i liked his blonde hair better tbh

tbh I talk a lot of shit about blonde Harry, but I know in my heart if Harry ever dyed his hair blonde I would make a million posts like YES HARRY THIS IS SUCH A LOOK and HARRY PULLS THIS OFF BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER DREAM OF because I’m trash and I love him too much


Before and after I got blonde highlights (correctly) put in my hair! :D (I swear they look better irl.)
Gonna tag some people who wanted to see them (or just random people I dunno anymore) dansdimplesxx, smhphil, obsessivenerdwithnolife, existentialdaniel, lesterish, realphantrash, phan001, dipperphantomhive, dansleftboob, refridgeratorraider, ifyoullbemyphil, singin-inthe-rain, nearlyimmortals, averyiscoldpizza (tbh I’m just tagging random people at this point sorry hi ignore me), and idk who else to tag uh hi. I suppose consider this a beautiful people post-your-selfies challenge, I dunno, do whatever you want to do.