i liked how they just kept it nice and sweet

Happy WEEK FIVE of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! Such a lovely week of reading as usual… once again, I love that I continue to find more and more blogs with such beautiful writing!! I actually went out of my way this week to look for writing as well… I hope you don’t mind! Doing this is so much fun for me… and I’m glad to see that you guys are enjoying it too!! 

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Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Sunday by @reidoneshots (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, what a fitting title lol! I thought this would be a great way to start us off :-) I’m sure you’ve heard this… but I am a sucker for Spencer as a father!! My weakness! This was so beautifully fluffy - from start to finish, it flowed beautifully and had me hooked the whole time. Loved it!

Curves and Edges by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I am SHOOK!! This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read… and that’s the truth. The rawness of this is what got me. All of it is so real and relatable, and not only is the idea great, but the writing is too. You’ve got a real talent, my friend - I can’t wait to see what you have coming up next. :-)

Chopsticks by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Finally, Urnayme has found something that Spencer doesn’t immediately excel at!! One of my favorite things about your writing is that you always fit a little bit of “you” in there. The “Hi Spencer. I’m very well thanks. Nah, you’re not at all intruding, come right on in” sounds like something you would say… :-) your writing is always a favorite, Cher!

Frenemies (1, 2, 3) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Mari!!! This!!! is!!! AMAZING!!! (Sorry, I’m just really excited about this). I need the next part. I need it!! Okay so I really loved the art museum scene - “ I wasn’t very good at ever understanding art” he said embarrassed, “You always were.” *high pitch squeal* That was such a Spencer thing to say. Your writing makes me so happy ugh this is going to be another amazing series, girl!

Payback’s a Bitch by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh, Nicole… this was hot!! The whole time I as thinking, “Aww, poor Spencer,” but at the same time I was like, “Yes!!! KEEP TEASING!” I think you captured perfectly how squirmish and whiny Spencer would get in this sort of situation. Your writing blows me away every time!

Smile by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was p e r f e c t. I reread it like, 100 times because it made me smile so much. What started off a little angsty ended nice and sweet - just how I like it! I could see this turning into a huge series… just sayin’ ;-) This is a totally original idea, and I’m so glad that it was written by you! I honestly can’t stress enough how great of a writer I think you are.

I’m Pregnant… And I Have Feelings for You by @marvelfanlife (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Ahhhhh! So cute! Of course Spencer would reciprocate his feelings for the reader. I love this fluffy piece so so much :) I love the conflict (obviously the pregnancy is one) of the secrets kept from each other. Friends with benefits having feelings for one another is such a complicated thing to write, and I think you were spot on! Can’t wait to see what you write next. :-)

Supermarket Flowers by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid)
Congratulations Lee, you have made me cry with this one! This song just makes me emotional in general, but paired with your beautiful writing was a perfect storm. I also liked how you briefly mentioned Spencer’s struggle with his faith. This is such a huge possibility as to what could happen in the show… Okay, I could honestly go on and on about story, but I will just end it with a: Great job, Lee. I will be rereading this many in the future.

Seven Years Later Part 2 by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’ve been so excited for this next part, and you definitely delivered!! I love this whole idea for this fic. So original… you’ve got me hooked! But is this it?? Was that the last part?? YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT. It takes a lot of talent to get people hooked like the way you’ve hooked me… Mari, you always amaze me with your great writing and great ideas!!

Today Was a Fairytale by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jasey, you always have the best fluff pieces. Whenever my sweet tooth is aching, I come to your blog and sift through your masterlist :-) This was another great one! You portrayed Spencer perfectly - I’m sure he would be the perfect gentleman during a night out. Lovely as always!!

Blanket Stealing by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Platonic Reader)
I am loving this dynamic between Spencer and the reader!! I think it would be awesome if Spencer had someone like that in his life. There was such a carefree feel to him in this story and I loved that. The bickering made me giggle :-) I’ve never read anything like this before, but I can already tell you that I’m obsessed with it!!

I’m All Yours by @speedreiding (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Jealousy isn’t a side of Spencer we get to see often - I think you portrayed it perfectly! The reader reassuring him, and the smut… I can’t believe this was your first time writing smut!! It was wonderful! So gentle and sweet; it was perfect for a first time sex experience! I really liked how you created a back story and your own touch to the requested prompt. This was an awesome read!

Way Better than Bumble by @a-bau-tiful-mind (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This caught my eye when I was scrolling through Tumblr and I couldn’t stop reading it once I started! This trope is always such a good one, and I like how you made it your own. The way the reader and Spencer hit it off totally made me squeal. I really love your writing style!! I hope to read more soon :-) (Also, the title is wayy cute!)

Becoming Real by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez)
I THINK YOU BROKE ME!!! Daddy Spencer… Reidvez… in one fic?! You’ve killed me forsure. In the best possible way, of course! I live for this ship. And once again, you’ve proven that you can write anything and everything! The way you wrote their relationship is exactly the way I had it in my head… now, just need it to be canon… ;-)

Supposed to Be by @bookofreid (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m just… wow… I have no words. okay wait because i actually do have words This whole thing was just… out of this world. Your flow, word choice, everything was spot on. I loved how it started off with only descriptions, no names. Just a nameless man and woman, simply being described. I’m not sure what else to say other than WOW. I admire you and your writing!!!

mage-of-words  asked:

Hey there, I love love your work of tomco fanfic and if ur open for request I have one in mind. Tom has a cousin who he loathes him more than anyone in his diminsion because he's more devilishly handsome than Tom and he does everything better than Tom. He was curious that Tom is visiting earth a lot so he went there to visit his cousin and try to pry on why Tom like this earth so much...he got his answer when he met Marco, fell in love, & he want him all to himself.

This was so much fun to write! I hope you like the story! I worked really hard on this one and I hope it’s what you wanted! Let me know what you think and if you like how it turned out! Thanks for the request and thank you for saying such nice things! You are too sweet!


Tom huffed a bit and shoved his hands into his pockets. His father just kept talking to his aunt and uncle about him like he wasn’t even there. Like he didn’t hear all the horrible things they spat at him. “I just think don’t think Tom is the right kind of demon for the job. He hardly fits the role of a royal.” His aunt spoke.

“Have you thought of Saint Ogal’s for princes?” His uncle asked. Tom shrunk away and his father shot him a look.

“Yes we have, and if you recall correctly he broke out… twice.” His father hissed. Tom swallowed hard and looked away. “Perhaps Dave would be… better. But the people have come to expect Tom as their next king. I don’t think it wise to change that.” His father admitted. Tom sighed and looked away. Just as a voice spoke up Tom felt anger boil up.

