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I love your blog! <3 also, can you tell me your top ten favorite ji-kook moments?

okay so i don’t have a top ten for jikook moments. because there’s too many amazing moments for me to put them in order. so i’ll just do the first 10 that come to mind. 

1. the vlive stare, of course. like, every time someone even says “jikook” i think of this moment. (gifcred spankpjm)

2. “let’s go baby” y’all, i will never shut up about this, okay. that was gay. accept it. (gif cred to jikookdetails)

3. that one time jikook looked like they had made out right before taking a photo and jikook shippers died bc we were right it was jikook in jimin’s first selfie, but antis still denied it and i had to make a whole post on how it was jungkook and people are stupid. yeah, i lov ethat moment. 

4. “jiminie hyungie’s eyes are pretty” (gifcred to tanktoptiger

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Rachel Amber is the fire that Chloe needs to stay away from



I love Amberprice. I will defend it til the very end. Would I fall for someone like Rachel Amber? Yes. Would I like to be friends with someone like Rachel Amber? Absolutely. Would I date Rachel Amber? No. Absolutely not. Not because of how smashy she gets when she’s angry, but because of how the tiny traits about her tips me off the wrong way.

Am I sure she really likes Chloe? No. Do I think she’s manipulating Chloe? Yes. Does Rachel’s actions and reactions to Chloe’s doubt to running away bother me?… 

Hella yes. 

It VERY much bothered me.

I’d like to go back to this conversation:

They’re talking about Rachel. Hands down, that’s what I sincerely believe.

The first time you meet Rachel is intense. It’s like fire. It’s bright, and warm, and exhilarating. Rachel burns like fire. Brightly, and she’s the center of attention.

She becomes the center of Chloe’s attention.


She burns so brightly that the darkness of Chloe’s life is completely engulfed in this. I can’t find a video where Chloe says it, but in my play through, on the first episode, while talking to Joyce during breakfast, Chloe basically goes: We make bad choices when we’re dealing with losing someone. She’s basically judging her mother for choosing David so soon after she lost William.

Sound familiar?

Who else lost William, as well as a best friend, and started hanging out with the wrong crowd and making awful decisions in life?

So, if you eliminate fire. If you eliminate that bright bright light… what do you see?


Chloe doesn’t want that. She just wants to see…. Rachel provides her light. a direction. But perhaps that direction becomes too blinding and painfully burning as Chloe gets closer to it. That’s why, by the end of the episode, Chloe is so hesitant with leaving with Rachel. Chloe felt the warmth of the fire, but as she edges closer, she has to recoil for a moment because that fire is burning her. Eventually she gives in, after a promise.

Something solid – the bracelet

Something permanent – a tattoo

Something passionate – a kiss

Lesbi-honest… MOST of us, chose the most NON concrete way to make a promise: a kiss. We, as Chloe’s players, are pushing Chloe into the fire.

But here’s the thing, let’s jump ahead a little bit in the future okay?

 Chloe loses Rachel anyway. She loses her fire. A very bright fire that she has been staring at for a while now. She’s back in darkness, but the fire left a mark on her. It didn’t burn her. It left that weird shape in her eyes that happens when one stares too long at something bright.

But slowly and surely, she starts seeing clearer. And in darkness.. what do you see when you look up?


Fire that shine billions of light years away. Safe to watch, untouchable, yet they’re still so beautiful. They give direction. If one knows how to read stars, you will know where to go just by using them

Who else is miles away? Who else is untouchable?

It’s a bit of a reach, but Max could have been that greater beauty. 

A more logic reach is the end of Life is Strange (original), where Chloe realizes that she has been so focused on the fire (Rachel) and the hazy orb that the fire left (Rachel’s disappearance), that she failed to see the other beauty of her world (her mother, blackwell, Eliot (he’s a really good kid), Steph, Mikey, and maybe even David because he does have some lessons that make sense)

But Rachel isn’t just what made Chloe miss the finer things in her life… The darkness around her was dark enough that she couldn’t see….

