i liked his blonde hair better tbh

minho-gon-dibidibidis  asked:

Ayo Mom~ what's your favorite hair style for each member :3

bebs~ i really thought that this was going to be easier BUT of course not 

onew: i really love his blush hair during view, hands down my fav but he also looks so! good! with his hair light brown with his bangs up (i am a huge fan of onew showing his forehead tbh) 

jonghyun: ;alskfjd I DON’T KNOW ALL?? i love his pink hair i am so damn soft for it but also srsly boy was meant to be blonde bc he rocks it so well and i cri 

key: this boy can pull of any style i s2g i loved! HIS! VIEW! HAIR! it was green and had lil braids and he looked so good but babe also looks fine as hell in white blonde hair and jet black hair (like get the treasure/odd eye?? my jaw dropped). i honestly can’t tell if i like his hair better with the long middle part or down or swept to the side (it’s all of them) 


BLACK HAIR. BANGS UP. or messy dark brown hair. or his white hair bangs up omg that BOY 


highkey loved his long hair when i saw him in lucifer i was like wow you are something else lee taemin. also he looked SO good during danger era where he had his hair up TALL black or blonde he was wow 

thekpop-illnessgotme  asked:

I feel like I'm the only one that likes the dark haired youngjae more than the blonde. It looks good though. But I like him better dark haired.

lol I think you’re one of the few tbh, but it’s probably because we’ve seen him with dark hair color for so long that blonde looks out of place, I lovelovelove the fuck out of his blonde hair but I WILL ALWAYS ADORE HIS NATURAL DARK HAIR ;;;;

tbh I talk a lot of shit about blonde Harry, but I know in my heart if Harry ever dyed his hair blonde I would make a million posts like YES HARRY THIS IS SUCH A LOOK and HARRY PULLS THIS OFF BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER DREAM OF because I’m trash and I love him too much


Before and after I got blonde highlights (correctly) put in my hair! :D (I swear they look better irl.)
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