“Uncle Lucifer, we all know I’m the better choice to inherit the kingdom. I know he’s your son but, Tom has done nothing but mess up ever since he was just a child.” His older cousin spoke up. Dave was only Tom’s elder by a year, but he acted like he was the supreme overlord and ruler of his entire life. Tom couldn’t breath without Dave doing it better.

“I’m not arguing that.” Lucifer assured. Tom mumbled to himself. Even his dad openly admitted that Dave was better and Tom was nothing. “Just give him some time to shape up. Trust me, I don’t tolerate failure.” He warned, glaring at Tom. The littler demon gulped and straightened himself out, worried he was doing something wrong. But he was just standing there, still, Lucifer looked at him with disdain.

Lucifer dismissed the children so he could speak with Tom’s aunt and uncle alone. They acted like their gossip was some sort of secret meeting, but they just liked to judge others. Tom bowed his head and made his way out of the room quickly, followed by Dave. “You know it’s only a matter of time before they kick you out, right?” He asked. Tom just looked away. “Everybody knows I should be the heir! Why your dad kept you around for so long is beyond any of us, not even he wants you.” Dave told him. Tom clenched his teeth.

“Did your daddy tell you that?” Tom hissed. “It wouldn’t kill you to have an opinion of your own.” He growled. Dave narrowed his eyes at his cousin.

“You always have to talk back, why can’t you ever learn to keep your mouth shut? It might help you later on. You wouldn’t get yourself into so much trouble.” Dave mumbled. “No wonder your dad treats you the way he does, you deserve it.” He hissed.

Tom wanted to fall back from that comment, but he just thought very hard. Marco told him that wasn’t true. And Marco would never lie about something like that. “No, I don’t.” Tom turned around and Dave stopped. “I don’t deserve the crap you guys throw at me, especially my dad, you’re all just ignorant and can’t accept me because I’m not what YOU want me to be! But it doesn’t matter because I can be better!” Tom screamed at him. He turned around but Dave grabbed him by the shoulder. “Don’t touch me!” Tom hissed.

“Who told you that?” Dave demanded. “The guards say you’ve been sneaking off at night, going to Earth? And one day I show up and all the sudden you’re talking back and acting like you’re worth it all! What’s gotten into you?” He asked again. Tom huffed and turned away.

“Screw you.” Tom muttered, and teleported away.


“He acts like he knows everything.” Tom grumbled. Marco leaned against the demon and held his hand.

“Well he sounds like he knows nothing.” Marco promised. Tom smiled down at the human and Marco gave him a little kiss on the nose. “I’m sorry they treat you so poorly, I really am. But I’m so proud of you for standing up for yourself.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and closed his eyes and buried his face in Marco’s hoodie.

“Thanks Marco… I was worried it would backfire. It probably will, my dad’ll have my head for yelling at Dave like that, and then running off to earth.” Tom explained. “The guards apparently caught me, so I’m in for it when I get back.” Marco bit his lip and felt anxiety flood up in his gut. He reached over and pulled Tom closer.

“M-maybe you should stay then.” Marco offered shyly. “I mean… it’s safer for you here and people love you and treat you nice.” Marco was almost begging. Tom looked up and gave him a kiss on the head.

“We’ve talked about this, I can’t just run away.” Tom told him. “But don’t worry about me, anytime I feel unsafe I PROMISE, I’ll come here.” Tom swore. Marco smiled and took the demon’s face, feeling his hair and ears.

“Anytime?” Marco asked

“I’m here now aren’t I?” Tom asked. Marco giggled and climbed up on Tom and began covering him in kisses. Tom giggled but Marco cut the noise off with a kiss on the mouth. Tom melted in the human’s embrace and they stayed there for a long while, kissing and pulling each other as close as possible.


Marco smiled when he saw Tom was curled up at the foot of his bed like a cat, fast asleep. Marco giggled and pet Tom behind the ears. “I thought you went home.” He laughed lightly. He enjoyed it when Tom stayed. Marco got up carefully and went downstairs to make the two of them some breakfast. When he got to the kitchen, there was already a visitor waiting for him, seated at the counter.

“Marco, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Dave admitted. Marco looked at the new arrival curiously and tilted his head. “You’re confused. I’m Dave, and You’re the humna my little cousin has taken such a fascination in. I was curious as to why he snuck off to earth so often but I think I got my answer.” He smiled.

“You’re Tom’s older cousin?” Marco asked. Dave nodded and Marco made an angry or disgusted face.

“I see you’ve heard of me?” He asked, laughing a bit.

“Oh Tom has told me ALL about you.” Marco assured. “And the door is over there so you can show yourself out.” Marco told him.

“You hurt me, I’m a guest in your home.” Dave corrected. Marco made a fake shocked face.

“Oh goodness me! Where are my manners?” Marco’s voice was dripping with sarcasm. “Allow me to show you to the door!” Marco offered. His fake demeanor dropped and he stamped his foot. “Now leave!” Marco demanded. “Tom is happy here, he’s safe here, and I don’t want you to ruin it.” He told the demon.

“Tom isn’t safe no matter where he goes, there are some things you can’t protect him from. We all suffer from that reality, now please Marco I came to have a chat with you.” Dave motioned to the chair. “If you will?” He asked. Marco seethed, but took a seat, watching the demon intently. “I have to admit when I first saw you I didn’t see the appeal. I followed Tom here thinking he spent his time messing around with some human gangs and such, and was seriously disappointed when I saw you.” He added. “But then I saw more Marco, I kept listening and watching, you really are wise for a human of your years. You understand things.” Dave explained. “You understand Tom and, even I can’t understand him!”

“What are you saying?” Marco asked. Dave moved over to stand next to the human.

“I;m saying you are a fascinating creature! Wiser than most humans, more capable, understanding, smart; you have an aura about you.” Dave continued. Marco didn’t fall for the flattery, his compliments meant nothing to him.

“I don’t care what you think of me, I still think of you as dirt.” Marco bit. Dave chuckled and sat back down across from Marco.

“Strong of will as well. I like it.” He added. “Tell me, what is such an exquisite creature as yourself, doing with my little cousin? Surely you can find yourself one better that Tom!” Dave laughed like their relationship was a joke.

“I LOVE him!” Marco hissed.

“And I love bread, but I wouldn’t date it over Brad Pitt, darling.” Dave told Marco. “Tom is… He’s a complete screw up!” Dave insisted. “All I’m saying is, Marco, I’m not. I’m better than him, you’re better than him… for the love of god, ANYTHING is better than him!” Dave seemed annoyed. “I’ve fallen for you marco Diaz, in the short time I’ve known you, come with me, leave the mistake you made settle for something better.” Dave put his hand out.

