i liked that ep a lot

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Do you watch anime? If so, which is your favorite?

i mean ive seen some anime but i rly dont consider myself someone who “watches anime”. of the ones ive seen i liked mob psycho 100 the most cuz its gud animation

Hey Good Lookin // Why Don’t We

(542 words)

a/n: based on the song from their new EP, A Why Don’t We Christmas. 

ps ~ yes i did change the lyrics to fit the situation, thank you v much


“Daniel, what?” You frown, your eyes opening slowly from the weight, “It’s like 5 am, w-”

“You awake?”


“Okay, you’re awake,” He whispers, sitting on the edge of your bed, “I need to tell you something,”

“What is it?”

He smirks, “BOYS!”

“Daniel, wh-”

Suddenly, Jonah comes in humming a low tune as Jack and Zach sing the melody and Corbyn harmonizes. They walk in a line into the room. You look around, confused as ever. Daniel stands up and clears his throat, “Hey good lookin’, how you doing? Hey good lookin’, how you doing?”

They start singing and snapping and your cheeks instantly burn red. You cover your wide smile with the warm sheets. They all sit on your bed and continue singing, “Hey good lookin’, whatcha doin’ to me, to me, to me?”

You giggle at the sight of them being thoughtful goofballs but dressed in festive pj’s. Zach is clothed in a Rudolf-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer onesie, Jack wears fuzzy bottoms that are dotted with little yeti’s and a black hoodie, Jonah has a costume of an elf on, complete with a little green cap. Lastly, Corbyn, who is the most festive of all, is dressed in a santa costume - a fluffy white beard, a floppy red hat and an apple red suit. They all smile as they serenade you lovingly.

You look at Jack, who’s part in the song is next, “I’ll spend up my whole life just staring at your eyes, and I’ll lend my Christmas with you, if you really like” He winks and you giggle, looking over to Jonah.

“Hey good lookin’, how you doing?” He sings as the rest of your best friends sing the melody, singing ‘way up’, “When I wake up Christmas morning, skip the presents and the stockings, just to give up all your lovin, to me, to me, to me,”

“Oh don’t you go outside, it’s way too cold outside,” Zach climbs over to you and grabs your hand, “Just stay at home with me so I can hold you tight,”

“Hey good lookin’, how you doin?” Corbyn sings, standing up, guiding you out of bed. You smile at them, still a bit confused. Then, the realization hits you - it’s Christmas Day.

You skip down the stairs, the boys following and still singing, all the way to the living room where a beautiful green tree sprinkled with ornaments holds mountains of presents right under it.

They song stops but you’re still smiling uncontrollably, “Thank you, guys,” You hug them individually and tightly.

As you go around to each of them, they each give their own act of affection. Daniel kisses your forehead, “Merry Christmas, sweetheart,”

Jack squishes your cheeks, “Merry Chrysler, bub,”

Zach interlocks his fingers with yours momentarily, “Merry Christmas, Kitty,”

Corbyn boops your nose, “Merry Christmas, (y/n),”

Jonah kisses the top of your head, “Merry Christmas, girlie,”

They had done these actions and called you these nicknames so many times before, you usually thought nothing of it but they seemed even more precious that beautiful Christmas morning. You smile at them and they suddenly remember there are presents to be opened and they all go running to the tree like the 7-year-olds they were by heart.

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Hi there! I've been a fan of monsta x's music for a while now, but I really want to get to know the members better. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should watch to accomplish that?

Hi! Hmm, one thing I would definitely recommend is Monsta X’s Right Now series! There’s also Monsta X Ray 1&2, but tbh with you I’ve only watched bits and pieces of everything. A lot of people have told me to watch No Mercy which is kind of like a survival show and at the end they form a band with the finalists and that’s literally the origins and how Monsta X came to be. But I heard it was pretty tough and they went through a lot and I’m a weak bitch and can’t take that shit so to this day I haven’t watched it yetsjnsl

You can start from the beginning in all of those, but I definitely recommend to watch Monsta X ray s1 ep 5where they go babysit some cute ass babies as well as ep 6 and 7 of season 2 to watch. Episode 7 is when they film a little drama and its so fucking cringey but so hilarious!! And episode 6 is when the kids from the nursery are revisited and its so adorable!!!!

Here are some other links too:

MX ray ep 4 where they hangout and play games with btob: x

This is where a psychiatrist comes and talks to them: x

I highly suggest getting MX channel+ that way you can see the behind where jooheon gets hypnotized as well as Shownu. It’s really heartbreaking and fascinating

This is where they go on AmigoTV and play a few games and omfg i died fucking laughing watching this they’re so funny: x

One of my favorite videos out there is when they answer these questions and see who’d be the best at dating: x

This is them on Today’s Room: 1 2 3

The Qmentary: x

Here’s the first time they went on Weekly Idol: x

Here’s them being dorks and doing a DRAMARAMA relay dance: x

The only other things I can think of is watching their self cam music vids on youtube!

