i liked her speech too much not to

I only wish we could have seen Natasha’s face too, when she basically publicly declared her love for Elise. How she looked at her, and her expression as her voice cracked on those words.
I know they both laughed and turned it into a joke. But you don’t just say something like that on an international stage, in the middle of a serious and heartfelt acceptance speech, during a highligh of your career and in your most emotional state, JUST TO TROLL the fans or tease each other. There was no need to add a joke there. It felt much more honest and intimate than just a tease, it felt to me like she couldn’t help adding that, couldn’t help expressing what deep feelings she has for Elise, whatever they are. I wasn’t expecting anything like that and it moved me.
No matter how they define their relationship, only they can know what’s really between them, but the love is so apparent it hurts.

My two cents on the first ‘you’

Alright so I have been thinking about the thing and I have concluded that I think that “is the first you singular or plural” is pretty much a particularly fruitful way to approach the scene. Hear me out.

Who is Cas referring to up to this moment? The three of them. After saying “you’re my family” he turns specifically to Mary and nods, like he’s telling her “yes, you too”. So far, “you” means “Dean, Sam, and Mary”.

Why would he suddenly shift from a “you” that means “Dean, Sam, and Mary” to a “you” that means something different? He’s making a speech and it makes no sense for him to change who he’s addressing to with no indication he’s doing so. I think his addressee is the same - the three of them.

If the speech ended here, if he said the thing about not wanting to see them die now, the scene would be Cas tells Dean, Sam and Mary that he loves them. Period. Dean wouldn’t stand out particularly - yes, the camera cuts to him immediately and the direction of Cas’ eyes and everything, but Cas’ words themselves wouldn’t give you reasons to think that there’s something in them that hints at specific feelings he has for Dean.


Cas feels the need to clarify what he meant with that “you”. Which would be absolutely unnecessary and make no sense unless you assume that Cas loves Dean in a way that differs from his feelings for Sam and Mary.

He’s been talking to his family, to the three of them, why would he feel the need to clarify that he means the three of them?

Because there is a chance that they might have assumed he was referring to Dean. There is a chance that Sam and Mary would think he was talking to Dean only, not to them. Because everyone in that room knows that Cas’ feelings for Dean are not the same as Cas’ feelings for Sam and Mary, so Cas is saying “I am expressing my love for all of you”.

Sam’s face here could either mean (or mean a mixture of both, more likely) “oh, you mean you love me too” or “oh you love Dean so much and it’s so obvious I thought you were only talking about him”. Kinda.

Basically Cas says I love you. And by you I don’t just mean Dean which I know each of us knows I love because literally every pebble outside knows that because the entire universe knows, in fact it’s so obvious you’re probably thinking that’s what I meant with ‘I love you’ right, so what I’m saying is that I mean that I care deeply about all of you because you all are my family and you all have been important to me and made me into the person I am now.

Basically the point is that everything he’s said before the “I love all of you” can be interpreted in two different ways - i.e. applied to Dean only (and it gets certain connotations) or applied to the three of them (and it gets different connotations). And the fact that Cas clarifies it, means that he’s aware of that possible dualism and he’s aware that everyone in the room is aware of it.

And if Perez is making the characters acknowledge that dualism (i.e Cas’ feelings for Dean being different than Cas’ feelings for the others), it means that that dualism is real.

Basically the scene isn’t telling us the nature of Cas’ feelings for Dean. That needs to happen still. It’s a little sign telling us that they’re different than Cas’ feelings for Sam or Mary.

In 11x23 Cas made a pained face when Dean told him that he was their brother. That’s what we’re exploring right now: is it possible to use the same label for Cas’ and Dean’s relationship as for Cas’ and Sam’s relationship? It’s pretty much what Robbie Thompson foreshadowed at with the line “what about Sastiel” - in the context of the episode it was a joke, but nothing is just a joke from a meta point of view it means, what’s the difference between ‘Dean and Cas’ and ‘Sam and Cas’?

Basically, in order to make Destiel shift from subtext to text, you have to answer the question ‘what about Sastiel’ first, i.e. elaborate on the difference between Cas’ feelings for Sam and Cas’ feelings for Dean. And Cas’ speech in 12x12 of course doesn’t mean all of this stuff textually, but, extradiegetically, it’s a sign that the show is setting the ground for the answers to that kind of questions.

Inside Choices: The Royal Romance, Book 2

Just this spring, The Royal Romance: Book 1 kicked off with a dance in the palace ballroom of Cordonia. The whirlwind romance of the first book ended with a courtly plot against you. Who in the court can you trust? And how will you fight back? All will be answered in Book 2… and The Royal Romance will return at the end of September! To find out more about the upcoming book, check out the interview with The Royal Romance team below:

Soooo… how’s book two of The Royal Romance going? What’s next for our Cordonian crew?

Jeffrey: Well, next I’m probably going to go home, cook some vegetables, listen to a podcast, then socialize with some friends through the interwebs–

Oh, you meant the characters, not us. Well… In Book 2, we want to take the main character’s journey in a more experimental direction where she really discovers who she is and what she wants. First, she was living under the expectations of her role as a waitress in New York, then she escaped into the trappings of high Cordonian society. Now’s her chance to pursue her true self.

Kara: Even though we’re not releasing chapters right now, we actually started Book Two right after we finished Book One! I finished writing the last few lines of the Coronation and then immediately started writing the first chapter of Book Two! We actually had to do most of the planning while we were still working on Book One. We’ve got a lot of fun planned–even though things can get a little dire in the Royal Romance, the fun of being at court and spending time with your friends is still there. We’re going to travel the world, meet new people, build a barn, and probably talk more about hats.

It’s a pretty big understatement to say Book 1 had quite the cliffhanger. Can you tell us a little bit about where this is going?

Kara: I think the most striking thing about the reactions to the end of book 1 are how people interpret what happened differently. It all happens so quickly, and we only gave people a few lines to read into, but it really isn’t very much to go off of. You don’t know exactly how the Prince is feeling, or why he picks who he does. From the writers’ perspective, we jump right into writing Book Two, so there’s not much of a wait. I wish our players didn’t have to wait either, because a few weeks of being in suspense can go a long way! In Book Two, you’ll be able to finally fight back and figure out who framed you and Tariq in Book One.

Jennifer: I don’t want to say exactly where Book Two is going, but questions that were brought up during our brainstorming were: Who sent the blackmail note? Will Olivia come back? Who tried to sell the bachelor party photos?

I need to know. Will we get our happily-ever-after?

Jennifer: I think you can really tell by a writer’s favorite novels what kind of outlook they have on endings. My favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice, so you could extrapolate how The Royal Romance will end from that. On the other hand, Kara likes Wuthering Heights, and Jeffrey really likes Hamlet, so… take from that what you will.

Hm… interesting. Now given Olivia’s ancestry and other factors, Cordonia is essentially the modern day version of Stormholt from The Crown & The Flame, which had quite a bit of worldbuilding. What does worldbuilding look like for The Royal Romance?

Jeffrey: Worldbuilding is a delicate and intricate process. First, I like to devise an economic system because economics answers a few questions on how we organize ourselves. For The Royal Romance, we developed an export market for the Cordonian apple sector by defining the exchange rate between the Cordonian currency versus the Euro. We have spreadsheets, graphs, and everything. It’s very professional. In fact, if you look closely, you can see a subplot where Cordonians attempt to tackle the housing crisis and rising inequality.

