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Hey maria that episode was so cuuuuuute especially juvia I love her so much im so happy that we finally got our episode so how did u find it im actually screaming what about u btw its sara hope u really happy as im

Hi again, Sara! ^^

I’m glad you liked the ep! I guess I’ll use this opportunity to give my review of it since I haven’t done so yet.

Episode 220 Thoughts

Well, first of all, I’m actually a bit surprised that they censored the shower scene to that extent. I knew they wouldn’t show Juvia’s body, because that was too much, and I’m glad they had her Gray sponge/washcloth look JUST LIKE the one they offered FT fans when the special came out in the manga lol! So, there were definitely japanese fans watching who probably went “I have that!” lol! But, what I’m surprised about is that they cut Juvia’s comment about Gray knowing every nook and cranny of her body “even that place.” Especially since they add things like “poke me with your cue stick too, Gray-sama.” 

Mind you, I’m not bothered by it at all. In fact, I actually prefer the anime opening to the manga version, because I had wished Mashima never went there in the first place. ^^; So, I found the anime cuter and more appropriate. And it was funny seeing her wash her boobs with Gray’s face, knowing what was coming up in the manga later, so they still were a little naughty lol!

Anyway, I also found it funny that Juvia waved goodbye to the Gray plushies in her room as she exited. ^^; And I enjoyed how they extended the part about Juvia trying to decide what to make Gray as a present. My favorite part of her convo with Erza, Wendy, and Carla in the beginning was her explaining the “413 anniversary” and how yesterday was 412, and tomorrow will be 414 haha.

In the sidebar of the manga version it did say she is happy everyday because she gets to be by Gray’s side, and I think they expanded on that thought with this, and I just think it’s so sweet and so funny. So, she’s cheerful because she’s with Gray, and her life is literally so different from what it was before she met him. So, she treasures every day because she’s focused on those positive things that fill her life now, and which she attributes to meeting Gray. ^^

Again, I liked how they had her go to different people for advice, and especially that they even added in some ElfEver, because we truly do not see enough of them at all in the upcoming Tartarus arc, so it deserved some focus here. I also liked that Juvia didn’t really care for anyone’s suggestion, but she did contemplate Gajeel’s. BrOTPs for life haha. ^-^

I also thought all of Juvia’s fantasies were hilarious (of course they all ended in getting married). One of the Japanese fans mentioned that it was “Nakamura abuse” because they made Yuukyan do so many different versions of Gray, with a different kind of voice lol! And good on the people who spotted Frosch in nearly every wedding fantasy! Clannad references continue for the Gruvia lols! Plus, it’s like Juvia now considers Frosch a special friend who needs to be at their wedding awww. ^^

And on to Juvia trying to bake something for Gray. As I said in another post, I think the anime takes the exact opposite approach to Juvia’s baking skills than the manga does, because they like to inject more humor, and they wanted to fill some time. So, I didn’t mind that they made her look inept, since it did serve the storyline, and it led to her finally deciding on a scarf instead,

As for Juvia’s shipping fantasies, I was a little bummed with them not portraying the Gajeel and Levy kiss like the manga did, but at the same time, I do understand why they might have edited it that way, in preparation for the real thing. 

I did find it interesting that they had Gray NOT be at the guild after all, but to actually be at home. So, now we know Gray does have a house, and that Juvia knows where he lives. I wish we could have seen it. I also really liked how they had Juvia run into Lyon first, so unlike the manga he did not just pop up out of nowhere. It filled in a blank for us that the manga didn’t really address. And it showed Lyon looking out for both Gray and Juvia, which just makes me love him even more. ^^

I REALLY LOVED how they did the Juvia trying to give Gray the scarf scene. It was perfect, except for whoever thought it was a funny idea to quote Frozen. ^^; Other than that, Juvia popping around with the scarf, hugging onto Gray, and Gray’s reactions were all spot on. 

And the crying/BrOTP scene between Erza and Juvia was so beautiful! That was probably one of the best parts animation-wise, and so well done. And then we see the parallels as Gray and Juvia both walk through town in the snow, and we get the flashback to Ur, lil’ Lyon and lil’ Gray, and how Ur wrapped the scarf around them, triggering Gray to “run” (or whatever he was doing in that wonky bit of animation lmao) back for the scarf. Juvia is Gray’s new warmth, and she managed to get him thinking about a positive memory rather than lingering in grief. 

