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Tg:re chapter 116

So basically this chapter was Matsuri being naked (and dead), Urie thinking about his love affairs, Uta being lonely (and poetic, because he’s Uta) Mutsuki finding a murder husband, kaneki and Amon badassely staring at each other in the wind, Marude chillin with binoculars and FINALLY Furuta having a powergasm in front of all those ccg’s fools.

okay but can we talk about how pure Anne is,

I mean, have you met anyone purer than Anne Shirley? She’s the sweetest sweetheart anyone can ever imagine, even if your imagination is a wide as Anne’s. Here are a few reasons why, ( just a few )

1. Riding to Green Gables.

The way Anne ponders ( out loud ) about the utter magnificence of the world, and the way she expresses her feelings with such emotions and words. You could tell right in that moment, that Matthew immediately fell in love with her personality, and you could see the happiness she brought him.

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2. Her love for her friends

Even though Anne wanted to talk to Gilbert Blythe soso badly, she resisted because she wanted her friends to be happy. And when she prepared a beautiful tea party just for Diana, you could feel the love she felt for her bosom friend. Of course, never forget her friend ( who she left back at the hammond’s) in the clock: Katie.

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3. Her feminist side

Remember when she got angry because Marilla didn’t believe that a girl could do anything a boy could? Remember when she stood up for ruby and herself in front of all those men and showed that women can be just as strong as they can? Remember when she stomped up to jerry because he was hired as a farm boy?  I sure do, and gosh, do I love those moments. 

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4. her scope of imagination

lets face it, none of us will ever be able to have an imagination as broad as anne’s, no matter how hard we try, and hey, maybe that’s what makes anne so special.

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5. her undying love for reading

In the first few minutes of the tv show, she quotes Jane eyre. In the first few minutes of the movie, she’s reading The Lady Of Shallot. She ends up being an author, and publishing a book. 

6. Flowers

Remember when marilla told her not to pick flowers and she said she thought of not picking them, but they were too beautiful not to be picked? and when she felt sorry for everyone who didnt know what a mayflower was? And when she wanted to cover room with wild flower? and the dining table? she’s just so wonderful

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7. The way she talks

Even when she grew up and didnt find fascination in using big words, the way she chose her words was extravagant.

8. Gilbert Blythe

no words, just love.

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i could go on, but i gotta go finish anne of avonlea,

Birthday Boy - Oh Sehun

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Genre: Fluff?

Words: 5317

Admin: Hunmotions

A slow and calm piano melody quietly played in the background as a morning alarm for you to wake up.The sun rays haven’t yet made it over the roofs of the houses around the neighborhood, preventing the beautiful sunlight to stroke your cheeks, naturally waking you up just like they always have.

It was early, 7am to be exact.It wasn’t at this time that you would usually get up, but today was excused, it was a special day.  

While the last couple of chords played, your eyes opened wide, welcoming the beautiful day of today as you turned around and grabbed the cell phone from the nightstand, the small device still vibrating in your hand.

Quickly unlocking it and checking the calendar, you made sure that the day all these preparations were for, has finally started.April 12th has finally arrived.  

Throwing the sheets of the bed and skipping towards the bathroom, cheerfully singing the songs that have been replayed way too many times on the radio, you grabbed your colorful toothbrush and started brushing your teeth.

The usual 10 minutes in bathroom turned into half an hour of choosing which type of hairstyle to go with for the day or which type of makeup would fit the best with the outfit, when in the end, you settled down for the light-minimal day makeup and just a let-loose hairstyle.  

Considering the temperature of 20 degrees, the outfit consisted of light blue jeans, oversized white t-shirt, and a light blue denim jacket combined with just the right pair of white converse.

It was only 9am when all the preparations were done, your stomach deciding to call out in a reminder that even after 2 hours of being awake, it was still completely empty.Contamplating on whether you should grab something light to eat or not, the decision was settled on munching on a couple of grape berries, just so the complaining of your stomach would stop.

Playing some music on the radio and cheerfully jumping around the room, trying to dance along the beat, your eyes wandered around the room, searching for the clock that was hanging above the black TV, offering some amount of contrast with it’s bright colors next to such a dark object.

The shorter of the two dark needles was calmly positioned on the number 10, while the longer moved forward a little bit the moment your eyes fixed themselves on the object, throwing a slight shadow over the big black number 4.

Opening the notes in your phone, you decided to read through your plan for the day.

12:30 – pick him up  

13:00 – go buy bubble tea  

13:40 – visit the theme park  

16:00 – go to the restaurant  

17:40 – buy the cake

18:35 – walk around the town  

19:00 – go to the park  

21:00 – give him the present  

The present.  

The same story from two days ago played inside your head as you laid down on the couch and stared at the ceiling.  

“Wow I want a sugar mommy too” your best friend, Chanyeol said, “but really, you’re not gonna help your crush”, he continued, shaking his head at her after hearing the plan that was broken down to him “and you have no guts to confess so why are you hurting yourself?”.  

