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Soulmates Imagine.

Imagine:On everyone’s 18th Birthday a Tattoo of their soulmates name appears.-Part 4.

Ever since the night at the school you and Stiles had been stuck to each other. Every time Stiles wanted to explore you were the person sat beside him in his Jeep. Whenever you had any trouble Stiles would be straight at your side.

You would often find yourself hiding your tattoo from Stiles, scared that he would see it but with his birthday party approaching you wouldn’t be able to avoid it any longer.

After what seemed like years the day finally arrived. Stiles’ 18th birthday was here and he’d get his Soulmates tattoo. You knocked at his door your hands shaking.

Within minutes Stiles was at the door, a lazy smile playing on his lips.
Eyeing the big boxes behind you.

“Are they for me?“Stiles grinned.

"Uhh no, they’re for your dad"you rolled your eyes and smiled.

"Hi y/n"you heard Stiles’ dad call out from the kitchen.

"Hello Mr.Stilinski"you answered happily.
A couple of seconds later and Noah was stood at the door next to Stiles.

"Now y/n I know that you are responsible and you know that I love my house and my son…"He began to say.

"Don’t worry, tonight I will look after them both"you promised.

"I know you will, Stiles look after y/n"The sheriff warned before ruffling up your hair and returning to the kitchen.

Stiles’ eyes wandered back to the boxes stood next to your cars.
"Oh yeah, your presents"you jumped out of your position and ran over to your car.

You waved him over and grinned.
"So I know for a fact that you’re stubborn and you love Roscoe so you won’t get rid, I also love Roscoe the Jeep so instead of buying a new Roscoe I brought you everything you need to mend his broken heart"you smiled as you patted the hood of the loved Jeep.

You reached over and lifted the heaviest box, it had a bright blue bow on top.
Stiles opened the box and his mouth fell open. He looked at all the expensive tools and paints inside you’d even gotten him specific car parts.

"Y/n… you can’t be serious, this is amazing"Stiles blushed.

"We’re not done yet"you smirked as you wheeled out another wrapped box.

"Your dad is always moaning at you because when you investigate you pin all your evidence up on the walls and it leaves holes in the wallpaper so I got you this"you wheeled the gift over to Stiles.

Within seconds the colorful paper littered The Stilinski driveway, he pulled off the red bow to reveal a police detectives board, along with string, different colored markers and a cute box full of pins.

He turned to you and smiled, you’d never seen his smiled that big and it warmed your heart.

"Y/n Thankyou so much you are seriously amazing, you can read my mind, it’s like we’re soulmates and I just don’t know what to say"he exclaimed before pulling you in for a tight hug.

As soon as he said the word Soulmate you started to choke.
Stiles pulled away worriedly.
"Are you okay?"he rubbed your back gently.

"Mmmhmm, just swallowed too much air"you mumbled as you took deep breaths.

"I have to go, I’ve left your last present at home I’ll see you tonight"you lied as you walked briskly back to your car.

He raised his eyebrows at you before waving, as soon as you pulled out of his drive you called an emergency number from your car.

"Hello y/n? You’ve been M.I.A all day has Stiles got his tattoo yet?"Lydia asked down the phone, her voice echoed throughout your car.

"Uhm I think we should have a meeting at my house ASAP"you quickly said.

"I’ll take that as a no then"Lydia replied.

"We’ll be right there"Allison called down the speaker.

The five of you stood around your table.
"Does Stiles even know about the Soulmates Tattoo?"Malia asked loudly as she rummaged through your wardrobe.

"Yeah, we spoke about it once when we were kids"you replied before throwing yourself back onto your bed.

"Maybe he has it but he’s too scared to say"Kira offered her opinion.

"Hmmmm no I don’t think so, Stiles would probably tell Scott and Scott would tell me"Allison mumbled as she bit her nails.

"Y/n, why don’t you just wait for tonight we’ll all be there"Lydia sat down next to you, pulling out a brush and running it through your hair.

"What if he gets it and he doesn’t like it"you worried.

"Why don’t you tell him first"Malia shrugged.

"That’s not an option, I’m not going to walk into his house like ‘oh hey Stiles I got this tattoo of your name which means we’re somehow connected forever and I think I’m falling in love with y-

The girls stopped what they were doing and turnt to look at you.
"I’m not going"you simply stated.

"Stop being ridiculous if you don’t turn up Stiles will go loopy"Lydia pointed out.

Malia looked down at her phone.
Her eyes widening.
"Okay well we’d better start getting ready because it’s 6:30 and the party starts at 8”

Lydia leapt towards your wardrobe, pulling out a tight black dress, whilst Malia buried herself in your shoe boxes finally popping out to reveal a cute pair of pastel pink heels. Allison sat you down to do your makeup before she moved onto her own and Kira pulled out her hair curlers, working magic on your hair.

It’s was 7:50 and all 5 of you were ready to leave. As you piled into Lydia’s car you were having second thoughts.

Lydia looked back at you from the drivers seat.
“Y/n, no matter what happens tonight we’re here for you"she reached over and squeezed your knee as Malia and Kira squashed you with a hug.

"I love you girls"you smiled happily before Lydia started the car.
Within minutes you were hopping out of the car and making your way to Stiles’ front door. You could already hear the loud music and chatter of your high school friends.

When you walked through the door you were hit with the stench of Sweat and alcohol, red cups littered the floor and the smoke machine had clouded the room temporarily.

"Find Stiles"Lydia whispered in my ear before linking arms with the others, guiding them over to Scott and the rest of the pack.

You nodded before weaving your way through the crowd, it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be because after a minute of two you were in the Stilinski’s kitchen.

The room wasn’t hot and stuffy like the others so you took a deep breath in, not realizing someone was watching you from over the counter.

"Is it that bad in there"Theo smirked at you, his eyes roaming over your body.

You cringed at the fact that he was mentally undressing you.

"I bet you weren’t invited"you mumbled as you walked over to Stiles’ fridge. Pulling out a bottle of ice cold water.

"What are you talking about me and Stiles are the best of f-

"Don’t lie"you rolled your eyes and made your way to the door, it was obvious that Stiles wasn’t in the kitchen so you didn’t have a reason to stay.

"I’m not lying"Theo called out.

"Bye Theo"you answered.

"Wait y/n"Theo shouted after you as he followed you out of the room, his hand reached out and took your arm.

His eyes caught sight of something on your wrist and he flipped your arm over to reveal the soulmates Tattoo.

"Well this is interesting"Theo hummed.
You yanked your arm back, hiding it behind your back.

"Does Stiles know?"Theo smirked.

"No he doesn’t, if you say one word Raeken I will-

"Today’s his 18th birthday, has he got his tattoo?"The boy raised his eyebrows.

"No I don’t kn-why am I talking about this with you, Theo leave me alone"you hissed before pushing through the crowds once more.

You finally made your way to Stiles’ bedroom, he wasn’t anywhere else so you figured he must be in his room.

You slowly opened the door and a gust of cold refreshing wind hit you instantly.
Stiles was stood at his window his head already half way out.

"Careful Stiles you might fall out"you laughed. He jumped at the sound of your voice, hitting his head on the window.

He spun around, hands holding his sore head.
Stiles’ mouth dropped open when he caught a glimpse of you.

"Wow, y/n you look beautiful, I mean you always look gorgeous bu-

You grinned at Stiles’ attempt to compliment you.
"Thank you Stiles, why aren’t you attending your own party"you asked curiously.

Stiles stumbled over to his bed and sat down. He was drunk.
"I was waiting for you"he hummed cheerfully.

"Well I’m here now"you nodded as you stroked his head.

"I still haven’t got my soulmates tattoo"he frowned.
Your heart stopped.

"Did you get yours?"he watched as your cheeks flushed red.

"Uhh yeah, yeah I did get mine"you said quietly.

"Why do you sound so down about it, Whoever it is he’s a lucky guy and don’t you forget it"Stiles wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

You decided that is was time to tell Stiles.
"Actually Stiles there’s some-
You didn’t get to finish your sentence because Stiles leapt up off the bed covering his mouth, he sprinted into the bathroom and you could hear him all the toxic alcohol exiting through his mouth.

You made your way to the bathroom and rubbed his back. After he was finished he washed his face and you rummaged through his wardrobe, finding him some comfy clothes to sleep in.

"Sorry about that What were you saying y/n?"he asked tiredly.

"It can wait, you need to get some sleep. Don’t worry me and the others will take care of everything"you smiled as you passed Stiles a water bottle.

Just as you were about to leave the room Stiles called out to you.
"Thankyou y/n, I’ve never said this but you’re a real gem, you always have been”

You smiled as you closed the door behind you. Making your way downstairs back to the party.

Unaware that Theo was lurking around upstairs.

6 hours later.
You had kicked out all of the students until it was just the pack left. Everyone had been tidying up for at least an hour when Stiles came trudging down the stairs.

“I missed it"he pouted.

"I missed my own birthday party how does that even happen?"he laughed.

Scott shook his head with a smile and patted his friend on the back. Scott’s eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes travelled around the back of Stiles’ neck.

"Stiles, did you not feel it?"Scott asked worriedly.

"Feel what?"Stiles asked confused.

"You’re soulmates Tattoo, you’ve got it, it’s on the back of your neck"Liam mumbled as he stepped forward to take a look.

"And who is it?"Lydia asked as she glanced at you.

