i liked him before just based on tumblr

Boombox Day 1: The First Time
For @ow-boombox‘s Boombox Week, I did Lucio and Junkrat’s first “meeting”. Well, I guess it’s time to explain this pic lmao. Junkrat most definitely has heard of Lucio since Lu’s an international Brazilian icon, and def didn’t like him at first because of his views of Omnic/human coexistence. So ol’ Jamie would just stalk around the Overwatch base and give Lucio the stink eye every time they passed. Meanwhile, Lu’s trying to think… where has he seen this guy before? He seems really familiar…

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Hi! I was wondering if it was okay for me to use Neil as a base sim to create a a husband for my legacy that I post on here. It's totally fine if you don't want me to. I just figured I'd ask before posting anything on my tumblr. I love your legacy by the way!❤️

Hi sweets!!!! I’m totally okay with that! :D Just make sure that you give him a different name and make him look different from my Neil! I don’t know, give him a different hair color / eye color so he doesn’t look EXACTLY like him? But I’m totally cool with you using him as a base :-)!!!!

Also, thank you for the super sweet message 💖 I appreciate it!!! :-D

@jshenobi started rewatching Supernatural, and I’ve never seen it so I’ve been watching it with him, and:

What I thought Sam was going to be like based on what I saw on Tumblr: Large, hulking useless dude who’s very innocent and naive.

What Sam is actually like: Smart dude who just wanted to be normal and puts everyone before himself always

What I thought Dean was going to be like based on what I saw on Tumblr: Flawless, perfect older brother who’s a disney princess and has no flaws whatsoever, the leader and the reliable one.

What Dean is actually like: constantly distracted by girls, has no filter, lies every ten seconds, the cheesiest grin ever, has a shitton of issues

Pleasantly surprised lol

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Do you know about the allegations directed at Brooks? I always see, like, an implication that he did something to/with a 16-year-old but no one seems to talk about it now? Did I miss something?

Back in March 2013 when Brooks thought it was a brilliant idea to get a Tumblr account as an ‘experiment’ and grace us with his presence *chokes* , a teen girl outed him claiming that he was pedo that had been sexually hitting on her because he was fascinated with her dressing like a ‘living doll’.  She posted chat convo transcripts claiming it was legit dialog between the two of them. We are not talking a mere couple of pages of chat transcripts but several pages of conversation in which the dude interacting with her sounded kinda, sorta, yeeah, definitely did, like arrogant and snarkily intelligent Brooks Brown. At the most yuck points of the convo, ‘Brooks’ was willing to stoop so low as to divulge tidbits about Eric and Dylan, in exchange for getting the girl, who was fascinated by Dylan and Columbine, to concede to acting out his doll fantasy where he would break her tender virginal self to him  Basically, he was willing to use his loathsome connection with Columbine to lure a minor into agreeing to sexual favors with him. With each chat, he kept up’ing the ante trying to get her to give in by revealing a bit more stuff about E & D.   Also, there were a couple of full-on masturbation vids that she posted of him from the neck down doing his thing for her, close up and personal. It was bleach your eyes out stuff, folks, x 10 - because yes, imo, it really did sound like his voice while doing you-know-what for the camera  The girl claimed to be 15-16ish, I forget exactly -  but it turned out later, she revealed she was more like 18 or 19. Even though she was older, she was still a hell of a lot younger than him.  Word spread all over Tumblr that Brooks was a pedo.  After about four days of Brooks’ experimental (haha) stint on Tumblr, he deleted his blog, tucked tail and left quietly.  He also went private on Facebook and Twitter. Many were upset that she was a victimized minor and while that’s essentially true,  I will say though that she spent a lot of time teasing and luring him in as much as he spent trying to get her to give in. She boasted about exposing him pretty much and seemed to be out for him, to ruin his reputation.  They were both playing each other but, eh, the creep factor here is just the fact that a 30 year old guy would be spending time online entertaining the prospect of seducing a teenage girl.  So, just based on that fact alone, it does not excuse his creepy, manipulative behavior.  I also believe the chat transcript between the two took place right before Brooks separated and divorced from his wife.  After a while, the girl that started the whole thing just sort of disappeared off the scene.