I like how they added the detail of his knuckles being red because he was digging through the snow. And then that gorgeously animated face of his with his tsun blush as he wears the scarf!!! And we hear him saying the “warm” line ohoho. And of course he walks by smiling and Erza totally sees him and gives her knowing smile. ^-^

But the END was my absolute FAVORITE PART! The apologies with Gray’s blushy blushy face was so cute, and then Juvia shoving the body pillow into his face so it looked like she was boobing him again was HILARIOUS, as she tells him it’s for their 414th anniversary now. ^-^ And we see Gray’s blushyness as they push the pillow at each other, and then Juvia says happily that she’ll keep on trying! My heart! Because, again, we know where these two end up at the end of the Tartraus arc, so it gave me many feelings lol!

So, yeah, sometimes the animation was wonky, but for the most part, I loved what the animation team added, the important bits were animated beautifully, and the scarf moment, plus the ending was just glorious. Love, love, love!!!

Also, Juvia was trending on twitter for the entire episode last night, and even after it ended she was still trending. From what I saw, people overall loved this ep. I think a fellow mangaka even commented to Mashima about how much he liked the ep. and said how cute Juvia was lol! ^^ 

So yeah, I’m so happy with the animated version of 413 Days. ^-^

Signal boost please?

Hello guys! My name is Lottie - which you probably know if you’re following me, and I’m writing this post to ask for help.

I’m going to try and keep it short, as I honestly don’t like much having to well, do that in the first place, but I don’t have another solution. I’m in Terminale - which is the last year of high school in France. We’re currently asked to pick what we want to do next year, mostly which college we’d like to go to. For the most part, the college I want is free, like most public ones in France, you just have a fee of 183 euros (about 250 dollars) to pay. 

It shouldn’t in itself be a problem, as my parents can afford this and should actually pay for it since I’m underage. Thing is, I’ve been having problems with them for years just talking about this. Because, simply put, they don’t want me to do what I’ve picked next year (which is either studying the English language to be able to teach English or French in an English speaking country later on in life, or a nice thing I found near my place to study cinema and theater.). Both of these things interest me greatly, and are actually things related to the things I wish to do later on in life. But they want me to get into Law - which is definitely not something I want myself. We’ve gotten in fights over this, I’ve argued and heard pretty rough stuff. I decided to stop talking about this with my mother, as she can be sometimes pretty emotionally rough to me, and really manipulative. I wouldn’t call her abusive, but it’s really on the fence, and because of her, everything at home is already a bit toxic, which is why I need to feel at ease at school at least. It’s my escape, honestly.

I though found a way to come to an agreement with my father - whom at least tried to listen even if he wouldn’t oppose my mom like this, as he’s probably afraid everything will fall up on him again if he brings it all up. He basically told me that if I was able to pay the fee myself (the said 183 euros), he’d do his very best to convince my mother.

Since we had this talk, I’ve put up stuff about doing baby-sitting and helping people with English homework to make some money around my town, but didn’t really get any answer. In the end, this lack of answer is what pushes me to publish this now.

Honestly, even just a dollar or two would help. The donate button is in my sidebar, so, if you could just help it would really be amazing. Anything would help, really. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, really - anything helps. Litterally, if every follower of mine sent a dollar I’d be done before the end of the day. So really, if you can do such a thing for me, I’d really really appreciate it.

There’s not much I can offer in return for a donation. I can’t draw, while I kind of photoshop what I do isn’t the most perfect, but I’ve put a few things I’d be able to do under the cut - other than what I do usually on this RPH. If you donate, feel free to message me here and request something and it will be put first on my to-do list, truly. So, well, thank you for reading this. If you could reblog or signal boost this in some way, it really would be amazing. Thank you.

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Thoughts after the Speak Your Language Day

I wondered for a while whether this post should be written in English or in Spanish but, for reasons that will be disclosed later, I decided to switch back to English, now that the day is over.

So, I jumped into this wagon of the Speak Your Language Day after I saw the post being reblogged by Nana. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but it sounded like a great idea at the time and I have to say the results surpassed my expectations entirely. I said, when it was still the 7th, that I was going to post my thoughts later because I felt like my dashboard was a ‘caldo antropológico’, meaning 'anthropological broth’: a lot of things were brewing and being discovered, a lot of attitudes and thoughts were being disclosed and it was fantastic to see them happen. 