“I-I really don’t know, I just want to make him feel special” you answered, voice small and quiet as you tried thinking of something more that could ease them both of you into this situation “but it’s not like he likes me or anything, so you might be right”.  

Then suddenly, Chanyeol shot up from his seat and looked at the person in front of him with the amount of shock you have never ever seen in his eyes.  

“You’re telling me you don’t know?” He asked, his voice following his eyes, they were not hiding his surprisement.  

“I don’t know about what?”  

“He has been crushing on you for like two years already and you’ve been completely oblivious about it?!” The older exclaimed while looking at the other, a completely confused look painting the smaller’s face.  

“He likes me?” Was all that left those little lips, before an idea appeared in your mind.  

“You’ve honestly been so oblivious about this I can’t even belie-” He started speaking before he was cut off, a new idea quickly being broken down to the older.  

Snapping out of the thoughts and checking the time once again, you came to the conclusion that it would be a good moment to send a message to the person you going to pick up for a little less than an hour.  

“Hopefully you woke up already, birthday boy, otherwise I’m dragging you out of the bed If you’re not awake until 12:30”  the message said when the send button was tapped.  

“That’s exactly what I want to prevent, that’s why I woke up an hour ago” a reply arrived not even a minute later, a shy smile forming on the corner of your lips after reading what it said.  

Checking the clothes and hair in the mirror once again, you decided to head out earlier and walk around for a couple of minutes before heading towards the boy’s house.  

“Sehun I’m here” a small voice was heard from the other side as you leaned on the door, hand lightly knocking on the white wood for the effect of the moment.

“It’s-”, the boy was about to speak out as he opened the door, but was startled by a falling figure that he fortunately managed to catch before it met the ground.Looking at the female whose cheeks were now painted the darkest shade of pink he stuttered when he continued his sentence, “I-It’s 12:31”.The originally jokingly said sentence now told off the flattered feeling that bubbled up inside his chest.  

“No it’s 12:30” you protested, regaining the previously lost posture, fishing the small electronic device out of your back pocket.Turning it so the male could read off the time, you quietly mumbled that it’s the right time.  

“Look again”, was all he said before bursting out in a fit of laughs at the pouty face of yours while repeating, ‘It was 12:30 a minute ago!’.  

“It really was a minute ago”  

“Yah, you speak too much, come on let’s go” quickly grabbing his large hand, a group of butterflies filled your stomach’s as you ran out of the building.  

“Where are we going?” Sehun asked, trying not to step on the feet that were in front of his as he ran behind.

“Bubble tea”  

“God bless you”  

“I’m paying”  

“God bless you times two”  

The line for the bubble tea was pretty long, considering the shop you two decided to buy your drinks at was a newly opened store.But there were many employees working all around the shop, so people were served faster than you have ever seen.

While you were waiting in the line, Sehun was sitting at one of the small couple-tables in the corner, tapping something on his phone, probably satisfied with the quality of wifi that was present in here.

Occasionally, he would spare you a glance, but the moment he caught your eyes already on him, his attention would be back on his phone in a matter of milliseconds.You had to admit, it was boring standing in a line, so it was normal for your eyes to wander all around the place, eventually settling on the amazing statue of your friend.

The place was practical, it wasn’t small, but it definitely wasn’t as big as your friend made it sound like, yet you liked it.The walls were a light mocha color, the furniture was either white chocolate colored or white.There were small portraits and paintings hanging all around the place, along with cheerfully looking flowers and candles that were placed on each of the tables.

Sehun started playing with the petals of the flowers, carefully inspecting the tender plant under his fingers, gently rubbing the texture of the leaf, smiling at himself for no apparent reason.

“Miss?” An unfamiliar voice of a female woke you up from the trans you were in while you watched the male in the corner, quickly shaking your head and approaching the counter and the employee that was softly smiling at you.

“Two choco flavored bubble tea’s” you softly said, taking out a small purse out of the bag and preparing the money to pay.

“Would you like some kind of topping?” She asked, back turned to you while she filled two plastic cups with the beautiful heaven-given drink, as the black boba pearls swam through the light brown liquid.

“Just the usual white whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles” the woman nodded, signaling you that she has indeed understood your order, and you moved to the side to pay for your drinks.

“Can you please write a sweet birthday message on one of them?” you asked, pointing to the drinks, explaining who it is for and even though the cups were filled to the top, the woman smiled and gave her best at writing a really sweet message on the plastic.Giving a huge tip to the pleasant employee, you walked away to the table and placed two cups down with extra effort to not spill any of the heavenly drink.

The male at first hasn’t noticed the message, as he eagerly sipped on his bubble tea, humming in enjoyment that filled every cell in his body.Then out of nowhere, he choked on something that you later recognized being a small boba pearl.

Moving the drink away from his face and beginning to cough while repeatedly hitting his chest as if it would help, he finally noticed the black letters on the plastic.

