i liked how my legs looked lol

I told a potential my fee & he laughed !!!!!

LI-TER-FUCKIN-LY ! Y’all this man responded, “Lol”.

Now, this is where a lot of sugar babies make an mistake. They allow this mans mockery of how much it cost to support their needs/wants sting, they allow themselves to become vulnerable to manipulative and cheap men

I simply explained to him in the most polite and bitchy tone ever (because ladies sometimes sugar may just in look like salt), “The outfits that you so politely complimented and admired, the makeup, the hair, nails, smooth legs, they all cost. So to maintain your desired image and my lifestyle that you wish to be included in (since you messaged me) you have to support me. In exchange for your support, I shower you in attention, affection, make men envious of you, and offer you an introduction to a diverse culture. I thought that was the kind of man you were, and the interest you had in mind. However I apologize that you cant afford me and my lifestyle and I wish you the best of luck!

See what I did there, “your desired image, make men envious of you, thought that was the kind of man you were, you cant afford me”. Subliminally bruising his ego. Sooo just to try and prove how much of a man he is, now he’ll be competitive, hungry to try prove me wrong. Which he was and immediately he began to retract his statement, and accept my offers. :) people just really want what they cant have…well cant afford.

& since he was acting all funny I will neeed my cash in hand before anythannnng.

This, ladies, is why you shouldn’t lowball yourselves

I just went dress shopping for the ceremony I’m being honored at on the 20th and it was the cutest experience…

I picked up the first dress I seen and it was this black maxi dress with a super high leg slit, nice cleavage and gathered around my hips and I literally fell in love

so I tried it on and she made me stand in these giant mirrors like on say yes to the dress lol and this lady kept saying how stunning I looked I wanted to cry smh

she brought me strappy heels and a necklace that brought it all together, so I didn’t even try any other dresses I just bought that one and it was only 250$ not including shoes or necklace

so the lady that kept calling me stunning she was like “thank you for letting me give my input, I just know when something looks nice and you were so beautiful” (dying)

anyways now I’m in ULTA


Thank you, @palepvnk, for giving me the perfect opportunity to post my weird selfies ahaha ♥

🌻🐝 A body positivity tag game 🐝🌻

1. Post some selfies where you feel cute af

2.Something you love about your hair - It’s naturally wavy & that makes it so much faster to get ready for the day

3.Something you love about your eyes - lol they’re okay. I like the slightly droopy shape

4.Something you love about your mouth - my bottom lip is bigger than my top lip, and I like how weird that is lol

5.Something you love about your nose - lol honestly it’s the part of my face I’m most insecure about. I actually don’t know what to say 

6.Something you love about your legs - they’re pretty slender

7.Something you love about your butt - it cushions me when I fall

8.Something you love about your tummy - it looks pretty good with my navel piercing

9.Something you love about your chest - squishy :3

10.Something you love about your height - I’m tiny and it helps with my movements when I spar

11.Something you love about your weight - I’m gaining weight because I’m gaining more muscle (It takes SO long for me to build muscle)

12.When do you feel prettiest - after I shower lol

13.When did you last feel beautiful - yesterday

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af 🐝🌻

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the cutest thing you find abt each member?? and your url reminds me of minseok and wow how HE RUINS MY LIFE EACH AND EVERY DAY WITH HIS EXISTENCE

Minseok - the way he looks at fans or at his members, his face is so innocent and full of love I feel like melting

Junmyeon - his soft selfies and his giggles

Yixing - when he gets shy 

Baekyun - when he wrinkles his nose and throws that cheeky child like smirk

Chanyeol - when he runs with small steps beside his legs being longer that time

Jongdae - his eye smile and cute complaining 

Kyungsoo - when he looks around with his big eyes and his face is a mix of awe and concern lol

Jongin - when he cracks a joke and he laughs with his whole body

Sehun - when he is around Junmyeon 

I had a dream where I had to design an event for overwatch, so here are a few of the skins i came up with in my dream for a fancy / undercover spy kinda thing i came up with. Sombra also got a legendary, and mercy and symmetra got fancy recolors. Several of the boys got suits and stuff. 

I hate how dva’s leggings came out LOL but i like her dress otherwise. Tracer’s got pride bracelets and her dress looks too red but ah well. 
And yes: i was too lazy to draw widow’s other leg HAHA

this wasn’t a serious doodle but i thought i’d share. 

Signs As Texts I've Recieved
  • Aries: Oh yeah except the day after leg day lol that shit sucks
  • Taurus: looks like I'm going to the republican national convention
  • Gemini: Are you doing big business
  • Cancer: Haha I still love you no matter how much of a kink freak you are
  • Leo: He could be a really good drag queen...
  • Virgo: Dang what's Virgo? probably ho stories
  • Libra: If he acknowledged my existence I'd turn inside out and screech
  • Scorpio: I don't think you will die alone unless you want to
  • Sagittarius: My ex did tell me that after having other pussy he decided mine was pretty damn good
  • Capricorn: No. Far too difficult. You want them to snort your remains. Much more efficient
  • Aquarius: I love pixelated bukakke
  • Pisces: We get it Marcel, you suck dick

Well I made it about 4.5 hours in the tattoo chair yesterday. He was able to get a lot of the Fenrir outline done but the back legs, tail and some miscellaneous things still need to be done plus a ton of shading. I also have a slight injury on my elbow that needs to heal more before it can be inked. The worst parts were around my elbow and inside the bicep, I won’t lie or try and act like a tough guy some of it sucked, I didn’t show it in the chair but inside I was yelling FUUUUUUUCK on some parts lol. What’s finished so far doesn’t do justice to how it’s going to look complete. It doesn’t feel bad today and surprisingly there isn’t any scabbing, I am keeping it clean and lightly lubed.

The tattoo artist is also a shooter so he totally understood how I wanted the wolf to be facing forward while holding either a pistol or AR.

I was talking to a friend last night about how my legs/flutes have grown since my old ass YouTube videos (which are really embarrassing) so I looked back and I was just like 😱😱😱 shits cray but thank goodness I took the time off to GROW. 3 leg/glute days of death but very necessary. Yes I Gained weight and if I didn’t, I would’ve been in the same position as I was 7 months ago (left pic). I also look like death in that pic? Lol
So don’t be afraid to gain weight!!!!!!!!!! Still trucking along on my cut and I can’t wait to see the gains revealed 😂✂️

In commemoration of completing the American leg of TATINOF, here’s a sentimental phan timeline ;A; 

I’m so, so proud of how far they’ve come from 2009 to the present, and I’ll most probably be proud of them in the future. Whatever tomorrow may hold, I’m excited and confident that together, they’ll continue to do great things. 

Thank you so much for everything, guys, and best of luck taking on the rest of the world!! <3