Marco stared at the demon for a very, VERY, long time. He was absolutely shock and appalled. How this guy had the nerve to come into HIS house, talk down the love of his life, and expect to earn his heart? Marco stood up very slowly and looked at Dave in the eyes. The older demon was smiling smugly. Without much more thought Marco slapped him across the face.

“Leave.” Marco told him in a calm voice. Dave shot up, he seemed angered by Marco’s actions.

“How dare you-” Dave was cut off when Marco slapped him again.

“Get out of my house!” Marco yelled this time. “This is MY home! Tom is MY DEMON! And he is PERFECT!” Marco growled. “He’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever come across, talk down to him again and I will find you! I will find you and I will END YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?!” Marco screamed. Dave backed away, with fear in his eyes. “If my Tommy ever, EVER comes here again, frightened or sad because of YOU, AGAIN– YOU ARE GOING TO GET A DATE WITH ME ALRIGHT! A DATE WITH MY FIST AND YOUR JAW!” Marco screamed. Dave scrambled to his feet and Marco stood there, watching him intently. “Now get out of here.” Marco demanded, much quieter, but the threatening tone stayed.

“You’re making a mistake with this, I hope you know that.” Dave growled. Marco shoved him hard and Dave put hi hands up, backing out. “Goodbye Marco, I guess I was wrong about you. You are just as stupid as everyone else on this planet.”

Dave slammed the door and Marco just stood there, raging. He was claimed when he heard light footsteps descend the stairs. He looked up and saw Tom had just left his room and was walking down stairs, rubbing his eyes.

“Marco? Were you shouting?” Tom asked, concerned. He came down the rest of the stairs quicker and Marco smiled warmly at him. He walked over and wrapped Tom up in a warm hug, covering his face in kisses.

“Don’t worry Tommy, he… it was nothing important.”


Hi friends!!

I have enjoyed my week of recovery, but I’m ready to get back into moving my body. I do enjoy the week off after a race, but I need to get out of my slug life ways. And that started this afternoon!

Scott was here to visit on Friday! And we went out with some friends for karaoke. It was highly entertaining and a great time with scott and all my friends. We stayed out later and enjoyed ourselves :)

Saturday was therefore a very lazy day for scott and I. We did make it out for a bike ride though! Not until the evening haha but we made it out! We rode about 20 miles with a stop at the end for Dairy Queen. It was nice :)

Sunday we were much more productive! We got up, went to church, went to the grocery store, and then made lunch together. He had to head home a bit earlier than normal because he was making dinner for his mom.

Once we left I decided to head out for a run! My legs felt ready to run, so I figured I might as well see how they would work. I kept it short and sweet, but it felt good to get out there again! It’s nice to run right now and not have a plan to follow I can just do what I want :)

And that’s what I did tonight! I headed out after work intending to run. But I got not even a half mile in, realized my legs didn’t feel great, and I didn’t really feel like running haha so I didn’t! I decided to have a nice sunny walk instead. Felt really nice :)

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately! Hope you’re all doing well :)

The Summer (22/32)

The Summer (22/32) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 10,114 Words

For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: possessiveness, teasing, dirty talk, mastrubation, fingering

Chapter Twenty-Two

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Snip Snip. (Chocobros)

This one’s about the boys having little kids who really hate getting haircuts. Sorry that the s/o’s involvement is very minimal, it just sort of unfolded that way.

His little one is fidgety. Very fidgety. Looking clearly unhappy and trying to get out of the barber’s chair. Wanting to settle down his child; he thinks of what would make a good bribe, and starts negotiating. Promising anything that could make a child’s heart race. His little one seemed to consider it, but the second the scissors came, all was forgotten. Tears, screaming, panicking; and most of it wasn’t Noctis. Expecting this and not ready to give up, both Noctis and the barber try to distract the little one with toys, or a story. And while it works, it only lasts till the little one sees scissors again. Which unfortunately, ended really badly. Noctis is too embarrassed by that point and just heads back. He figures he’ll have someone come over to take care of this, asking the little one who he should call. A small hand reaches out to his phone, and takes it. He looks at his child and waits, coming close to crying himself when he hears “Daddy you do it!” with an innocent smile. 

He picks up the scissors, and taps into hope he didn’t know he had. “It just needs to be shorter.” He’d repeat to himself. Moving around, cutting some hair here, then some there. Using a brush to settle it down. When he was done, he wished he would have given the barber another shot. He inflicted the worst haircut he’d ever seen on his own child. Cleaning up as fast as he can, he sits the little one down. “Listen, you look so nice! How about, we tell everyone you cut it yourself okay?” There’s a nod and a handshake. And when his s/o comes home and sees the choppy, inconsistent hair, they look to Noctis, who could only say, “I guess I should’ve kept an eye on the scissors, haha.”
They weren’t impressed.

He just picks up and cradles his kid the second, he feels like there was going to be a fuss. Saying sweet, encouraging things. Trying to make the haircut sound like an adventure. And while he wants to keep his kids happy at all times, this is one time he hoped his kid would just stay still long enough to get this done. While he’s talking, he gestures for the barber to take a crack at doing this sneakily. It goes well enough, quite a bit managed to get trimmed. But then, the whining and wriggling about started, and he was forced to let down the hyper fuzzball. Who went on to run straight for the door, not wanting to stay another minute. Prompto apologised and gave a small tip for the trouble, making an effort not to focus on how exasperated he felt.

At home, he decides he might as well cut the hair. Looking up tutorials, reading whatever he can find. Just anything that would help him make sense of how to give children haircuts. He takes a deep breath, and trims a little. Then consults whatever guide he’s looking at. This goes on for a bit, and he feels pretty skeptical about how it’ll turn out. Paying attention to the length on each side, hoping it looks at least decent when dry. But to his surprise, it actually looks somewhat nice. When his s/o sees, they praise him a bunch, that is until they feel the back of their child’s head and notice a nice patch that’s a lot shorter than the rest. He can’t believe that slipped his mind.

Having a thousand things to do, is hard enough on it’s own. But when you need to look after a child, it’s that much harder. He’s normally very patient. And he’s also a very doting parent. However, all of that only goes so far when his child is throwing a fit and his phone has gone off multiple times. The barber kept trying to employ all sorts of strategies to pull of the haircut slowly but surely. Yet, there was too much to do and not enough time, so with complete and utter resignation, he decided it’s better not to keep at something that isn’t going to get any results. Spending a great deal of time alternating between calming down his child and returning phone calls, he finally got a few moments of peace.