Smiling to you after reading it, he thanked you and continued quietly sipping his drink, while you took your time to admire the uncovered beauty that was sitting right in front of you.

Sehun always looked like a model and simply, the whole world was his runaway.His shorter black hair was throwing a faint shadow over his forehead, his eyebrows looking ten times better than yours ever will.The cute pout that was painting his features wasn’t intentional, he had a habit of either pouting or tightening his lips in a tight line whenever he was happy.You were glad to see that, it was just a confirmation that you were doing your job at making him feel special, very well.

Once the visit to the newly opened store was done, the two of you made your way to the theme park.It has just opened, so it took a lot of squeezing through huge groups of sweaty peope and their kids to make it to the clear.Once you both made your way to one of the little wooden houses that were selling tickets, you told Sehun to wait on the side so you can 'handle it yourself’.

Usually, the line was long for the tickets, especially at this place, but today, or at least at this very moment, it seemed to be short.Just a couple of people were in front of you, and you managed to approach the person selling the tickets in a matter of minutes.

“Two cards for the Ferris Wheel” you said, quickly paying for your purchase as you had to move fast, people behind unwilling to wait long as the last ferris wheel ride was coming to a stop.

Grabbing Sehun’s hand and beginning to run towards the entry of the ride, you both impatiently watched as people left from the comfortable leather seats of the cabins.Shifting your weight between your feet, you seemed to slightly jump in place, still tightly holding onto the other’s hand.

Once everyone from the last round left, you two were the first ones in line to enter the luxurious looking silver cabin.Sehun being Sehun, nearly tripped over the two-step stairs on his way inside.Holding onto his biceps tight so he doesn’t fall down, you gained a few looks from people around, who were looking at you with eyes full of nothing else but love.They must’ve thought you two were a couple.Only if it was true.

The ride was something you could only describe as breathless.Actually, when you thought about it, the view from the top of the ferris wheel was something worth living for, something that no one could describe well enough with words, and something that anyone would stop time for, just to enjoy in it for a little bit more.

Occasionally glancing at the person in front of you, you would notice how amazed he was too.Sehun’s eyes were glowing with an unfamiliar glow, his smile was as wide as it could be, his head supported by his right hand, carefully inhaling the fresh, unpolluted air that was situated on the height you currently were on.

He was beautiful.Not that he wasn’t the most beautiful art on daily occasions, but this exact moment was something special.Just looking at him being lost in his thoughts and enjoying the view, managed to brush off all worries that were wandering around your mind.

As cliché as it sounds, he seemed to be your escape at that very moment.

But just as he would feel your eyes on him, you would advert your gaze to the beautiful picture of the town, trying to look as convincing that you weren’t just staring at the unexplained and unprotected delicacy as you could.

“I’m hungry” he whined and you stopped at the popcorn stand, buying a xxl portion without even asking how much it is.

“I feel like you’re taking care of me, paying for everything”, his lips turned into the famous pout-ggukggukie as he grabbed a handful of popcorn, throwing them in his mouth one by one, “it’s not that I’m unable to pay for myself you know”.

“Don’t pull that face on me Oh Sehun” you warned “I planned this and saved up enough money so don’t complain when you don’t have to pay for anything; honestly who even does that?”.  

“Aww you planned this out for me?” He teased, suddenly wrapping his arms around your waist and putting his chin on your shoulder, sending a wave of butterflies through your stomach, “I appreciate it very much”.  

“You better do Mister” fighting the urge of a voice break, you took a deep breath and bit your bottom lip, breaking out of the grip of the stronger and making your way towards the next ride.  

“Attention, please secure your belts, the ride is about to start” an unfamiliar voice of a woman echoed through the boot, resulting in teenagers sitting in their seats to lift their hands up in excitement.Not wanting to be the only ones different, Sehun grabbed the hand of the younger and lifted it up, the exact second the rollercoaster started moving.  

“For safety” he whispered as your eyes met and he smiled, squeezing your hand and cheering along with everyone around as the roller coaster made it higher and higher on the rails, nearing the big fall that was intimidating everyone on the ride.You just nodded at his statement and held his hand, the wind blowing in your face cooling off the warmth and preventing your cheeks from turning into the brightest shade of red.

“Here we go!” Sehun yelled just a moment before everyone began screaming.Adrenaline quickly overtaking their bodies, you tightened your grip on Sehun’s hand, your consciousness telling you that you may be squeezing it too tight and that you maybe should let it go, but that hasn’t happened.

For safety, you held his hand the whole time.For safety you held it even after the ride was over.For safety, just so you don’t get lost; you repeated to yourself.

“You’re not getting me on that thing” Sehun repeated his protesting statement when he saw that the 8th ride he was being dragged on was a famous epinephrine-boosting ride named Booster.  

“Come on I already bought the tickets, it’ll be fun” you managed to pull him to the entrance of the ride even with his loud protesting had caught the attention of many theme park visitors around you.  

“You get to hold my hand, how amazing is that?” You teased him by pinching his sides, not daring to look up at his face to see the slightly pink cheeks of the male, who awkwardly laughed at the more question-like statement.  