So dark that she couldn’t see directions.

So how was she to know that looking up was all she needed to see the dim lights in her sky? How was she to know when Rachel Amber was this wildfire that gave her warmth but also misdirection?

i’ve been watching pinof 1 on repeat then listening to interrupted by fireworks and going through old their tweets and ugh i think my eyes are actually sore from crying imagine what our lives would be without this beautiful beautiful friendship (cough) lighting up everything they’re just so pure and freaking e t h e r e a l and i’ve never ever seen such a strong,pure bond between two people just overflowing  with true unconditional love and okay im crying again i don’t even know what im saying but just look at them the fact that something like this relationship can exist amid this putrid world is….i don’t even know what. just look at what merely this friendship has done for millions of people around the world; look at how a tiny spark that started between two souls eight years back has has grown to be a raging compassionate fire among the hearts of so many.and they say magic doesn’t exist. maybe im being over dramatic but just the thought of how so many coincidences had to occur for this all to become a thing is too over whelming bye i don’t know what this was but im breaking down again 


Chamois: “Okay, so i’ll make small talk for as long as I can. You slip inside and try and find Watermelon.”

Poppy: “There’s “Please remain outside” signs everywhere..”

Chamois: “Did I raise you to blindly follow authority?”

Poppy: “I’m not sure how much that applies here, but okay Dad. I’ll find her, sneak her out, and ill text you when we’re out. We’ll meet like, a block off?”

Chamois: “Sounds good. Oh, and Poppy? You look very beautiful. I’m proud of you.”

Poppy: “Aw..Thanks Dad.”

I had my banking information stolen about two weeks ago and it’s been the most annoying two weeks 😑 the person pretty much drained my bank account and I had to cancel my card, file a claim and I had no money. All that annoying shit. I got my stolen money back finally but today I changed banks and I had the nicest lady help me set up my new account.

She kept saying to me “you’ve been up since 8pm yesterday (I work third shift) and you look this fresh and your makeup look brand new!” I’m like thank you I feel like death 😂💀 she asked what mascara I used and I had to tell her it was called Better Than Sex lol any ways she told me about how the bank was having a sign up deal and if I get the coupon code I’ll get money added to my account. I ended up leaving with a free $200 so I guess everything ended up okay?

Okay, I was asked to share my pompon overdose story so here is an explanation.
A yarn bombing performance at school! About 650 pompons are scattered everywhere in the trees. It almost feels like spring instead of fall with all these colors…

It was a hell of a nightmare to coordinate the project, but we’ve made it 💪🏼 and I think it looks lovely 😊

Never apologize for your level of artistic skill.

When you caption your art with something like “Wow this sucks I need to get better at drawing backgrounds,” it detracts from the piece as a whole. 

When you do this, I (random, not-artsy blogger) will immediately start looking for flaws – not because I want to, but because you told me to. I’m less likely to enjoy your piece, and less likely to reblog it.

There are always things to be proud of, and there is always room for improvement. No matter how skilled or unskilled you are, both of these things will be true.

Put it out there. Let people judge for themselves whether they like it. Some will, and that’s great. Some won’t, and that’s okay.

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Darcy asking Harry why mommy was screaming so loud last night and she’s scared cus she think harry was hurting her mommy but they were just having sex (I saw this in a tv show once) 😂


There’s this moment of like, “Okay, how do we handle this?!” and they’re looking over the rims of their coffee cups at each other hoping the other will say something first. Because as we know, they’re all about being honest and truthful and open with their kiddos but how do you explain that he was giving her momma multiple orgasms in such a way that her little mind would be able to grasp it. 

So he tells a little white lie and it seems to satisfy her. 

“We were…just watching a scary movie, that’s all.”


“I promise, lovey. I’m sorry we scared you.” 