"Are you sure you want him to read it out loud?"You quickly questioned Stiles.
Stiles hesitated for a second before slowly nodding.

"It’s… It’s Malia?"Scott announced.
You dropped the cup you were holding and gasped, you didn’t realize how loud you were.

"What?!"Malia almost screamed.
Kira and Allison glanced at each other with widened eyes, and Lydia was at your side immediately.

Scott’s eyes wandered over to you, watching your reaction. He caught sight of the swirly writing on your wrist, his mouth falling open slightly.

He kept quiet about it.
"My soulmate is Malia?"Stiles repeated confused.

Part 5???

Monsta X reaction to seeing his s/o, who always wears long pants and sweaters, wearing a bikini for the first time and has a beautiful body

requested by anon~


Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu; By the moment you came out of the bathroom with a sheer over shirt, not really covering your red bikini, Shownu would be so stunned at the sight. He couldn’t believe that you have such wonderful body to begin with. Shownu would be at a loss for words when you flashed him a smile smile, twirling around in the process, only to give Shownu a good view of how proportionate your body was, especially with your assets. He’d be giddy about it to be honest, like he’d be praising you over and over and would actually be over-protective of you once the two of you are out to the beach or swimming pool. But then, when the two of you are just chillin’ around, he’d be looking at you with such loving gaze that you’d be blushing. He’d also blurt out compliments here and there, totally catching you off-guard, and that’s when the two of you are enjoying some watermelon, his face covered with watermelon juice.

What do you think, oppa? *smiles, twirls around to flaunt your swimwear*”

“*chuckles*…. *finally able to think of words to say* You look beautiful, baby. *pulls you into a hug* Aigoo, my baby is so beautiful~”

“Hehehe, thanks oppa. Now, let’s go to the beach! *pulls Shownu towards the beach, only to be stopped by him*”

“Wait a minute… *wraps his tanktop around your waist and proudly smiles* There. Let’s go! *wraps his arm around you shoulder*”

Originally posted by seokijn

Wonho; Wonho wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grinning widely to be honest. When you came back to the tent with your friend, he’d be speechless at the sight.  He would be really surprised at how beautiful you looked to be honest, may it be in sweatshirts and pants or bikini, you were overall beautiful in his eyes. Wonho would act a little bit dramatic to be honest like the one in the gif before he pulls you into a hug like a little boy. He’d be body praising you to be honest, especially at how your assets bring out those curves. But when he notices the stares of the boys, he’d actually spread his arms and would totally cover you since it was only a sight for him to see but it might also be the other way around like he’d be flaunting you like a proud boyfriend, his chest out while his arms wrapped around your shoulder. Wonho would also be really caring. He’d apply some sunblock on you like he’d apply sunblock on you first before he applies some on himself.

Baby, I’m wearing the bikini that you bought me. Look! *twirls around happily while smiling at Wonho’s reaction*”

“*acts dramatic* Oh my… how can a goddess smile at me? Omo, my heart can’t take at how beautiful my [y/n] is. *pinches the bridge of his nose before bursts out laughing, pulling you into a tight hug* Aigoo, my baby, how can you be so beautiful huh? Man, look at you! I’ve always known you were hiding something under those baggy shirts and sweatpants that you wear!”

“Whatever, babe. C’mon, let’s get into the water now!”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Minhyuk; Just imagine Minhyuk with big, googly eyes. He’d be all smiles as soon as he sees you with your baby blue bikini. When you show him every angle of the your body, twirling around to show him how cute you looked with a pair of bikini. Minhyuk would totally find you really cute but sexy at the same time. But when boys starts to stare at you, just imagine Minhyuk glaring at them while protectively wrapping his arms around you. And once they’re gone, he’d be back to praising at how beautiful you are and that he’d remind you of the time when you felt insecure which he would also quickly tell you that there was nothing for you to be insecure as you were as beautiful as your heart. You have a wonderful body and he loves it as much as he loves you for who you are. He’d seriously flaunt you to the boys, telling them that they don’t have a beautiful gf like you.

Baby, listen, remember the time when you felt insecure of all those girls out there? Don’t be. You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful body and a beautiful everything. Don’t let them bring you down. I love the way how you look as much as I love you for who you are. You have a wonderful body baby and you’re one of a kind! *cups your cheeks with such bright smile* Now, c’mon and let’s go to the boys.”

“Alright… thanks babe.”

“No problem, sweetie~ *winks at you and sees the boys* Guys! Look at how beautiful my baby girl is! Too bad you guys don’t have a girl like mine… Should I set you guys up?!”

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

Kihyun; This boy would be so taken aback when he sees you for the first time in bikini. He’d be all smiles to be honest. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his feels and would literally be chuckling the whole time since he’s so giddy about the sight of you and your beautiful body. When you twirl around for him, he’d really find you so cute that he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Kihyun would pull you into a hug, swaying the two of you while he plants kisses on top of your head. He’d pull away for a moment and would immediately pull out his camera, making you his model. And when you tell him that you’re not that confident with your body, he’d look at you with some look and would tell you that you’re utterly beautiful in his eyes and that you should be proud of that beautiful body of yours because you’re one of a kind. And of course, Kihyun would be over protective to the point the he’d let you wear his tank top to cover up when you feel uncomfortable with the stares of random strangers. And to be honest, he’d also be the type of person who’d post your picture with a speech underneath it.

Oppa, I’m not that confident with my body though.. I think I’ll pass–”

“What are you talking about? You’re body’s gorgeous baby and let me tell you, you’re one of a kind and be proud of that body of yours! You have such wonderful proportions and you’re really beautiful in my eyes baby, really beautiful. C’mon, let’s take some photos to commemorate this day.”

“Thanks, babe, for making me feel better about my body. But before we take photos of me, let’s take a photo together. *pulls you towards him as he lets the other members take a photo of the two of you*”

Originally posted by hyungwonnn

Hyungwon; Chae Pepe will be unleashed. He’d be so meme by the minute he laid eyes on you in your bikini. He’d be so speechless that he’d be giggling for a straight five minutes. Once he’d finish giggling, he’d be complementing at how beautiful you are and how your assets are also gorgeous. He’d be so mesmerized at your beauty that he’d really ask the boys to take a photo of the two of you so that he’d make it his lock and home screen wallpaper. And he’d also take a couple of selfies with you before pulling you into the water. Once the two of you started to chill around in the pineapple float that you bought, he’d be really honest with you like he’d be complementing your body and you overall. That he’d reach to a point that he’d appreciate all of your style and would be like, you’re like a box filled with surprises and whatnot. Hyungwon wouldn’t actually like the attention that you’re getting from the boys to be honest that he’d be glaring at them until they look away. 

Hyungwonie~ how do I look? *twirls around with a gleeful squeal*”

“*giggling giggling giggling*….. *finally stops giggling* Baby, you look amazing! Damn, you really a beautiful body…. Yah, Changkyun-ah, take a photo of [y/n] and I for a second. *hands phone to Changkyun and pulls you closer to him with his arms on your waist*”

“Aigoo, don’t tell me you’re gonna make that as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper? *teasing*”

“I am! Daaamnn, Changkyun this one is such a wonderful shot! Nice one. Baby, do you want me to send you this photo? So that we can have matching wallpapers? *cute smile*”

Originally posted by sonhvunwoo

Jooheon; Jooheon was laughing really loud until you came to the tent in a bikini, making Jooheon shut his mouth real fast. He’d be eyeing you up and down before he proceeds to giving you a knowing smile. When you asked him if you looked horrible, he’d be reassuring you right away that you look absolutely beautiful. Like legit beautiful. Too beautiful for him to be honest. He’d actually pull you into his lap and hug you tightly, with a big smile on his face. Jooheon would actually take all his time to appreciate you and your body. When the two of you are actually strolling down the beach, he’d let you wear his jacket to be honest, not only to protect you from those lustful stares but also from the sun since he doesn’t want his baby to have that sunburn. And when you’re out in the pool having fun with the boys, he’d actually watch you with so much admiration that he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. And when you’re back in the hotel with your sweatpants, he’d be chuckling at how you can still be beautiful with those clothes.

Wear this jacket, babe. *helps you wear this beach zip jacket and smiles at how cute you looked with his jacket* Omo, baby, your bikini matches with my jacket!”

“You’re right! But, honey, wouldn’t it be too hot for you with just that tank top and beach shorts? *pouts*”

“Aigoo, don’t worry baby. It’s alright. C’mon and let’s go buys some ice cream from that stall over there. *points at a not really visible stall from afar*”

“Oki doki *links arms with Jooheon*”

Originally posted by kihyuon

I.M; Changkyun would be pretty calm about it tho. When you showed up with your red bikini, he’d be proudly smiling at you since he already knew that you have such wonderful body. He’d be wrapping his arm around your shoulder and would smugly smile at his hyungs like she’s mine sorry. But then when you’re starting to get a lot of attention from random strangers, he’d be a little bit whiney as makes you wear his tank top. Changkyun would also be the type of boyfriend who’d shower you a lot of love like when you’d suddenly feel insecure about your body after a couple of women passed by, he’d be like no, baby, you have an amazing body and you know what, you’re the only apple in my eyes. you’re beautiful, okay? and many more. Sometimes, you’d catch Changkyun staring at you with such loving gaze but then sometimes, you’d also receive sassy comments from him but in a good way. Sometimes, you’d also catch him taking a lot of candid photos of you.. .and even videos to be honest. When you’re gone for a while, he’d be staring at the photo’s he’d captured and would actually make a collage and make it like into some aesthetic or something.