First, let’s talk about my experience here on Tumblr. Yesterday, I discovered that the vast majority of the almost 900 blogs I follow and of the 2k+ followers I have are not native English speakers. I knew we were many but I didn’t know to what extent. I also discovered I have more followers that speak my language than I originally knew, which is insane but, let’s face it, most of the times we don’t even know each other’s names unless stated in an about link or sidebar, so it happens. I saw people talking in Russian, Greek, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, you name it. And Spanish, a lot of Spanish, and here I was, thinking I only had like 5 followers who knew my language. Anita talked to me in Russian and I answered in Spanish, and I learned that some Russian words seem super long but their translation isn’t so and now I want to know how they’re pronounced. I asked for quotes and I got them in many languages, Bulgarian and Greek were two of my personal favorites. We ended up discussing the differences between languages that weren’t our own but others studied, and I learned a lot. All in all, it was like a new world and I ended up wondering why the hell we haven’t done this before. There’s all these people with all these amazing cultures and I’m here with my mate (as in the beverage) and my pastelitos (as in these) watching the world go by in front of me. We should exchange recipes, songs, poetry, folk tales, tv shows, plays, everything. Why aren’t we doing it? I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna end up in your ask boxes very soon asking for recommendations, I’m invested in this cultural exchange now. 

On another note, let’s talk about the native English speakers I’ve seen in my dash today. I encountered two extremes: the ones feeling somewhat personally offended (?) for this and the ones who were super invested. I didn’t have an exchange with the first kind but I saw, for example, an Anon addressing this and the responses were not only amazingly interesting and led to a great debate, but were also IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. How fantastic is that? There were some comments regarding how English has been imposed to us not only by media and products but also because it’s a requirement for different stages of education as well as for job applications, disregards the actual need of the use of English in the work you’d be doing. I, for example, was required to have a certain level of the Cambridge ESOL Exams for college, I wouldn’t be able graduate without it. It was very interesting to see how different people take this issue and what they think about it, especially in different languages. On the other side, talking about the invested English speakers, I had an interesting day exchanging places with Emily: I normally talk to her in her native language and yesterday, she decided to talk in mine. That was even more than what I was expecting, I would have been ok with someone talking in English for me to respond in Spanish, but she went the extra mile and I thank her for it. 

Outside Tumblr, I decided to publish a fic in Spanish. I never do that, I tried it only once and never again but I thought it would be an interesting experiment (later I realized it was like closing the cycle, because Serena, who started this wild ride, writes Les Mis fics and that’s exactly what I decided to publish, but that’s another story). Anyway, you know what I’m talking about, we hardly ever write fics in our own language if we’re not English speakers and I’ve seen a post with over 30.000 notes to prove it. So, I did it, I wrote a little fic in Spanish and posted it on AO3 as the day begun. I discovered a lot of things of my own writing but, the most surprising thing was that someone left me a comment saying something along the lines of 'someone else who writes in Spanish! I wish I could write in English as well but all my fics are in Spanish’ among other things. And then I felt terrible. Because there’s people who not only can’t read in English but also can’t write in it and maybe have fantastic fanfiction that people wouldn’t read even if they could because we got used to not reading fanfiction unless it’s in English, hence the 30k+ post I linked before. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the canon of the material because there are USA high school AUs of things that are originally Japanese, French, happening in mythical AUs, etc. and we read it normally but we wouldn’t see it the same way if it was in our native language. I would barely flinch if I saw a character from a non-American nationality saying 'dude’ in a fic but if they say 'pibe’ it would feel weird. And it makes no sense. So, all in all, I decided to continue writing fics in Spanish once in a while and reading them too, no matter how much time of getting used to it takes. 

As a final note, I want to say that the reason why my blog is mainly in English is because, when it begun (almost 4 years ago) the fandoms I was in had here a majority of people who were not Spanish speakers. Most of the people I met in my first 6 months here were from all over the world and we used English as a bridge language because, sadly, I don’t speak their languages either. Even if it’s rather arguable and has many implications that are too complicated to narrate in this post, having learned English allowed us to communicate somehow and now I’m able to spend this day marveling at their amazing languages. If we hadn’t been speaking in the same language, we wouldn’t have talked in the first place, so I’m not resenting my choice of keeping this blog mainly en English, even if it’s an arguable choice in many ways. I love my language but it has its limitations and learning from others about things we lack of is an amazing way to expand it (for example, did you know that in Spanish we have 2 genders available in every case except for 3 demonstratives, one pronoun and one article, and adjectives agree in gender and number, so if a person chooses a non-binary gender and you want to say that they’re beautiful you have to say 'hermoso’ as in male or 'hermosa’ as in female? yeah, not good). If I didn’t use English, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to so many fantastic people who teach me things about their own languages and cultures, so I don’t resent it, but I also want to keep using my own language more than I normally do, especially while writing fanfiction, and, all in all, I think this day was a tremendous success. Thank you, Serena!

