i liked him liked him



Y’know, I have to admit I’m a little baffled by the people saying Flicker is not “daring enough”, too “easy”, that they’d hoped Niall would “go out of his comfort zone.”

Like… I’m expecting artists to sing the music that they like? And for a first album, I’m really really not expecting them to be “daring”, whatever that means. Flicker is so very clearly Niall through and through, you can tell he wrote songs he can stand behind, he sounds so comfortable and sure of himself on all of them, he’s open and vulnerable and fun….. how could anyone be disappointed?

He might not be your thing, and that’s more than fine by me, but I’m really puzzled by the people saying they expected “more” from him.

okay but now that we have hansol on the unit and some quality ten pics from nct night night can we get like atleast an audio clip of jaemins deep ass whale voice like yall don’t know it but i’m dying here

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Can you do more of your Voltron "soda au" I know you said it as a joke but god damn that sounds interesting

ahaha sure thing

so we got coca cola zero for shero and fanta fruit punch for allura ^^

these 2 were all I had time for now but they were fun :D

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Do you mind me asking what pronouns we should use for Panucci and Tomodachi? :O

you can use ‘they’ for both of them cuz robots are sexless, but in my head ive been using ‘she’ for panucci and ‘he’ for tomodachi just cuz, i dunno, they stick to me like that

kirishima eijirou aka shark boi

so uhh im trying to get myself to memorize his character design so ima be drawing him more often

he silently judges people

My brothers thoughts of the ew guys

“Who is she” that’s a boy “only girls wear red to show of the color of the other hoes they’ve fought”

What do you think his name is? “red bitch” that’s not a na- “ RED BITCH, NOW SHUT UP YOU DEAD CARROT”

“Her hair looks like she wants to flap the fuck away” still a guy “haha sure whatever I don’t understand artist anyway everyone looks like a girl I mean his hair is to long then”

“He is the dumb one right? He looks like the dumb one.”


“Ok so like are his eye hole like contacts or they a never ending hole where I can yeet the red bitch in”

Whats his name “probably something emo like Jeff or Jake or chase”

“Hes 1000% gay no one has hair like that and is straight plus blue is gay” you’re wearing blue. “Did I fucking stutter”

“What’s up with his hair did his mom fuck sonic the fuckin hedgehog??? Image him nutting and Sonics like goTTA BLAST then boom single mother”


“What’s with these bitches and flappy wings for hair-OH MY GOD HIS HAIR IS A SPORK DUDE WHAT IS THIS”

“Ok so you told me one of them is a communist” correct “it’s him he looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing with life so he just said fuck it”


“I bet if someone brings him water he ask if it’s vegan” I’m 70% sure he’s not a vegan “Right the other 30% is equal to 100% so I’m right”

“I bet he dabs to every song”

“I wanna say he’s a Frankie but I also wanna say he goes by big F.”

“His hair looks like it could cut a bitch like ching chong mother fuckers”

“Hes wearing green. You know what else starts with green? Gay. Give him the treatment we are all gonna go through hell just because he’s cute he can’t escape it.”


Some Freezy Pop shots from the episode ;D