Oh my goodness, my beautiful queen has finally arrived with that beautiful body of hers! Flaunt it baby *winks at you before wrapping an arm around your shoulder*”

“Babe… I think this will be the first and last time that you’d see me wearing a bikini–”

“Ssshhhh, don’t say that *places a finger on your lips and then turns around to face his hyungs who are looking at him with a ‘._.’ look* Sorry, hyungs, [y/n]’s mine. But hey, guess what, we can try to hook you guys up you know *wink… minhyuk in the background: hey! that’s my job!!!*”


AH you guys! Thank you so very much for the love on my room! I’m completely obsessed and so excited and seeing everyone else’s excitement and questions just makes me feel really good so thank you! 

Per your requests, I took a few more photos for those who asked! Click on each picture to see captions for information. Please feel free to message me for links on where to buy anything you see, I still have mostly everything saved! And I am always happy to take more pictures anyone wants :)

Also I apologize if anything is blurry, I had a certain little puppy biting my ankles why I was taking them.

Also, I tried not to take any pictures of any artist’s work head-on so to avoid reposting. 


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Loving your posts! May I request a pamper session for our sunshine boy Prompto please? Getting his favourite food made/taking him out to his favourite restaurant, massages, cuddles, you name it - he deserves all the love <3

Oh you! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ You’re darn right! Prompto deserves so much love! Spoiled little sunshine coming your way!


“She won’t tell me where we’re going.” Prompto stated, straightening his tye in the mirror of Ignis’s office, surrounded by the others. “She just said to get dressed up.”

“Perhaps she just want a nice evening out that isn’t greasy foods.” Ignis stated, getting fed up with the other destroying his tye, as he walked over tying the tie for him.

“Did she tell you guys anything?” Prompto inquired, as his friends shrugged. Puckering his lips in a pout Prompto had to admit he was super confused, it wasn’t like you both didn’t spoil one another, but you never kept date ideas from one another.  “Well how do I look?”


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BTS as a family

Request: ‘ bts as 1 big family? I know u get the stuff w/ jin as the mom all the time but I wanna c what u think their roles are’

Headcanon Masterlist

Thanks for requesting! Check out my other HCs in the link above!

Rap Monster / Namjoon

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • The Older Brother 
  • Joon
  • who thinks he can act like the father figure when dad is away, 
  • but really, it’s them who need to protect him
  • Somehow has more accidents than his dongsaengs
  • But he’s a really good tutor
  • So dad doesn’t have to always help with the kids’ homework
  • encourages Taehyung 
  • every time he thinks he’s found his dream occupation
  • even though it changes like 8473299 times a week
  • has a soft spot for the mysterious child that is Jeongguk
  • House is getting cramped
  • but they can share a room
  • Lets anyone share a bed with him if they’ve had a nightmare
  • cuddle monster
  • baby sits occasionally
  • plays peekaboo with the tots
  • and it’s all nice and fun
  • until he covers his eyes one minute
  • has to fish Taehyung down from a shelf
  • and pull Jimin out of the fridge
  • then Jeongguk’s crying because he’s due a nappy change
  • and then holy fuck why do safety pins exist when they make your finger bleed?
  • thinks his brothers are some sort of curse on him for a solid year
  • because the accidents only happen when they’re around
  • but then catches dad burning his hand on the stove like
  • oh
  • probably shouldn’t have held those rituals to rid the curse
  • has to study at friend’s houses a lot though
  • so he’s not always at home
  • very independent as a result
  • because as much as he loves his brothers
  • they get so goddamn noisy
  • I guess that’s why they can come sleep in his room
  • because many study nights turn into sleep overs
  • probably only sleeps in his own bed about 3 days a week during high school years
  • the most trustworthy child

Jin /Seokjin

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

  • The single parent
  • with A LOT on his hands!
  • Don’t ask how he acquired so many children
  • He just did
  • “You’re adopted!”
  • when one of his kids just won’t shut the f*ck up!
  • But then goes soft when they cry
  • Even though it was their own stupid fault
  • “Goddammit, I suppose I should take you out shopping or something then”
  • Still puts notes in the kids packed lunches
  • he has to be both parents 
  • but somehow to the kids, it feels like he’s three or four parents 
  • because he puts in 150-200% effort in everyday
  • Gets distressed at every milestone
  • he doesn’t want them to grow up
  • Starts crying in the middle of the clothes store
  • because he was only here last week
  • for the same child
  • how tf did Tae go up 2 shoe sizes this week?
  • why do Jeongguk’s shirts keep tearing so easily?
  • when did Jimin’s voice break?!
  • no recollection of Namjoon being a child, help
  • Slipping Through My Fingers by ABBA on repeat
  • He does have a tendency to over do the whole protective thing
  • there’s going to be a lesson to be learned from this
  • but I’m just going to tell it to you now 
  • so you don’t have to go through all that upset and heart-break
  • but he gets some help along the way to let go a little
  • “Seokjin, why does Taehyung’s wallpaper now have a… rubbery theme to it?”
  • “Harry Potter is a bad influence and I will not have my baby having five thousand head injuries!”
  • “Jin, I know the kid can do some dumb things, but do you honestly think he’s going to try that many times?”
  • Makes the other parents jealous 
  • he doesn’t mean to though
  • he can’t help if he invites the kids’ friends round for tea, that his cooking happens to be better….
  • the other half of the parents of the kids at school however are single and all have a thing for him
  • Will buy everything his child needs for a project
  • perhaps a bit gullible at times
  • “a skateboard?”
  • “for science. gravity.”
  • “oh, okay”
  • Waves with a little hanky when the kids go on school trips
  • “have you got your bag?”
  • “have you got the lunch I packed you?”
  • “Yes dad, all 6 boxes of it”
  • Has some quirks that he won’t admit he has
  • or that the kids have picked up from him
  • “Why does Jeongguk make racing car sounds when he runs still?”
  • *shrugs*
  • “I have no idea”
  • *goes to put something on the shelf making a swanee whistle sound*
  • “Why does Taehyung still believe in unicorns?”
  • “Shut up! They’re totally real!”
  • Cliches
  • eat your crusts to get stronger
  • carrots to see in the dark
  • beauty sleep
  • the early bird gets the worm
  • *goddammit now the kids are waking up at 5am to take all the contents of the fridge*
  • err, too much chocolate milk makes you sad
  • “but it tastes so good Dad!”
  • “Goddammit children we should be endorsed for chocolate milk!!!”
  • Wants to hear all about your day
  • “Dad, I’m 27 now”
  • “I don’t care Namjoon. Tell me about your day.”
  • “Daaaad”
  • “and I made you hot chocolate and cookie, come snuggle on the couch with me”
  • Family photos at xmas with matching sweaters
  • From the
  • “Look at this piece of art that Jeonggukkie made for me today!”
  • *sticks it on the fridge but it’s made of pasta and lolly sticks so it keeps sliding down*
  • to the
  • “Oh my life my ChimChim has graduated uni!”
  • even the
  • “You just burped the alphabet? My son is so talented!”
  • “You made a rap about breakfast? Genius!”
  • Everything the kids do is amazing and a big achievement

Suga / Yoongi

Originally posted by yoongiyi

  • Grandad by blood to one of the kids
  • Pop-pops to all the kids anyways
  • No one is quite sure which kid is his grandchild though
  • Tbh he’s just here for some peace and quiet
  • (Chance would be a fine thing though…)
  • Owns that one chair in the living area
  • over the years, the general room design and furniture cahnges
  • but that chair stays
  • Just watches the kids do stupid shit
  • Guk’s about to put a crayon up his nose
  • and Tae is about to walk through a wall
  • but he ain’t gonna stop them
  • “Let the idiots learn from their own mistakes”
  • *crash!* *bang!* 
  • *crying*
  • “You raised morons.”
  • Makes less gestures 
  • but when he does, they’re huge
  • kinda like how some people pay for things weekly, and some monthly
  • One of the few grandparents that doesn’t constantly share their war stories
  • he just shares his own experiences when relevant
  • Though Taehyung is always asking for him to tell another story
  • “Tae, it’s 10pm”
  • “Just one more story pop-pops, please?”
  • He has more impact on the kids than he realizes
  • they adore him so much
  • and he wonders why the parents that helped create these kids don’t want to be around to raise them with Jin
  • but he wouldn’t have this family any other way
  • Gives the most heart-warming, tear-jerking toasts
  • everyone thought they were gonna cry at Jimin’s wedding because of the vows and love is beautiful and all the rest
  • but instead, everyone ends up being lame for the story of how pop-pops met his one true love
  • and the ending makes you emo for weeks
  • No one quite knows why he acts so indifferent
  • because he has such soft stories
  • Namjoon wonders for a while in his childhood
  • and then when he’s grown up
  • one day when he’s no longer living at home and drops in to say hello
  • Pop-pops is in his chair
  • watching the kids shooting each other with nerf guns
  • whites socks sliding on the kitchen lino
  • and sound effects
  • and then Namjoon sees it;
  • Pop-pops likes to just watch the kids progress day by day
  • watching them learn from their mistakes
  • watching them develop as people
  • that’s why he’d never step in when there was a recipe for disaster about to happen
  • He encourages Jin 
  • to make sure they grow up into well-rounded people
  • rather than put them in bubblewrap
  • and he couldn’t have done a better job.

