i liked her the most out of all the debuts

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I wanna thank your blog for make me wake up and realize the talented and hardworking baby that is park jihyo. THANK YOU <3

asdgjsiaodgjsdg oh my god thank you!!!!!!! this makes me sososo happy 😭🤧💕🙌🏻🌟🎊💞☺💗

for real tho like ??? park jihyo is so important and kind and caring and the BEST leader?? and loves her member so much oml. and shes so!!! full of talent?? and her smile and her eyes are the most beautiful in the world !!!

like she’s sacrificed so much?? an also she’s so beloved by the members too like,, do not disrespect park jihyo bc the other 8 twice members will end u themselves!!!! like tzuyu always asking her to praise her an chaeng was jealous that one time when jihyo called another gg member cute :’)

also her relationship w/ j-line!!! dont even get me started oml. when momo got announced as a member of twice an jihyo was the first to hug her and just held her as she cried ;; and the way she and mina, same aged friends, are so soft and cuddly w/ one another?? also she and sana are always kissing each other it’s ICONIC

and then ofc there’s dahyun, who she literally packed a school lunch for and included extra food bc she wanted dahyun to make friends??? im sobbing what a good mother. and then jeongyeon an nayeon,,, like theyre 6mix line. they’re best friends. they helped choose jihyo to be their leader even tho they’re both korean and older than her

like nayeon goes to jihyo for comfort all. the. time. and jihyo is always there!!! giving her love and reassurances 🤧 and nayeon comforts jihyo too when she needs it !! (even tho jihyo is almost always putting up a strong front). like bye they’re just ALWAYS helping each other out!!!

and then there’s jeongyeon!!! i love them together bc i feel like she’s the member that jihyo is always the silliest with?? like jeongyeon teases jihyo and jihyo teases her back and theyre literally Best Friends and they just love being happy together :’)

basically park jihyo is just the most selfless human being on the planet?? like before their debut jyp sat them down and was talking about how the leader of a group has to make sacrifices, has to step back and let the other members shine, has to be okay with bein the least popular member, and always always take into account all the wants & needs of every single other member and miss jihyo does that!!!

i cant believe i just typed this all out but it’s been on my chest and i just

jihyo is literally my favorite person on earth and im so blessed to be her fan 💕

Only yours (smut)

x Jeon Jungkook

Smut - Jealousy / TERRITORIAL (some fluff)

Requested by: Anon~

Masterlist || Words: 2726 || Possible for sequel if requested

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I never liked her job and she knew this.

She worked late shifts, long hours and worst of all, was the attention.

She was an event planner, popular too and I was proud of her but I couldn’t hide the fact that she was the only woman working there and it concerned me.

I would go with her to and from work whenever I had the chance, which was very rare based on my own job. I even tried to convince my boss to hire the company to plan events for us so I could keep an eye on her… her colleagues.  

Many times I sat down and contemplated, almost laughing at myself for how ridiculous I was but when my boss called and thanked me for recommending the company after the previously hired one had pulled out of the latest event I couldn’t help but feel safe.

It’s not that I don’t trust her; I do, but only her. She is good looking, she is everything and she is mine and I don’t like sharing.

Every time someone would look her way I felt anger within and she would notice and laugh at me, tease me and I would laugh it off with her, but I still didn’t like it. I can’t make people look away or make her stay away, that would be awful of me but I could do what I could and that was to be the best man she’d ever have and let everyone know that the best man in her life is me and only me.

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you’re what i deserve

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Title: you’re what i deserve
Pairing: Lee Jinki/Reader
Genre: Idol!AU
Summary: Jinki never truly believed that there could be someone that made his heart race, but when he met certain idol…he knew that waiting for that feeling had been the right idea. Perhaps, someone like that it’s just what Jinki deserves.
Note: I’d like to dedicate this to my darling mutual @hitchhikingbabeh because she absolutely (does not) hates this man called Lee Jinki. Hope you like it!

More often than not, Jinki is good at hiding his feelings.