Once you have an economic framework which people organize themselves around, you can move on to the stories engrained in the national identity. What do they believe and how do their surroundings and past traditions influence them? What are the dissenting points of view?

With these two pieces in place, you can finally embark on a 10-volume historical record following the rulers of Cordonia, which will prompt a body of work on Cordonian history from the perspective of the common people. When you can recite the third edition of the Encyclopedia Cordonia, the writing can begin.

Jennifer: Jeffrey will be publishing his next novel, “Cordonia: An In-Depth Look At A Glorious Peoples” in Spring of 2028.

Very funny. (Just so we’re clear, Jeffrey is joking. Sort of.) Out of curiosity, who’s your favorite character to write in The Royal Romance?

Kara: I love writing Maxwell. In the first draft of The Royal Romance Chapter 1, he actually didn’t exist, and Bertrand was your only host. But that world felt too flat and un-fun. I realized we needed someone more playful to be opposite of Bertrand, so that’s how Maxwell was born! (He was originally just “Nobleman 2”). Right away, everything in the group felt like it finally clicked, and everything got a lot more fun to write. Even though we had to do a lot of last minute changes to the plot, I think it was worth it. Now he’s such a major part of the book that it’s hard to imagine a world without him! I also love writing Hana and Maxwell together because they’re both very sweet and playful but in very opposite ways. Hana also kind of reminds me of Jennifer and Jessica in some ways… XD

Actually, it’s very striking to me how each of the three Royal Romance writers for Book One has influenced the world and cast. Jennifer gives everything a touch of formality and courtly grace, and Jeffrey brings in a lot of wacky humor about horses and hats and poodles. If I’ve added anything, it’s probably making Bertrand meaner, throwing in more silly group moments with your crew, and probably having Drake drink too much whiskey. (I don’t even like whiskey.) But overall, it’s really thrilling to see the world and the characters that come out of this combination.

Jeffrey: Madeleine. It’s fun to write someone who’s constantly trying to spin a situation to their benefit, and making power plays along the way. I’ve actually been writing for Madeleine since her appearance in Rules of Engagement: Book 2, so we’re practically besties.

And who’s your favorite love interest? *wink* *nudge*

Kara: I love them all! I probably end up writing the most Drake, but I often get to write some of the Prince’s speeches to you, and I love how considerate and loving he is. There’s nothing selfish or mean about him. He’s the kind of person that you’d want to be around in real life.

Jennifer: In my personal game, my love interest is definitely Drake, and I totally make Kara write him just so I can read his scenes and enjoy the romance. =) Writing-wise, I enjoy Hana the most because I feel like we have a lot in common, and some of her struggles with trying to please while simultaneously trying to figure out what will make her the most happy in the long-run really resonate with me.

Is there anything you’d like to tell the fans before Book 2’s release?

Jennifer: We hope you’ll enjoy the twists and turns we have planned for Book Two!

😱 🤔 Well, that’s something to look forward to! To everyone reading along… Check back at the end of September for the start of The Royal Romance: Book 2! And as always, we’ve got more on the way…


but what if at Jake and Amy’s wedding holt stands up to do a speech because he’s an important figure in both of their lives (even though he would’ve done it even without them asking him) and the speech is definitely holt, filled with bluntness and jokes nobody but Kevin understands but it’s also beautiful - he says how proud he is of them and how happy he is that they found each other and that he couldn’t think of any other two people who deserve each other as much as them. Amy freaks out of course (this is her rabbi, come on) but towards the end of the speech both she and Jake are speechless and with teary gazes. When Holt’s done, Jake and Amy just stare at him for a beat, then look at each other with solemn expressions and nod in sync. They get up and start marching towards Holt who starts low key high key freaking out and asking what they didn’t like, was something too much and “I knew the joke about the mattress was…risky, I apologise” but Jake and Amy stay silent while walking over to him with their determined expressions on and when they reach the captain they stop for a moment and Holt is ready for them to berate him but instead his two detectives throw themselves at him at the same time and wrap him in a bear hug. Holt freezes for a moment before letting an affectionate smile take over his lips and wrapping his strong arms around the two of them and they just hug right in the middle of the room and everyone cheers and I AM SOBBING

anonymous asked:

Fix it fic where Yousef comes back today? PLEASE? I don't know how maybe the girls surprise her and brought him back I know it doesn't make any sense it doesn't have to just please can you write one I'm so sad. Thank you!

Well nothing else makes sense anyway so why not? Hope you like nonnie!


“Fortunately, love does too.”

The end of the speech is met with enthusiastic cheers and applause. Sana has tears in her eyes and is hugging everyone around her. Just as they all calm down, her phone starts ringing. She looks down and a huge smile appears on her face.

Yousef is trying to FaceTime her.

She presses the green button and his beautiful face fills up her screen. Too much of her screen actually.

Sana laughs. “Why are you so close to the camera? Back up a little bit so I can see Turkey.”

“Turkey?” he says in a mischievous tone. “You’d rather see Turkey and not me?”

She rolls her eyes. “How about both?”

“See the problem is, showing both would be a problem because geographically it’s not possible.”


“If I moved, you wouldn’t see Turkey.”

The last word rings in her ears and it’s a little too loud. She turns around and there he is, standing a few feet away, wearing a white and golden kurta. Looking as handsome as ever.

She’s too shocked to talk, to move, to even blink. Because if she does, he might disappear.

The girls surround her and say, “You didn’t think the speech was the only surprise we had for you right?”

She’s too dumbfounded to even understand how and when and where they came up with this idea or did this, all she knows is that Yousef is slowly walking towards her and she’s having a hard time breathing.

“Eid Mubarak Sana. You look……stunning.” He says, with a little difficulty, apparently just as breathless as she was.

“What are you….I mean….” All her thoughts are jumbled and all she wants to do is wrap her arms around him and hug him for an eternity.

“I got a ticket in the mail three days ago, convinced my family for another two days, got on a plane this morning, and here I am now.”

She looks at the girls in disbelief and Noora winks at her and subtlety tells her to check her phone.

A new text from her reads, “Julian Dahl owed me a favor.”

Sana shakes with laughter and disbelief and happiness all at once. Then she looks up at Yousef, grinning from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe you came.”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl.”

there is no law that the gods must be fair

*me, languishing in the angst pit 6 days after the finale with a glass of wine in hand* this is my home now and i’m gonna stay in it for the next 9 months

missing scene from 413. clarke radios in from the tower and bellamy hears her.

wc: 1.3k | ao3

Maybe some tiny, morbid part of her always knew it would end like this.

Not like this exactly; out in the snow all by herself, the words ‘manual operation’ somehow making no sense and yet sitting heavy on her chest at the same time while her timer continues to blink, unawares that it’s no longer tracking the time until she leaves for survival, but the time left until her death.

Clarke figures that a small part of her always knew since Abby’s vision that she wasn’t going to make it to space, but she’d be damned if she didn’t see to it that her friends got there.

That doesn’t mean she’s okay though.

The radio is clutched tight in her hand, trembling slightly and she decides to try one last time.

“Raven?” she asks into the nothingness, voice small.

There’s no reply.

Licking her lips, she brings the radio closer to her helmet until it’s almost touching the glass, hand wrapped in an almost vice like grip around it. “… Bellamy?” she tries once more, hoping in vain that he can somehow hear her.

