stumbling out of bed. He walks to my side and picks her up, she starts to whine, her eyes opening. “no, stay stay” she starts to cry, I feel bad for making her leave. But she needs to sleep in her own bed. “Shh Shh” Harry whispers rubbing her back as she cries into him. “Why won’t you sleep in your room?” Harry asks sitting on the edge of the bed. “I want you” she mumbles, “okay Shh. It’s okay princess” Harry assures her, I sigh before sitting up. “Put her back in”
“are you sure? she might hurt your stomach” he asks,
“you just need to cuddle her so she stays by you” I reply, Harry nods getting in bed with her. Instead of cuddling me he cuddles her, her small body nestles into his body, I lay back down onto my side, Harry and I now having our backs to each other.

I wake up to rain lightly hitting the roof, and the smell of bacon lingering in the air. I pull at the covers and turn over, expecting the bed to be empty and cold. Instead my body hits a warm and larger body. I gasp before quickly sitting up. “Mia stay on your side” Harry’s voice whines, before he turns over and faces me. His eyes open and look at me. “Mm smells good baby” he smiles,
“who’s cooking?” I ask confused, he pulls at the covers before getting comfortable, “your mother.”
“but she’s at a hotel” I sink back down into the bed.
“she came in early this morning I saw her” Harry informs me, it annoys me a little that she doesn’t inform me on anything, I mean she could have stayed at the hotel longer. I cuddle up to Harry and he holds me in his arms, “morning beautiful”
“morning curly” I whisper, taking in his scent. “what’s on the list of things to do today?”
“Uhm I’m not sure” I shrug,
“Mmm how about we cuddle all day?” harry suggests,
“sounds perfect but we have kids who would never let that happen.” I smile pecking his cheek. “that’s very true. I guess we can cuddle until they are up?” Harry smiles, and I give him a small smile back. “I guess so” I nod, cuddling into Harry. “I miss the days of cuddling all day and have lazy days.”
“we always have lazy days, but I miss it too. But at least we get to cuddle at night.” I whisper, Harry nodding agreeing with me. We end up being forced to by two hungry boys and a very whiny Darcy. I take the boys downstairs while Harry handles Darcy. My mum has breakfast on the table, perfectly prepared. “Thank you” I look at her smiling and she nods. Harry leans over closer to me. “Want to go shopping?” he whispers, but I shake my head, “Pity” Harry pouts before shoving food in his mouth. “Yours tastes better” he whispers before I feel his hand rest on my upper leg. We end up eating breakfast before we both play with the kids. I was helping Justin with walking while Harry was chasing Darcy around, Adam stands at his play pen, holding it, “what’s wrong baby? Do you want to play in your playpen?” I coo going over and picking him up. I place a kiss on his cheek before I put him in his playpen. He sits down instantly and plays with the few toys. Justin holds onto my leg, like a koala clinging to its mother. I pick Justin up, and bounce him in my hip. “You’ve made mummy tired” I whisper to him, his green eyes sparkling brightly at me. “Alright Darcy daddy needs a rest I’m old” Harry jokes, playfully throwing her on the couch, making sure to be gentle. “No daddy pway” Darcy chimes happily, Harry sighs but gives in, unable to resist her fluttering eyes. “Who taught you that trick?”
“she didn’t get her charm from Me” I interrupt, and Harry smiles. I sit down on the couch placing Justin in my lap. “Mummy?”
“Yes sweetie?” I ask looking at Darcy.
“wait, daddy?” she shakes her head looking at Harry as he scoots next to me. “mmhm?”
“How did you meet mummy?” she curiously asks, a smile appearing on my face, when I flash back to the time.

*** ***

“It was a warm summers night so I walked down to my parents’ house, it was only a 10 minute walk. I finally arrived at my mums’ house but nobody was home. I decided to walk down to the local ice-cream shop and get a quick ice-cream. I saw a swarm of girls but I thought nothing of it, everyone went out on warm summer nights. I walked in and saw my boyfriend, he came and approached me, “Hey Mia.” he said as he gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Hi Matthew.” I said, as he grabbed my hand and guided me to where all the ice-creams were. “Which flavour would you like babe?” he kindly asks, “mmm, Caramel please.”
“Can I please have 1 caramel, and 1 lemon-lime ice-creams.” Matt asks the Lady behind the counter, she nods and starts to scoop the ice-creams. “What are you doing tonight Mia?” Matt asks as he puts his arm around my waist. I start to wonder why he is acting weird. He doesn’t usually ask me what I’m doing, nor does he buy me ice-cream, he just isn’t the considerate type really. The lady handed Matthew both the ice-creams and Matthew payed. He guided me out of the shop, while he handed me my ice-cream “Thank you for the ice-cream Matt but I really need to be getting home.” I said as it was starting to get dark. “Oh okay, would you like me to walk you home?” he asks taking a lick from his ice-cream. “No its okay.” I say as I kissed him on the cheek, and our hands slowly part. “Bye Mia, I love you.” “Bye Matt, I love you too.” We start to walk our separate ways, my phone goes off and I quickly check it as I am walking. As I am preoccupied with my phone, I run into a tall curly haired man, and get my ice-cream on his white shirt. “I’m so sorry.” I say embarrassed. “It’s okay love, it was an accident.” To my surprise it was Harry Styles, the Harry Styles from the biggest boy band out. “If you want I have a few shirts that might fit you at my house, it’s the least I can do for running into you.” I smile trying not to stare into his amazing green eyes. “Thanks, but you really don’t have to.” he says looking directly at me, “No its the least I can do.” I start walking and Harry follows next to me. “I’m Harry by the way.” he says smiling, “I’m Mia” I say politely as we were walking side by side. “What’s it like being famous and having paparazzi, and fans follow you everywhere?” I just randomly come out and ask curiously. “To be honest it can get annoying, for example right now, there is probably someone taking a picture of the two if us walking, and soon enough it will be a headline in the magazines.” he replies. I arrive at my door, and invit him in. I quickly run up stairs to one of my rooms and get a shirt, as I run back down I accidentally trip on my own two feet. As I was about to fall I put my hands out in front of me, from natural instinct, only to suddenly fing myself unexpectedly, wrapped in Harrys arms. “Are you okay Mia?” Harry asks as I regain balance and stand up. “I’m fine thank you, I’m so clumsy today.” I giggle as I pass him the shirt I had gotten. Harry laughs, he then takes off his dirty shirt right in front of me, for a moment I was lost, just concentrating on his firm muscular body. I quickly look away, not wanting Harry to know I was looking, plus I have a boyfriend. “Here I will wash your top for you.” I say as I take Harrys top out of his hand, “You don’t have to, you know.” Harry sweetly says as I once again am lost gazing into his eyes. “No please, first I get ice-cream on you, then you save me from falling, it really is the least I can do for you.” I shake my head as I walk to the laundry and put his top in the washing machine. “Oh um I’m really sorry I have to go, I have a meeting in half an hour. Here is my number, do you mind if I come past tomorrow night to get my top?” Harry questions as he hands me his number, “That’s perfectly fine.” I say as I take his number. I walk him to the front door, as he walks out the door I say, “Thanks again Harry.” “Any time Mia, I will see you tomorrow.” he replies, about to hug me but hesitates and walks away.”