Asking his child to take a seat and sit still, he raced to get the job done. Too irritated by that point to care about anything other than having this out of the way. He could sense a small crying fit was going to come on, and just put the scissors down and did a little deep breathing to calm himself down, while his child flailed about for a little while. His apathy was beyond words, so he just went back to it. Rushing through with nothing but sheer willpower and the adrenaline rush of exhaustion. He takes a look when he’s done, quite pleased with the result. His s/o later messages him, saying that they absolutely love the job he did, and think that he should be in charge of haircuts from now on. There was a lot of internal screaming.

He waits, and he waits, and he waits. He doesn’t see his little munchkin calming down any time soon. It had already eaten up so much time, he just zoned out. Wanting to figure out, what it was about haircuts that drove children into hysterics. He stuck on, only because he had faith his patience would be rewarded. Just when it started to get quieter, and he felt hopeful, the barber got his attention. Looking thoroughly agitated, but apologising. Because his child was too unruly to keep at it. Trying not to panic, he messaged his s/o. Asking what’s best. They were sick and tired of this haircut getting delayed, and in the spur of the moment told him to do it himself so long as it’s done.

He was tempted to go back to the barber and try again. But looking at how much more peaceful the little munchkin looked with him, he was willing to try it. His s/o meanwhile realised that a delayed haircut is probably better than the mess Gladio might leave behind. Rushing to their house, hoping to stop him. He however, wasn’t feeling very confident. He tried cutting a sheet of paper just to test whether he could cut in a straight line. Disappointed, he looked to the empty bowl nearby with a heavy heart. He had no choice. He placed it on the little munchkin’s head. Prepared himself and started cutting. When his s/o finally made it back. They were torn between helping their child feel good about the new hair or, chewing him out for giving their child a bowl cut, of all things.

Ignore (Request)

u meet harry and lou teasdale and you are a fan of lou so u just talk to her and kind of ignore harry then u and lou get friends and u always avoid seeing harry (bc u are a fan of him and get really nervous) and it upsets him bc he likes u


Ever since you were a little girl, you had dreamed of being a makeup artist. You had always enjoyed the concept of making someone look their best without making them look like someone else. It was about inspiring people and allowing them to see just how naturally beautiful they were and teaching them how to elevate all of their best traits.

At the end of your second year of college, you had the opportunity to do a job shadow with a professional hair and makeup artist, in order to gain some valuable work experience. Little did you know that you would be shadowing one of your idols; Lou Teasdale. The thought alone was enough to give you butterflies, but even more so because you knew she had four very famous clients that you would also be working with.

If you were being honest with yourself, you knew you were going to get nervous around the boys; especially Harry. You were admittedly a fan of One Direction and had a pretty substantial fangirl crush on Harry, you had just never imagined that you would actually meet him in person so you weren’t at all prepared for that, let alone potentially doing his hair.

The thing about you was that you were a particularly quiet person, especially when you were nervous. Sometimes that came across as being a bit standoffish, but you didn’t mean it to. So when you met Harry for the first time after arriving at your job, you managed a very polite hello and then tried to avoid all eye contact with him for the rest of the day. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to talk to him, but because you simply didn’t know what to say and it made you incredibly nervous.

You got comfortable with Lou pretty much right away because she was a female and technically your boss. You even got pretty friendly with the other boys. But anytime Harry would come into the picture, you would make any excuse you could to be somewhere else.

After about six weeks, you noticed that Harry stopped trying to make small talk with you. He would sit in the chair and let you do your work in silence before muttering a ‘thank you’ and then leaving. You knew that it was your fault he was like this - if you were him, you’d be put off by your behaviour as well - but you didn’t know how to fix it at that point. It had already been six weeks of basically ignoring the guy, there was no way you could magically change it up now.

Finally, Harry snapped. You were standing alone in the makeup trailer cleaning some brushes after all the other boys had headed off to get ready for the show when you turned and saw Harry standing there, leaning against the door frame. You jumped a bit at his sudden presence, but gave a polite smile and went back to cleaning. He stood there and watched you in silence, making you increasingly uncomfortable. You were almost at the point of making a comment, but he beat you to it.

“Have I done something?” He asked.

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anonymous asked:

i once ran into trixie and exchanged a couple of words with her. i was a little nervous and didn't want to bother her so i kept it super short but she was so welcoming, so sweet and smiley and had just a really nice vibe about her, it really made my day / week / life. do you have anything planned for meeting her? :)

I was thinking i’d read her fanfiction like a disrespectful idiot?

na, i’ll probs just ask her to sign one of the pictures i’ve drawn of her and tell her how much i enjoy her comedy, maybe buy her a shot if the opportunity presents itself, then have a good cry afterwards


I drew this for a friend because I asked her how I could convince her to get Sweet Fuse and she told me to show her a funny/cute scene from the game.

This is one of my favorite scenes and I’m like 90% sure this is how it went (I’m sorry I made it not funny ;A: play the game it’s funnier there)

I like to think that he didn’t give the second breakfast to a piglet, like in his confusion he just ate both bowls. Meoshi is a giant dork.

Oh My Lord

So what I’m going to say happened just 3 hours ago.
Well I’m from France and we were just chillin outside a train station waiting for my bestfriend’s train to come. So we were walking outside taking videos on snapchat and everything.

Then I saw this group of Asian men who I reconized were Koreans with a single black dude. They all had like huge cameras so I started to wonder like what are they doing.
So we kept walking toward them and then I noticed a little guy with a red cap I kept staring at him then sudently he turned away and I gasped.

“ Oh shit it’s Dok2 !!!!! ” all his crew turned away and started to smile at me and all. When Dok2 turned away and looked at me I got SUPER SHY and my friends ( they don’t know anything abt kpop/khiphop ) were like do you know him ? I was like
“ yeaaa I love him ” so they told me to go ask for a picture but I was so nervous I said no so I started to walk away.

During this whole time Dok2 was looking at me smiling so I got even more nervous but then I was like fuck it I’m going so I walked to him shyly and 2 of his camera men smiled at me I think they were taking picture(?) not sure but they all had their cameras toward Dok2 and me.

So I asked him “ can I take a picture with you please ” he immediatly said yes, so I came by his side but I was a little distant then he said “ come closer ” so I did and our arms were touching each other GAAAAAAAAAAAAWD !!!!!!

After my friends took it I looked at him and said 감사합니다 and he said “ merci ” with a perfect French accent so I was like “ awwwwww ” and then all his camera men laughed and stuff it was so sweet then I left.

When I walked away I saw 2 other Korean guy and they were laughing at how I was so excited and then they said “ lucky lucky ! ”
I was just sooooo happy !