Silence again, but just when she’s about to shove it back into the bag, there’s a burst of static followed by a crackle and then-


His voice is tinny, almost too weak to be heard over the interference, but she manages. Her eyes squeeze shut wanting to commit to memory the way his voice sounds like gravel, the way his tongue curls so gently over the consonants of her name as it’s the last time she’ll ever hear him say it.

“Bellamy I-,” she pauses to swallow heavily. “I’m not going to make it back in time,” she tells him in one breath, biting the bullet.

A beat. And then, “What the hell does that mean?” he growls.

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Cable Girls: Las Chicas del Cable

First impression about Cable Girls after binge watching:

I love how 4 women so diverse can be so amazingly strong in such different ways. How they show us the different ways men could have total control over women’s life, and how those characters face this oppression, each her own way, is well written while still realistic with the time period it’s written in. 

- Lidia/Alba’s character complexity is amazing. Her monologues fit so well with what’s going on and the actress is amazing. Her love drama makes me yawn sometimes though. 

- Carlota is probably my favorite. She’s so brave, determined, fearless, relentless. She is aware of her flaws and tries to be better. When she faces a situation she’s never contemplated (you know what I’m talking about) sit shows that she’s frustrated with herself for not being good enough. Her ideals are so rooted and her actions show so much passion. How she stands up against her dad and anyone who betrays her or messes up with her is wonderful to watch. 

- Marga is the most ADORKABLE person I can think of. Her puns and sentences make me soft and laugh at the same time. She’s so naïve but so determined to be better and independent at the same time. I just want to adopt her. 

- Ángeles is probably the hardest character to see on screen. Her growth process is heartbreaking to watch, and it feels a little bit rushed sometimes. But it seems they get to keep her on character while still showing how she changes her heart and mindset, and her strength is unique and different. 

About Sara. I love the job the actress does. She shows so much emotion in her actions, for instance, those huge heart eyes the character has for Carlota. It’s a character you don’t expect to surprise you in the first episode but it does. *spoiler alert* The relationship with Carlota and Miguel is surprising but it doesn’t feel forced. I liked they introduced polyamory in such a casual but powerful way, showing . About the last scene of this character… *Spoiler alert* [Sidenote: Sara’s transness is an assumption that everyone I’ve talked with about the series agrees on. That’s the interpretation I made of it and they way I’m addressing it]. I have such mixed feelings about it. I love the way they introduce the concept, it’s not explicit or complicated, it’s just hinted with Miguel’s shirt and a subtle but direct sentence of Alba in the background. The sentence though… my activist self just can’t digest it. *Spoiler alert* “Not being in the right body” it transmits trans people’s bodies aren’t right, which is a concept that most of the society has nowadays (I was going to say “had”, but in 1928 most people didn’t even register trans people’s existence). Their bodies are their business and whatever they want them to be. The perpetuation of this idea it’s heartbreaking. I’m guessing the reason it’s the same old “that’s how people understand it” and “it was 1928″ and “it would not have been obvious without that sentence”, but that’s just how transphobia is perpetuated. Anyway, I’m willing to see the development of the character next season and how they treat them. 

Elisa (Aka. Alice in wonderland) introduces us to how high class people with mental illnesses were treated back then. How they tried to cover up everything for what people might think, telling her about “her nerves”… I hope we get to see more of what being mentally ill implied in the 20ies, specially as a woman. 

I also love the adorkableness of Pablo, but love that he’s not perfect and really screws up (Her unsufferable girlfriend, come on). And Marglo is just <3. I liked they showed an open minded man like Miguel, although his free mind felt forced. I get what they wanted to do but it didn’t feel too on character tbh. We didn’t have much information about what went though his mind, about how he saw Carlota, what he thought about her and Sara more developed…  The effort is well appreciated though. They could have cut off some of the boring speeches of francisco and given him some more scenes to deepen on that matter.  

Francisco and Carlos (Aka. Tweddledee and Tweedledum) have too many scenes for what little they really do. Francisco is so boring. Period. Carlos is a more evolving character, who shows a development throughout the series. The best part of those 2 is the relationship they have between them, how they behave as really good friends and as brothers, *spoiler alert* even in the end when Francisco burns the new Will of Carlos’ father (Aka. the caterpillar).  

I also liked the number of aged women they show us: Carmen (aka. Queen of hearts), Victoria and Doña Lola, Mario’s mum. They all were great in their own way, had their strong suits. 

About Mario. I just can’t. It makes me anxious. I know it’s necessary and real and I love they did what they did. But it’s so hard to watch. In general, the sexism shown it’s drowning. Which is the purpose of the series. The hopelessness I felt with Ángeles and the no-divorce and Sara in jail was suffocating. 

The absence of POC was pretty obvious too. It might not be that far from reality from 1928 Spain, but that’s no excuse. I hope they get some time and interest next season to introduce the state of other races in that era. 

The show made a pretty good job with the topics it wanted to address, introducing complex and strong characters mixed with light humor and intricate storylines, addressing different forms of sexist opression, and keeping the mystery. It misses some intersectionalism, specially more education about LGTB stuff and some introduction to POC on those times. I hope we don’t find ourselves with another danish girl.

ectoplasmictoast  asked:

Your taking requests for non anon then? If not ignore this! Can you do an imagine for the rfa finding out mc used to be really wild and crazy in her teens/college. Like going to parties/clubs, getting super drunk, having lots of sex, maybe smoking pot/doing other drugs if your comfortable with it. And like she still drinks and parties but responsibly now as she realized she was getting out of hand and got help if she needed it.

Typically, they’d all have the same reaction, “Don’t worry, it’s in the past. I’m really happy you’re getting better now. If you need help with anything, I’ll be there” or something along those lines.

SO I thought it’d be more interesting to write situations revolving around these habits! ^O^ Turned out pretty well I think~ I hope you’ll still like it


Warning: Themes of Drinking/Drugs Check [Here] for the angst I had originally wanted to write for V!

Request Killing: 3/30


  • He was really fascinated that you were one of those people… the ones “cool” enough to go to those college parties and clubs. He himself had never been to one—he hardly socialized with anyone outside of his classes or the RFA, since he just didn’t feel up to it after his cousin had died…
  • Besides, his mother would’ve killed him if he tried.
  • Still, as his college graduation grew nearer and nearer, he began to wonder what it would be like to go to a party.
  • Naturally, the first person who came to mind was you, who had tons of experience.
  • It had surprised you that night when he called, asking, “MC… could you do me a favour? You know how I’m graduating soon, right…?”
  • To which you replied, “Uh, yeah?”
  • “Umm, well, actually, I’ve never been to a college party or anything… And I just feel like I’d be missing a part of my college experience if I didn’t at least go to one, you know?”
  • “And you’re telling me this why?”
  • “Besides, I’m old enough and I could definitely take care of myself, so it’d be safe. So I was wondering, MC… could you help me into a-”
  • Oh, now you saw where this was going. You sighed, cutting him off. “Sorry, I don’t think I can help.” You could practically hear him deflate over the phone, but you continued, “Well, I’m not even in college anymore. I can’t get you into a party without having an invitation to one. But I can take you to a club… You think you could handle it?”
  • He agreed without having a single clue what he was getting into.
  • That night at the club was one of the scariest in his life! (Oh, so dramatic, Yoosung…) There were hands randomly groping at his body every now and then, the strobe lights were waaay too flashy, and everyone around him was drunk!
  • Even worse, there were some scary-looking macho men who kept eyeing him the whole time, and Yoosung swore they were plotting his murder! (Actually, they were checking him out because he looked like such a cute, innocent puppy who was lost.)


