i liked how they just kept it nice and sweet

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dude oh my god i love your writing so much!!!!!! i love the way you write tsukkiyama like The Dynamic is just??? amazing???? also really love your writing style in general!!! If you're still taking sappy prompts could you do tsukkiyama with #22? thank u!! ♡*:・。.

Oh my god. Thank you so much, you’re so sweet!! I can’t even express how nice this is to hear ahhhhhh sorry this took so long to reply to, honestly I kept coming back to look at what you said and smile ♡♡♡

Tsukkiyama - “You make me so happy.” (based on this prompt list)

It was quiet in the coffee shop, the mellow music turned down low enough to make it nothing but static background noise. Spread out on the table in front of Kei were he and Tadashi’s laptops and a stack of handouts from their classes. Two mugs of coffee were within hands reach, one dark and earthy, the other dulled to the color of sand by cream and sugar.

Kei was having a hard time focusing. Already he had downed one cup of coffee and moved on to a second, yet his screen showed only a smattering of words and sentences; nothing coherent enough to form the essay that was due in two days time. Instead he kept looking over at Tadashi, who unlike him was busy typing away. It was unusual to see him work so steadily and Kei so unable to, and he had to take a moment to consider the irony of the situation.

“Uh, Tsukki?” Tadashi said from the seat across from him. Kei blinked rapidly, pulling himself out of his reverie. “Why are you staring at me?”

“Huh? I’m not,” Kei answered, and looked away and back to his screen.

Tadashi huffed and slid part way out of his chair so he too could see Kei’s screen. He pointed at it like it was evidence.

“Yes, you are. Look, you’ve barely written anything down yet!”

Seeing no way to avoid it, Kei gave in. He had be caught.

“Oh,” he said, shrugging. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Tadashi smiled, his eyes crinkling in triumph. He returned fully to his seat, but did not go back to typing.

“So, what is it?” he asked, tilting his head to the side in a way the exposed too much of his neck for Kei not to notice and struggle to keep his eyes away from. “Do I have something on my face?”

Shaking his head, Kei reached for his coffee and took a sip to hide the small smile that found its way to his lips. Tadashi had no idea how cute he looked today, and Kei was not about to admit that’s what had been distracting him.

Half a cup of black coffee later Kei had managed to write a total of eighty-five words. The look of concentration on Tadashi’s face was too hard to pass up: his nose scrunched when he had to think hard about something, his teeth biting his bottom lip when he was unsure. Watching him Kei felt his heart swell, and his fingers twitch with the desire to caress his freckled cheeks.

“Tsukki, stop! You’re doing it again,” Tadashi whined. “It’s kind of freaking me out.”

This time Kei did not look away. He kept his eyes on Tadashi’s, drinking in their warmth.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, you make me so happy,” Kei said. “It’s kind of frustrating honestly.”

As he watched them, Tadashi’s eyes grew wide. A faint blush started to rise in his cheeks, and soon even the tips of his ears were red.

“What! Frustrating?” he exclaimed finally, then smiled. “Say it again without that last part, maybe?”

Kei reached across the cluttered table, carefully avoiding the mugs of coffee, and took Yamaguchi’s hand in his. He gave the other boy a soft smile, the kind that was reserved only for him.

“Tadashi, you make me so happy.”

Now Yamaguchi was grinning earnest, and he squeezed Kei’s hand before pulling his own away to return it to his keyboard.

“You make me happy, too. Kei,” he said, and Kei swore his heart was going to burst through his chest. “Stop staring at me, though.”

fave things abt kim namjoon

~hes so sweet
~like hes always looking out for the other members
~you know I’m thinking abt how he bought tae that pink beanie
~hes such a good leader I’m crying
~hes always so respectful to fans
~he’s always posting the softest pictures everyday like we are too blessed
~he always looks good af with dyed hair (this newest color has me fucking shook)
~hes taLL
~he has really nice hands
~he knows he cant dance but hes always doing silly dances for jokes and giggles
~his cute ryan collection
~the softest angel when barefaced
~he taught himself English and he can speak it fluently holy shi t
~it doesn’t seem like people appreciate how smart he really is enough
~his shy lil laugh
~how hes not one of the ‘sexy’ members cause he doesnt have abs and doesn’t hump the floor *squints at jungkook*
~he has a squishy tum
~he actually does have a ‘sexy’ side like hes usually my apple sauce gumdrop fairy prince soft boi, but he can look ho t
~how he looks in chokers oml
~yknow that thing he does where he puts one finger on his lips
~he has nice lips lol
~I love how he looks with bleached hair
~he rocks any hairstyle like whether its up or down or choppy or anything
~he likes books and plants and that’s so soft he really my dream man
~how excited he gets over small things!
~like how he wanted to find a crab while shooting and when he did he was like !!!!!
~his fucking beefy ar m s
~the absolute boyfriend vibes when he wears a snapback with his hair pushed back
~cute jewelry. like I like when he wears earrings or rings
~how cute and cuddly he looks when he wears hoodies/sweaters
~how he shoots hearts
~hes only ever worn headbands a few times but that was a look
~how creative he is!!!
~hes wrote and produced so many songs like oh my goodness
~white is such a good color on him
~his singing voice has me more shook than anything else ever
~how he plays with stuffed animal fans give him
~that time he caught a frog and was so amused
~when he plays with snow filters 10 years are added to my life
~this deserves two lines: dIMPLES
~soft boy™ in turtle necks
~his philosophical rambles
~when he wears cute headbands from fans
~flower crowns
~how he rests his face on both hands and his cheeks get a bit squished its s o cu t e
~when he closes just one eye like not necessarily a wink but like,,,yknow
~he usually has such nice outfits
~okay you know that outfit where he had a button up white shirt with rolled up sleeves, black suspenders, sunglasses hanging off his shirt, and a red beanie,,,,,i nutted
~when he plays with dogs,,
~when he eats good :’)
~that smile he does where his mouth is just slightly open
~shaved sides
~a e g y o
~when he dresses up
~like whether its just wearing a nice blazer, or a button up and a tie, or a full suit I’m forever heart eyes
~live performances
~the way he holds a mic
~diM p l es
~ “that’s right, i’m your baby”
~hes so clumsy like same,,
~his silvery blue hair,,,,,,
~kissy faces
~when hes in the background of like a bangtan bomb or smthn just chilling with headphones in and looking peaceful aww
~I cant stress enough how much I love his dimples and how cute he is in glasses
~his little bird arm flap thing in the bapsae dp
~that time they performed I like it pt2 and jimin made him forget his lines and he just went “uhh”
~supporter of lgbt+ community
~he doesn’t react harshly to hate
~how hes always ready to callout a member for mispronouncing something in English
~remember when he said calligraphy wrong what a dork
~it sounds a bit odd but he has rlly cute ears??
~that one shirt he wore with like one pink sleeve and one blue one,,,cute
~that live performance of 21st century girls,,
~he looks good in yellow
~boy’s collar bones
~the guadetama onesie
~he has nice teeth
~his eyes sparkle in ways that light up my life

this is super duper cheesy and I could probably say more
I might come back and edit more on actually

I love my man <333