“Pretty amazing” was the answer that he was supposed to deliver, but the quiet tone that it was spoken in resulted in it not quite making it to the ears of the other.

Time passed by fast in the theme park for both of you, Sehun felt all bubbly ad light-headed as the aftershock of the last ride as people would call it.A couple of minutes were needed for him to regain his straight posture and balance, previously clutching onto your arms and shoulders for support.

He seemed pretty oblivious as to where were you taking him, until you took a turn to one of the streets with expensive stores, cafés and restaurants.

“What are we doing here?” Sehun asked with a rather dazed tone, turning around and looking at all of the expensive stores, display windows showing the shiny Gucci suits and Giorgio Armani shoes that caught the attention of the by-passers.

The expensive clothes people in this block wore made Sehun feel unpresentable for a moment, before you pulled him to the side, leading him inside the garden that was a part of property from the restaurant you reserved a dinner in.

“This part of the restaurant is only for reservations-”

“That is exactly why we are here Sehun” you smiled at him, the boy looking at you with the most shocked expression he ever pulled out.Looking around, he saw that besides the low number of fancy-clothed people, there were also young couples dressed completely casually, which made him feel better about his clothing choice for the day.In the end, he didn’t know he was going to go to a restaurant!

You felt his tension and discomfort for a moment, before he touched his shirt and looked at the couple sitting a couple of tables away, wearing nothing else but pure gold bars.Or at least that’s how Sehun would put how expensive their clothes looked.

“Hey it’s all okay, this is why I chose this restaurant, this is the only restaurant that isn’t that fancy, people come here just to enjoy some good quality food” you reassured him, and he nodded in understanding matter.The last thing you wanted him to feel was discomfort.“In the end it’s not like we’re unpresentable”, you added, checking out your outfit and then Sehun’s.

He was wearing black jeans, white t-shirt and a black leather jacket, along with black converse.It wasn’t as fancy as the clothes of the people next to you, but it wasn’t a street-wear either.

You two started talking about a random topic, when a tall figure quickly appeared next to you, hovering over your figures.He wore a rather casual waiter outfit, a white shirt covered by a black silk vest, accompanied with a black tie and black pants.

“Mr. and Mrs. Oh right?” The waiter asked checking the table number and his notepad, as Sehun shot you a surprised look, smugly smiling to himself when you pushed his leg with yours under the table.Nodding to the waiter, the man continued speaking, “I’m your waiter for today, my name is Jaeyong”, the male bowed and brought up his notepad along with a black pen in his other hand, “do you want to order now or should I come back later?”.

“We’ll order now” you said, smiling politely at the taller and quickly turning your attention to the menu.Everything looked so much more expensive than the usual takeout you were buying, and you swear you heard Sehun mumble something along the lines “have you really got money for any of this”.

After a little bit of questions about the restaurant recommendations and what is ordered the most, you settled for the house specialty, which would, you were pretty sure, throw you into depression with it’s cost.

Your friend only looked at you, not asking anything even though it was pretty obvious he could explode with the amount of questions that he needed to have the answers to right now.After some time, the curiosity got the better of him, and he spilled out his first question.

“So we’re a couple now hm?” He teased you as you once again pushed his leg with yours, ready to explain the situation.

“Couple discount” you whispered quietly, just in case anyone suspects anything.


“I said couple discount, we get 15% off the price” leaning in so you could say it the way he could understand now, his mouth formed an 'o’ shape as he nodded, clearly satisfied with the answer he was replied to with.

The food and drinks were brought to you not even 20 minutes after being ordered, and you immediately dug in.You were hungry and it was obviously showing.But could you be blamed?You hadn’t ate anything else other than a few grape berries in the morning.

Noticing that Sehun hasn’t ate a lot at all, you looked at him, your chopsticks holding noodles that were still partly in your mouth.

“Do you not like it?” You asked after swallowing the bite of the food you had in your mouth.The male only shook his head no, flashing the sweetest smile ever to you.

“I just love watching you eat” Sehun noted, spreading his palm in your direction, as his other hand supported his chin in a form of a fist.

That made you feel embarrassed for a moment, your cheeks not taking long to turn a light shade of pink.But seeing as the male himself dug in the food moments later, you continued eating, slight smile on your face at the thought of Sehun watching you.

And it was true in the end, you got the 15% discount, which made you feel a little bit better about the price of the meal.Even after you left through the doors of the restaurant, Sehun didn’t fail to remind you that you impress him with how big your budget is.

“Happy birthday to you”, a cheerful song echoed through the small open space surrounded by different kinds of trees, creating an amazing atmosphere of the moment, “happy birthday dear Sehun”, you continued singing as you held the small cardboard box with a cute chocolate cake in your hands.“Happy birthday to you” you finished, watching as Sehun closed his eyes and blew the colorful wax candles in the shape of the numbers representing his age.