  • Although you mentioned that you had already moved past the wild partying stage, he never stopped worrying about your drinking habits.
  • Being a smoker, he knew how difficult it was to get over an addiction, and he worried if you would have a relapse—especially since the sudden lack of partying and high sexual activity, which previously served as your ‘high,’ were likely to mentally cause you stress
  • And that stress could lead to you drinking more and more…
  • Unfortunately, his fears came true. You had asked Zen to take you to your dentist appointment, but when he came to pick you up, you didn’t answer the door. Or his calls. He quickly called Seven, who said he hadn’t seen you come out of the apartment that day and ended up instructing Zen how to pick the lock.
  • When he finally got in, he found you slumped across the couch, with a bottle of Advil laying on the ground next to you. Zen quickly figured you had been trying to relieve yourself of a morning hangover, only to pass out… For what reason you fainted, he had no idea, but he took you to the hospital immediately.
  • He stayed there for a few hours, missing a rehearsal so that you wouldn’t be alone when you finally woke up, went through check-ups, and could go home.
  • On the way back, you apologized profusely to him, explaining that you had drank too much the night before, and in your drunken state, tried to drink more to ease the pain, only for it to worsen. Before you could even try Advil for pain relief, you’d passed out on the couch.
  • He was silent for a long time after hearing the story, and you avoided looking in his direction, feeling the disappointment radiating from him.
  • “W-well, it’s not like you’re innocent either. I mean, you smoke a lot,” you spoke up, feeling defensive.
  • He suddenly stopped in his tracks, and you turned back to face him. Zen didn’t speak, but he was staring into your eyes with a burning intensity. You gulped subconsciously, worried what he would say.
  • “Then, if I give up smoking, will you give up drinking?” he whispered, so softly you almost didn’t catch it.
  • You hadn’t been able to reply at the time, still a bit surprised by the intensity of his gaze, but you were able to nod. He frowned a bit at how quickly you responded without thinking, and lifted his pinky finger, surprising you even more.
  • “Pinky promise?” he asked, looking almost shy.
  • You linked your pinky finger with his, holding back a smile from how childish he looked at the moment.
  • Albeit with difficulty at first, the two of you held to that promise.


  • With her clipboard in hand and her glasses gleaming, Jaehee Kang stood in front of all the RFA members, taking a commanding pose.
  • “We should set a few ground rules for the party tonight. Yoosung, don’t run away from the guests when they try to talk to you—remember, you’re a host, you’re supposed to promote our event. Zen, avoid excessive flirting with our guests. Jumin, don’t talk about Elizabeth the 3rd. Seven, don’t eat all the food. And MC,” she finally addressed you, directing her glare at you too. “Maximum two drinks, but otherwise, no drinking.”
  • “Yes, sir!” everyone shouted, saluting Jaehee.
  • The clipboard in her hand suddenly crumbled to pieces on the floor. “SIR?” she demanded, appalled.
  • You all squeaked in terror, “Y-yes, ma’am!”
  • “That’s what I thought,” she replied coolly, then walked away.
  • Beside you, Yoosung whispered, “Jaehee gets really uptight about the RFA parties… It’s all for the sake of its success, of course. But you should really listen to her orders… if you want to live, that is.”
  • You kept that in mind throughout the night, as you walked around to greet everyone who attended, making small talk.
  • You made a mistake talking to the Wine Owner, Yoonsung Kim, however, as you were soon caught up in a drinking battle.
  • Jaehee noticed how people were suddenly crowding the drinks area, and was shocked to find you downing multiple shots despite her warning. Holding in her anger, she kept a smile on her face as she squeezed through the guests and ‘lightly’ dragged you away.
  • She ignored all your slurred, drunken speech, shoving a bottle of water in your direction and forcing you to drink it instead. “What were you thinking, MC?!” she demanded angrily.
  • You huffed, still tipsy. “All you care about is the RFA party. Everyone was having fun, so it’s fine! Nothing bad happened!” you protested.
  • A hurt look flashed across her face. “You think that’s what I’m mad about…?” she said quietly, her lips quivering. Her voice slowly raised as she began to shout at you, “This entire time, I’ve been worried for your health! Yes, it could’ve caused a scandal. Yes, it could’ve ruined the party. But that doesn’t matter at all… If you drank too much and got alcohol poisoning, you could’ve died! I WOULD’VE LOST MY BEST FRIEND!
  • Her words were like a cold waterfall washing over you. You couldn’t find the right words—gosh, you barely even remembered what you had just said to her. But Jaehee Kang, who was normally so serious, was on the verge of tears right now.
  • “I-I’m sorry.” That was all you could say. “I promise I’ll pay more attention from now on… I’m sorry…”
  • Her pained expression and passionate speech would flash through your mind every time you eyed alcoholic drinks ever since, and you made sure to put a safe limit of shots whenever you did allow yourself to drink.
  • Well. It wasn’t long until Jaehee introduced you to the wonders of coffee instead. Let’s just hope you don’t get addicted to caffeine, now. You doubted Jaehee would be convincing enough to drag you out of that, especially since she loved it so much, herself…


  • He had been a little pouty since he found out that you’ve had a lot of sexual experiences already. But he couldn’t really argue back, since he wasn’t exactly innocent either.
  • Still, he was also a bit envious that you’d had what appeared to be a fun, social life. The kind of “social life” Jumin had experienced in his childhood and youth was very different from yours, where everyone interacted for the sake of successful business.
  • He was very interested in hearing your stories, fascinated by the differences of college parties versus the formal parties he had attended. From the people’s behaviour to the touching formalities to the dancing, it was opposite to everything Jumin was used to. He was also glad, considering his possessiveness, that you hardly attended those kinds of outings anymore.
  • “If you’re so interested, want me to take you to a club?” you offered.
  • He denied it immediately, claiming that he had a reputation to protect. “It would be very selfish of me to do something like that. It would cause a scandal, and that could ruin the company’s image. All their efforts would be put at risk.”
  • An idea popped into your mind. “Then how about we re-enact it ourselves?” A coy smile stretched across your lips as you suggested this.
  • He raised his eyebrows, but he matched your smile, interested in your suggestion.
  • You set up some music to play from the stereos, next to his widescreen TV, and walked over to Jumin, dragging him to an open area of the apartment to dance.
  • You guided his hands to your waist, and put your arms around his neck, and began swaying side to side. He followed your movements carefully, but as the song grew more intense, you slipped out of his grasp and began to dance right up against his body. He watched in surprise as you looked back at him, now grinding against him… And then he completely lost the pace.
  • You laughed at how he just stopped moving. “You can’t keep up?” you asked, smirking.
  • His cheeks flushed. “Maybe next time. I didn’t expect that….”

ALT. ENDING: His cheeks flushed in embarrassment, but he quickly narrowed his eyes at you and grabbed your chin, tilting it upward. Jumin brought his face close to yours, holding your gaze. “Now, now, MC. I’ve lost track of how many times you haven’t been able to keep up with me,” he said coolly, a dark, suggestive tone in his voice.


