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OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

Looking after a little.
  • Daddy: * runs a bath with lots of bubbles* come on, time for a bath. It'll make you feel better.
  • Little: I have no energy daddy..
  • Daddy: it's okay, I'll help you undress and get in.
  • Little: thank you daddy
  • Daddy: *Holds out his hand to help the little up*
  • Little: *Gets up slowly and feels really drained but makes it to the bath.*
  • Daddy: You see it's not that bad, is it?
  • Little: No daddy, I just don't like being sick..
  • Daddy: how do you think I feel? I need to see you like this when you're usually so full of life. Don't worry about it though, I'll be here to make sure you're okay and have what you need.

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heyyyyyyy canni have some headcanons about kaz (figuratively) adopting wylan please????

  • there was this persistent nagging in the back of kaz’s mind to check in, check in, check in even when he knew wylan would be fine on his own
  • and he had jesper, jesper would help him
  • but like any concerned parent friend would worry about their child friend out there in the real world, he lost sleep wondering if wylan was handling the business okay
  • he staged a casual run in with wylan. complete with feigned surprise, i didn’t think i’d see you here, but the second he saw wylan’s gray ringed eyes he dropped the act and asked, “don’t you sleep?”
  • wylan blushed and looked away, muttering something about having too little time for himself these days and how stressful it was. kaz wanted to wring his neck for neglecting his health just as much as he wanted to get him tucked in bed
  • the reddening nose and the slight cough wylan had didn’t make matters any better
  • he ended up dragging wylan back home, and wylan, embarrassed, admitted he had paperwork to take care of but he was waiting for jesper to get home to read it to him
  • the two sat on the couch and kaz read wylan his papers, surprisingly soothing. by the end, wylan’s head drooped onto kaz’s shoulder and kaz went tense. but at least he’s sleeping, he thought. he remained there until he was struck with a bright idea and carefully readjusted wylan, arranging his head on a pillow, absently pushing curls from his eyes
  • kaz pulled blankets over him and forged his signature on the paperwork so he wouldn’t have to stress about writing, and he placed it on the coffee table where he could see it 
  • before leaving he told the servants wylan needed soup and to have an extra place setting at dinner that night because he’d be back
  • kaz returned with an overnight bag and a prepared lie for wylan and jesper’s questions, “the slat is leaking again. my room needs to be patched up.” he didn’t ask to stay, he simply brushed past them both before they could get in a word and he picked one of the guest rooms for himself
  • kaz would return often, stay a few days, help wylan where it was needed, but say things like “you have no idea how easy you’re making it for me to rip you and your new merch partners off.”
  • but wylan knew why kaz really came around as often as he did. he was worried, especially after he witnessed how bad wylan was adjusting to his new life. and wylan needed help, kaz could teach him so much
  • kaz knew wylan knew his true intentions, but neither of them said anything about it. they both appreciated the company of each other

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I just realized how to completely fix Kabuto's age in the timeline: he's EXACTLY LIKE that youthful looking person (like how late teens/early 20s people are cast as high schoolers in shows 'cause they look young) and is actually AT LEAST as old as Itachi but he's bullshitted his age so often for each cover that he's not sure how old he really is anymore, but it's younger than 30 he's pretty sure.

…Okay, yes, that would do it! I was honestly just going to stick my head in the sand and ignore all the timeline ridiculousness, but that works better. Thank you! 


  • Daisy’s in a relationship with the guy who tried to fucking murder half the team and kidnapped her a couple of times
  • Coulson is an Inhuman-hating… college professor? high school teacher?
  • Mack… okay, fine, I get why this is better for Mack
  • Fitz is dating somebody? and Jemma is dead? (how does that work??)
  • May looks like the goddamn queen of Hydra which is so not okay (but it’s cool to see the Triskelion again tbh)

40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 2:         The Terbuf Affair (S1 E14)

Now I finished all 105 episodes of MFU (okay, I cheat a little. I only skim through The Moonglow Affair), I must say I’m actually most unfamiliar with season one in general, but remember liking this episode very much. Not so much on Napoleon pinning for his former girlfriend (but well, who are we kidding? We all know that’s totally the past! Look how in love the boys are now ❤️ They go on vacation together and wear the same clothes!! Also, Illya insists on staying knowing his boyfriend might be in trouble based on his Napoleon six sense). Other than that, I think the story has a very good structure; it manages to combine different characters with a revolving plot, yet still focuses on the boys and not being overly complicated. It also shows Illya’s gypsy root and the boys go to movies together in their spare time :D

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@that last anon yes!!! all of this! i'm so annoyed that they don't let malec ACT like a couple anymore while they are actually endgame(unlike cl*mon) why would anyone think that that's an okay thing to do? were they high?