Yet, the phrase more often than not does not mean always and Jinki had his little quirks that people needed to study close enough to know what was what was going on through his brain. Most fans don’t notice when he is saddened and his eyes are asking someone to save him, they don’t notice when he is truly happy with tears marking his eyes and words not leaving his lips as he stutters out sentences of thankfulness. They don’t notice when he has allergies, when he is heartbroken, when his stomach is killing him, they are symptoms, feelings even, one or two that bubble up from time to time but he hides it behind that usual gummy smile. Not that Jinki was hurting, but he was human and humans went through changes so he doesn’t expect people to understand him. But fans are intelligent, some of them cleverer than others and when he starts seeing videos of himself on the internet about those feelings that he worked so hard on hiding, he was frightened. That video is shown to him by Kibum, who was always very aware of what fans said and what they didn’t, he was very communicative with every single one of them, though generally, so the least he could do was actually explain to him the entire situation. Shipping, so they call it, but he didn’t expect to be wanted as a couple by people with his crush, his real life crush, who was also a performer like himself.

Check in minute 1:34!  He is staring at her as she goes up the stairs to introduce the next artist!  So cute, Onew!” Kibum reads in the most serious tone of voice he can get while trying not to tease his friend, but a smirk was over his face when he saw Jinki’s widened eyes as he looked at the video, sitting down beside Kibum on the couch of his friend’s apartment. Truth be told, he had looked at her…how could he not when she was absolutely beautiful in that short dress he wore? But it had been a few months ever since he started crushing on her and no one ever caught him. “Here is another one,” Kibum clears his throat and he tries a few times to get a girly tone. “I can’t believe you have done this to us!  Please don’t date, Jinki!” Kibum sighs as he shakes his head, looking through comments of the two minutes video. “That one was dumb, absolutely.”

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why is everyone so salty about Lana? she isn’t going to beat Naomi at MITB.. but they’ve given her a singles match at MITB to establish her character and make her debut memorable rather than shoving her into the MITB ladder match which has enough participants/personalities anyways.. the aim is (as with most debuts) to make her stand out - which is why she has a high profile singles match (and she won’t win the title, she 100% won’t cos it’s only her first match)

look, I’m ten times more of a Naomi fan than I am a Lana fan but Lana’s been working as hard as anyone else on nxt, she trains just as hard as anyone else.. no, she shouldn’t beat Naomi for the title but she’s not likely to?? why do you people have to adamantly hate on one woman just to show your support for the others? they all support each other so why bother hating on someone when all she’s done so far is debut and get a match?

you guys realise Lana’s been trying to get on TV since Summerslam last year? and she’s been training for 1+ years now? (i know Naomi’s been working hard for longer but that doesn’t discount Lana’s hard work) i for one am happy she debuted finally and she drew some chants from the crowd, and I’m happy she gets to share the ring with Naomi who is more experienced and who can teach her so much. Yes I know I always say you can hate whoever you want (and Lana is meant to be heel anyways) but honestly? cut her some slack.. she hasn’t even won the women’s title (and she won’t any time soon) yet some people are acting like the whole world ended just cos she debuted

Deku/Ochako Family Headcanons part 2

So last night we got kinda skype-happy with Deku/Ochako headcanons (including their son Tohru who’s a ray of sunshine) and now there is a  l o t more. Lengthy headcanoning under the cut

Chrissy  also im trash but i really want Ochako and Deku to also have a healing-quirk child.

Deku’s worried that he and Ochako have a 50% chance of having a quirkless child because he’s technically quirkless, and he’s afraid of raising a kid in a superhero household who just realistically can’t be super… Turns out that gap in quirkiness is exactly what allowed a variety of new and different quirks to develop back when quirks were new. Deku’s afraid his daughter is quirkless until one day he and Ochako are in the hospital getting bandaged, and Deku like slams both his hands down on the bed and whips his head to Ochako “IVE NEVER EVER HAD TO KISS KAIYO’S BOOBOOS”

And Ochako’s just “????” so Deku starts spinning his hands “Okay so yeah Tohru was more banged up as a child with his quirk so he always had bandaids somewhere but have you EVER had to put a bandaid on Kaiyo!?”

And Ochako thinks about this just “……. !!!!! !!!!! ”

So they get home, pay the babysitter (with whatever arm isn’t in a sling) go nudge Kaiyo awake like “Honey….have you ever gotten a booboo?” Bleary eyed, this four year old little girl wakes up “Huh…Mommy? ………Yeah I get booboos but I don’t like them so I make them go away.”