  • Work had been stressful for the past little while, and you couldn’t help but take a smoke every now and then. In the evenings, you would slip outside of your shared apartment with Saeyoung, hoping he wouldn’t catch you. You figured he was too busy on his computer to notice, anyway.
  • But he was quick to confront you.
  • “MC, the apartment smells a lot like smoke. Your clothes, too,” he stated, keeping a controlled expression. He sighed. “I thought you said you quit smoking?”
  • You lowered your eyes, feeling guilty. “I’m sorry… It’s just been a bit stressful lately, and my old habits took over…”
  • Saeyoung brought an arm to the back of your neck, gently pulling you into his chest. “I know, it happens. I don’t blame you. Maybe you just need a little motivation?”
  • You tilted your head up at him. “Like what?”
  • A wolfish grin suddenly adorned his features. “Well~ Maybe a kiss for every time you fight the urge to smoke?”
  • “That would be a lot of kisses…” you admitted, sheepishly scratching your cheek.
  • “Well, why not? I’d love to become your addiction~ Come on, I’ll replace your cigarettes!” he exclaimed excitedly. When you didn’t reply, he winked while pouting, “Don’t you think I’m just as intoxicating and addictive~?”
  • You flashed him a disgusted look in a joking manner, which only prompted him to attack your face with kisses.
  • “LOOOVE ME~~” he squealed, sounding so silly, you couldn’t help but laugh.
  • Didn’t he know you were already addicted to him? What a silly little hacker you fell in love with.


  • Since you had met Jihyun, you rarely drank anymore. Even less, when you moved in with him. But tonight was different.
  • Tonight, you had heard him murmuring her name in his sleep, and you couldn’t help but feel betrayed. You were the one who had been by his side this whole time, and yet he was dreaming about her?
  • And just why, oh god, why did her name sound so tender, leaving his lips?
  • You could feel your heart shattering. He still thought about her, even after all this time.
  • You slipped out of the bedsheets, not noticing how Jihyun felt around the bed for you despite being asleep. Quickly changing your outfit, you left the house, dialling the number of an old friend. She quickly gave you an address to a party venue she was at, hearing the urgency in your voice.
  • When Jihyun awoke, it was early morning, and he noticed how cold the bed felt. “MC…?” he called your name sleepily, cracking an eye open in search of your presence. But you weren’t there. And he didn’t hear any noise outside the bedroom either.
  • Worried, he got up, fighting his sleepiness. At that moment, the front door opened, and you came walking in smelling like booze. He recognized the pungent scent immediately, and he bit his lip uncertainly.
  • “MC… Were you out at a party?” he asked softly.
  • You didn’t reply, taking off your light coat and throwing it across the couch, staggering slightly in your steps. He caught you by the waist, holding you against him.
  • He felt so, so warm… You wanted to embrace him and breathe in his smell—the smell of your man… but was he really yours? Was his heart truly yours, when he was whispering another woman’s name in his sleep?
  • Tears sprung in your eyes again, and you tore away from him, drunkenly falling over.
  • “MC, what’s wrong?” Jihyun was near to panicking now. Had something happened? You normally never rejected his touch. And what had made you go out anyway? It had been years since your last party…
  • He reached out to you again, hoping to help you up, but you shouted at him, “DON’T TOUCH ME!”
  • He was taken aback by your harsh reaction. You hardly ever raised your voice, especially not against him. Again, he tried to talk to you. “Did something happen…?”
  • You broke out into sobs at the question. “You… Do you even really care about me? Do you really love me?” Before he could protest, you continued, sniffling, “You… you said her name when you were dreaming… You still love her, don’t you?”
  • Jihyun stared, blinked a few times, then laughed a bit. “MC… Actually, the truth is, I dreamt that I was talking to Yoosung. For some reason, I was trying to cheer him up, telling him that he doesn’t have to always follow Rika’s shadow…” he explained. Then he knelt down beside you. “I’m sorry. I had no idea. And I’m very sorry it hurt you like this…”
  • You bit your lip, staring up at him with a hint of doubt. “Really?”
  • “Yes, really. I know for certain that I love you with all my heart. I would never have gone this far with our relationship if I wasn’t serious about you, MC. I can’t express my feelings properly because words will never be enough to describe how I feel about you… Sorry.” He had apologized again, despite having done nothing wrong.
  • He held you in his arms, and you relaxed, finally calming down. It’s not like he could control his dreams, and besides, it was a very Jihyun-like thing, to be providing moral support even in his dreams. You felt guilty for jumping to conclusions and doubting him.
  • “I’m the one who should apologize,” you mumbled, hanging onto him tightly.
  • “Let’s get back to bed. I’m sure you’ll need the rest,” he coaxed you, gently leading you back to bed.
riverdale, 1x01.

okay, so this is coming from someone who hasn’t read the comics.

  • kj apa is really cute. don’t get me started on cole.
  • archie’s “you’re too good for me, always was, always will be” speech to betty was the shittiest excuse ever. i hated it, i hated archie at that moment. just fucking say you don’t like her like that, that all you feel for her is PLATONIC. don’t say this crap. i hate when writers make characters say stuff like that!
  • i’m over the student/teacher thing. done too many times in too many shows. so i’m not gonna spend 3 hours talking about it.

  • i didn’t expect to love veronica, i thought it actually was going to be the opposite but she’s amazing! I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY!!! Same for betty, she’s too cute. they’re amazing together!
    i love kevin!!! please don’t let anything happen to him! I basically love (almost) every character. like this is so weird, i usually don’t. 
  • more kevin/moose, i want to see where it goes.
  • when i watched the episode the first time i got CHILLS when veronica was defending betty, CHILLS!!!! i love her so much and i loved how she “destroyed” cheryl.
  • cheryl def killed her twin.
  • betty dancing in her room was one of my fav moments. she’s seriously so cute.
  • for next week’s episode, please more jughead! I NEED MORE JUGHEAD
  • also, i love cole’s voice. i don’t know why, i just do. i’m glad he’s narrating the story (so far, dunno if he’ll continue).
  • jugheag doing whatever the fuck he wants is my aesthetic.
  • high-key shipping betty/veronica more than archie and either of them. BUT if i had to choose, betty. and maybe veronica/jughead? IDK. he’s supposed to be asexual in the comics so i really hope they’re gonna keep his sexuality the same. first because if i was a archie comic’s reader i would be pissed if they didn’t so, yeah. AND because it’s a great opportunity for asexuality to be represented. and it’s important for asexuality to be represented on tv. but, either way (platonic/non-platonic), i feel like jughead and veronica would have such interesting interactions. i don’t know why but i feel it.
    and if he is ace i guess i just want her to be cool about it, to not shame him and everything. BUT I’M GETTING WAY AHEAD OF MYSELF RN. they haven’t even met!

  • the betty/veronica kiss. aksdlhsjhskh trying not to get too excited about it because it probably won’t lead anywhere.
  • i’m so HAPPY archie didn’t kiss betty at the dance when the teacher was looking, i feared he was going to but you can’t imagine HOW happy and relieved i am the writers didn’t go that way. that would have been such a douchy move and archie is a good guy in the comics, right?! so it would have been OOC for him to do that, i guess. AND it seems like he really values his relationship with betty so it makes sense he didn’t.