I mean you’re randomly walking in Paris and you end up meeting Dok2 !!!

He was so nice and kept smiling and looking at me thooooo

Idk how to put a picture in the submit on my phone but I put the pic on ig, my ig is : naovtg

Sorry if was quite long but I’m still sooo excited !!!!! :D

I am sorry for being all so clumsy. You gave me your heart because I promised that I’d take very good care of it. You trusted me. You believed in my words. But oh god, I am so butterfingered. I am so sorry for always breaking it. Like a glass, I let your heart slip through my fingers. I left your heart with permanent scars. Your fragile heart. I watched you suffer in pain. Oh my god, my beautiful man. I am sorry for leaving cracks in your precious heart. I am sorry for shattering it. It is my bad. Yes, it is. Do not tell me that it’s not my fault and that I do not have to apologize because I know it is. If I haven’t been so careless about the things I’ve done, you’re probably happy. You’re probably pain-free. 

I am sorry for being so apathetic. I remembered the time when you told me how much you hated yourself when you got a C in your report. You felt so dumb. So worthless. You told yourself not worth it for all the sacrifices of your mother. You cried in front of me. You told me you regret your actions. I acted like I cared. But the truth is that, I am comforting you so that you would shut up already. I’ve always hated dramas. After awhile, you had a feeling that I am not really interested in listening to your stories. So you said good bye. You immediately talked to your best friend about your rants. I am sorry darling. I should be the one listening to all your problems. You should be sharing all of those to me. I’m sorry for making you feel so indifferent. I should be easing the pain that you are feeling. I am sorry for leaving you during the times when you needed me the most. 

I am sorry for not appreciating you. You’re an old school child. You love doing simple things. Every time I left my notebook in our locker, you’d always write sweet notes at the back of it before returning it to me. You love sending me morning messages. You never failed to make me loved. But no matter what you do, it wasn’t enough. I always look for greater things. I’ve never been contented about the things that you could offer me. Darling, I am sorry for not thanking you for all the little things that you’ve done. I know it’s too late but I want you to know that you’re a great man. You are wonderful. You are quixotic. Ethereal as what they’d all say. 

I am sorry for demanding so much attention and time. I always get angry whenever I see you doing other things. Every time you’re having fun playing with your friends, I start making dramas to get your attention. I am sorry for being so selfish. All these times, I wanted to become your world. I am sorry. I didn’t realize that you also need to go out of your inner circle. I’m sorry for locking you inside the cage I’ve built. You’ve been busy about me while I kept myself busy about other things. I know, it’s truly unfair. Darling, I am so sorry for stealing your time. 

I am sorry for changing you. I was never contented. I am sorry for always comparing you to other men. I kept telling you things like “Oh my god! Why can’t you be like him? He’s all nice and sweet and perfect and just look at him!”. I didn’t realize the reason why I am lucky to have you. It’s because you’re different. You’re unique from all of these men. I didn’t realize that you have your own style of making me happy, your own style of showing me how much you love me and how much you care for me. I’m sorry because I wanted to change you. When you loved me, you accepted all my flaws. I know I needed to do the same for you. As your significant other, I should accept all your flaws. I should learn to love them and show you that I do. So that no one could ever use them to hurt you, my lovely man. 

Darling, I am sorry for being so complicated. I am so difficult to handle. There are times when I just want to give up on myself, but you were there for me. You held me tight and told me that everything is going to be okay. Every time I’m in the verge of hurting myself, every single time I tried to scar my skin, you were there to stop me. Every time I start calling myself worthless, you were there to prove me wrong. Every time my heart breaks, you were there to fix it. Every time I feel empty, you’re ready to break your own self so that you could fill my emptiness. You always make me feel loved. I am sorry because I didn’t realize this earlier. I’m sorry darling. I know one day- sooner or later, you’ll get tired of me, but I want you to know, that starting today, I would take care of you the same way you did. I would love you and appreciate you. Darling, I will make things better, I promise.”

 Don’t blame yourself. It’s not always your fault • EJC

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Congratulations Berocca! :D You deserve those followers and more. I'm in kakairu hell since I have 15 and now, ten years later, I'm really glad that good artists like you continue doing things and inspiring others. It's awesome! X) If you have free request yet (and if you want, of course), you could make a sweet scene (like Iruka taking care an injured Kakashi) or a sexy one (shirtless kiss, maybe?... sexy men it's your specialty!). Thank you for yours amazing drawings and have a nice day! :)

Thank you so much for your sweetness T-T I’m so sorry this took so long!! I was trying to make it good and then i became all sad when i kept seeing how bad it was so i kept deleting it and making a new one… and now i’m just sort of blindly hoping you like it.

I hope it was what you requested…sweet and sexy (?? T0T)

Once again, thank you so much. I love you. I love our kakairu comm too. I hope you always have a lovely day!!

My story of how I met Julian Casablancas for the 1st time - March 10th, 2014

Prepare yourselves… this is quite detailed.

Here we go.

So, on Monday evening, I was sitting in my room around 6 pm working on a school assignment when my friend @hurtslikeheaven texted me saying that she heard a rumor about Julian + The Voidz possibly having a secret show in New Orleans that night. Of course I FREAKED THE HELL OUT. This kinda thing never happens !!!!! !! !!!1 Y'all, I’m seriously. N E V E R.
Like why New Orleans? Why Louisiana?
I don’t give my state enough credit.

   Anyway, I immediately searched online “Julian Casablancas in New Orleans” to see if the rumors had any validity and saw on the rumored venue’s website that Julian would indeed be performing that night at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans (French Quarter district) and doors would open around 9pm. Tried to find tickets (regardless of the price), but no luck. I had 3 hours to make this work and hopefully be able to get in, and I was absolutely determined. As soon as I heard the news, I knew I had to do everything in my power to make it happen. After all, this is the biggest dream that I’ve ever had–to meet the man who changed my life musically and more. WHO CARES ABOUT SCHOOL, IT IS JULIAN FERNANDO CASABLANCAS. I’ve been running a blog dedicated to him for 3 years. My laptop background is set to show every photo that I have saved of him (*coughcough* thousands) every 15 seconds. Why would I ever pass up this chance of a lifetime? He’s my man.
   Therefore, I began to call/text every friend that I knew in person who loved The Strokes (and also had a car, because, unfortunately, I do not) and told them all that it was an EMERGENCY. Many friends couldn’t make it, but the 2 people who ended up being able to go were my best friend Kristi and also Estephania, who told me about the rumor in the first place.
   As we all were getting ready last minute at our places, I knew it was important to pack things like sharpies, water, snacks, breath mints (hehe;), and so on. I also changed into my “All the time” tee that came with my copy of Comedown Machine along with the Julian Necklace that I purchased years ago but haven’t really had a reason to wear. [pictured below]