She’s just extremely confused while both Deku and Ochako are crouched there in the dark room going “ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” at each other

Fast forward a few years and Kaiyo takes up the responsibility of being her parents’ first aid kit. (First aid kid haaaaaaaaaaah anyway). Like Deku comes home after going way too far with One fo All and his arm is smashed to pieces. Ochako’s telling him to go to the damn hospital but he’s “wait a minute honey I wanna give Kaiyo a chance to shine.” She looks at him, with all her 6 year old sass she rolls her eyes and goes “Daddy you’re such a dumbhead.” And touches his arm. Does it heal all the way? No. Does it get a hell of a lot better? Yeah.

Recovery girl is still alive and kicking cuz she’s Recovery Girl, and years down the line she takes Kaiyo as an apprentice
Chrissy  AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY so thats what i had to say
Becca  good name picking btw
Chrissy  i looked it up this time

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St. Vincent Album Speculation - Fan Frothing - Etc.

by Anthony Wetmore

With her debut, Marry Me, Annie Clark (St. Vincent) painted a pastel picture rife with an inky-black rage, though perhaps suburban frustration. Her second album, Actor, saw a release in tension, but a tight focus on the blaring ennui that is life, a fairy tale with bloody consequences. Strange Mercy, I would argue her most personal record to date wound through glimmering tales of shadowy triumph and rebellion. Her latest, St. Vincent (self-titled), paints a picture of Ms. Clark we were not previously privy to, that of her as a Future Queen, mining a realm of diamond-encrusted microchips and leaving few standing in her wake.

The tremors of a new album coming out, rumored collaboration with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, among others, along with the release of her directorial debut on the upcoming all female horror anthology film ’XX’, Annie has been busy. A snippet of a new song, which I will call, for lack of title “New York is New York”, gives us a taste of what she may have in store, a sweet, yet chilling tune with lyrics that are as likely to embrace you as break your neck. There is promise for bigger and brighter darkness to come from the established guitar virtuoso. It is unclear which direction she will take this new album in. Having always made the guitar scream, weep or laugh at her whim, she has let the synthetic seep in, adding yet another layer to her very varied discography. We may see a further merging of the two in new and exciting ways, and perhaps a sprinkling of horns found both on Actor and her joint project Love This Giant with David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Whatever it is Clark has cooking up for us, it is sure to please the ear, put a lurch in your stomach and tug at your heart strings in one fell swoop.

More information coming as we get it. Stick to Nerd Hall for more music news.

okay so someone dear to me remembered I’d promised to do an excessive readmore post about what I stg I THOUGHT the ending of aa5 was going to be and honestly this cold is murdering me so I might as well

you’ve been warned this will get TL:DR as shit and is jam-packed with AA:DD spoilers not that you’d understand half of it without having played through the ending buT ANYWAY

lots of text and SPOILERS AHOY (but jsyk it doesn’t impact on the alt ending comic I’m working on because that uses a different line of thought, so… no spoilers for that-?)

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Jungkook’s P.O.V.

Cameras flash and we switch to our next pose, trying to get over the smell of mildew and hard water. We are all cramming together in the small, antique elevator for our photoshoot of Dope. The only good thing about doing pictures is the individual shoots. My best friend of 13 years moved from America to pursue her dream as a photographer, while I pursued mine as a singer. Luckily the company I debuted for needed photographers for our band and she was assigned to be my personal photographer.

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*Ok, so my family and I just got back from seeing the Dallas Theatre Center’s production of Les Miserables and I just need to get all of my thoughts out of my head, and I also don’t want to forget anything down the road, so I’m writing this for the sole purpose of me looking back on it later and remembering this amazing piece of theatre*

To start off Les Miz is nothing new to me, I have seen both the 10th and 25th Anniversary Concert versions lots of times, the movie 5 times in theaters and who knows how many since, I have like 5-ish different recordings and we even attended a tour, a ’re-imagined’ tour, back in 2012. So, yeah….I’ve seen Les Miz, which is why this production really stuck out to me before we bought tickets.

So, the show itself, we were seated second row stage left, you could say, the stage is a thrust stage, well really it’s a regular stage it just juts out…I don’t know it’s weird. Anyway, if you were looking at it from straight on we were second row, floor section, on the right, the first 3 seats which put us less then 4 feet away from the stage in front of us and like a foot (or less) on our right hand side) we were pretty close (and it was really exciting to see them spit and things but whatever) and now the show.