  • also jughead/archie. i want to know what archie did to fuck up their relationship so badly. i kinda want to see angst? i don’t know. i also kind of like the idea of something more than friendship between them (their scene made me feel that there was more/could be more between them?) but since judhead is supposed to be asexual in the comics… idk. argh THE STRUGGLE
  •  the actress who plays betty; the way she acts reminds me of someone but i can’t figure out who exactly and it is bugging me ever since i noticed it. maybe a bit like shantel vansanten but mixed with someone else? idk. OMG I THINK I JUST REALISED WHO: BRITTANY SNOW IN JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE!!!!! 
  • betty crying :( :( :( (outside her house)

  • yo, why did they replace jughead’s crown with a beanie?! i mean, i love beanies and cole looks good in one BUT IMAGINE HIM WALKING AROUND WITH A FUCKING CROWN ON HIS HEAD!!!!!! i think i would have died. 
    but the end of his beanie is “cut off”/shaped like a fucking crown AND SOMEHOW IT IS EVERYTHING!!
  • kj’s accent was really good, no?!
  • i need to read the comics even though the show is/will be different.

The funny thing is: I never quite liked Hillary much at all. I preferred Bernie. She had her flaws. She was too ambitious. She was mean. But during her concession speech, I got teary-eyed. She was the most qualified person *ever* to run for POTUS and she lost to...well, THAT.

I actually pitied her. Me, a poor person, pitying a multi-millionaire. Some weird shit.

And how dignified she was. She refused to cry and give them what they wanted.

She was a woman who tried so hard and worked so hard for 40 years…and yet it was never enough. It never would be enough.

That broke me. 

~Happy Valentine’s Day~

Adrien sighed, a smile on his face.

“Oh, man, you don’t even understand how wonderful you are. You’re so talented and strong, and smart, and clever, and bright. You have dozens of admirers, coming up and expressing their love for you - and who can blame them? You’re kind and fair, and you make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed, and-wow. You’re just incredible and - and I just want to say I love you. So much.”

Marinette smiled, something clogging her throat as she stared up at the blond boy.

“Adrien, that’s a beautiful speech. Perfect.” She laughed airily and wiped her face. “You made me cry, look.”

He beamed, and it was such a beautiful sight it made her heart soar. 

“Thanks for letting me rehearse my speech; do you really think La-the girl I like will like it too?” He asked.

Marinette nodded, biting her lip. “Y-Yeah…she’s a real lucky girl, Adrien.”

The love of her life put his hand on her shoulder, and for once, she just wanted to slap it away and run far, far away.

“Thanks, Marinette! You’re such a great friend!”


Before I begin my unsolicited recap of the episode, I beg you to please excuse the disorderliness of the piece and lack of direct quotes. I’m at work at the moment and I can’t fact check the quotes right now, so this post is pretty much based off of my impressions of last night and general scrolling through Tumblr. Please excuse the following incoherent jumble of thoughts.


Ok. First impression, Fire Beast Castle is straight up sinister. It gives me the creeps. It’s all dark and brooding and I don’t know how those poor Targs of Valyria the Old were holed up in there for 100+ years. I would have gone crazy.

D is headed down the path of insanity and I HAVE NO REGRETS. Her little speech to Varys was vaguely threatening AF. Be my dude and bow at the altar of my greatness, and you may live. Poison me like you advised Good King Bob and I will feed you to my dragons. Tell me, o readers, is this what one calls a kind, benevolent, and just queen?  It’s becoming clearer and clearer just how opposite Jon and D are. One is, like I said, just and benevolent, and the other is ruthless, power hungry, and much much much too self-confident.

I gotta say, though, I have a soft spot for wise old ladies, and I loved the little conversation with Olenna, and how she inspired the great and mighty Mother of Dragons to listen to her sage advice. Ignore the men and you’ll survive. Advice that I wholeheartedly agree with, though at this point, I’m kinda rooting for D to disregard said advice because *whispers*I don’t want her to survive. There. I said it. Make it quick, GoT Fandom. I don’t want to suffer.

And don’t even get me started on the Lady Mel’s sudden appearance! Did you see how D’s eyes light up when she hears that the prophecy may not necessarily be referring to a prince?? That lady is headed down the rabbit hole and I am here for it. And D, from one gal to another, you are NOT Jon Snow’s QUEEN until he kneels to you (which I hope and pray that Jon will not be stupid enough to do). He has his own kingdom and until he decides to proclaim you as such, you really need to get a hold of that self-titling obsession you’ve got. It’s not pretty.

Ok, but GWxM killed me. KILLED ME. “I have one weakness” ahjdhflhlsfhlgsjlgsjlgjslg. But to be honest, you know how it is when you play the Game of Thrones. They’re both basically walking corpses now :(

King’s Landing

“In Essos, her brutality is already legendary. She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay. And when she grew bored of that, she fed them to her dragons.”

Cersei, pal, I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with you, lady. I agree with you! This woman knows of that which she speaks.

@heathergee25 has a Tarly theory that looks to be on the right track. Go check it out!

Otherwise, idk, bored.


Ew, Samwell, ew. That scene was basically me browsing through another window on my screen while crackling flesh and unholy grunts made their way through my headphones. Poor Jorah and his love letter to his Khaleesi.

But I love the fact that, as JBW pointed out, bookish, shy Sam was never good at anything, yet here, in the library, here he finds his battleground, and I firmly stand behind all those underappreciated BTS players who ultimately save the day!. Sam “I killed an actual White Walker with a blade of glass” Tarly is not here for your “no can do” attitude. Looking at you, Maester Slughorn.


My baby Arya is going home!!! Hot Pie called her pretty!!! I think that’s the first time in her life she’s been called pretty and she liked it!! And her face when she finds out that her beloved Jon Snow is now King in the North!! Damn you, D&D, making my baby Starklings just miss each other. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

I don’t cry often when watching things, but I literally had tears of joy welling in my eyes when Arya spotted Nymeria and she let herself be petted. Man, that wolf if huge! And then, of course, when Nymeria backed away, my heart cracked just that wee bit. *sniffs* WHY?????

Somewhere in the Narrow Sea

I’m not one for battle scenes, so I didn’t really follow along. Sorry if that’s your thing. BUT, Yara and Ellaria get it on, obviously, mere moments before their ship is ransacked by Pirate Uncle Euron. Obviously. Never really cared for the Sand Snakes, so I’m glad they’re gone. And Theon. I don’t know what set him off, but that guy has some serious PTSD and that breaks my heart. Are you dead, Theon? Please don’t be dead, Theon. I have so many questions.


Saved the best for last. *rubs hands gleefully together* Let’s get down to it!

I’mma be honest  here for a sec, we got wayyyy too few North scenes and they were much too rushed.  I would be happy to watch an entire 8 seasons of just my Starklings home in their ice castle. But that’s just me.

Boy, they are really laying it on thick with the Ned/Cat parallels. They’re not even trying to be subtle at this point. The first scene begins just the way the Ned/Cat scene begins in S1. An arrow hitting a target with the lord and lady figures looking down from on high. I swear though, that’s a scene straight out of a Jonsa future-fic. Mother and Father gazing down proudly as their Stargaryen babies become the best archers and swordsmen in the land.