  It’s as if I saw this moment coming and knew exactly what I should do. And if you were watching me on twitter at the time, I was going insane. lol. But for some reason, I felt really calm and rational throughout the whole process of getting ready to leave to go see the most important male figure in my life like it was mean to be.
   We were all on the road before we knew it at around 7:30 pm, running a bit late sadly, but at least we still had a chance to make it there on time. We live about 45 minutes away from New Orleans across the causeway bridge that connects New Orleans to other parts of Louisiana (where we live). On the ride to the city, we kept talking about what we were going to do, how incredibly rare of an opportunity this was, what the plan was, if things didn’t go according to plan, and so on. We felt like we were in a dream. At one point, I even said “Pinch me, I am f*cking dreaming. This is not real.” And that’s when I looked on Julian’s twitter to see him say “See you at One Eyed Jacks tonight, New Orleans,” which suddenly made it all real to us and we squealed in excitement + anticipation
  We arrived at the venue around 9:05 pm. The doors were already open, but there were not many people there at all–25 to 30 at the most. Everyone in the small bar was dressed in leather jackets and vintage boots, some smoking cigarettes, discussing how they knew of Julian. It felt like home. We purchased our tickets for $25 a piece and entered the main area where the bands would be performing around 9:30-10pm. My friend Estephania happened to snag all 3 of us room right in front of the stage before the audience was full. And when I mean right in front of the stage, I’m serious. I put my bag down on it and leaned against it the whole night. It was a pretty small bar, although the temp was comfortable and cool. I really admired the interior of One Eyed Jacks because it was quite old-fashioned (red velvet tapestry on the walls) and reminded me of the set for The Strokes’ music vid “UCOD”, so I knew Julian probably adored the place
   The opening band, “The Yelephants” played a good bit of songs. They were aiiiight. [Below is a photo I took of the lead singer/lead guitarist]

Not really my style but they rocked out pretty good, which pumped us all up for main performance by Julian + The Voidz. The lead singer announced to the audience that their band found out about opening for Julian Casablancas + The Voidz at 2pm that same monday afternoon, so it really was a last minute show for everyone. They were about to play their last song of the set when Julian sent a message to the stage saying “Take your time, there’s no rush,” and the band members were so amazed by his patience and understanding (It was obvious how much they admired him like we all did).
   While the tech people were setting up the stage, I took this photo of the set-list right after it was taped down and intended to post it via twitter ASAP but had awful service, so I couldn’t :( this is Julian’s set-list from the show that I cockily snagged at the end and also the same set-list that he signed. Perfect, right? ♥

   After much anticipation and another hour of waiting while tech people set up equiment on stage, Julian + The Voidz came onstage at exactly 11pm. If you haven’t yet seen the video of when they first came onstage, here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps26GxIl47E

   There he was. My man. My Julian. He grabbed our hands when he first walked out onto the stage and greeted the audience for the first time. I latched onto his wrist gently as he took a step back. I melted inside. Could not believe that he was there, standing right in front of me, an arm length away. Never did I think I’d get to fulfill my lifelong dream of watching my favorite man in the whole world perform.
*heart eyes*
    The Voidz warmed up and then performed “Ego” with Julian, which was a tight as f*ck song in my opinion. It sounded so raw and 80s, sorta like Joy Division meets FIOE. Julian talked to the audience for a bit after performing the first song and expressed his excitement for being in New Orleans. My 3 favorite performances of the night were Ize Of The World, Reptilia, and Instant Crush by Daft Punk. Ize was lovely because it’s one of my favorite strokes songs EVER and JC + The Voidz covered it really fucking well. Reptilia was incredible just because of the audience singing every lyric back to Julian; the passion in the room was practically tangible. I love love loved the cover of Instant Crush (Julian called it a cover) because it’s just such a brilliant song. Julian also said that it was a surprise for us in NOLA and they weren’t sure they were going to perform it because their version was like 20 minutes long, but we all encouraged them to play it anyway–the longer, the better. I don’t remember the new Voidz songs specifically and how each one of them sounded, which makes me sad, but at last I got 2 of them recorded for you guys :’) The way that Julian performed throughout the night was exactly what we know him for: singing into the microphone sensually, lots of praying motions, awkward dance moves (love u bb), he even broke the mic in half at the end of the night and didn’t know what to do with it lol! Dem arms. Dem muscles. @_@ So he just pretended like it didn’t really happen. Gotta love him. The only thing that I was kind of frustrated with was how much Julian kept his back to the audience. I wanted to see more of that beautiful, flawless face. But dat azz was a nice view too, na'mean hehe.
   The band tried to leave without playing the last song titled Arabic and that’s when the audience began to cheer “ONE MORE SONG” over and over until Julian + The Voidz came back onstage to perform it for us, thank god. So sweet of them.
   Right before leaving the stage, Julian ran in front of the audience to grab our hands and say thanks for coming out, and luckily for me, I was the last person to hold his hand. Our palms were touching and he squeezed as he was pulling away, letting it linger longer than I thought possible (it was slow and sensual, lasted about 6 seconds), which was TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE so I was the first to let go. ahhhh my heart…

   The girls and I waited a few minutes for the audience to clear out before leaving, and we kept discussing ways to find Julian to meet him finally. That was a major goal of the night! We even went around the entire block of the building outside to see if there were secret exits. After stalking the tour bus out front…

[pic below features sticker on tour bus]

…and sitting on some steps waiting a bit (we witnessed a drug deal too, what a bonus), 1am rolled around and we couldn’t wait any longer. We were going to enter the venue one last time in search of Julian and then leave if he wasn’t inside.


We spotted him standing down from the stage, where the audience was during the show, surrounded by a few fans, so me and the girls rushed over immediately to hopefully get photos/autographs/one-on-one convo with him. We got all of the above :’)))))) ♥ It was… magical. I felt as if I was speaking with a friend because Julian was so chilled out and just friendly as hell. He kept joking around with everybody. No one was really bugging him too much, and that made me happy. I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable or pressured by people to do sh*t. When I finally got my chance to talk to him, I had to say how much of an inspiration he is to me. I basically conveyed that my life wouldn’t have purpose without his existence. I could tell that it was a little much for him, lol, but I just had to say it. My best friend Kristi explained how he changed her life by making her love music more and Julian joked back with her in a cocky but jokingly way, “Go on, go on… just kidding” *chuckle*

  After we finished with expressing our adoration to him, we asked him for photos and these are below.