J-Hope / Hoseok

Originally posted by gotjhope

  • That cool uncle
  • Uncle Hobi
  • That everyone adores, especially the youngest 
  • because he comes back with a gift every visit
  • Puts up with a lot of shit from the younger kids
  • because he can go home at the end of the day
  • Proudest uncle in the world
  • goes to all the kids events with Jin
  • although it’s a problem when he’s watching a match and two of the kids are on opposite teams like
  • “go on you reds! you can do i—”
  • “oh nice tackle blues! sock it to them!”
  • “I love both teams!”
  • all the other adults are confused
  • “Everyone’s a winner; go purple!!!”
  • Owns so much cool stuff
  • sometimes the kids sleep round at his
  • they’re fighting over the arcade machine
  • challenging each other to snooker or darts matches
  • arguing about the artwork on the wall
  • uncle hobi just smiles
  • Takes them out every weekend
  • so many fond memories
  • Spends all his money on the kids
  • there’s that one game Jeongguk’s not so good at at the arcade
  • but he’s addicted to it
  • so cool uncle hobi keeps giving him quarters
  • *2 days later”
  • “Look! Uncle Hobi! I finally won!”
  • “Well done, champ!”
  • Yeah, and it only cost him 200 dollars…
  • and guess who feeds Taehyung’s taste for Gucci?
  • or rather, guess who started it?
  • Jimin doesn’t ask for much
  • but uncle Hobi is always showering him with gift baskets when the others aren’t around
  • Namjoon sometimes joins them on their little outings
  • and he tells uncle Hobi all about the the new things he’s learned in school
  • and then Hobi find himself writing a cheque mid conversation
  • “Uh, Uncle Hobi, what are you doing?”
  • “Just take my money and go change the world!!”
  • It’s impossible to be prouder than Jin
  • but he’s pretty close


Originally posted by urnotnamjoon

  • The middle brother
  • Chim
  • Who gets to order Tae and Guk around
  • as they get older, he’ll double dare them to some stupid shit
  • and they’ll do it
  • Younger brothers are just there for his amusement.
  • It’s the only reason they were born 
  • Like remember that one time it was snowing and he triple dared them to lick that frozen pole…?…
  • Takes more influence from pop-pops than he realizes
  • “It’s not my fault they were stupid enough to do it”
  • Doesn’t like it when Jungkook grows up
  • Yesterday, he was at Jimin’s shoulder level
  • but today, Jungkook is patting his head 
  • Probably because of all those times Jungkook took the last of the chocolate milk
  • and
  • “Stop copying me Jeongguk; I did it first!”
  • but nawh, he does adore the youngest bro
  • back up older brother
  • you know that mem
  • the one where it’s like
  • *someone is sad*
  • and then
  • Jimin: [that picture of him peaking round the corner being a cute lil mochi]
  • He’s mostly like that for Tae
  • but when Joon leaves home
  • he’s there for Guk too in this way
  • He’s a good listener
  • which he gets from Dad Jin and brother Joon
  • bonds more with Tae as time goes by
  • mainly because the other brothers move out first
  • Falls for the best friend of the girl Taehyung is dating
  • oh look at that, it turns out she’s his soulmate
  • double dates with his bro
  • embarrassing childhood stories
  • but the girls just find it charming, really
  • so many family get together events because of these two brothers alone
  • 21st birthday parties
  • they could have had a combined celebration
  • but why do that when you can have twice the fun?
  • Taehyung’s friends are Jimin’s friends
  • and vice versa
  • Jin watches them on movie night from the kitchen for a moment being proud
  • and then makes them extra popcorn
  • “Dad, we’ll get fat!”
  • “Good; I like my children to have chubby cheeks”
  • what other life events? oh yeah
  • engagement parties
  • weddings
  • emotional toasts 
  • about how they’ve gotten closer these recent years
  • followed by a baby story
  • “Tae, I can’t believe you told them that!”
  • “What? You showed everyone my baby pictures at my last birthday party!”
  • It’s kinda weird when Jimin and Taehyung fall out
  • because when they fall out
  • it’s not even a proper argument
  • like they don’t even know how to argue
  • “Dammit Jimin! Did you have to dress better than me tonight?!… Like seriously, where did you get that sweater?”
  • “Kim Taehyung! Did you steal that hair dye I bought?!… Oh wait never mind, that really suits you”
  • Secrets that make them even closer
  • they don’t always like to burden Dad
  • so they tell each other instead
  • Tae helps Jimin come out of his shell
  • and in return, Jimin helps Taehyung understand people better
  • Very capable of living independent lives
  • but feel empty without one another for too long

V / Taehyung

Originally posted by kimthwriter

  • That child you cannot leave alone for 2 seconds
  • Bwi / TaeTae as a child, then
  • Tae as he gets older
  • “Okay, Tae Tae, I’m just going upstairs for something, so don’t touch anything”
  • Gets ice cream all over his face after one lick
  • Takes ‘the floor is lava’ game very seriously
  • creates the most laundry for Jin to do
  • because he’s always climbing and skidding 
  • and just being a boy really
  • Wants to pet everything, and
  • Wants a pet everything
  • “Dad! Can we get a dog?”
  • “How about a bunny?”
  • “How about a unicorn?”
  • “…Unicorns don’t exist Tae; they’re made up”
  • “Shut up! They’re totally real!”
  • (Like father, like son…)
  • Usually a carrier when there’s illness going round at school
  • “Look TaeTae, I know you don’t feel ill, but just be careful not to…”
  • *Tae sneezes really loudly without covering his face*
  • Lives for bedtime stories
  • loves fairytales
  • but comes to love underrated literature even more
  • so he really appreciates where those tales derived from
  • like old folklores and myths, etc
  • but also the more modern pieces that follow
  • and he knows all the pre-Brothers Grimm versions
  • but still somehow remains pure
  • santa is always real, no matter what you tell him
  • and the tooth fairy
  • and the easter bunny
  • Everyone knows Taehyung is a unique child
  • he just has a different perspective to most of the children
  • no one knows where it came from 
  • and not even Jin can credit himself for that
  • and he’s either going to grow up to be really smart
  • or a solitary eccentric
  • Has like a million teddy bears
  • they all get equal cuddles
  • one for each day of the week month year
  • Wants to try everything when he grows up
  • “Daddy, I want to be a surgeon!”
  • and it’s like a new occupation each day
  • “Lawyer!”
  • “Archaeologist!”
  • “Dentist!”
  • you never knew there were so many jobs in the world
  • “Shoplifter!”
  • “Shoplifter? What? Tae, you can’t steal things!”
  • Looking back, you wouldn’t believe that stupid shit came out of his mouth
  • he grows up so intelligent
  • and becomes a writer for children’s books
  • Defends any family member no matter what
  • even if there’s a chance they’re in the wrong
  • but that don’t matter because they’ve raised him so right
  • Jin cries when he leaves home because he’s raised
  • husband material
  • Ends up extending the family by 60%
  • adorable little puppies for children
  • and then adorable children as cute as puppies
  • and because he’s forever a child by spirit
  • he raises them to believe and be happy and have a little faith
  • It’s so hard to pick godparents
  • but he picks Jimin eventually
  • Fathers of a new generation of kids
  • Wow, they grow up so fast


Originally posted by eolljjung

  • Another child that needs constant supervision
  • ‘Guk / Jeonggukie / Gukkie
  • Puts everything in his mouth
  • “No Jeonggukie! You can’t eat uncle Hobi!”
  • With baby Bwi he’s a 
  • Not even sure he’s Jin’s kid
  • or just a friend Bwi brought into the house one day
  • No one realizes until he’s like 11 years old
  • that he’s one of Pop-pops’ grandkids
  • “How could you not tell us something like that Yoongs?”
  • “What? You never asked…
  • “…also, he’s a moron”
  • but pop-pop Yoongs doesn’t mean it
  • He just doesn’t want to give Jungkook special treatment
  • back to Guk
  • Gets way too hyper before his teens 
  • then one day Jin is the garage trying to fix the car and Jeongguk won’t leave him alone
  • and in a panic he sees some weights like
  • “Here have a go on these”
  • and that’s why Jeongguk grows up to be a 
  • muscle pig
  • becomes stronger than all his older siblings 
  • they actually get low key scared of him in adulthood
  • also becomes like really good at fixing stuff
  • so when Namjoon moves out
  • Guk follows not long after to share an apartment with him
  • and it saves a bit of money on repairs
  • so it’s kinda cute
  • because in childhood, Namjoon would fix Gukkie’s broken heart with his wisdom and wise advice
  • and in adulthood, Jeongguk fixes Namjoon’s broken furniture with his more practical skills
  • Won’t admit it but
  • copies Jimin
  • on purpose
  • but like I say, he won’t admit it
  • “Jeongguk!! I had muscles first!”
  • “Whaaat?” 
  • *crushes a walnut with his bare fist*
  • he just smiles
  • because he’s finally as strong as his great older bro
  • Gathers a lot of hobbies and interests
  • he has something he can share with each family member
  • If he wants to talk about something, all he has to do is
  • ask Jimin if he wants a video game night or
  • ask Dad to bake Gukkie Cookies with him or
  • sorry
  • ask Tae to meet at the book store or
  • ask Joon for an anime marathon or
  • ask uncle Hobi to come bowling or
  • ask pop-pops if he’s interested in a spot of golf
  • fortunately, he doesn’t even have to say something’s up
  • everyone knows that’s his go to move if he needs advice
  • Some people would say that all the things he has are down to luck
  • but he knows he wouldn’t be where he is without his family
  • and that’s the lucky part

I meant to do this for a long time now. Here is the masterpost of fanficion written for me. Mostly Vaxus and Pavelyan but also Alistair x Surana, Fenhawke and lots of OC x OC shipping. 