Jon looking to Sansa for her take on Tyrion great and if you still think StarkBowl is an actually feasible possibility as cast and crew love to claim, just watch the episode. You’ll have no doubts whatsoever.

Ok. Meeting scene. I know that we all may not agree with Jon’s decisions all the time, but he is just, benevolent, and decisive. All good things in a king. Now, if he would only listen to his platonic-hot-sister-wife-hand-queen, that would be even better.

He makes his decision with listening to the dissenting voices and you know what, I understand him. “The North is my home. It’s part of me and I will never stop fighting for it, no matter the odds”. Jon has no desire to meet D. He has no desire to bend the knee. He needs the dragonglass and that is the one and only reason why he is going south. Sansa knows that he needs the weaponry and the army that D can provide. She knows that the WW are the biggest threat right now. But she protests because she’s SCARED. The last two times that the Starks rode south, they never returned. Also, kinda awkward that one grandfather roasted the other one. Oops.

But that look when Jon turns to Sansa, looks her straight in the eye, and says “I will accept”, did me in. It’s like no one else exists in the room and Hubby just asked Wifey for her consent in their secret married language. But what absolutely killed me was Sansa’s face when Jon leaves her the North. Props to Sophie and Kit, you guys, I have no words. Sansa haters will say that this is all she wanted, for Jon to leave her in charge to do with Winterfell what she wants. I say no. Sansa has been through so much, and as another blogger pointed out, they both have been constantly told that they know nothing. To suddenly have her experiences acknowledged and validated, and to be put in a position of trust by the ruler of Winterfell, I think that is the most gratifying, humbling thing she has ever experienced. And that all is clearly written on her face. Sophie, I love you.

One last thing. When Sansa gives her speech that Jon is abandoning the North, his people, etc, I SWEAR it’s on the tip of her tongue to say “you’re abandoning me”. I swear it. Fight me. 

THE SCENE which I have literally been looking forward to since the trailer came out was everything that I could have wanted, and more! Jon staring teary-eyed at the statue of his “father”, LF creeping up behind him like the creepyfinger he is, muttering unnecessary nonsense about Cat and how she never loved Jon. Jon is all like “why are you here, tho. Go away, asshole”. And as he’s about to leave, LF let’s slip about Sansa. And Jon FLIPS OUT. My lords and ladies, let me tell you, LF had a suspicion and that suspicion was just confirmed. The most fascinating thing about this episode, TBH, was watching Jon’s face transform from calm, annoyed indifference to snarling dragon-wolf hybrid ready to attack. I mean, his lip twitched and he actually snarled! I am always here for baby Jon going all Crazy Grandpa Aerys when somebody insults his platonic hot sister wife. Always here. And that smirk on LF’s blue face as Jon exits the crypts in a huff, that man knows things.

Not gonna lie, super bummed that we got no formal goodbye scene, and Jonny galloped out of Winterfell way too fast. But I do have some thoughts on what we did get. That wave. Now, I don’t remember the Jaime/Brienne scene, but seeing the gifs floating around, yep, I agree. But what I got from that brief moment was that there was a general feeling of controlled, conscious restraint. Sansa agrees that it’s necessary for Jon to leave. But she’s freaking terrified, and I think that if she lets slip something more that a curt wave and shy smile, the whole dam will break loose and she’ll never recover. That’s what I got.

Ok, time to wrap it up. Thanks for getting this far, hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and tell me what you think.

Love ya, Jonsa fam!

||Take Me To Church|| Theo Raeken Imagine

{Requested: reading your Theo imagine based on One More Night (so very good btw) made me think ab how much of Theo song Take Me To Church is lol, can you write an imagine on that?? thanks babe}

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner
If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
“We were born sick”
You heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me “worship in the bedroom”
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it
Command me to be well

“I can’t believe you’re with Theo.“Liam Dunbar muttered as he sat down next to me.
"Well good afternoon to you too my once best friend."I greeted, ignoring what he had said.
"You know he’s the type of guy to laugh during a funeral on purpose, right?"Liam asked.
"Actually I laughed first, that’s why Theo laugh."I spoke up, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"Tracy’s funeral, when her mom was giving the bullshit speech of how much she loved her daughter. That bitch never loved her daughter, she was barely even around. Quite hysterical of you ask me."I explained.
"You’re not acting like yourself, did Theo do something to you?"Liam asked.
"On the contrary Liam, I’m finally being myself. The old goody two shoes (Y/N) was such an agonizing bore and pain."I answered.
"You know some people are talking about you, how you’ve changed for the worse. Especially with Theo by your side-”
“I’ve heard them, all their treacherous disapprovals in the hallways or classes. I just don’t care about their opinions, you shouldn’t either."I said, making him furrow his eyebrows in confusion.
"Don’t think I haven’t heard of what happened. Hayden left you for Brett, I think I heard she cheated on you-”
“Don’t mention them."Liam snarled, making me smirk.
"I told you I didn’t trust Hayden-”
“You didn’t like her because you liked me, you wanted us to be a couple."Liam reminded me.
"You’re speaking as if the feelings weren’t mutual, but of course you chose Hayden over me."I mumbled as I looked around to see Theo leaning by a wall, smirking.
I flashed him a wicked grin, making him wink at me.
"Look how you ended up, betrayed by your once lover and once frenemy. Should’ve worshiped her sooner Dunbar, we both know what an amazing lover she is."Theo spoke up as he walked over.
Theo reached out for my hand, making me grin as I gladly gave him my hand. He led me to the boys locker room, making me smirk.
"Eager, aren’t we?"I asked as Theo locked the doors.
"Liam followed and he can hear us."Theo whispered in my ear.
"You want to cause him pain, don’t you?"I asked.
"Only if you want to."He answered.
"I do love the scent of pain.”
(Theo’s P.O.V)
When I first found her, she was an angel, a delicate and damaged angel who was on the brink of becoming a fallen angel. Liam had rejected her the same day she had come home to find her parents massacred by the alpha pack. When I stepped inside her house, I found her sobbing uncontrollably in the middle of the living room. I sensed the agony and anger coming from, making me smirk. I had comforted her and told her where the alpha pack was. One by one, she killed them all. Once she turned around to face me, her eyes no longer shined bright but instead they seemed sinister. Blood trickled down her mouth and her claws as she walked over to me. She was absolutely breathtaking, the way she had taken them all down made me realize how powerful she was. Since that day, we had become inseparable. She was the last person in this treacherous school that was pure, kind hearted, and gentle. Everyone compared her to an angle, an angle from the Heaven. Now no one dares even look in her direction, she had lost all that made her pure.
“Well aren’t you a snack."I whispered as (Y/N) entered my room.
"Why are you dressed up early on a Sunday morning?"I asked as she put on high heels.
"Church of course."She answered, making me groan.
"Relax, I"m not gonna praise someone imaginary. Just want to cause a little chaos."She explained as she put on a dark red lipstick.
"On a Sunday, how sinful of you."I whispered, smirking.
"You’ve heard the elders saying we were born sick, I’m just going to prove their point."She shrugged.
"You coming?"She asked.
I nodded before quickly dressing up and styling my hair.
"Those fools, worshiping someone who’s nonexistent. The only worshiping I do is to you."She whispered as she shoved me onto the bed.
"Don’t get distracted love, we’re supposed to go to church and cause chaos."I mumbled, making her grin mischievously.
I drove us to the church that had tried spraying us once with holy water when we passed by on our way to my house. Once I parked my truck, (Y/N) immediately hopped out.
She and I raced around the church, locking every entrance or exit there was so no one could escape. Once we made sure we were all clear, we walked through the main entrance. I quickly locked the door, making a few heads turn. The ones who noticed us immediately gasped, making everyone else turn to face us.
"Well isn’t this a lovely little meet up. The way you’re staring at my boyfriend and I makes me think you recognize us-”
“The ones who were born sick."Someone whispered, making (Y/N) and I grin.
"We may have been born sick, but oh do we love it."She whispered before rolling her head backwards as she shifted.
Her eyes glowed red as she smirked at the elderly people. I rolled my head backwards and shifted, making (Y/N) lick her lips.
"The power of Christ compels you, the power of Christ compels you!"The father started to chant as he threw holy water at us.
"Oh, ow, ow!”(Y/N) started to yell as she buckled in pain.
“Just kidding."She laughed before attacking the nearest elder.
The room was filled with screams as (Y/N) and I killed as many people as we could. Before we knew it, only an old lady hiding in the confession booth was alive. (Y/N) and I stormed over and yanked her out of the confessing booth.
”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), I knew your mother!“She yelled, making (Y/N) freeze.
"Your mom wouldn’t have wanted you to become the monster you are now, please stop and be the sweet girl you once were."The old lady begged.
"You dare mention my late mother and command me to be well for the sake of her? She’s dead, I don’t take orders from anyone anymore.”(Y/N) growled.
“Go ahead sweetie."I whispered, making her grin.
She clawed at the old woman’s throat, making blood run down the woman’s chest. She grabbed her head and snapped her neck before pulling it off of her body.
"That was hot."I spoke up as she stomped on the old lady’s head.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