*It would take forever and a day to type out everything about this show, but if you see/read this and want to know (almost) everything, (because I may (will) forget somethings) just message me and I’ll try my best to write all about it since I know people want to know! So, here are my favorite moments, which in hindsight is practically the whole thing, so here are the moments I hope I never forget about this show*

  • The first moment that really struck me as being super awesome (besides how hot the SWAT men looked in their leather/SWAT uniforms, like *fans selfs* lawd jesus!!) was ‘At The End Of The Day’ like the way they depicted the factory with the metal stick things and the way they hit them in sync but also out of sync and how there was more to that scene then just the women working in the factory, you saw men working in it, and also you saw JvJ and his little owner buddies and that was the first instance of how they used costumes .to show the separation of rich and poor
  • Clearly 'I Dreamed a Dream’ like Allison Blackwell guys….she slayed. I felt so much more for Fantine in that moment than I ever have and it’s because it wasn’t just a “Oh, I’m sad” type of moment she also played it somewhat bitter and angry and like, I don’t know…..she needs to be in everything, because that’s what her performance was, everything. 
  • 'Lovely Ladies’ was also incredibly more satisfying in this production then normal. While, yes, it did depict sex in very realistic ways those characters are prostitutes…..that’s kinda what they do. But, the way they staged it, Fantine never one was any where in 'that world’ until she had sold her locket, and her hair, then and only then did she look the other way and see/become a part of that world. (Kyle Anderson (pretty sure it was him) played a drag queen/cross dresser prostitute and it was super hilarious. At one point he sat at the point of the stage that was right in front of us and made eye contact with my dad. He was flawless) (Kyle not my dad.) 
  • Fantine’s death was, oh mi gawhd…..once again Allsion Blackwell, like *over dramatic snap* Flaw. Less. #SlayMama 
  • The Confronation was also super good. Edward Watts as Javert, was one of those actors who played the role so well you wanted to talk to him about characterization and like applaud him forever on it because the way that he played Javert #Werk, but also you (well, me) wanted to strip down and let him have his way with you (well, me) I don’t know….that might just be me (and he had like these tight black pants on with a gun strapped to his thigh practically the whole time, lawd it was a gay boys dream fo reals.) But, for real the way they staged this scene was baller, because like it was intense like always, but yet you also got to see that JvJ hadn’t given up his 'fight for what matters’ mentality, IDK that’s how I saw it.
  • Jemma Kosannke played Young Cosette and I wanted to punch her in the face she was so cute. It was literally sickening how good she was. Girl is 9. and she killed it. 
  • Master. Of. The. House. is usually my least favorite part. I usually skip over the song in most forms that I watch/Listen to it. I just don’t like it and have never found it all that funny. But, Christia Mantzke as M. Thenardier. I never once took my eyes off of her. She came out dressed in a outfit that was all at once so tacky and over the top you know it can’t be real, but yet you can swear you’ve seen that very same woman at your local Wal-Mart. Her entire performance was incredible. It was her debut at DTC but you couldn’t tell. Like, bitch was fierce and I lived for it. (Steven Walters did a very good job as Thenardier, but was over shadowed by Christia IMO)
  • Look Down was very good, that’s always been my favorite ensemble song so it was good. The kid who played Gavroche just didn’t do it for me (although his death was his best moment (ironic)) 
  • Once again Edward Watts and his brilliant take on Javert was made even better during 'Stars’ like, I don’t know where all these actors came from but all of them (except Gavroche (Sorry Kid)) acted the absolute mess out of this show. It was crazy. Like, if every production had this much amazing acting (and singing, I mean that’s the majority of what you do in Les Miz) every production would run forever. 
  • Ok. so. I gotta admit that every time John Campione (Enjolras) was on stage I kinda stared super hard (ZOMG this one time in Act II he and Marius jumped off stage during the revoultion and kinda ducked down behind the row in front of me…like in front of me. Like me and my dad had to readjust because they both jumped down so fast and where all up in our personal space for a good minute or two. Like, don’t you love it when the actor you find most attractive does things like 5 inches from you? no? just me? K) anyways, the entire Red & Black scene was updated flawlessly like these guys for real look like a group of guys you would see at Starbucks/Some other coffee shop. and the fact that they planned the revolution on a laptop? Isn’t that how we’d probably do it if we were in that situatuon? I really enjoyed that. 
  • It led into what is my favorite (well, one of my two favorite) songs form LM “Do You Hear The People Sing?” and like during that scene they handed out little red pieces of paper to some of the audience members and my dad got one that said “Freedom Now!” I couldn’t tell what the others said but they all didn’t say the same thing. But, yeah it was so effective at one point I thought the audience was for really going to stand up and start a revolution, alas and alack we didn’t.
  • The next thing that I really liked was before Marius started to sing 
    “A Heart Full of Love” to Cosette he kinda mouthed to Eponine “How do I look?” or “Do I Look Ok?” and then turned and started to sing to Cosette who was sitting on this bench and when he did that she kinda looked around awkwardly and then shifted positions and kinda sat in a “Paint Me Like One of your French Girls” kinda way and it was really cute. 
  • One Day More literally killed me and I loved it. From having The T’s standing high above the stage to not giving the students that iconic red flag and completely changing the way it was choreographed. Like, it was brilliant 