“Oh okay! S’okay.” 

The missus would definitely joke they’re only ever having sex in the car from now on.


Here’s Lucy!

I made this for @dazzysdailydoodles because I really like their stuff and felt like drawing their OC/Sona Lucy. I didn’t and still don’t really know if this is how she’s supposed to look like in colour, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

Anyways, I hope you like is Daizy! I may have forgotten that her eyes are brown, but I think that’s okay. I’ll remember next time!

Lucy belongs to @dazzysdailydoodles

My art.

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Hate to bother, but what actually happened? Between you and your mother? Maybe we can help. Well, or just cheer you up. But if you don't want to discuss it thats okay. I'm just can relate to you so much. My mother not... the most calm person. So, i just wanna help

Hello, my dear. Well, long story short:

I received my cosplay’s skirt and she was all around saying that it was short when it wasn’t and kept on insisting to know how much I paid for it….the way she looked at me was like being stabbed by a sword… I just wanted for her to support me since I finally- after 6 years- took the courage to cosplay

It may sound childish, but when you don´t feel any kind of real support from your own mother, aside from studies, it hurts *sigh*

My mom is calm…she just needs to say the right words to hurt.

Just forget about me, I will get better sooner or later- tho I did skip a class as I wasn´t in a good state to go.

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Okay... HOW DOES ONE BECOME A JIM? I jimmed over here as soon as I could thorugh various sources and blogs (I took me a huge jimount of time to find you) And I want to be jimtized and jimcepted as a Jim. So how do I become one of the Jims? Shooty is out That's what Jim's about! Wont jump in the pool Like Colonel did for a swim Water bomb - but still dry Back at you Jim! (I hope I dont look... Jimpid 😥 and I'm bit Jimbarrased tbh)

it’s very simple. BOOM! you’re a jim.

also, i’m glad you found my blog to find yourself become accepted as a jim. there are a lot of us and we love you!!

Danny Phantom: Connections

Danny’s life is changed forever when an accident leaves a ghost stuck to his side. Between strange powers neither of them can control and a world Danny never knew existed, they’re going to have to learn how to get along and protect Amity Park- or die trying.

10 - Group Work

“Valerie,” Danny wheezed, “oh God, okay- people like you. You have to help me.”

Valerie took a step back. Danny struggled to his feet, suddenly aware of the fact his left arm was covered in loose ectoplasm and that at some point his nose had started bleeding. He definitely looked terrible.

“What happened to you?!” Valerie asked, pulling back in disgust.

“No time- there’s no time!” Danny panted, “We need to get everyone out! My parents- I promise, I know how crazy this sounds- but they were right and ghosts are real and we need to get everyone out!” He took a deep breath in, leaning against the wall for support. He couldn’t quite catch his breath. His heart was pounding. He couldn’t stop thinking about the fly landing in the middle of the gym and setting it ablaze with everyone inside.



Rules: Answer the following questions. then tag other people you’d like to get to know better.

Tagged by: @nqseo <3

How tall are you?

What color are your eyes?

Do you wear contacts and / or glasses?
I sometimes wear glasses when I use my computer or when I watch movies, because I’m looking at screens almost 20 hours a day haha!

Do you wear braces?
No, never had braces.

What is your fashion style?
Mostly casual, and a lot black.

When were you born?

How old are you?
I’m 24 years old.

Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have two lovely older sisters.

What school / college do you go to?
I’m now in my third year of university.

What kind of student are you?
I’m an okay student. I never liked school that much. I like learning things in my own time and in my own way.

What are your favorite subjects?
I already have a diploma in Graphic Design and now I’m studying Visual, Interaction and Concept Design.

What are your favorite movies?
I love so many movies, that it’s impossible to just pick one. A couple of my favorites are: The Beauty Inside, Moulin Rouge, The Notebook, Harry Potter, Mulan.