“Hopefully you didn’t wish for another dog, Vivi would be jealous” you joked, making him smile gently.Taking out two plastic spoons, he gave one to you and pushed his into the soft chocolate glaze, lifting it to his mouth, he tasted the sweet cake and moaned at the deliciousness of the aftertaste.

And really, the aftertaste was maybe even better than the first shock of the fully chocolate mania that was presented before you.Even though you didn’t want to take more than two spoonful’s of the sweet, Sehun assured you that he won’t able to eat the whole thing (even though you were pretty sure he could, but was only being polite) and that he’d like to share it with you.Who were you to refuse such an offer, really?

The sky was a beautiful orange color with a tint of pink, accompanied with white cotton-like clouds that weren’t evenly thrown on the surface.This day seemed to be blessed with beautiful weather and colors of the sky, which you were completely thankful for.It wouldn’t have been such an amazing day if it wasn’t for the God’s will to not ruin the weather.

The night was also beautiful, just like the previous parts of the day; the clear sky sprinkled with white shiny dots that weren’t symmetrically placed all over the nearly black canvas.The light breeze that was present made the night just a tad bit more enjoyable for everyone outside.  

Contrasting the situation you were in just an hour go, there were no sounds leaving your lips.Silence was never something the two of you would enjoy, but at this moment, it was just perfect, words were not needed to express your enjoyment.The bodies communicated with each other as every now and then, your hands would brush against each other, causing utter confusion between the two.  

“Just there” you pointed at a wooden bench between the two big trees in front of them, the beautiful view of the town hidden from the curious eyes; at least until they took a few steps closer to the edge.  

“I…have a gift for you” stuttering at the beginning, but later finding the courage, you spoke up while playing with the hem of the shirt you wore, murmuring a quiet “it’s so silly” to yourself.  

“Excuse me?Miss are you out of your mind?What were all of the things we did today?” Sehun asked, completely confused about the whole situation.Besides the best day of his life you still bought him a gift?  

“A…a…birthday party type of thing?” You smiled at him, but quickly lowered your gaze to the floor after meeting eyes with a pair of sincere and caring ones. 

“I swear to God you’re unbelievable” Sehun flailed his arms in the air, dropping them on the side of his thighs with a loud slapping sound “have you really spent even more money on a gift?How much in total did you spend you crazy woman?”.

“No…I didn’t really spend more money on a gift…because…because your gift is…” The nervousness began getting the better of the female once again, as you closed your eyes, still scared about how the whole thing will turn out “…me”.  

Silence.Scary, terrifying, tempting silence.  

“Excuse me?” Was all that left the lips of the other, when in reality, he wanted to ask so many questions and voice out his feelings at that exact moment, but the feeling that all of this wasn’t real prevented him from doing so.It couldn’t be real.It is not possible for the thing you just said to be true.  

While he felt unsure, you felt denied.You felt like his question was just a polite way of denying the feelings and the fact that you just made a fool of yourself, confessing and offering yourself to someone who didn’t feel anything towards them just lowered your already low enough self-esteem.  

“No, never mind, I’m sorry” retrieving the words that left those tiny lips, you began fidgeting with the hem of your shirt once again, trying to think of how much money do you have left, just to be able to buy the guy a new cap (or a shirt perhaps) for the birthday gift that didn’t have a plan b completely figured out.  

“What did you say?” Sehun looked the smaller in the eyes, trying to look as convincing as possible, while his hand made it’s way towards the chin of the other, lifting it up.  

“No I didn’t plan all of this out it was lame of me to do this I’m sor-” you started blabbering out the excuses and sorries, when a pair of lips were pressed on yours, setting a calm and romantic rhythm.  

Cupping your face, Sehun slowly rubbed the soft cheeks under his big palms, feeling the burning sensation of the surface he was holding.Trying to keep a steady rhythm your lips were following, but soon being out of breath, he broke the kiss, Sehun being quick to press his forehead against yours, looking deep into the eyes in front of him and smiling.  

“What has just happened?” The silence was broken, as a shaky and unsure voice filled the tiny space between the two.  

“I claimed what’s mine” Sehun’s voice was strong and confident, a complete contradiction to the one that was heard just a moment ago “a famous saying says, it’s not okay to return the gift to it’s owner”.  

Detaching his hands from your face and moving them over the length of your arms, Sehun grabbed your hands that seemed to perfectly fit into the larger pair of the other.The smile on his face just seemed to radiate with more and more happiness, his eyes showing the amount of love that wasn’t describable with words.  

The light breeze that was present just a few minutes ago turned into a stronger one, boosting the drama-like atmosphere between the two as they stood motionless, their hairs flowing ever so beautifully on the wind.  

The couple seemed to be frozen in time, much unlike the urban and eventful world that was moving around them.They didn’t care though, it was all perfect, the moment was the most beautiful moment in their lives just as it is.  

Hands squeezed tight, foreheads pressed against each other and eyes staring into the ones in front of his, a smile formed on both of your lips before the older leaned in and captured the smaller creature in his arms, locking you in his protective cage.  