*YAY we’ve made it through Act I*

  • Like Okay, Elizabeth Judd was super great as Eponine but I have never connected to her character, no matter how brilliantly portrayed, like everyone else seems to have. I never could get myself to. and so, during “A Little Fall of Rain” it’s hard for me to feel anything, but somehow they made me feel something, for both characters during that scene. And, so that’s how I know that they put way more thought and time and effort into this show than we will probably ever know. 
  • Drink With Me was also incredibly staged, Like, the colors of the lights, and the way they had the little rock things scattered over the stage, and the placement of the barricade boys/girls was just like….yet another example of the endless amounts of moments you can’t describe but yet it was so good in the moment that I want to try to describe I just don’t think I ever will be able to.
  • Nehal Joshi. Man can sing. Act. Sing. Act. y'all he was so on the ball during the entire show, but especially during Bring Him Home. Like, boy completed slayed that song. 
  • Of course we then have the battle (which is where Enjloras and Marius jumped down in front of us) like the whole battle scene was great. (And shout out to the SWAT man who died like during the very first battle part and was hanging from the window thing for like 30 minutes. You should get a raise for that)
  • Javert’s Suicide was really good, seeing as how it is one of the better songs in Les Mis (IMO) but like the way he died, like he jumped from the raised platform/thing the orchestra was on, and he was attached to wires so he kind just floated in the air until the lights went out (it was more majestic then that, but that’s how I can describe it so) and I don’t know. I wish they had done it different.
  • And then Turning was so good. Like, yes it is my favorite Les Mis song, and it has my favorite lyric “Where’s that new world now the fighting’s done?” but the way it was staged, it started off as this group of ladies (either nuns/mothers/or just ladies who were in mourning is what we came up with) being blocked by Caution tape to see the dead boys (who were dead on stage for a while. I would have fallen asleep TBH) but then the SWAT people walk away and one of the ladies tears the tape down and they all go to a different boy and continue the song. It was just so perfectly done. 
  • Once again, Christia with her slaying as M Thenardier during the wedding song. Gah, I just love her. Like at one point when Marius is trying to get them to leave she turns around and says “Congratulations” to Cosette and it was just so hilarious. She was my #LesMisBae
  • And then they way they did the very end. It started with JvJ sitting alone on a bench, and then Fantine joins him. But, then when Cosette and Marius run in Cosette sits in between JvJ and Fantine and the way Allison Blackwell played Fantine seeing Cosette for the first time in X# of years (even though she was dead) was just stellar. And then Eponine and Enjolras and Gavroche come out and the three of them and Fantine stood behind the bench with JvJ, Cosette, and Marius sitting on it. And then the rest of the ensemble comes out, not as the dead barricade members, but just as modern day people you might see in your everyday life. Which just like reinstates the messege this entire production was making which was everything in this musical is very well happening now in today’s world. So, the last few lyrics became kinda like a call to the audience, like “Will you stand up and fight for your right to be free/ your rights in general because you might need to one day” like, it was so much more real when it’s literally being said by characters that represent people you see/could see everyday. 

I don’t know, I just really loved it. And this is way, way longer than I thought it was going to be. It took me two hours to write. But, yeah I really wrote it for myself to be able to remember the show better in the days/weeks/months/years to come, which is why I didn’t add all that much detail, just enough so that hopefully I’d remember it and fill in the rest myself. But, if you did indeed read this monster of a post, and you want to know more (which is funny because this could have been 4x’s longer had I covered everything in this show) just let me know, and I’ll try to help. 