Honestly, Anon? Exactly that is the question I’ve been asking myself ever since 2x07 aired. I just…. I simply don’t understand it.

Their whole behavior is somehow so off? I dunno how else to describe it. But when you just look at it, they went on their first date, had their second kiss, apprently went around the world for their second(?) date, weren’t allowed to have some intimacy, had sex which we only knew through talks between Jace and maybe Izzy (and twitter, wtf?!), now they are throwing a party, again, no intimacy or some acting like “yes we are together indeed”, inbetween a suicide attempt and this happened in like…. what? 3 days?

How can nobody notice how wrong this all is???


Hey, all. You all *maybe* have noticed or will notice that I am deleting many of my posts.

I am applying to a position at college and I was worried about how literally easy it is to find my Tumblr through google. When I started becoming worried about people seeing my angsty, annoying posts, I started realizing that I am bothered by that thought because I, too, do not like looking back on those things.

In the future, I really hope to have a presence online that isn’t argumentative, dramatic, or angsty. While some people like having a place on Tumblr to let out their feelings, and that is completely okay, I believe the way I have done it hasn’t been helpful for me or others.

I am still 100% open to talk about mental illness, etc. but I want to be more constructive rather than rant-y.

In addition, I have been really questioning and doubting where my blog is now and where it’s going. I feel like I go on Tumblr a lot to waste time, but when it comes to MBTI or anything, I am very much drifting away from its theories. That is why I haven’t made any posts on it in a long time. I don’t feel very strongly about it anymore.

Possibly in the future I’ll do what I do now - reblog some pretty pictures and say something now and then.

But yes, I am doing a major blog clean-out. I want to live my life differently now, and I am ashamed of some things I have posted and done on this website.

Peace out, y’all.

|Art Of Fallin’|

It was those damn eyes. 

So rich and enticing, the chocolate irises pulled me in when he asked “Why you being so shy?” and then proceeded to pull me closer. His cologne made my mouth water as  he gazed into my eyes with a stare so intense I gasped in amazement. No man has ever overwhelmed my senses like he was currently doing. A smirk rested on his full lips as his hands slid from my waist to grip on my ass. I looked up at him, fighting a grin of my own as I finally found my will to speak.

“Ain’t nobody shy,” I said.

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saumyapriyadarshi  asked:

Hey Janis, I love FiCon & you would know that by my tweets every week. Don't hate me but I couldn't help myself to chose Lillie over Amelia. I'm sorry but Amelia didn't work for me. I get that the heart wants it wants but I just don't understand why didn't she give her & Will a chance to see where it goes.He put himself out on front of her three times but she didn't chose him then nor did she chose him now. How am I suppose to root for them..? Will deserves better. I look forward to your answer.

First off, I love this question and I think it’s an important one to ask. (I asked her to ask it here rather than Twitter so that I could give a longer answer.)

Okay, let’s get down to it. You were supposed to like Lillie. Will liked Lillie. Lillie is cute and friendly and kind. I don’t like writing characters as bad guys unless they’re Bad Guys. There are no villains in this particular part of the story. And definitely you don’t have to like Amelia. There’s no character and no story that’s a perfect fit for everyone. But, I know you’ve liked her before and I’m thinking that the reason you’re disliking her now is that she turned him down three times, so I’m gonna go at this from that angle. Because I can tell you why she said no and from there… you can root for them or not. Totally up to you (and everyone else) and I will definitely not take offense if you don’t ship it (but I sure as hell do and the story is going there eventually).

So Amelia. We saw the first time he asked her out. By the third she was already dating Thad, though he didn’t know it. Neither Will nor Amelia is a cheat (though I’d argue there’s some emotional infidelity going on in the newest chapter, but action-wise… no). But Amelia’s reasons for say no can be boiled down to - fear and reputation. 