I had a blessed evening. #blessed.  I knew when I received the fated phone call at 8:05, two hours before closing, asking me what time I was closed, that I was in for a treat.  That phone call, for those of you who don’t speak “service industry,” means one thing, and one thing only:  

“Hi, I’m a worthless asshole who will be coming in about 10-15 minutes before you close, forcing you to serve me while staying past my welcome, and then making us all uncomfortable because while you want to go home and sleep like a normal human being, I live to suck the soul from your body, much like a dementor. Also, please be aware I have no concept of time.” 

Expecto Patronem motherfuckers, let’s get this show on the road.

The man on the phone is old.  He’s either on his fourth hip replacement or dead and speaking to me from beyond the grave, but at this point we’re not turning back. He’s coming in.

He hands the phone off to a woman whom he calls his “agent.”  I can only assume she is his fellow geriatric for the evening.  She, true to form, begins to ask me a series of questions about the bar. 

“Do you play rap-crap?” 

Strictly Kanye.  Niggas in Paris is on repeat on Wednesday nights.

“Is the television loud?” 

Only if Maury is on.

“What is the ambience?” 

Vampires.  So death, which I’m guessing you’re both familiar with.

“Describe the upstairs.” 

It’s above the bottom.

“Tell me about what shows you play on your television.” 

Porn. Mostly porn.  On a good day, it’s less porn.

When she’s satisfied with her over the phone pop quiz she hands me back to him.

He hacks up a lung and laughs while he asks, “can I bring handcuffs?”

I gag.

He hangs up.

I immediately begin to pray that there’s a fire somewhere that prevents them from arriving, or that the curse allowing the dead to wander from the grave is lifted before 10.

At this point, an atrociously awkward man walks in.  He says nothing and stares blankly at me.  When I ask how he’s doing, he replies with “meeting someone" and runs up the stairs to our lounge.

I am immediately aware of the fact that he doesn’t speak English.  Things are about to get interesting,kids.

His date arrives a minute later, barely able to walk in her heels, and stumbles up the stairs, making jokes like

“If you hear a crash it’s me!”

If you hear me laughing at you, it’s me.

Roughly five minutes later another couple walks in. The man is too loud and thinks he is hilarious.  He is either compensating for an extremely small penis, or he wasn’t hugged much as a child.  Either way, it can’t be a win for anyone involved.  The woman keeps smiling.  At everything.  Including the walls and the floor, and whatever else she makes eye contact with.  It’s disconcerting. 

They decideto also go upstairs. 

Wonderful.  A party.

It’s 9:00 at this point. 

After serving them a couple of glasses of wine and listening to fucktard’s less than fantastic jokes I go back downstairs to try and drown myself in the sanitizing sink.

The following conversation begins.

“How’d you both meet?”


“Oh us too!”

Never would have guessed.

“I’ve heard that online the guys embellish what they do and how much they make and women embellish their looks. Surely not. Most women are shorter or fatter or uglier in real life and most men make less.”

“This is LA for you.”

“Yeah, you have to look people up on Facebook!”

“How do you do that?”

“You ask them, hey can I have your last name. I want to see if we have friends in common.  That way they feel like you’re selective and they think they’re special, (That way they think you’re creepy and probably a serial killer) but you get to see the real them.  It’s all in my book.”



Sidebar…just because you have an opinion and you wrote it down, doesn’t mean you have a book.  This, per se, is not a book, although I am sure it resembles a book much more than whatever she has thrown together. 

“Yeah!  It’s about how to find the perfect man!”

At this point, it’s too much and I walk upstairs. She’s handing out fliers and business cards and hands me one. 

I give her a clever “Oh Thanks!  God knows I need it!” and she smiles eagerly as if she’s done me a favor. 

That’s sarcasm, I’m single by choice.  So I don’t have to date men like the one you’re sitting beside. 

The flier says the following:

“How to be a Man Magnet by the Dating Diva!  Get ready to have your pick of DREAM GUYS COURTING YOU!” 