And, Scene. 

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5 times people thought Angie and Peggy were a couple (bonus + 1 time they definitely were)

(Somehow, for some reason, a modern Hollywood AU.)


“Ms. Martinelli.” The publicist has the kind of plastic Hollywood grin Angie is going to have to get used to, and he uses way too much cologne. He smells like her cousin Joe, and she doesn’t really like her cousin Joe. “If we’re going to have a productive working relationship, I need to know everything. I need to know where you shop, I need to know if you sign a petition, I need to know if your aunt might get boozed up and give an interview about the dress you wore to your junior prom.” He leans forward. “I need to know who you’re dating.”

Christ. “Not anyone, at the moment. Attending a million auditions kind of doesn’t give you the time, even when you get your big break.”

He sighs and tuts at her like he’s her elderly grandma. Angie promises herself she’s going to fire him the second it won’t offend the big-name star who gave her his name. “Fine. I’ll say it. Are you fucking your roommate, Angie?”

“Peg? God, no, I’m pretty sure she’s not gay.” She’s got several ex-boyfriends, one of whom she talks for at least two hours on the phone with once a week.

The publicist looks like he has a sudden headache. “But you are?”

“Yeah.” She smiles sweetly. “Problem?”

“Not when you get a little more famous,” he says, and rubs his temples. “It might be easier to sell if you were all loved up with your roommate, though. Sure you aren’t?”

“Really sure.” More’s the pity. “So, want me to tell you all my other dirty secrets?”

He sighs. It makes him a lot more likeable than the shark grin. “Yes, Ms. Martinelli. Tell me your life story.”

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Okay so T-Pain believes that Aaliyah's legacy was a hype because of her death... (Pauses) How does that make any sense? Oh yeah that's because One In A Million went platinum? She was an successful artist even before hitting the age of 20. Honestly, it is pathetic and just about annoying to hear people bashing her like that. I do think that if she was still here she would be selling records like nothing.

I honestly don’t get how ppl be talkin out they jaw like that! In the 90s Aaliyah was one of the teen R&Bs QUEENS ! She was a sensation! All the younger girls looked up to her and the fact Aaliyah’s first album has sold more than T-pains entire musical history! Like who is he to talk? By the time Aaliyah was 20 she had 2 double platinum albums,a handful of endorsement deals, deemed the Youngest Female to perform at the Oscars,Crowned one of the most influential artist b/c of her dope tomboy hip hop style, and filmed her debut movie which was a box office hit!

First *Sterek* September fic rec

The Feeling That I’m Under by wearing_tearing   *Absolute Favorite 

Stiles is a paramedic and Derek gets into a bike accident.

It’s kind of love at first sight.

I See Your Face Before Me by jezziejay

While Stiles was studying in New York, Scott moved to LA and found a new co-bestie. Stiles can’t wait to meet him. The feeling, however, is far from mutual.

AU piece, based somewhat around one of the stories in the movie Love Actually. The end especially.

Golden Ratio by umbralillium

Derek gets distracted by a professor holding class on the lawn. Then an art bomb drops on him and Things Happen.

Introduction To Fine Art by Febricant

Stiles spots the familiar shape of Derek Hale, ludicrously conspicuous wearing dark jeans and long sleeves in June, ducking into the Beacon Hills Art Institute. The bubble he’s blowing pops all over his face.

Officer Calves by WhoNatural

“Oh you’d know all about it, would you?” Derek asks evenly. There’s a stain of graphite dust on the guy’s left hand. “Wanna slow down and discuss it?”

The figure stops, head turning, and enough of his face is visible under the shadow of the trees and the arch of his hood for Derek to make out a perfect bow of pink lips, curved up in a smile.

“Nah, don’t think so, Officer Hale.” He darts off into the trees faster than Derek can even blink.

I’m With The Skater Boy by WhoNatural

“He’s the sheriff’s kid,” Erica had told him. “Kind of went off the rails after his mom died. I heard he’s like some kind of genius, but now all he does is hang out here and smoke weed.” She’d sounded kind of saddened by it, before twisting her mouth, pulling her hair back into a loose bun. “He makes fucking art when he’s on a board, though.”