I love every single piece on this list. You are all incredibly talented and your writing keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going. This list was made so I have the easy access to all the beauties but it’s also a huge fic rec ;D

Thank you for making my days better <3

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MAP6 Lockscreen

Member: Sign
Group: MAP6

  • Please LIKE or REBLOG if you download/use this pic!
  • My edit! DO NOT reclaim as yours!

So….I know the struggle…It’s hard to find lockscreens or wallpaper of your favourite groups if they are underrated. So I decided that I’m going to make lockscreens of these underrated bands. Also I’m going to include some opinions and infos along with MV links from these groups. 

The letters in the group’s name were originally pronounced individually and they stood for M(arching) A(round) (the) P(lanet), which meant that they would like to become globar stars, but later they changed it and they simply became MAP6 (only the pronunciation changed). They group’s members were originally in a group called A-Prince (excluding Sign). They debuted in 2015 and they are under Dream T Entertainment. The group has 5 members: Their leader Minhyuk, who originally debuted in a group called DAON, then he joined A-Prince, and now he is a part of MAP6. Their lead vocalist and lead dancer is J.Jun. He can do taekwondo and he’s main attraction is his amazing smile. He can also do magic tricks with cards and can make his double eyelids turn into just one, because when he was in middle school he used to practice magic tricks. The group’s main vocalist, Sign who tends to act like the youngest of the group. The group’s main dancer, vocalist and visual, Sun, who wants to be the cutest in the group, but when he tries to do cute acts he always fails. Also he like to cook for his members. Last but not least their youngest member, J.Vin, who has a very extra personality (in a good way). He always fools around, but can be mature when he needs to. He loves sweets and pastry like crazy. These guys need more recognition, because they are incredibly talented and very entertaining too. Please check out the links below to get to know them better!




tinkdw  asked:

Hi! I hope you're feeling a little better :) I'm quite new to tumblr so not so competent at it, would you be able to explain or send me a link to the discussion of who represents flowers and dogs in spn? I loved your meta on 12x11 but I was lost at this point as all I know is sam loves dogs and not sure if that's relevant lol :) thank you!

Thank you! I’m sorry but I’m awful at keeping track of posts, but I’m sure that better functioning people like @elizabethrobertajones or @mittensmorgul can track down something about those topics…

I remember that people have been analyzing flower imagery, especially in regards of wallpapers and decorations, in relation to Cas. I must admit that I haven’t been following discussions about the meaning of flowers in the show because I know absolutely nada about flowers so they kind of all look the same to me lol. In the Carver era flowers have been important (there’s that kind of flower that also appeared in Fan Fiction associated to Calliope if I’m not mistaken that had, like, a lot of meanings, but I’ve already forgotten lol) and different kind of flowers were invested with different meanings (like that red flower that was associated to queer men in older movies and that has been associated to Crowley and Dean, etc etc) but I remember that there was a pattern that associated flowers to Cas, especially in relation to Cas’ importance for Dean. I think that in general flowers have been associated a lot to the triangle Cas-Dean-Crowley in the Carver era. I mean, if you asked me which characters have been associated to flowers the most, the first characters that would come to my mind would be Cas and Crowley, in the context of their relationships with Dean (well, one could say that Cas’ and Crowley’s characters have always been about their relationship with Dean. The Dean-Cas-Crowley triangle is one of the most fascinating narratives in the show for me tbh, but I’m digressing ^^; )

Anyway, from what I’ve gathered from better meta writers’ analyses, in general flowers=Cas (then certain kinds of flowers are associated to other things).

As for dogs, Dean has been the character most strongly associated to dogs - even since s3-4 and the hellhounds (I think there is a connection between Dean’s fear/dislike of dogs after going to hell and Dean’s self-hate after hell, and in general Dean has been paralleled to dogs a lot - episodes like Man’s Best Friends With Benefits and Dog Dean Afternoon have been super criticized for many reasons but were extremely interesting from this pov… then at the beginning of the MoC arc Dean literally meets Crowley’s hellhound, which foreshadows him actually become Crowley’s demon companion, etc etc). So yeah then the theme has been super strong in the Carver era, even with Dean kind of becoming a dog literally in Dog Dean Afternoon, and it’s mostly been in relation to Dean losing agency (i.e. mostly the MoC arc).

More recently Cas has been associated to that kind of imagery too (attack dog, a dog that thinks he’s people, him watching a program about dogs on television, etc.) and even more recently Sam too, in a minor extent (Toni bringing him to a veterinarian saying that there’s no much difference between humans and dogs, mostly), and of course Crowley has been associated to dogs in the Lucifer arc last season, with Lucifer calling him ‘doggie’ and keeping him on a leash, and so on. In general the show uses dog metaphors to indicate a character’s lack of agency/being someone’s “bitch” (in Cas’ case for instance the dog references are mostly connected to remarks about him being a tool for the Winchesters and so on).

So the main four characters have been associated to dogs recently but Sam in a way minor extent, so I’d say that the dog imagery still mostly applies to Dean plus Cas plus Crowley.

You know I didn’t expect at the beginning of this post to end up with the conclusion that both flowers and dogs are associated to Dean-Cas-Crowley??

I mean, flower imagery and dog imagery aren’t exclusive to the three of them of course, but now that I think about it they have been used heavily for the three of them. I mean maybe I’m biased as the Dean-Cas-Crowley narrative is one of my favorite things in the show… other people’s thoughts?

(You know, I was around the fandom between s8 and s9 and I remember that a lot of people complained that there was nothing left for the show to do with Crowley and they should kill him off because there was absolutely no possible storyline to get out of his character. There was basically an electoral campaign for the throne of hell in the fandom and a lot of people supported Abaddon because Crowley had supposedly run his course in the narrative… and then Dean x Crowley happened. Season 9 was wild times in the fandom. But I’m digressing again :P)

anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like to draw and I want to learn how to do fanarts/digital drawings/etc... Can you give me any tips? Did you made any art course/degreed?

Hi there Anon, yes I did graduate with an Art degree! As for digital drawing tips (you may take anything I say with a grain of salt, I’m still learning too haha), I’d say start by getting used to taking advantage of “layers.” With, I think, most digital drawing tools like Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Corel Painter, and more, you can draw on individual layers stacked on top of each other therefore making it very easy to do line art on one layer and color on another. This lets you not mess up your lineart/guide while coloring or vise versa. ALSO, because it’s so easy to fix/adjust your drawing on the computer, make sure to experiment with different brushes and textures! What’s nice about digital drawing is that you can easily jump from an oil painting brush to pencil to marker depending on the style you want. But it’s good to always keep practicing with traditional mediums as well. You pretty much translate everything you learn about drawing and painting by hand to a digital software, which imitates traditional tools but adds “quick and efficient” methods to adjust and enhance your drawing. Since you mentioned you like to draw I’m sure you will have no problems transitioning into digital :) just take your time and play around with all the tools and brushes so you can get a better understanding of how the software works (I’m not sure which one you are planning to use?). Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine ~ I apologize if this wasn’t extremely helpful ;A; I really can only recommend you to try everything and to always keep doing traditional drawings as well.

Answering all ASKS (in a batch again ahhhh) here! 

Hi there guys! @masovince @you-can-be-yourself Reposting anywhere that isn’t Tumblr or DeviantArt is 100% ok with me so long as there are credits (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ As for proper crediting, I think I would prefer if you included a direct link to my tumblr or deviantart so that there’s a connection to my accounts <3 thanks so much, it’s not a stupid question at all! And thank you guys for asking! 

HEH. LONG HAIRED YUURI IS MY NEW THING. hahah thank you Anon <3

Hey there! I use Photoshop ~ and oh man brushes. This is hard because I modify them so much from the originals. The base brushes I used are the standard default ones that are already in Photoshop5 but also a couple from Darek Zabrocki (http://daroz.deviantart.com/art/FREE-PHOTOSHOP-BRUSHES-DAREK-ZABROCKI-BRUSH-SET-431393487) and Aaron Griffin’s (http://aarongriffinart.deviantart.com/art/BRUSHES-609357781) free brush sets. 

Ahhh thank you so much, Anon! ;A; 

;___; Thank you so much! You’re making me blush ahhhahsgd I hope you had a fantastic new years as well! <3 

Oh my ~ thank you so much >///< it makes me so happy to hear you like my drawing enough to set it as a wallpaper !

@takaratime Ahhh thank you so much for your kind comment! I’ll keep working hard ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

@andifbyyes (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Omg you’re too nice! Thank you so much ahhh! I’m so glad you like those pieces and noticed the little details and everything. I think one of the things I appreciated the most about YOI was how human the characters, and especially Yuuri, were. I always aspire to properly translate that into my fanart so it makes my day to read your comment ;__; thank you again <3

@luchile Hey there! Thank you so much <3 and ahhh thank you for your interest in my drawings! Unfortunately I do not have a shop set up. I never really draw fanart with the intention of selling them, but I’ve had quite a few people ask about this now so I may possibly open a print shop/commissions in the future :)) I will let you know!