When Brooks first started on Tumblr and opened his Anon message box, the first response was: “Brooks we like you now, get out of here, go home.”  Dude probably should’ve heeded that and given up on yet more attention-seeking because it basically bit him in the butt. And I’m sure Eric had a good laugh over this whole thing somewhere.. ;) 

Again, I just want to say I have no proof that it was him. However, it’s my strong opinion that it was.  I had that sinking feeling the whole time and everything just pretty much added up.

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Do you think that percico really has a chance of happening in canon? I don't mean like Rick is gonna make them happen but based on the story. I think that it's unlikely because even after I re read that part in hoh with bob saying 'nico said Percy was a friend' or something like that and percy felt guilty it didn't strike me as real guilt you know? I think that canon based Jasico is more likely to happen. I would love to hear your thoughts about canon Percy/jasico

Okay so some people may disagree with me here, but this is just what I took from reading both series and from analyzing it with psychology and stuff like that.

I do feel Jason would have been the more likely choice out of Percy and Jason. Obviously, Rick has implied that Nico is/might end up with Will, but something just kind of seemed off or rushed with that. Like he felt he needed to pair everyone off. I do think he might have intended, at some point, to pair Nico with Jason. But I’ll get more into that in a second.

Percy is and always will be the original shipping pair that people put Nico with. He was the only likely choice, at least in the original series. Nico didn’t really match well with anyone else. Percy and Nico do follow a very old Greek tradition, which can also be found in historical figures like Achilles and Patroclus. And, yes, back then, it was very common for the more experience warrior to have a sexual relationship with the younger one. That’s a whole different topic, though.

However, I don’t necessarily feel that Percy is the best choice for Nico these days. Nico is a very damaged soul. He’s been through a lot in his lifetime. That’s not calling him weak, it’s just stating that he’s been through a hard life. This is the same reason that Nico would probably never be the top in a relationship. He wants to be loved, he seeks approval. We see that heavily in the first series when he is constantly trying to seek the approval of Percy in the last book. Nico is going to be the type to be grumpy and try to act like he hates getting attention. And he might dislike getting it, from large crowds or people he’s not comfortable with. However, the same shouldn’t be said for someone he’s interested in. Which is why I say that he’s going to want affection dotted on him, rather than him being the one to do it to someone else. He’s the type of person that would want to be held, rather than hold someone else. This is something a lot of shippers overlook when making their placement for top/bottom. It’s a very psychological concept that people need to keep in mind.

So my point is that Percy is very dense and is oblivious to like everything. That’s not the kind of person Nico needs. And I think Nico realized that in the final book of Heroes of Olympus. It might have been rushed, or just out of nowhere, but I think it was appropriate. Percy is hot, nobody can dispute that. But you can be purely attracted to someone, yet know that they are not the kind of person you want to date. And that is what Percy is to Nico. He did hero worship Percy and that did turn into a crush, but Nico realized it was nothing more than that. Percy probably wouldn’t notice if Nico got upset with him, or maybe touch Nico when he didn’t want to be touched. Nico is someone that needs an attentive lover. Percy does care about his friends, but he also has a habit of letting them down. He forgets. So I just don’t think Percy is what Nico truly needs out of a relationship.

Now for Jason.

Jason is the more compassionate of the two. Originally, I thought he would be a carbon copy of Percy, which he was until Mark of Athena. Then he started showing signs of being intelligent outside of just combat. He took notice of his surroundings better. He actually tries to be friends with everyone, including Nico as time goes on. He wants to be friends with you, whereas Percy doesn’t really care. That’s not saying Percy is a bad person. Percy is more of the bad boy/skater, someone that is up to no good. Jason is the guy that you could bring home to meet your parents without having to worry about how he would behave, and know that they would love him.