“Thank you for today, really” Sehun whispered quietly, his chin resting on your shoulder in front of him, allowing you to hear everything the male was speaking “I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt this special”.  

Another heartfelt smile crept up your face, this time accompanied with a cute pink tint of the cheeks that were also pushing those sincere eyes up into an eye-smile.  

Shifting his weight firstly on his right and then his left leg, Sehun started rocking both of you while humming a familiar love song that was overplayed on the radio.  

“I love you” another soft whisper followed, surprising both of them, but neither of the two reacted in any way other than staying calm for a few moments.  

“How do I actually repay you for all of the money you spent on this beautiful day?” He asked, disturbing the silence.He was genuinely worried that after this day you had to sell your flat to be able to walk out of the minus on your credit card.

“Just…just hold me and never let me go, that’ll be enough” you answered, snuggling your head into his wide chest, providing yourself with more heat as the cold air enveloped the uncovered places on your body, sending shivers down your spine.The male only chuckled at the reactions before he squeezed his arms around the body in between them, burying his nose into the neck of the other and letting the situation completely sink in as he continued to hum the same love song over again.



“I love you too”.

I screamed.This was a pleasure to write.

Happy birthday to my dearest fluff, also known as Oh Sehun!I already wrote out my feelings on facebook so I’m kinda low on words here ~~~

Anyway, I hope you stay healthy and happy in this year, and in many more that are yet to come.Spend this day with the people you love the most and please do not harm yourself in any way, do not overwork yourself, do not starve yourself and please get enough rest.Your health is the most important.

Happy 23rd (24th) Hunnie <3

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Mistaken Identity

we are almost at the end of wedif now, cannot believe how quickly this month has gone! day 25 now 

(and as a side note I am in no way trying to steal/copy Julie’s The Math Teacher series idea- so please don’t accuse me of doing so) 

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“Come on, you’ll be fine when you get inside!” My friend encouraged me as we neared the vivid neon sign with our tickets in hand. 

Glancing past the entrance I saw various people, some chatting and others smoking. I kept my head low as we walked in, got my ticket checked and quickly followed my friend up the stairs, not wanting to risk losing the only person I feel like I can trust. 

Mixed conversations surrounded us as we joined the queue for the bar, five different people working their way through the masses in need of a boost or some sort of liquid luck to get them into the mood. I eyed all of the drinks displayed in bottles or cans, saw the bartenders pour shots messily and have it spill down their hands. Once the shot was on the table it was gone within seconds, but I didn’t want to risk shots, not tonight. 

My friend ordered our drinks and we picked them up, my boots clinging to the sticky carpet as we walked away from the bar to find somewhere to stand whilst we waited for the act to perform. The nerves only continued to build up in my stomach as I drank the sweet liquid, forgetting how easy it was to be disorientated with a little bit of liquor. “I, I’m just going to the toilets!” My friend yelled to me as the first act of the evening came on, leaving me stood there speechless and struggling to breathe. 

Sighing I tried to calm and cool myself down by taking bigger sips of my drink, ignoring the sharp burn it gave me at the back of my throat. The longer she was gone the less I cared, the more I drank the more hazy everything was getting. A light tap on my shoulder I turned around, unsure who I was looking at in the dark lights. Snapping out of the music and my trance I glanced around, remembering where I was and how I was alone. 

Dropping the empty plastic cup I could feel my hands beginning to shake but my arms remained numb. Desperation crossed my face as the person before me motioned to an empty space on the sidelines, away from the gentle sways or pushes and shoves. “Do you need some air?” His accent differed from my own, but his voice was soft, caring even. 

Nodding I pulled my phone out to text my friend but struggled with the uneasiness of my thumbs. I merely sent her an ‘I’m okay’ so she wouldn’t worry of my whereabouts, or if she’d be aware for a while. The stranger guided me away from the live music and cheers, we walked slowly towards the stairs leading to the entrance. I could feel the cool evening air wrap around my ankles as my legs trembled down the stairs, gripping onto the stranger and the wall with equal amounts of urgency. 

Standing in the doorway I took deep breaths as I lent against the cool wall, ignoring the eyes around us and the wisps of smoke passing outside. “Thank you.” I muttered as I kept my eyes closed, concentrating on my breathing. 

“Are you going to be alright? Do you need someone or are you with someone?” He asked with such care, I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t feel the need to be away from the calming voice. 

Slowly I opened my eyes which remained focused on my slightly scuffed boots. My eyes began to move away from my own feet and towards his, black lace up boots with larger marks and stains covered the sides leading to black skinny jeans wrapping around his legs. Swallowing the lump that remained lodged in my throat my eyes trailed further up his figure. A white top slashed with holes covered with a black denim jacket, barely hiding his muscles clenching in the restraining fabric.