@rennomus Ahhh thank you so much! >///< I might one day continue it but considering that I’d want to color every panel it might… be a while.. hahaha. And as for the Yule Ball idea, 46Gohan already drew them dancing together <3 and it was actually that drawing that inspired me so much. It’s so lovely and endearing! Please go check it out http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/153315272616/so-ive-been-rewatching-the-hp-series-lately-and
 and the second part http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/155186441091/more-yoi-hp-au-drawings-part-1-yurio-and-chris I absolutely adore this AU :)

@vergoftowels Ohhh yeah. That happens. And I guess there’s only so much one can do about reposts. Tumblr still hasn’t gotten back to me about the first one… lol. But thank you for letting me know :) I hope you have a great rest of your week ~

@foxnewsanchor Hi there! Ohhh man I’ve really seriously been wanting to participate in a zine (especially a YOI one) for a long time but I honestly don’t know if I have the time to commit to one. My online courses start in less than a month and I’m not sure how much time I will have to draw new YOI fanart. 
。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 BUT thank you so much for the offer! I’m sure your zine will go well!

@ichigokeks Nooo omg thank YOU so much ahhh! (ಥ﹏ಥ) It’s really the greatest thing to hear that my drawings give other people joy. I’m so happy you like them, thank you again for your kind words, and I will keep practicing hard! <3 Much love!

@scarilypsycho *stalks you back* Ahhhh your comment makes me so happy! ;___; It is the biggest compliment to hear when your work affects people. Emotional atmosphere is something that I struggle with all the time so reading this gave me such a boost of energy <3 thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! Also for future reference (and I’m so sorry about this) I will NOT be answering any more asks that are not a question, BUT I will respond via private message if you are not anonymous! :) You guys send in the sweetest comments and it makes my day to read them, but it’s just really hard doing screenshots over and over and then manually cutting out asks to do this in batches haha

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years ~ I’m super excited for my online courses to start! Have a few personal projects coming up too. Dabbling in animation lately so I MIGHT… Have something fun for ya’ll in the future depending on how it goes hehe. As for YOI week… Here’s what I’ll probably be doing next week lol.

AU (Tianshan Week: Day Five)

Title: Phasing Away

Summary: There were many things Mo Guan Shan expected at his new cramp, cheap and small apartment. Leaky ceiling, squeaky bed, loose floorboards and similar broken stuff. The one thing he didn’t expect was the black-haired asshole of a ghost that was haunting the place. (Ghost Roommate AU)

Rating: T

Link to Chapter 2: Here

AO3 Version Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9781217/chapters/22019858


To Mo Guan Shan the apartment he had found online had seemed to be a miracle sent by god at the beginning. He had been trying to find a cheap place to stay and had less than a week to find the apartment he wanted.

So while surfing online for a place to stay, he had come to the apartment with a very low rent. From the barely visible and very blurry pictures he saw of it online, it had a decent looking bedroom and fully equipped kitchen.

It wasn’t the best of places, but hey, beggars can’t be choosy.

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About this blog

Please keep reading, I promise it’s funny.

 At least I tried to be!

(names withheld to protect the witnesses, some editing done)

(originally submitted to notpulpcovers.com back in 2014, but meant for all the owners of blogs that post stuff I like) 

Greetings and long letter from a fellow collector


This is a very long letter of appreciation for the wonderful job you do in this site. No, I regret to tell you in advance that I am not sending you a cheque as a token of appreciation, so you can delete this message now and read no further. However, if you have trouble sleeping or have two hours to spare with nothing better to do, like watching the paint dry, read on.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a connoisseur of art and a man of taste. The quality of said art and taste may be debatable, quesitonable even. By the way, I am not an American nor a native English speaker, but come from Spain, if you are American, that’s in Europe, not south of Mexico, Google maps is your friend. So please forgive any spelling and grammar errors and be thankful I don’t grate your ears with my horrible accent.

Over the last few years I started collecting, retouching and posting in forums military and battle paintings to use as wallpapers and screensavers. If for no other reason that I had lot of time in front of the screen and I wanted to stare at something else than the dull Windows background. Oh, and because since I got married I couldn’t have naked girls on the screen anymore like normal guys do. Everybody needs a hobby. Until I find one, collecting and photochopping paintings for desktop will do.

At some point I got a bit jaded of the monotony of images of war, death, destruction and the implements of it,  so for a change I started collecting images of art I like and find cool. So I turned to the hobbies of the age most mentally retarded of my life, that is my teenage and wasted youth years, and added to my art galleries the themes of roleplaying games, fantasy illustrations and computer games from the 1980s box art. Then I dug deeper and started with the genre of movie posters: the more lurid and trashy the better. adventure, sci fiction, horror, action, sexploitation.. etc.

But my craving for bad art eye porn wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more, more!

So one day in the bookshop I came across a book about the “Men’s adventure” magazine covers. A Taschen brick, coffee table size. Since it was too big to conceal, even under my trenchcoat, and was on discount sale, I bought it.

I hit bottom with that one. I loved the pulp art. Being a World War Number Two freak, I specially enjoyed the Nazi and BDSM themes. That probably is Too Much Information… relax, I am kidding. In fact I was repelled by those covers. I like the whole “damsel in distress” theme, but trivialization of Nazi attrocities and the outright sadism of those covers were quite sick. One thing is being kinky, being sick and twisted is another entirely different thing. What was wrong with the American people who bought that? In the same way never liked gore movies.

Anyway, the rest of the pulp covers I loved. Such great art technique! And such gorgeous women they had in the 50s and 60s, curvy and with slim waists! (just like my beloved wife).

But there was a problem, the pics were either too small, or couldn’t get decent wallpapers of the full size covers because the book was a bitch to scan, being so heavy and thick, and I loathe taking a razor to it.

So having hit bottom, I started to dig. I searched the internet for pulp covers of those masters. And found your site.

From somebody that shares the same obsessive compulsive collecting disorder, I have to tell you that I can fully appreciate the work, no, the labour of love involved in finding all these wonderful pieces of art, collecting them, and sharing them.

I spent days, weeks going through the archives downloading images I liked. Frankly, a lot of the images are rubbish, but what to one is trash, to somebody else may be a treasure, so please keep posting indiscriminately, we all have our own tastes. You probably don’t share my unhealthy obsession with sharp things or things that spit hot pieces of metal and things that go boom.

I spent days arranging the images you posted, retouching them for better fit or improvement, and making collections for them. I use an old Webshots desktop application, wich was responsible for this  obsession with wallpapers. The sotfware allowed downloads of pretty photographs for wallpaper, and you could add your own images. It’s dated but it works, and allows me to manage my collections much better and has better settings than simply use Windows default screensaver.

So thanks to you, my wallpaper galleries have now about 3 Gigabytes in size, numbering eight thousand images in several dozen cathegories. As I said the pulp covers are a welcome break from the images of tanks, airplanes, warships, soldiers and battles.

It’s not just the pleasure of viewing the images when I am taking  a break, I switch on the screen saver and watch the paintings cycle on the screen for a few seconds, it’s just that the search for suitable images became an end to itself, I get a thrill when after hours of tedious internet search I stumble upon a source of good images. A gallery like this is a godsend. We are not worthy!

Come to think of it, if you are a god, then I would have to send you some offering more suitable than a mere cheque, but I am afraid that sacrificial virgins are in short supply nowadays.

In addition to the images you supply, the links you provide to other insane collectors like ourselves are very valuable. I bookmarked the 80s and 90s stuff site, and the Back in the Dungeon gallery. Even if the pics in itself are not good enough, they give a lead for finding other artists images.

Over the years of posting war paintings at forums I have become frustrated and bitter about the lack of recognition and appreciation from people. Seems only a few freaks have the artistic sensibility (or the shared bad taste) to appreciate them. I got very few rewards in return for my effort to disseminate these paintings. I thought that after so much effort, it would be a waste that those images would die with me, and I want to share them with more people than just a couple close friends.

Well, there really a lot of people interested in this stuff, judging by the thousand of views the paintings threads have. I was bitter that forum admins didn’t thank me for my contribution, but I no longer care about that. What kept me going was the encouragement and appreciation from some people that enjoyed my postings and thanked me. But alas, those faitfhul were few and far in between. Most people just click on the thread, download image and say nothing. No comments, not even a simple “thank you” message or “I liked this one”. Ungrateful bastards.

So eventually I got fed up and burned up with forums. I only got aggravation from them and no respect. And some subjects are exhausted after retrieving and posting every painting of that theme, from museum galleries to book scans to box art. I had only kept going for the past couple years by inertia, and because the forum served as a backup of my images. I have lost a lot of work a few times due to computer crashes, despite precautions and periodic backups. Now that imageshack killed my old accounts, I have given up totally in messageboards. Their loss not mine.

All this self pitying bitching and moaning is just to tell that if you ever feel unappreciated or get frustrated with posting the images in your blog, I know how you feel and want to know how much I value and appreciate your effort in this blog, and how thankful I am that you gathered all these pieces of art and preserved them for fellow enthusiasts and future generations.

With every cool painting you posted that I liked, you gave me a little pleasure and made my life a little happier, and for that, I give you a big heartfelt thank you. I am sure I am not the only one that feels the same.