What are you favorite pastimes?
Listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, going shopping, hanging out with friends, traveling, reading and sleeping.
Do you have any regrets?

A lot of them, but I’m really trying to see them as life lessons instead of regrets. Every day I’m trying to become more the person I want to be.

What is your dream job?
I want to be a visual creative director or a stylist.

Would you like to get married?
Yes, I would love to get married someday.

Do you want kids? How many?
I want two kids.

How many countries have you visited?
Korea, America, United Kingdom, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Malta. Maybe I’m forgetting some but those are the ones I remember.

What was your scariest dream?
One night I dreamt that I was sleeping and someone was trying to put my cover over my head so that I couldn’t breath. But at the same time that person was holding on to my arms so that I couldn’t move. And most of the time I know that I’m dreaming, because I have this weird thing that I can wake my self up if I don’t want to continue to dream anymore. But this time I couldn’t wake my self up and I couldn’t move. So when I finally woke up and felt that my arm was hurting. So I went to my bathroom and looked at my arm and there was a huge red handprint on it. I was so fucking scared that I just decided to stay awake that night. What I think that happend is that in my dream I was probably holding on to my arm but it really looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. I still have a picture to prove it haha!

Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other?

Put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping list the first 15 songs.
1. TEN - Dream In A Dream
2. Stray Kids - Hellevator
3. BTS - Come Back Home
4. GOT7 - You Are
5. London Grammar - Nightcall
6. Oh Wonder - Heart Hope
7. IU - Ending Scene
8. Lykke Li - Dance, Dance, Dance
9. Ed Sheeran - Happier
10. Dua Lipa - New Rules
12. Agust D - The Last
13. DPR LIVE - Right Here Right Now
14. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry
15. Lee Hi - My Love

I’m tagging: @jpghope, @kimtahyung, @bfkook, @blumiin, @eatsjins, @deletaed, @je0n, @taeonie, @blushguk and @bfmoni. You don’t have to do it but I just wanted to tag you, because you’re probably one of my favorite blogs on here! (:

im crying my last rb just reminded me of when clarice asked how much i got when i would lose teeth when i was little and i said usually $3 and she suddenly looked very sad and i was like what is it and she was tearing up and im like shoot whatd i say and shes like “i… i just dont get what makes your teeth worth more. i take great care of my teeth. i really try” and i was like “OH MAYBE I REMEMBERED WRONG I PRONABLY GOT $1 TOO!!” and she just slowly shook her head and was like “u dont have to lie. its okay” then suddenly she seemed better and a few hours later i was putting her and her sisters to bed and shes taking SO FUCKING LONG to brush her teeth and i was like hey r u good and shes like “im fine sorry i just want my teeth to be worth more to the tooth fairy… what did i do wrong?” hejeirogkrnejdkd GUESS HER SIGN I FEEL LIKE ITS OBVIOUS

Stranger Things 2 Combined Trailer Breakdown Part 1 - Spoilers!

This breakdown may contain spoilers. If you wish to avoid any spoilers, I recommend skipping this. Clear? Good.

So, I thought it would be fun to compare and combine the Thriller trailer and the Friday the 13th Trailer to see what we can find out about the second season. It’s really all just for fun, and we’ll see how much I get right and how much (probably a lot) I get wrong. Also, this is super long, so I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

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i want to love trl so bad. the dolan twins are on there, so that’s why i really want to enjoy it. but whenever they make them do this crazy stuff i start to get this weird feeling that they are being used for the views. also i low key felt so bad for ethan since he basically humiliated himself on live television. youtube is okay…but live television. yes he looks hot in that outfit and shirtless yeah…but seeing him having to walk in front of everyone like that is not my favorite thing to see.

They’re being treated like puppets, it’s insanely inappropriate and ridiculous. Have the producers forgotten about how they’re still only 17? It’s embarrassing as fuck and it just makes me so mad that they’re probably under a contract and that’s why they can’t escape this shitstorm.