In House of Hades, I started noticing a lot with Jason that seemed to hint that he was bisexual, or maybe pansexual. Something along those lines. I say bi because most of the book consisted of Jason needing to choose between two things. My original thought was that he was going to have to choose between Piper and Nico, or maybe just foreshadowing that he also was attracted to guys. I never really liked Jason and Piper’s relationship, to be honest. And that was even before I shipped Jason with Nico. They just never seemed authentic, you know? I always got this feeling that they were letting those false memories influence feelings towards each other, or perhaps it was Piper being a daughter of Aphrodite. Jason even said he thought she was influencing his thoughts to keep him from thinking about Reyna at one point. Can we really be sure that’s not the same reason he stayed with her?

I did seem to get a lot of Jasico foreshadowing in House of Hades, though. The Cupid’s arrow thing really stood out to me. Or that Jason would have to make a choice, when he was talking to the wind god. And the god seemed to hint that he didn’t mean just choose between Greek and Roman. Not to mention that Jason was checking Nico out.

I’ve said it before, but I believe that Rick was going to set Jasico up as canon from the point of House of Hades. It’s just that everything in that book that consisted of the two of them, or even just Jason, seemed to point to it. And it sort of got backed up more with the early chapters of Blood of Olympus. I think that Rick just didn’t have the time to do so. He would have had to break Piper and Jason up, kill her, or just never had them date in the first place. Either of the first two would have meant Jason would have needed some time before getting into another relationship. Or perhaps the publishers didn’t like the idea of golden boy Jason, one of the seven, being in a relationship with another guy. I don’t think Rick would have a problem with it certainly.

We’ll never know. But I do think Jason is the more plausible choice if you are looking for someone to pair Nico with. And I mean that out of everyone. Yes, you can ship whatever you want, that’s all fine and good. However, from a psychological standpoint, especially from someone that has studied relationships, Jason will always be the best choice for Nico.

And before I get any retorts to that: Which of the two, Will and Jason(since I know Solangelo will be all over this with my final comment), actually hesitated and wanted permission before making physical contact with a boy that is clearly not comfortable with random touching?


And it’s nothing against Percico or Solangelo, because I like all three ships. I’m just saying through studying all of them, Jason is my personal choice. Will has the issue that we don’t know enough about him to decide anything. Most people base their image of Will’s personality off of one or two of the artists here on tumblr that sort of gives him a life of their choosing. Just keep in mind that those are not actually canon. That is my main point here: we don’t know enough about Will to properly compare him in this.

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I see that arcturusangel guy deleted his Tumblr. Good riddance. Thanks for defending the community from that mentally ill person. People like him make the faith look bad. We need more people like you who ground their faith in facts, not "upg."

So before I get to the ask portion of this, let me just kind of give a quick general “here’s the lowdown” for anyone who doesn’t know.

The user in question, arcturusangel henceforth referred to as AA, was a blogger who posted a very UPG-based, Kemetic practice. We saw his/her posts quite often and many of us were made uncomfortable by the posts. Part of the discomfiture stemmed from how some of the UPG appeared to contradict accepted historical information, some of the discomfort was because s/he described netjeri as princes and angels, and some of the discomfort was because they never sourced anything. In many instances, when the Tumblr Kemetics comment on a UPG driven post with historical information, it isn’t in an effort to counteract what is being posted, but to provide historical information for newbies who find those posts in case they want a historical practice or aren’t aware of what historical information is out there. Anyway, so AA would post a lot about Djehuty, Set, and Wesir’s “reapers” who seemed to kind of be like angels, too.

On either a mutually agreed or silent consensus, many of us just left them alone. As I outlined in this week’s KRT post arguing amongst one another regarding UPG is pretty fucking ridiculous. All that’s going on is that you’re having an opinion-based argument on the Internet and no one wins. Just because you think what they’re posting is wrong doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. And honestly, who the fuck cares if no one is dying?