“Oh the first time I met mummy, well believe it or not I was in a different country, I was walking around the streets just as the sun had set, and the cooler summer breeze was coming through. While I was on my phone, your mum happened to run into and get her ice cream on my brand new white top.” Harry explains, making me smile widely.
“oh daddy you get mad?” Darcy asks, in a bit of a gasp. Harry chuckles. “No sweetie, when I first looked up and saw mummy’s eyes I knew I couldn’t be mad at her. I knew deep down I wanted to catch her name, I thought she was going to be another person who passes by, but she asked me to her house to give me a top.”
“Oh is that when I came?” Darcy asks, making me laugh.
“noo, you came long after that, this is when your mummy and I didn’t even know we would be together.” Harry answers her, her full attention on him.
“Was it love at first sight daddy?” Darcy smiles. Harry looks over at me, with the same smile as his daughter. “Yes, yes it was Darcy. I fell in love with your mum from that day.” Harry admits, his eyes vibrant, full of joy, and happiness. “So when did I come?”
“Uhm when your birthday is” Harry comments and Darcy shrugs. “So will I fall in love?” Darcy questions, her eyes growing with curiosity, “Yes, you will some day when you’re much older.”
“I don’t know sweetheart but someone who will have to get past mummy and I first.” Harry smiles kissing her cheek. He’s for sure going to be protective of his little girl, no matter how old she is. I can just imagine him being protective and caring when she’s 25 living her own life, probably living with a boy. He will be the type to call her and make sure she is okay, and harass the poor guy she’s with. I hand Harry Justin before going to the kitchen to start in dinner. My mum comes down, she’s in a grouchy mood. I sigh ignoring her as I prepare. “You’re doing it wrong” she eyes me, I look down and see nothing wrong with how I’m doing things. “I’m doing fine” I shrug continuing. I throw the food into the frying pan and start to cook it. “Need help?” Harry offers startling me. “No thanks, can you just watch the kids?” I yawn,
“mmhm, Adam and Justin are getting grumpy”
“They are hungry and probably sleepy.” I reply before taking the pan off the stove. “Mia where’s the nutella?” my mum randomly asks me, I turn around and eye the pantry, “Top cupboard, to the right.” I instruct, I walk to the fridge and grab some celery. I place it on the bench. My heart rate feels like it just went up suddenly, my breathing feels off. “M-mum.. I ..feel really weird” I softly let out, feeling like I was floating a little. She looks at me and chuckles, “You look high”
“not funny” I cough feeling my eyes get droopy. “Umm.. What do I do?” she asks but I don’t reply. I just look at the ground feeling weird, the feeling of floating affecting my vision. “Hey Mia can we wedges?” Harry walks in asking, but I don’t answer. “What happened?” he asks, his smile dropping. “she says she feels really weird” my mum answers,
“alright. Mia sit down” Harry instructs gently helping me down to sit on the cold kitchen tiles. “Talk to me” he whispers before he gets a glass of water. My vision is going weird, my mind feeling fuzzy, I feel disorientated. “Matt?” I mumble,
“no baby it’s me” Harry replies, his hand touching my arm.
“no Matt”
“Mia it’s Harry”
“Matt…. I, I don’t feel god. Weird” I mumble, trying to say something completely different to what just came from my mouth.
“I’m not Matt.” Harry states,
“no Matt, who killed him?”
“Mia.. Forget about him. Take deep breaths and come back to reality.”
“mm.. The bowls moving” I mutter, the white bowl on the bench not moving, but my vision making it look like it is. “I think you need to get in bed”
“no. Did you kill Matt?” my mouth moves without even thinking, as if I have no control.
“Mia.. What? You need to sleep”
“You did.. Didn’t you?” I swollow feeling like my throat is dry.
“Mia.. I.. I..” he stutters.