Perfect Girl was my fucking downfall and I fell in love with them. I love old school vibe songs and this one just did it for me

There’s so much more I can recommend but idk i can go on forever HAHAHA. I would start with Right Now though because I really loved that series. Hope this helps!!

scattered observations for 13x07:

  • ahh it wouldn’t be a bucklemming ep without the torture
  • cas is predictably bailing but at least he and dean get to play old married couple for a bit first 
  • kevin!!!
  • he’s such a nerd never change kevin
  • also in shallow news michael is really hot
  • dean is also really hot which you all already knew but it never hurts to mention it
  • i was so hoping for rowena when the witch murders were brought up so ketch being the one responsible was a real fucking disappointment
  • (tbh i didn’t watch a lot of season 12 so all i know about ketch is that he’s the new popular douchebag character in fanfic. so i’m guessing we don’t like him)
  • “so i can meet hot women” it wouldn’t be a bucklemming ep without the casual misogyny either
  • or the easy solutions for previously insurmountable challenges like gateways between worlds (coughtaxidrivercough)
  • this ketch dude looks so bland i keep forgetting what he looks like. even if i had seen all his eps i’m not sure i would recognize him
  • ok the angels going extinct is actually a really intriguing reveal 
  • but cas you can’t seriously be surprised at being betrayed by yet another angel
  • i do like that all three of them are women though like it’s completely incidental and none of them die or anything!
  • i don’t like cas having to make nice with lucifer :(((
  • or him not contacting sam and dean about it just because lucifer says not to!!!
  • ok at least cas isn’t actively lying to them so much as not having the chance to tell them the whole truth yet
  • sam telling dean not to worry about cas was cute 
  • asmodeus’ accent is so distracting but him calling lucifer ‘lu’ and doing the devil horns while throwing him across the room did tickle me
  • honestly though the ‘twin’ thing was fucking ridiculous so i’m glad it didn’t come to anything but ketch still being alive is bullshit. bucklemming take delight in killing off every woman they can but the boring white dude no one liked they’ll give a second chance
  • the overwhelming feeling when watching any bucklemming episode is ‘when will bucklemming stop’ so sorry if this was kinda negative
  • but at least the door has been left open for rowena to return!
  • in other news the trailer hinting at a heist episode has me intrigued but ‘ocean’s morons’ is a completely witless insult (and i might be remembering the wording wrong bc it was so stupid it slipped out of my mind before the promo was even over)

As a quick note of today’s pokeani ep, it was pretty nice, great to see Lilie stand up for herself, it was very serious atmosphered, good pacing, nice to see whole Alola Squad to go to Poni Island. There was a whole lot of dialogue I didn’t understand, but main stuff is important: Lilie is determined to save Lusamine, and doesn’t let anyone to stand in her way. I think Gladio tried to tell her to leave it to him, but noope :D

I’m so looking forward to next episode. \o/ Looks like Tapus will be distributing the new Z-Power Ring to Satoshi :D Would make sense, it was Tapu Koko who gave the original Z-Ring to Satoshi, even thou it was made by Hala. But anyways. Looking forward to it :D


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡


critical role gif meme - [¾] relationships - keyleth & percival de rolo


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

i really gotta give shada credit because ‘space ranger partners’ is EXACTLY how i’d describe keith and lance’s relationship at this point


Legends of Tomorrow | 3.04

Step two: trust falls.

i find the juxtaposition between jace and alec in 2x13 worth noting because on paper jace has often been positioned as a rebel/rule breaker while alec has always been positioned as a stickler for rules. but jace is actually the one who has trouble confronting authority directly; he may skirt the rules, but he often bends under direct orders – usually because those orders come from what he perceives to be a family member (first valentine, then imogen). given jace’s troubled upbringing this makes sense, but i was surprised that we saw it play out and acknowledged on screen. i do hope jace gains a healthier relationship with authority figures than he currently has; in this sense, i feel like it’ll be good for both of them that alec is now effectively his boss – someone in a position of power he can actually trust.

alec meanwhile has confronted authority since day 1. he has literally gone head to head with everyone from his father, his mother, all the way to the inquisitor. i feel like for alec, his arc isn’t necessarily about him learning to challenge authority so much as it’s about him learning which authority needs to be challenged and for what purpose. 2b is the first time we’ve seen him realize that the clave needs to be confronted just as much as his parents over their racism/homophobia and once he finally makes that connection, he doesn’t hesitate. now that alec is running the place, he only has to answer to Idris and i’m curious if we’ll see that happen down the line, especially knowing the plot in the books where the Downworlders ultimately gain seats on the Clave Council. it would be interesting to see Alec work against the Clave itself to help push this policy forward.