So, on February 13, AA posted about how Set had fucked them over and they were done [with Set]. Devo, being one of the premier Set kids on Tumblr, reblogged the post in question with some advice/commentary. Devo was very nice and this is actually one of the only interactions Devo has ever had with this person. Their response was fucked up and wrong. As a friend and as a community member, I couldn’t let that shit stand so I responded decisively and went to the quick of the matter. Either seconds after I posted my response or what, they deleted their blog.

So, there’s your background. Let’s get to the ask!

Yes, they deleted their blog. This isn’t the first time they’ve done so however. They used to actually follow me, way back when, and then disappeared. When they came back, they had a different username and then went back to the AA username that they just deleted. Whatever the reason behind this most recent deletion, it’s possible they will be back.

Personally, I think they deleted their blog because they realized that their response was immature, asinine, and fucked up. It’s also possible that they realized that they were going to get shit on by the wider Kemetic community for responded in such a dick way to Devo, who is probably one of the nicest and hardest working members of our community. Whatever – I don’t really care why they did it. They did and again, they’ll probably be back.

I was absolutely defending my community, and an integral member of that community, from that person. However, I think your comment about them being “mentally ill” is seriously fucked up. Too often, in the pagan community, people are referred to as “mentally ill” because others don’t understand what’s going on with them, which is a really shitty thing to fucking do. Unless you’ve seen the mental health records of a fellow pagan, you don’t know who is or is not “mentally ill.”

And in all honesty, people who use the term “mentally ill” in such a derogatory fashion shouldn’t because you’re falling into this asshole stereotype that people with mental illness should be viewed as “less than.” They are not “less than” anything. They are human beings who have biological, psychological and/or environmental factors that have caused whatever illness that has been diagnosed. It can be really fucking difficult to live with a mental illness – as I know from being the buddy of someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as being diagnosed with manic depression myself – and I request that you no longer do this. Saying that was disrespectful to people with mental illness.

It’s also disrespectful to AA especially since neither you nor I nor anyone else within our community would know what their status in the mental health arena is. While I did accuse of them being a “speshul snowflake,” in no way did I call them “crazy” or “mentally ill.” I accused them of creating a practice that made them feel like they were important to whomever they were communing with. And while feeling important to whomever they were working with was A-okay that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wrong or “crazy.” All it fucking means is that their shit was weird and many other Kemetics didn’t agree and that’s that.

As for whether or not people like AA make the faith look bad, I have to disagree. I think close-minded trolls make the faith look bad. I think people providing incorrect resources make the faith look bad, I think people who don’t designate, clearly, what is or is not UPG make the faith look bad. I think people who cannot get their heads out of their asses make the faith look bad. I think a lot of people make the faith look bad, but frankly, AA’s posts did NOT make the faith look bad. Your ask kind of makes the faith look bad.

What AA’s posts did was give them a place to vent and write about what they wanted to write about. What AA’s posts did was give them something meaningful and driven. What AA’s posts did to people reading those posts are neither here nor there. Whether or not we believe that what they posted was correct or that, perhaps, their discernment was off doesn’t matter. What does matter is that AA was detailing what they felt was the truth about their practice and people reacted, or didn’t.

Your comment about UPG also leaves me confused and I honestly feel like you haven’t been reading my blog very much. Right now, I am thick in the middle of UPG central. Yes, I have facts to back up some of the things I’ve gone through but not all of it is factually based. My rites and services are UPG. Many of the holidays that I celebrate, while historically accurate that they existed, are based on UPG and whatever the hell I feel like making them. Right now, I’m stuck in the fucking astral, which should be a huge UPG indicator, in a rocky room surrounded by lava and with a pet netjeri. Yeah, facts are important in my practice but they’re not all of it. Point of fact, UPG is UPG and it doesn’t matter what fucking UPG we like and what fucking UPG we dislike.

All that matters is that we are making our religious practices for ourselves and doing so as best we can with limited information available.