Focusing on his face I just paused, I wasn’t focusing on my breathing or the fact that everything around us had become a bit out of focus instead all I could do was look at his eyes and a affable smile. His eyes were freckled with green in amongst the warm hazel, coated with thick black lashes. Dark blonde hair that was in slight waves pushed back, tied up in a small attempt at a man bun. 

“You alright now?” He placed his hand on my shoulder, the light touch as opposed to being heavy handed. 

Nodding I readjusted my dress, pulling it down slightly as the back rode up as I clung to the wall for ease. “Yeah, yeah I’m okay.” Sniffing I checked my phone seeing over ten panicked messages from my friend. “Let me just call my friend.” I moved away from him but stayed in doors, not wanting to willingly walk and hang around in a cloud of smoke and fumes. 

“Where have you been?” She spoke loudly down the phone as the band could be prominently heard in the background. 

Sighing I glanced back to the stranger who remained patient, focusing on me. “I, I couldn’t breathe, I just needed some air that’s all. And I,” Moving the phone closer to my mouth mumbled to her, “made a friend.” Smiling to myself she yelled nonsense back. “Nevermind, I’ll be back in a bit.” I proceeded to hang up and just send her what I tried to say, knowing that would be a better attempt of communication with her. 

Holding onto my phone I pushed myself off of the wall and allowed myself to regain my sense of balance. He rushed over and held onto my arms, looking into my eyes with concern. “Okay?” 

Nodding he smiled in response. “Do you, do you want a drink at all?” I asked him, I doubt he would but it’s always worth a try. 

“Yeah, yeah why not.” We headed back upstairs and before we reached the intensity of the music he paused at the stairs. “I’m Ashton.” He spoke louder than he had to beforehand but it was clear, he wore a light hearted smile now, rather than a concerned look. 

Yelling my name back to him I swear I could see dimples in his cheeks, even in the low lighting. Nearing the bar I ordered myself a new drink, something a bit different. “I’ll have a vodka martini.” I spoke up over the bar and showed my ID, she checked it and gave me the all clear. 

Turning to Ashton I waited for him to order something, “I’ll have a whiskey on the rocks.” She nodded and proceeded to make it. Rummaging in my purse I pulled out some money but he stopped me. “My treat.” He winked and after some back and forth I gave up, gratefully accepting the drink. 

We made our way down to the live music with our plastic cups in hand as I scanned the crowd for my friend who remained elusive. “I’m sure she was here beforehand!” Yelling to him he merely shrugged his shoulders, sighing I took a large sip at my drink to calm myself down and the feeling of relief spread through me as I saw her dancing on the sidelines. “I’ll be right back!” Giving him my drink he stayed still as I headed over to her, thankful she hadn’t left. 

“There you are!” She squealed as she danced to the music in amongst others. 

We spoke briefly and agreed to meet outside once it ended, waiting for our lift to get us. Hugging her tightly I yelled into her ear, “You be careful!” Like a Mum would have to do for her child in a playground. She merely rolled her eyes and motioned for me to walk away and rejoin Ashton, whom she was unaware of. 

Accepting my drink back off of him we began to move closer to the dance floor without much hesitation. Swaying to the music I sang along, feeling relaxed and more easy going than before. Ashton sang too and as I looked up to him he was focusing on me with a soundless laugh, drowned out by the upbeat music. 

Two more empty plastic cups later the band had ended, the music for tonight was over. We all filed out and I relaxed into Ashton as he held his arm around my shoulder and connected his hand to mine. Helping me walk down the stairs with more care I giggled as I nearly tripped. “Come on, watch yourself now.” He joked as he managed to remain fairly intact. 

Once we were outside the bitter air nipped at my exposed skin, making me shiver. Removing his black denim jacket he motioned for me to open my arms, to which I obliged. Placing it on I felt goosebumps form on my arms as the warmth radiated through my upper body. “Thank you.” Smiling to him I found myself just staring at him, unable to tear my eyes from his. 

Unaware I placed my hands on his shoulders, pushing myself onto my tiptoes until his lips were on mine. They tasted of bitter whiskey and full of warmth, he was delicate and caring but I wanted more. Hearing my name being called with such questionability I pulled away and turned around seeing my friend with her mouth wide open. 

Rubbing my lips together I glanced back to Ashton, a nervous chuckle sounding from him as he scratched the back of his neck. “Hi.” I spoke up, giving her a small awkward wave. “Is Tom here?” She nodded and moved closer to us. “I’ll be a minute alright?” Giving her a pleading look she merely walked ahead, still in sight but giving us enough privacy for a goodbye. “Well Ashton, guess this is it.” Sighing I didn’t want to go, the musky smell of his jacket lingering already along with the taste of whiskey clinging to my lips. “But thank you, for you know, earlier.” 

He placed his hand on my cheek, stroking my soft skin with a sweet smile. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again. Keep that okay? Gives me an excuse to find you.” Chuckling lightly he put his hands in the pockets before pulling out a piece of paper, along with some old gum wrappers. He glanced around and asked for a pen but instead I just passed him my phone. 

“Cliche much?” I raised an eyebrow along with my sarcastic remark and he merely nodded. 