Will’s a wild card for her. Amelia likes things that make sense. She likes the path in front of her clear. That’s her default mode. And Will isn’t that at all. She didn’t expect anyone like him in her life and she doesn’t know how to adjust her life to allow for him to really be a part of it. In the first line of the second paragraph after we first met her in Chapter 13 - it’s said “Everything in Amelia’s life boils down to a series of plans.” That’s completely true and Will doesn’t fit in those plans. Veering off-course is terrifying to her and she doesn’t adjust easily. Unlike Will, Amelia is a very serious person. Too serious. She’s too focused. She desperately needs the playful sense of joy Will can bring to her life but she doesn’t know that yet. Not consciously, but I’d argue she probably does know it deep inside and that’s part of what keeps drawing her to him in spite of herself. He’s painfully tempting, but she’s not good at letting herself want things (or people or relationships) that are outside of her norm. She can’t step outside of her comfort zone. The level of chemistry they have scares her. The way he doesn’t fit into her plans for her life scares her. She’s angling for easy right now, not something satisfying, and that’s a mistake she needs to learn from. 

Reputation… So she’s a very young political operative who got a job in the mayor’s office as a favor to the mayor’s son - also a politician - after meeting him one time. She doesn’t have a lot of clout, in spite of being brilliant at her job, and her job means a lot to her. How does it look to you if the super young, fast-rising star of the mayor’s office who got the job as a family favor suddenly starts dating the mayor’s grandson? And he’s a Queen besides? That doesn’t look so good to me and it’s a magnet for gossip fodder and dirty politics. She needs to be taken seriously and that’s hard for any 20-something woman in politics as it is. Add to that the fact that Moira views her as a protege and is staunchly against the idea of William and Amelia together and the whole notion becomes really, really problematic and an even bigger risk. 

So… as for why you should ship them? I ship them because they each provide a bit of what the other needs, whether they know that yet or not. He makes her lighter and she makes him more serious. They both value family and friends tremendously. They share hobbies and interests across the board. And they click on a chemistry level that makes sparks fly and the world fall away. I get why you might not see it that way and it’s fine if you don’t. Lillie was a great girl and she was perfectly fine with Will, but there was also something lacking there. The same is true for Amelia and Thad (though you haven’t met him yet). They’re… I think Will called it “thoroughly unobjectionable” and he was right. But they’re also nothing special either. As lovely as Lillie is as a person, that was true for her and Will, too.

Thank you again for the asking. Thinking about why I ship them was actually super helpful. 

AND AGAIN… I asked her to please send this to me on Tumblr to answer. I’m replying publicly because if one person questions it, others will too. I value this question and viewpoint a lot and I just want to make very clear that I consider this a constructive question and am grateful for it. [AKA - Please be nice to the lovely person asking even if you disagree with the PoV… no ship wars in my mini homemade fandom, pretty please]

cc: @dust2dust34

okay, so i hit 200 followers the other day ( and i will probably do something else as well ), but i think because i’ve hit that milestone i’m going to do a permeant starter call. so here’s the deal, if you like this you give me permission to do the below and vice versa:

  • tag you in random starters
  • send you memes at god knows what hour
  • generally just talk to you because i want some friends
  • plot with you guys because sometimes everyone needs to plot
  • plan AUs etc.
  • scream at general about characters from tv shows
  • just generally being friends and plotting and stuff ( yes i’m repeating all the above ) but you know. 

so yes, if you like this you will automatically become a friend of lee. also, if you like this this means you have the permission to message me whenever, plot, send memes etc. thanks for sticking with me.

   lee xx

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-slides over 5 bucks, whispers- please show me how you draw bodies and expressions, please, i beg.

-puts the money in my mouth- thank you for ur donation

bbUT HOOO OH BOY first of all im gonna warn you,,,, i probably do art like so wrong bc a LOT of the time i wing it but im gonna try n explain the best way i can!

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mynkothra  asked:

I love the toothy smiles of your OCs. Is it something you do or do you just like the look of it?

aaaaaaa thank you so much!! do you mean if i grin the same way? i dont think i do, im too self conscious about my teeth. i just try to portray the way the characters smile because i find things like that very telling in a person! ♥

edit: actually i take that back

(look at lil 10 year old me with grown-up glasses)

okay so i still do it but i still specifically draw the smiles how i picture the characters doing it (and how they’re described). for example, Idrao’s more stretched and thinned out, Biggs is basically showing off all of his teeth as much as possible, Bryce has this fun lil curve to it, etc


seokmin + MVs

↳ 1997.02.18 | happy birthday to the love & light of my life ☀️