Your example is also inspiring. I had posted my images in forums because it was easier. It never occurred to me that you could do a blog on illustration. I thought it was too much work, but everybody is doing it, so I can too.

Once more, thanks again for your effort, and I hope this letter made you smile and feel good.

Very best regards.


If you wonder about the name of this blog is because it’s an off topic gallery of  all the paintings that I like and are not war paintings. And “outer”, because is a nod to sci-fi B-movies that had the “from outer space” in the title

My main gallery:


Chapter 13: Your Flat Won’t Be Home Anymore

Fic Summary: “Everyone had a link with their soulmates, some could hear some of their partners thoughts, some had a tattoo that would appear with their partners name; for me, I knew when they got sick.” For a while Phil has thought that his soulmate might have an eating disorder and doesn’t expect to meet him in the restaurant where he works.

Genre: a lot of fluff, recovery, really fucking domestic, waiter!Phil

Warnings: eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, hospitals, panic attacks, references to past abuse, mentions of suicide, a lot of awkwardness, small amounts of smut. This is potentially triggering so for your own sake, please think twice about reading if anything this might affect you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have personal experience with eating disorders, but have done some research. If I have anything about them wrong, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll sort it out.

Word Count (for this part): 7.1k

[Uploads will be approximately every couple of weeks! (hopefully)]

A/N: Phanfic awards are open for nominations at the moment, so if you think any of my fics are good enough, feel free to nominate it. I’ve never been involved in them before so idk exactly how it works.


<= Previous Chapter

Phil’s POV:

I returned to work the day after I’d originally planned, feeling a lot better. I was still eating a bit like a sick person and not having anything too fancy. On my basic diet of cereal, tea, soup, toast and chicken, I was still having stomach aches, but they were nothing compared to the other night. I was probably just a bit gassy or something.

Being back at work was nice, getting back into a schedule of being productive. Shortly after I’d arrived, my boss approached me, to make sure I was definitely well enough to work. After speaking to him for five minutes, involving an amicable chat about our christmases, he let me off into the front to take some orders or take people to their seats.

Work went well that day, and for the next few. I took my day off as an opportunity for Dan and I to go and look at some potential houses. Both of us had done a little house hunting during the week, both online and in the local estate agents.

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A little gift for the lovely @smol-hux I was playing around in the ice au and made this for you!

Hope you like it!

“Snoke is going to be pissed.” Hux hisses his face so close that he cane feel the angry puffs of breath against his overheated skin.

“It’s not like I’ve never gotten into a fight before Sparkles.”

He watches Hux bristle at the nickname, his beautiful shifting eyes hardening into ice, his fingers sharper as they dig into his chin.

“This is a little different then your general hooliganism Ren.”

Hux runs cold fingers across his cut lip and it sends a shiver down his spin in spite of the warmth of the afternoon. He’s afraid that Hux knows why he had gotten into the fight in the first place.

He was a little surprised himself when he had thrown that punch at the man. He didn’t like Hux, he didn’t, obviously, but there was a big difference between him saying something cutting to Hux’s face where he could through back an equally biting remark and having that man call him those names while Hux had been calmly watching the fish swim by.

He had been calmly leaning against the large glass watching the graceful movements of the large fish his face light up by the strange blue light filtered through the tank and Kylo hadn’t been sure what to say to him.

But it certainly hadn’t been anything that involved the word dumpster.

He had seen red and so had everyone else when the man’s blood splattered across the floor.

“What did the man even say to you? I thought you were going to kill him… You’ll definitely be charged.” He mumbles that last part as he pulls a clean wipe out of who knows where (weirdo).

Kylo tries to shake his head, dislodge Hux’s strong thin fingers that he has in no way thought about on his skin before this. The man’s grip is tighter than he would have suspected.

“Nothing you would understand… Hockey stuff.”

“Oh yes, of course, hockey stuff.” Hux rolls his eyes but they’ve softened into that muted soft green color as he gently presses the wipe to Kylo’s skin.

He’s gentle as he cleans the blood off his skin, rubbing carefully with the wipe, his face close.

way too close.

it’s not like he wants to kiss Hux or anything but if he did it would be so damn easy. The man’s mouth is wet and bitten red and he could lean forward ever so slightly and capture that normally cruel mouth.

“This is what Snoke means about discipline Ren.” Hux tosses the wipe aside onto the ledge he’s perched on.

“Don’t start Ginger.”

Hux’s eyes harden again and his fingers dig into his chin and force him to look away so he can deal with the mess he’s made of the other side of his face. A growl low in the man’s throat goes straight to Kylo’s pants area.

“Why do you do that?” Hux hisses wiping his face harder than necessary.

“Do what? Fight? Snoke already has me seeing a shrink i don’t need to get into it with-”

“No. That’s not… Dr. Pfener?” Kylo nods unsurprised that the ball of anxiety in front of him needs a shrink and even less surprised that Snoke has them seeing the same one, “No I meant… the nicknames why do you insist on calling me everything under the sun other than what i want you to?”

“What you don’t like Dolly?”

Hux’s jaw clenches, he watches it become a hard line but the flush across his pale face suggests he doesn’t mind it nearly as much as he says.

“You don’t either.”

“Don’t what?”

“Call me by my name.”

“Yes I do.” Hux protests training his laser like focus on cleaning the cut on his cheekbone and not look him in the eye.

“Ren doesn’t count Brendol.” He means to say the name with a sardonic tone, something bored and maybe a little condescending because honestly how weird was that name.

It doesn’t come out that way though. It comes out soft and way too low. He’s worried how intimate it sounds because Hux looks up at him so quickly he throws his balance off.

He teeters a little and Kylo grabs his forearm.

They are close again, the whisper of the man’s breath on his skin, biting cold against the wet of the antiseptic wipes. He most certainly didn’t wet his lips, and he most certainly didn’t stare at the wet red bitten lips of Brendol Hux, so painfully close.

There was something electric in the air between them now, it felt like he was being flooded with adrenaline, like a fight but it wasn’t building burning in his veins quite the same.

“Kylo…” Hux’s voice is a low powerful thing and he’s trying not to focus on his mouth or the smell of those stupid green smoothies, or the fact that there is an errant sparkle in the man’s hair.

He takes a breath and closes his eyes waiting for the crash of adrenaline to hit, waiting for the press of the man’s soft looking mouth, waiting for them to make sense.

He can feel Hux close in the quiet of the afternoon broken only by the hitched sound of the man’s breath.

He can almost feel his mouth, so close he just needs to push up off the ledge, just needs to-

The peace and intimacy of the moment is destroyed by the them of the Wicked Witch of the West.

He pulls back, opening his eyes to find Hux standing a couple feet away looking down at his phone.

“It’s Snoke. We should go…”


The flush in Hux’s face is adorable but the distance between them now is as cold as the rink.

On the way back to the rink his phone buzzes. Pulling it out he finds he’s been mentioned in some article. Not that he has an RSS feed for his name or anything.

He pulls it up, anything is better than listening to Hux rant about some other figure skater to Mitaka coming through all the speakers.

The photo in the article makes him sit up in his seat. It’s the pair of them, Hux and himself, at the aquarium.

There are several photos along with some text trying to romantically link the pair.

Giving Hux a side eye to make sure he isn’t paying him any attention he downloads the photos onto his phone. Staring at the one where Kylo is sitting with his eyes closed and Hux is staring down at him mouth parted.

Hux was going to kiss him.

He doesn’t make the photo his wallpaper but he really really wants to.

Let Go

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Sam, FC Jacob

Summary:  This is my fic for @balthazars-muse‘s Monster Movie SPN challenge.  I was assigned clairaudience:  the ability to hear sounds coming from the spirit realm.  My sign is Gemini.

The reader searches out the Winchesters to help her deal with someone who speaks to her from the dead.

Word Count:  3497

Warnings:  Language, light angst, light violence, fluff

As always, feedback is appreciated!  Thanks for reading.

Tags are at the bottom.  Please feel free to message me if you’d like to be tagged/not tagged.  

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This has to be it.  This is the last motel in this dumpy little town, this town that time forgot. Open pastures, abandoned grain silos, shuttered houses with chipped paint.  The outside world doesn’t care about this blip on the map, it has forgotten this place exists.  It’s a close knit community, everyone knows each other and strangers stick out like a sore thumb.

The pristine classic car in the parking lot, it has to be the one.  They drive an old car, so you’ve heard.  This one is not a rust bucket like all the other ones in the lot.  It’s been lovingly tended to, the black paint so shiny that the sun beaming off of it momentarily blinds you.  

Hoping against hope, you knock on the thin wooden door.  Would the Winchesters help you?  Could you finally move on with your life?

The door opens and a tall man with shoulder length hair opens up the door.  His eyes are kind, but he carries himself with strength, he’s powerful.  Craning your neck, you look up at him.

“Can I help you?” he asks.

“Um, yeah.  I’m looking for the, uh, Winchesters?” Shifting back and forth on the balls of your feet, you suddenly feel nervous.  “Do you know them?”

The man’s expression changes quickly, it’s almost as if his whole body sharpens, as if he’s on alert.

“What do you want with the Winchesters?”