[my best friend Kristi and Julian]

[Estephania and Julian-different camera]

We all just had chill friendly convos where we would ask questions here and  there, such as when I asked him "So how tall are you exactly?” to which Julian responded with “I am 6 foot 1 and ¾.” Me: “Damn. That’s specific and impressive haha” I also managed to bring up twitter and the fans, explaining how much we care about him online ♥ He was so gracious and sweet and kind about everything, but not arrogant one bit. He never rejected anyone when they asked for him to do stuff or take photos. I eventually asked if it would be too much to ask him if he could sign the setlist that I snagged, and of course, he politely obliged like the total sweetheart that he is. [Photo below]

While Julian was signing my set-list, I was talking to him about how beautiful his signature is because of the upside-down music note and said that I’ve practiced it a lot in my spare time. He said “Thanks, I’m glad you noticed.” I then proceeded to call him the “man of music” which made him chuckle. I asked about the rumors of him possibly playing shows with Albert soon and he said that he’s pretty excited about it, so that’s gonna happen I’m sure. I also wanted to know why he chose New Orleans for this secret show and he said that he’s wanted to play here for a while because he loves the city and One Eyed Jacks (I think he has a friend there). I then brought up that he’s been here before, during his solo tour and also with The Strokes for Jazz Fest, but Julian was like “Big festivals aren’t very personal. The crowd’s far away and it isn’t as enjoyable as small shows like this one,” so he’s a huge fan of personal shows, specifically private ones that aren’t announced until the day of. Sly one he is. ;) Julian was talking to Estephania about good places to eat in NYC, so I butted in by asking if he has a sweet tooth. Apparently not. I was like “BUT CHOCOLATE.” He didn’t hear me. haha

I forgot to show him the necklace that I was wearing of his face, although I have a feeling he saw it while onstage because at one point, he was staring down at my shirt and smiling. <3

There’s one more secret that I have no yet revealed and wanted to keep as a surprise…

Estephania told me later on that she talked with Julian about his birthsign when I was distracted. She asked what he considers himself to be since he is on the cusp of both Virgo and Leo. He said he sometimes finds traits from both signs in himself. He said that he’s a Virgo in the fact that he’s a perfectionist, then said “I was born at 11:44 if that means anything.” But he never specified if it was AM or PM. THAT IS VITAL INFO, JULES. I’ll find out one day i hope. I’m so glad that he cares about astrological birthsigns tho! That’s pretty major and super attractive. How could someone who’s flawless be even more perfect. jfc.

Ultimately, after we chit-chatted for a bit, hugged and chilled with him, we said our goodbyes. I told him “I wish you safe travels and good luck on the rest of your tour. Have a nice night” Julian replied with “Thank you very much, thanks.”

I think it’s safe to say that everybody at the show gave quite a good impression of our city and I really pray that he comes back again one day. There are so many things I still have left to say, but I am so grateful I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to experience what I did. March 10th, 2014 changed my life.

Thanks for listening. I love you guys ♥ I hope this allowed you to be with me at the concert a little more than just in spirit.

Note: If you use any of these photos/quotes, please credit me and do not crop/edit! :) thaaaanks <3

You’re not Whole Only When You Fall in Love

This is… way more personal than I usually post on here but w/e.  It’s been bugging me I guess.

Before I’d ever heard of aromanticism I remember being really bothered by the way my peers would talk about their significant others.  The whole:

“Their eyes captivate me like the ocean”
“His smile lights up the room.”
“I can’t stop smiling when I think about her.”
“They give me butterflies.”
“Being in a relationship with her makes me so happy.”

I remember sitting there, as this high-schooler in a alloromantic world, and thinking “why don’t I ever feel that?”  

For a while I thought to myself, “I clearly just haven’t met the one,” but as time wore by and college years came and went (and with it, a collection of people I’d tried to date) I started to think that maybe there was something wrong with me mentally.  When I described my lack of romantic attraction to people, not knowing that a lack of romantic attraction was a thing, they often responded that I was just being too picky.  I started to believe I was.  “I must be psyching myself out in some way.”  I decided, “Normal people can make this work, so obviously I’m doing something wrong.”

So I tried dating people based off of whether we got along platonically.  For a while that seemed okay, but I still never felt the romantic draw people seemed to be so caught up on.  Eventually I realized that the relationship really wasn’t working for me because I was trying to force a romantic-sexual relationship with someone who I felt neither romantically attracted to nor sexually attracted to, despite not having any major complaints about their personality.  We were just friends who sometimes did physical things that I didn’t personally find that much enjoyment out of.

So then I tried the opposite, I made my one requirement to date someone that I had to find them sexually attractive.  And for a while that worked too, being allosexual I’m totally fine with the physical and sexual aspects of a relationship.  But once again, over time I just realized that I felt no romantic attachment to the person.  They could be perfectly kind and thoughtful, but I never woke up with a need to send a nice text, I never went to sleep thinking about them.  I never felt “butterflies” with romantic gestures like flowers or when sweet nothings were said.  I just, for lack of a better term, didn’t care that much about the relationship I was in.

And the whole time I kept asking myself “what’s wrong with me” as my family asked me “what’s wrong with you?”  I searched for an answer, dissected my every action, held my tongue when something bothered me.  Because that’s how romance works, isn’t it?  And as I got older and friends started getting married, moving in with their SOs, and doing the whole “relationship” thing so much better than I ever had been able to, I found that I was stressing myself out over the topic a lot.

In the society I live in, we’re told from a young age that there’s a series of events you’re expected to go through if you want to be “successful” at the game of life: go to school, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids.  My inability to fall in love with the people I dated meant that I wasn’t attaining the last two, something that’s still definitely expected of me.

And honestly it wasn’t until nearly a year after I first heard the term “aromantic” that I realized it applied to me.  Because I was so stuck up on “there must be something I’m doing wrong”  and “I have to be able to do this romance thing right” that I ignored the most obvious answer.  In a lot of ways, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, because it sounded like defeat.  “If I cant fall in love what’s the point?”  Sometimes I wish there had been someone there when I was younger to tell me that it’s okay to not fall in love.  As a high-schooler I could have used that a lot.

So I guess that’s just my long-winded way of saying: It’s okay to not fall in love.

You’re not broken, you’re not “being too picky.”  If you don’t ever develop romantic or sexual feelings for anyone, that’s okay.  Your life will not be worse for it.  “True love” is not the Purpose of Living that a lot of allos will tell you it is.  If you’re happy and not in love, then that’s all you need.  You can be just as fulfilled surrounded by friends, family, pets, hobbies, and things you love.  It’s okay, you don’t have to stress about it.  If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  Either way it has no baring on who you are or your worth as a person.