The Last Song I’ll Write About You by WhoNatural

"So his face sells records, is what you’re saying,” she says, and yeah, he’s been talking about the jerkwad for most of his lunch break, but that’s no reason for her to get that glint in her eye. “You must think it’s a pretty marketable face, if it can make someone’s debut album go triple-platinum in the span of two months.”

If You’re Gonna Play The Game, Boy, You Gotta Learn To Play It Right by WhoNatural

No, today, on the day Stiles has a presentation due at work that will literally decide whether he can move somewhere that has working interior heating, his booth is occupied by an interloper. An impostor. The usurper of Stiles’ wifi-having throne.

It’s some hipster-douche in a patterned sweater with an ipad.

It’s an outrage, is what it is.

There’s A Badge For That by WhoNatural

“You were some kind of werewolf Boy Scout?!” It comes out a squeak. It’s probably the dry air and the choking cloud of Derek’s repressed memories.

“Give me that.”

White Sheets/Burnt Toast by thatyellowbird

Stiles cleared his throat, but Derek couldn’t tear his eyes away from the object in his hand because this was - this was -

“Is this what I think it is?”

“Well, yeah.” Stiles snorted, but then quickly added. “Unless you don’t want it to be what it is, because then it could totally be something else. Like, it can just be a -”

“You should ask me.”


Derek swallowed, nodding as he pushed himself up straighter. “You should ask me.”



Must Like Dogs by using_this_name

Derek decides to take matters into his own hands. Which is exactly as successful as you’d think it is.

R.A.P.I.L.A. series by neko_fish

The first time Stiles talks to Derek Hale, it’s raining, it’s pouring, and Scott went and ditched him to ‘study’ with Allison.

(Thank you, best friend Scott.)

Something I’m Not Seeing by Meeya8587

There’s a world of a difference between Derek’s past and present self. To the point that Stiles pretty much considers them to be two different people who just happen to have the same name.

Entirely on accident, the pack brings teenage!Derek forward in time, to the present. While struggling to find a way to send him back, the boy notices some lingering looks and tension between his future self, and a certain human. Without the burden of the things adult!Derek has seen and done in his life, teenage!Derek is a lot more straightforward about the whole thing.

The One With Stiles & Derek by stilinskisparkles  *WIP

FRIENDS ficlets


Today we welcome Julie Strauss-Gabel to our Penguin Teen Behind the Book feature! As the editor of many authors you know and love (Ally Condie, John Green, and Andrew Smith to name but a few), there’s a reason we all trust Julie when she hands us something and says we have to read it. Nina LaCour has written several of those books, including her latest, Everything Leads to You. Read on to find out just what it was about Nina that made Julie know she had to work with her!


Most editors have glamorous acquisitions stories to tell. I also have a few.  But, like many of the books so close to my heart on the Dutton list, Everything Leads to You did not begin that way. There is no auction, no pre-empt, no frantic all-night read to chronicle here. There is time and trust, trial and error.

Nina LaCour and I began working together in 2007, starting with her debut novel, Hold Still; long enough ago that the submission arrived from her agent via snail mail in a box (my office used to be piled high with these before email attachments became the norm). A rapturous, honest, hopeful book about a teen starting over after a friend’s suicide, Hold Still introduced me to Nina’s many talents. It was, like the star of all good acquisition stories, a book I had to have.

And, like all good publishing stories, that was the start of a seven year (and counting) relationship. After Hold Still, Nina wrote The Disenchantments, which I was proud to publish on my first list as Dutton’s publisher alongside just one other book, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

So, after many years, we arrived at Everything Leads to You. Fans will still recognize Nina’s keen observation, her welcoming craft, and a point of view that shows readers the world through an artist’s eye. But Everything came from a very intimate place, a story about love, guided by issues and values of great personal importance to Nina. It was a story she needed to tell after a 2011 high school visit where she met with the school’s Gay Straight Alliance. After that visit Nina knew what her next book had to be, “I decided that my next novel would be about two girls who fell in love. I didn’t know what the story would be yet; I didn’t know who the characters were. But I could give these teens something in writing that I wasn’t able to guarantee in life: a happy ending.”

I am honored to be a part of sharing that story with you. As we find ourselves at a crossroads on the path toward the future of the content and diversity on the YA shelf, it’s a book we need more than ever.


Thanks, Julie! There you go, making us cry on a Friday.

Order your copy of Everything Leads to You!

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