“You’ve got to allow yourself cliche moments once in awhile, just let this be one of them.” Giving me my phone back he tightly hugged me before walking the other way. 

As he walked I focused on the holes in his white top, his now exposed muscles and sighed as I reached my friend. “Looks like someone had a good night.” 

The loud droning beeping of my alarm sounds and reaching my arm out of the warmth and comfort I love I hit the snooze button. Rolling over I rub my eyes and blink rapidly as I adjust to the morning sunshine. Sitting up right I glanced over to my chair where his jacket was laid across the seat and remained thankful that I bothered going out on a friday night for once. 

Climbing out of bed my feet rubbed into the carpet, feeling the fibres rub against my skin as I adjusted to the cool room rather than the cosy duvet. I began to get ready and ran downstairs for some breakfast before my lift would arrive. “Ready for a new term?” My Mum asked with some joy to which I blankly stared at her. “Come on, at least try to be enthusiastic. It’s your second to last term dear.” 

Forcing a smile she sighed, “You can’t say I don’t try to please you.” 

Grabbing something for lunch I take the toast that popped out of the toaster, marginally burnt for once as opposed to filling the kitchen with smoke. “Don’t forget your sketchbook!” She yells as I run back upstairs, panting as I reach the top. 

Peeping through my blinds the street remains quiet besides the younger students walking in their uniforms towards the bus. The days of those ugly jumpers and itchy trousers are ones I do not miss. Picking up my sketch book and bag I hover at my door before glancing back at the jacket. Shrugging my shoulders I slip it on, serving as a reminder of Friday night. 

Hearing my phone sound I rush down the stairs and slip my shoes on before yelling a goodbye around the house, unsure where everyone was situated and joined my friend in the car. As I sat down she raised her eyebrows at my chosen jacket. “Oh shut up.” I joked as she drove on past the kids who shivered as the bus drivers kept the doors shut, refusing to let them on until it was at least 8:10 whilst they had a cigarette and exchanged small talk. 

Once we arrive I climb out and put my earphones in, listening to the band from Friday as a distraction from the screams and squeals of children surrounding me. Walking past them I headed towards art, knowing this was always my morning downtime before things got busy. 

In art I could relax, peacefully draw and be left to it without distractions. Mrs Callens always thought I had talent, but I just liked to draw what came to mind that day. Sitting down in my usual seat I opened my sketchbook and just began to draw some rough designs, unsure where it could go. A light tap on my shoulder alerted me as one of my few friends in that class smiled. Taking my earphones out she motioned to the front of the class. 

Taking my eyes off of my sketch book my mind flashed back to the club. Music filled my ears although my earphones remained on my lap, the taste of bitter liquor and soft lips against mine, the urge of wanting to know more about him. 

Turning to face the class as opposed to side on my breath got hitched in my throat, just like it did on Friday. A small smile was worn on his face as he examined the class, but as his eyes fell on mine it vanished, his eyes widened instead. Pulling on the jacket I swore mentally, I was wearing his jacket. 

The sound of heels clicking sounded behind me as I uneasily turned my head to see who it was. “Okay students, I know you’ve only got two terms left but Mrs Callens has had to leave. This is Mr Irwin, your new art teacher. Make him feel welcome like I know you will.” She smiled to Ashton and quickly left. 

Ashton remained quiet as all eyes except mine were focused on him. “Well, erm. Hi.” He stuttered and inside I felt myself falling apart. “Right, well like she said, I’m your new art teacher.” I lifted my head up to see him smiling uneasily and my eyes locked with his. 

Two terms left, maybe this is one too many cliche moments for my liking. 

Breath of the Wild reaction

1.)Zelda is a treasure. She’s such a nerd! She’s up there with Midna and Tetra.
2.)All of the NPCs have wonderfully diverse and quirky designs, and they’re all fun to talk to.
3.)Exploring the open world was genuinely a lot of fun, and I lost a lot of hours just climbing mountains.
4.)Both the champions and your present day allies are charming and fun, and manage to pack a decent amount of personality into the little time in the spotlight they’re given.
5.)It’s really pretty.
6.)So is the music.

1.) If Zelda is a treasure, than man, did Ganondorf get shafted. Where’s his prequel DLC??
2.)Why no Epona??
3.)Why no music to play??
4.) The Divine Beasts have fun designs, but all of them are sub-par dungeons. Some had cool ideas (I liked Naboris), but all were really short. Why no proper dungeons??
6.) The bosses were all boring and went down like punks, including Calamity Ganon!
7.)The world is really fun to explore, but it got stale after a while when you realize that every mission would end with a shrine. 
8.)As charming as the characters were, none of them were given a great deal of depth (except Zelda). I couldn’t help thinking that I’d much rather be playing the story being shown to me in the memories.
9.) There are nice nods to the lore, but BotW didn’t really do anything with it or create its own. The triforce and the Sheihkah and the temple of time were all there, but in the end it was all basically window dressing.