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A Valentines Surprise - Kenny Omega X Reader

Prompt: Kenny Omega Fluff.. (I’m adding the valentines day stuff in time for the day)

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Today was one of those days that you hated, you being a female member of the bullet club never really helped. The fact that it was Valentines day and you were surrounded by gorgeous men really really didn’t help.

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anonymous asked:

So was Adam a virgin then?

he did not like physical contact. he did not have a girlfriend. in fifth grade, adam and his class watched a sex ed movie. a classmate recalls that adam felt like he was about to throw up and needed to leave the room. also something funny that i feel like i should add, adam said he never intentionally viewed porn, but he was in possession of pornographic videos.


You’re my piece of work.

so, i’m re-reading BLLB, which is probably the worst decision i have ever made in my entire life, and if you don’t know me very well then let me inform you that my life thus far could accurately be described as a series of gradually snowballing bad decisions, so that is SAYING SOMETHING.  it’s making me think a lot about ronan and adam and how their relationship is presented and also sexuality and and how scent relates to attraction and also like a zillion other things, so. 

i made this post earlier and tagged it #aka “sara grasps at every straw imaginable” and i think that’s…probably accurate, because i make no secret of the fact that ronan is my fave and adam/ronan is my fave ship of TRC (as much as i love blue and gansey and like a billion other things because i’m multishipping trash).  so i kind of see them everywhere.  up front, i will totally admit that i’m garbage.  but i also think there’s a strand of something real there, so.  (hella long, under a cut.)

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dream a galaxy

pynch week 2k16, day 7, prompt: dawn

read on ao3


Adam Parrish was thoroughly entrenched in dreams. It was the first time in a while, the first time that his sleep wasn’t interrupted by work, or homework, or Gansey or Ronan needing him, or Cabeswater reaching soft fingers of moss and light into his consciousness. It was summer, and he’d been convinced to take a few days off of work. Yesterday had been the first of three days of freedom, of the sunwashed sides of the Barns and the roar of a camaro and greasy pizza and incredible iced tea. Adam Parrish, the magician, college-bound and perhaps in love, was free.

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i am deceased :’ )

You make me strong.

So last month it was @slytherinblogger‘s 18th birthday and I said I’d write this for the occasion but it’s taken me until now to post it! (this is a formal request that you all call me sally snail from now on bc I’m so slow at writing and posting things) so Sierra, here it is FINALLY it’s not exactly a road trip, but it’s the gangsey on a vacation of sorts and it’s extremely fluffy. I hope your first 6 weeks of being 18 have been great :)

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