A few highlights…

-      Learn how to become your best self and the woman men worship.

        Oh good,someone finally figured it out.   

-      Recognize and replace old patterns that scare men away

        Step One, don’t be the woman who writes a book about how to get men to worship you.

-      Be a more confident you! 

        Make it stop.

Hey guys, it’s available on Amazon.  Oh also, she’s single and this is a first date because the other dude she was seeing decided to rekindle things with his ex-wife.

Guys.  That’s like me writing a book on how to become a successful model, when in reality I just have a lot of selfie Saturday posts on Instagram and a couple of pictures of other people’s dogs.  It doesn’t count, it never will.

They stop talking about her book.  She’s done enough marketing.

It gets quiet upstairs.

“I ubered here.”

“Oh.  Me too.  Uber is great.”

That wasn’t product placement guys, that was just my way of letting you know that I wanted to kill myself at multiple points tonight. I made it through.

A couple minutes pass and the girls upstairs are now competing over who is prettier by telling stories of their pasts at Catholic private schools, where they used to get in trouble for hiking up their skirts. Never-been-hugged-tiny-penis asks sheepishly if we “need to get a ruler upstairs for Sister Mary to punish someone” and both men laugh while I try to use a wine key to dig my brain out of my skull.

At this point, the best thing to add into the mix would be…YOU GUESSED IT, Cryptkeepers one and two, who come waltzing into the establishment and decide to join the party.

Jack Skellington or Cryptkeeper one,  goes upstairs and immediately orders a taste of everything we have.  He makes a joke that he’s going to make me walk up and down the stairs all night tonight, and I smile while I strangle him to death in my head.  I walk up the stairs with five glasses, none of which he likes, but decides he’ll keep in front of him to continue to taste.  

I’m onto you, you cheap fuck.

Now they’re talking about “high tea” and how all British people love tea, because it can be paired with so many different foods. The Cryptkeepers begin to suggest that perhaps tea is better paired with food in comparison to wine.  A fine green tea with steak is suggested and slowly I begin to reconsider my career choice. 

Eventually, everyone decides it’s best to go home because the poor bartender was supposed to close an hour ago and oh no we can’t hear her anymore perhaps she finally killed herself.   The two young couples have realized there’s no point in trying to compete anymore, and are exchanging numbers, you know, to be friends.   Realistically, both couples are equally fucked, and each relationship will gradually end disappointingly, much like the 5 wines that Lord Voldemort’s grandfather is continuing to taste and grimace at.

I say that I’m going to close up for the night, and after a few more pointless conversations, everyone closes out.  The two younger couples leave while discussing plans for a group date and the old man tells me he and his “gorgeous date” will be staying upstairs until I’m ready to head out.  Also can he have some food, some bread perhaps.  Sorry, I’m out of bread for the night. Also, I’m lying.  Because no, you can’t have any food, because I decided an hour ago I didn’t like you. 

I go downstairs to polish glasses.  And as I’m polishing I HEAR THE TWO TIPSY FUCKS UPSTAIRS MAKING OUT.  WITH TONGUE.  IT’S GOTTA BE FULL OF DUST IN THERE, BRO WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  I turn up the music as loud as possible, wondering why I never had to go through this with my parents, but now I must go through it with the cryptkeepers. 

They come downstairs to pee and then to sit and wait for their driver, you know the one, the ferryman from the underworld that takes you across the River Styx.   And to pass the time he begins to read me a poem by E.E. Cummings called Effie.  As he finishes each line, he explains it.  Because he’s educated. Thank God.  Don’t know what I would do without him.  She has fallen asleep on the chair and is snoring while slowly falling off to the left side.  (The lucky bitch.)

Before this absurd evening comes to an end, and after I’ve fully listened to the critical analysis of Cummings’ poem, the old man looks at me and says “isn’t it funny how life works out?” 

Fondly now, I look at him, a little warmed at my cynical and sarcastic core and ask how long they’ve been together.

“I met her online.  I’m getting lucky tonight Effie.”

Needless to say my night ended up with me throwing up in my mouth, and driving home to order the Dating Diva’s book off Amazon. With any luck I’ll be dating a man who worships me in a few weeks, albeit with a small penis and a sense of humor just as miniscule, or I’ll find myself at the ripe old age of dead, drunk, and snoring at a wine bar, well beyond closing time.

Stay tuned.