Today was totally worth standing in the rain for hours and dropping my original plans for this weekend. Even after its happened it still doesn’t feel totally real yet.
I’ve been a fan of The Shield since I started getting back into wrestling nearly two years ago, but I became a huge fan of theirs earlier this year. I had a lot of person issues going on, stuff I only talked about to a few people - a bad breakup, family issues, etc. The one constant I had was wrestling. RAW would be on Monday, Smackdown would be on Friday, and odds are The Shield would be there to kick ass and/or make me laugh. They wouldn’t be involved in a silly love angle, and they stood for a lot of values I believed in. I made a lot of new friends and made closer friendships with old friends because we were all huge fans of theirs. So when I heard about RingsideFest, I screeched and ran around my house because I’d get the chance to meet two guys who I look up to and got me through some bad times - as well as Stardust and Goldust, who never fail to crack me up.

It was totally worth getting up ridiculously early today so I could arrive a few hours before the event started, and got to meet up with lavander-town in line =D. And viewtifulash recognized me inside! I didn’t feel too nervous until we got inside and Dean came out, because then it really sunk in that this was real and happening. When it was my turn ahhh I was feeling so jittery but Dean was adorably awkward, asking how I was and making goofy faces in our picture. I got to tell him how watching his matches helped me deal with some bad times, and he was all “Oh cool, thanks.” He was super nice and sweet, and watching the line before my turn he was like that with pretty much everyone that met him.
The afternoon session was a biiiiiit more hectic because it had started to rain even harder, but we made line friends and made the most of it (so many silly selfies/group pictures). Stardust was JUST as wackadoodle in person as he is on TV and it made me so happy. I kept hearing random cackling/screeching noises while our group was waiting our turn… aaaaaaaand it was Stardust being Stardust and doing his finger-touch thing with fans. Got kinda rushed through Roman’s line, but I was just happy he was still able to make the event. I laughed while Stardust and Goldust were signing my things (I had a Stardust shirt for him to sign, and my 2014 WWE Magazine Yearbook for Goldust), because Stardust crossed out the “Gold” part of “Goldust” on his page and scribbled “STAR” above it. They handed me the titles when it was picture time, and they’re deceptively heavy. Both of them were extremely nice, Stardust booped my finger and cackled and it was an awesome way to end the day.
Its just like, the best feeling ever when you’re a big fan of an actor/musician/wrestler/etc and they’re humble and kind and you can see firsthand that they truly appreciate their fans. I love how every post I’ve seen about people meeting Dean has been a positive experience, and I’m happy for all of you guys out there too!

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Can I request Hanamiya and the tattoo soulmate au. Maybe the reader is having a bad day and when Hanamiya finds them they realize their tattoos match

Two Hanamiya requests in a row lmao this trashbag is loved <3 Thanks for the request!

Number Two of the Soulmate Event :D

Hanamiya made his way to the roof to eat his lunch in peace, that is until he opened up the door to hear light sobs. He rolled his eyes, how dramatic. He sat down against the fencing, and started unwrapping his bento.

“Hey, could you keep it down, idiot?” He called bluntly. “It’s not nice to annoy people while they eat.”

He heard a sniffle, and a light apology. A girl rounded from behind the storage unit, and tried to scurry to the stairwell down. Hanamiya actually felt bad now, he didn’t want to make a girl feel any worse.

He sighed. “Hey, you’ll look like a fool if you go into the halls. Just sit up here since I already know you’re crying.”

He peeled off the sticky note his mom leaves on his bento box every morning after quickly reading it, she uses too many smiley faces. He noticed the girl sit against the fence a few feet away from him, she lightly apologized to him again, and he shrugged.

“Didn’t do anything to me.” He snorted. “What’s your deal?”

He didn’t really care, and he didn’t really expect an answer. “I failed three of my exams. I don’t know if I’m going to pass my classes.”

Okay, Hanamiya was a dick, but he felt for that. He sighed, looking over to her. “What classes?”

“Chemistry, reading, and kanji…”

Great. Of course. His best subjects. Now, he appreciated a stupid girl, but he couldn’t just not help her pass. He choked on his words a bit. “I can help you…” He had to throw in a jab. “Idiot.”

She looked over to him. “Would you…?”

He rolled his eyes and turned to his lunch, looking at her from the corner of his eyes. He spotted a black spider tattoo on her ankle. He felt his own tattoo tense.

He smirked, and held up the back of his right hand, showing his own tattoo off. “I guess I kind of have to now.”

Her eyes widened, and she checked her own tattoo just to make sure. “Oh.”

He laughed. “You sound disappointed! Well, heads up, so am I.”

“I-I’m not disappointed! It’s just… You’re the captain of… And… Yeah.”

Aw, so she knew him. He leaned over to her, noticing her cheeks were pink. “Aw, did you have a crush on me before this? How sweet.”

“I did not!”

“You so did. Don’t try to trick me, I’m not an idiot like you.”

She smacked his shoulder, and he smirked. “Come on, soulmate. It’s not nice to hit other people.”

“Says you!” She huffed. “You injure anybody in your way on the court!”

Hanamiya kept teasing her, and it was the beginning of their friendship. As they studied together, he found he actually really liked her, so he didn’t mind so much about her being his soulmate. Plus she was pretty sassy, so he never made a snarky comment without getting one in return.

He liked the way things were. He just wasn’t going to say it aloud.

hobbitcon 3 adventures

okay okay it’s time to finally sit down and write about everything that’s happened since friday.

i’m going to put this all under a cut because there are going to be some pictures and long ass stories so yeah

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I actually have a boyfriend who is nonvegan and he supports my decision. We both cook separate meals but we get by. I've met couples who lasted years when one was vegetarian and the other big heavy meat eater. It all depends. It's possible though.

For the hundredth time - good for you.. It’s just that I don’t imagine my relationship looking like 

Me: “I’m hungry, babe.”

Boyfriend: “Oh I just threw a bunch of baby chicks into a machine that ground them up alive, then kept the girls in cages to lay eggs for me so I could make this sweet dessert! But I know you don’t eat eggs, I totally respect that, so I can make you something else, honey.”

Me: “Aww, babe I love how you respect me and treat me so nice while torturing and murdering others.” 

Boyfriend: “I know, baby. I even scrub the dishes really thoroughly after I cook body parts in them because I know you’d be really upset if you accidentally consumed the tiniest molecule of meat, but it’s totally fine if everyone else butcher animals all around you. xoxoxo”