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Blood Red Lips

By Jack G (awaiting link to tumblr url)

Warning: This story contains a hint of gore

She always had this lipstick on, this ruby red lipstick that encapsulated the impression that she gave off, at least that she gave off to me. See, her outfits changed daily and I often wondered whether she washed her clothes as I never seemed to see the same item of clothing on her twice. However, the one thing that never changed were how they made her look; graceful, elegant and above all, dangerous. I can’t say she was Hollywood-standard beautiful; she was a little chubby, her hair was short and messy, her make-up was smudged more often than not, with dark circles under her eyes and a flicker of that mesmerising lipstick above or below her lips. To me, this just made her more enchanting.

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If You Wait

A/N: Yay! Still on time for Castle Fanfic Monday! I’ve missed writing so much this past month… Hope you like this one. Prompt at the end.
P.S: Send me more prompts to my inbox please

“And if you wait, if you wait
I will trust in time that we will meet again”
London Grammar – If You Wait


Set in season 4

Castle left the precinct as soon as Beckett had told him she would be doing paperwork for the rest of the evening. Being on call didn’t always mean there would be a body drop at any second, so sometimes she liked to stay in the empty, silent bullpen and catch up on her paperwork.

He, of course, fled the scene and politely bid his goodbye, leaving her in the almost empty bullpen.

After his departure, she proceeded with her ritual of getting coffee before starting on the pile of paperwork on her desk. Thank goodness for Castle’s espresso machine!

She could just go home and work from there, leave if she was called in…but it’s so quiet. It’s always so quiet…

If she had a say in it, she’d now be curled up with Castle on his couch with Martha and Alexis beside them, the four of them watching a movie.

Kate wanted that so bad, wanted to be whole again so she could be with him, give him everything he deserved. Give into his love. Because she remembered what he’d told her on that day, she’d been working that tiny bit harder to be ready for him.

If she wanted to be with him, she couldn’t be a broken shell of a person.

And Kate Beckett could barely wait to be ready, she was almost sure that one of these days this window would close on her and she’d regret it for the rest of her life.

She sighed. Went back to her reports.

Once she was halfway through her paperwork, she noticed the familiar iPhone sitting between two piles of paper.

And since when does she leave this much paperwork laying around?!

But back to the iPhone… Why would Castle leave his precious phone completely forgotten here at the precinct? She quickly made up her mind, she’d finish up at the precinct, go by his loft to drop the phone and then she’d go back to her own apartment where she’d take a bath, order some food and watch bad TV before going to bed. It’s what most of her nights consisted of anyway.


Some time later, she couldn’t really tell how much, Kate was ready to go home. Her paperwork was over, her shift as well and she couldn’t wait to get into that warm bath.

She turned off her computer, went into the break room to wash her mug and gathered her things back at her desk. Finally, picking up his phone, she pressed the button to light up the screen and check the time. It was late, but not too late that he’d be asleep 20 minutes from then. However, the fact that it was late didn’t seem to get to her as much as the wallpaper on the phone.

It was her. It was a photo of her. Oh God! How was she supposed to wait to be heal for him when he had her picture on his phone?

And one she didn’t even recognize but she knew when he’d taken it. Almost a year ago, on his birthday party, he’d invited some of his friends to the loft, including the boys, Lanie, Montgomery and Jenny.

At some point, all his other friends had gone home, Martha had gone out and Alexis had excused herself to go study Chemistry. Even the captain had gone home, leaving the six of them in his living room telling stories and laughing together. Kate remembered laughing so freely that night, Josh had been taking night shifts all week because of a stupid fight they’d had and Castle knew about that. She hadn’t known how – still didn’t, – but somehow he knew. When his birthday party started he made it his mission to keep her happy all night. He must have snapped that photo during the end of the evening, her eyes trained somewhere else rather than him and that dazzling smile of hers showing.

Castle. Her partner, her best friend, the man who hopefully was still in love with her. She smiled fondly at the idea of them being together in every sense of the word.

She had no idea what she would do if she lost him. She couldn’t lose him and that photo could mean he’s still waiting for her.


Kate made it to his loft in record time, lifting a hand to gently but firmly knock on the door. Less than a minute later she’s standing face to face with him in his doorway.

“Beckett, what are you doing here at…” he looked down at his watch, “10:30 in the evening? Not that I’m complaining…” He stepped aside to let her in and closed the door behind them.

“Well, I know it’s late but I thought…” Kate trailed off as she reached his couch and turned around to face him.

His face lightened up. “Oh, caught a case? I’m down for it, I’ve been writing ever since I left the precinct. I’m writing this scene now, trying to get Nikki and Rook to-”

Ever the fan girl, she had to put a stop to his rant. “Castle! No spoilers!”

He chuckled at that, gave her his trademark smirk before adding something that made her eyes roll, “I knew you were a fan.” He motioned for them to sit on the couch then. Once settled down on the comfortable leather, he asked again. “So, what are you doing here then?”

“You left your phone at the precinct.” She reached for the pocket of her coat and took out the phone. “I thought you might need it, but I just got out of the precinct and I couldn’t swing by earlier. Sorry.”

Castle collected the phone, unlocking it to check his notifications, mostly texts and emails, the new update for Angry Birds. Kate would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed the hint of a smile on his face when the phone came to life. “Oh, it’s okay. I didn’t even realize I had left it there. You, Kate Beckett, are a lifesaver!”

Kate can’t help but laugh at that, he was so goofy sometimes. Looking at him so carefree, so handsome, she gathered the courage to say the rest of what she had say. “I saw your wallpaper. I didn’t mean to, I was just checking the time, but it made me smile too like you did a minute ago.”

“You saw the picture?” She nodded. “I-I didn’t-” He got up and started pacing back and forth in front of her, troubled.

She interrupted him with a wave of her hand. “Don’t. You don’t need to justify yourself…” Kate got to her feet as well and stopped him with a hand on his forearm. “But I do need you to answer one question.” She held his gaze then, his face scrunched up with a look of panic, looking so much like a little boy in trouble it was making him look almost a little too adorable for her to handle. So she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them, beautiful hazel meeting nervous blue, she knew that was it. That was her chance to make things right. “Do you still love me?” Her voice was nothing more than a whisper and she’s not so sure he has heard her.

“Wh-what?” But his answer was more of a shocked one, he’d heard her.

“Do you still love me?” Kate repeated.

“How do y- I thought you didn’t remember what happened…” Castle looked into her eyes, anger flowing from his and then he glanced down at the hand she’d laid on his arm. He tried to free himself but as just held on tighter and moved her hand down to his wrist, tugging on it.

“Look at me, Castle.” He did. “I do. I didn’t then but I’ve been remembering lately. I didn’t lie to you, Rick.”

“How could you leave-” The look of disbelief he carried was enough to make her want to cease his worries with a hug. Or however she could.

But that wasn’t possible, not until she had some answers. “I’ve been seeing a therapist, Rick.”

“A therapist?”

“Yes. He’s been helping me accept everything that happened that day, helping me get better so I can be fully ready…”

“For what?” They’re standing so close to each other, her heels making her almost as tall as him. He could just lean in and kiss her. If only he knew where they stood…

“To be with you.” The moment the words come out of her mouth, they were frozen in time, the air gone from his lungs. “Will you tell me now?” When he kept staring at her, no answer coming from him, no reaction whatsoever, she asked again. “Do you still love me?”


This was his chance of finally coming clean about his feelings, about her, about them. He was going to tell her the truth and hope for the best. When he made up his mind, he realized she’d been waiting for an answer for far too long and was starting to look a bit panicked. Castle opened his mouth to tell her how he felt but no sound came out.

He heard her sigh, “It’s fine, you don’t.” She started towards the front door and he just stood there in the middle of his living room. “I guess it’s my fault,” he chased her then, there was still so much left unsaid – mostly on his side of the story – and he couldn’t let her blame herself, “I kept you waiting and now you don’t love me anymore.” When Beckett lifted a hand to open the door, he grabbed her wrist, turning her around and pressing her tightly against his chest. Secured by a large hand on the small of her back, Beckett looked up at him in disbelief, golden hazel meeting piercing blue once more. “Cas-“

Castle didn’t give her time to rethink their position, to protest. He just closed his eyes, leaned in and hoped she wouldn’t shoot him. Their lips met and, much like their first kiss, the touch of her lips was enough to make him melt completely. Kate opened her mouth to give him better access, moaning in the process and his tongue darted out to taste the coffee still engraved in hers. They took their time, kissing passionately while their tongues fought and endless battle.

When they pulled away, Kate forced herself to take a step back. She couldn’t risk ruining all her progress now. Or would it really be ruining anything? He looked like a lost puppy. “I do, Kate, I still love you. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.” Hearing him say those words again made her feel some sort of relief, as if his answer would make her decide between healing properly or simply coping with all that happen that day. “There’s no one I’d rather be with than you.” Castle dared to take a step forward, invade her personal space, take one of her hands in his.

She looked down at their linked hands and then up into his eyes once more. She wanted so bad to just give herself to him, all of her. Doctor Burke was right, she would have to face her fears eventually. “Rick, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here with you.” Her free hand landed on his cheek as his arms fell around her waist, hugging her against him. “And when I’m ready, you’ll be the first to know.” Her words were honest, she wanted him, wanted them.

His eyes were trained on hers, their breaths mingled and time was standing still. “Kate, I would wait a lifetime if that meant I’d have the chance to be with you.”

Castle would wait for her.

Beckett was almost ready.

Prompt: One day Castle mistakenly leaves his phone behind in the precinct. Kate finds out he has a picture of her as his wallpaper. (pre)