"Good thing the father lived here in the church, we can get cleaned up."I mumbled as she and I stripped off bloody clothes.
She turned on the water, making me smirk as water droplets fall down her glowing skin. I slammed her against the wall, feverishly kissing her as she wraps her arms around my neck.
"Having sex in a church, that’s a new low for us."She whispered as I thrusted into her.
"And being covered in blood, definitely a new low."I muttered as my lips attacked her neck.
Her claws raked down my back, whimpering as I quicken my pace.
"Who do you worship baby?"I asked as I slammed roughly into her, making her scream out.
"No one-"she started to say before I slammed into her again.
"You , I worship you. I worship you and only you Theo Raeken!"She yelled, shutting her eyes tightly.
"If only the elderly people could see us right now, how sinful of us."I whispered, making her grin.

If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice
Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful
That looks tasty
That looks plenty
This is hungry work

I waited for (Y/N) by her locker, surely the rumors weren’t true, right? Suddenly the doors flew open as a senior guy landed on the floor. (Y/N) stormed in with another senior in her grip before throwing him next to the senior on the ground.
"Now go!"She barked, making them get up and run across the hall.
(Y/N) fixed her clothes before strutting down the hallways, all eyes on her.
"So the rumors were true?"I asked.
"Yes, they tried to undress me but I took care of it."She answered.
I smiled, admiring her beauty.
She was wearing black ripped skinny jeans, high waisted fishnet tights, a black crop too that revealed a lot of cleavage and a dark blue denim jacket. I was wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a black muscle shirt, and a dark blue denim jacket as well. We always try to coordinate our outfits. I was considered the ‘king of good times and the school, while (Y/N) was the queen/goddess. We were high school royalty, mainly because we stroked fear into everyone’s hearts. It also helped that we were the ‘power couple’ of Beacon Hills. Everyone thought we were perfect for each other, a pair destined for one another. As much as we’d like to believe that, it always like that.
"You’re finally back."I said as (Y/N) walked through the front door.
"Indeed."She mumbled as she threw herself at the couch.
"Where were you?"I asked, making her roll her eyes.
"Someone’s sounding a little possessive."She sassed, making me clench my jaw.
"Fine, you don’t want to make small talk then I’ll just give you your task."I muttered.
"I need you to gain Liam’s trust-”
“Already have it."She answered.
"Then all you need to do now is invite him over."I stated, making her furrow her eyebrows.
"And why would I do that? The kid gets on my nerves."She muttered.
"Because you do what I tell you to do because if you don’t, I’ll leave you all alone. No one else is going to love you (Y/N), you have no one left."I explained making her glare at me.
"Are you threatening me?"She asked, rising to her feet.
"You’re gonna do it or what?"I asked, making her sigh as she took out her phone.
She texted him asking if he could come over, and of course he texted saying he was on his way. (Y/N) walked out, not wanting to know what my plan was. I turned all the lights off and left the door unlocked, opening it so Liam could just walk in so I didn’t have to come out of my hiding spot.
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
"Stupid Theo and his stupid orders."I muttered as I walked back to my house.
I was in the middle of chasing a teenage couple through the woods when he called me and ordered me to come back home. I unlocked the front door and walked in to see Liam chained to a chair, bleeding from his chest.
"Liam?’'I asked before I was tackled onto the ground.
"Your second task-”
“Theo get off of me!"I yelled as he pinned my hands above my head.
"Your second task is to give me your alpha status."Theo muttered, making my eyes widen.
I kicked him off of me, immediately standing up.
"You’re still trying to become a real werewolf?"I asked, disappointed.
"Always have been."Theo answered before he threw a dagger at my shoulder.
"Aagh!"I groaned as the fresh wound started to sting painfully.
"What did you do?"I asked, flashing my eyes before he threw another dagger.
I ducked down, and snarled at him. I lunged at him and threw a punch at his face before clawing at his exposed chest. I dug my claws into him, making him groan in agony. I threw a couple more punches at him. Once I grabbed his face, he dug two daggers into my chest, just barely missing my heart. The two wounds started to sting just like the wound on my shoulder, by now I was weak. Theo dug his claws into my stomach, making me gasp for air. I heard a muffled scream come from Liam as he struggled to get free from the enormous chains.
“Shh baby, you’ll get to see your family soon."Theo whispered as tears welled up in his eyes.
I shook my head as tears brimmed up in my eyes, making Theo’s lips quiver.
"I dipped the daggers in wolfsbane, please don’t cry (Y/N). Don’t make this any harder than it already is."Theo whispered.
I felt my eyes stop glowing red as Liam’s muffled screams filled the room. Suddenly everything around me blurred and darkened as I felt myself slip away from consciousness. He was hungry for power, so hungry he didn’t care if he had to sacrifice someone.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life.

(Theo’s P.O.V)
"Why isn’t it working!"I screamed as I threw the tall mirror out of my sight.
I was in the church where (Y/N) and I had killed the father and the elderly people.
"I did everything I was told to do, I killed an alpha and I’m still not even a werewolf!"I yelled.
"I gave you an Alpha’s life, I gave you the love of my life’s life. I gave you my life!”
(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
My eyes shot open as I gasped for air. I felt as if I hadn’t moved in ages, making me stretch as I let out a beastly roar. Suddenly I heard footsteps near, making me hop off the medal table I was on. I looked around and realized where I was, the animal clinic.
“What’d you do to me!"I yelled as Scott, Liam, Malia, Stiles, and Lydia ran in.
"Lydia sensed someone would die tonight so when you texted me, I told the pack to meet me at your house."Liam blurted out.
That’s when images of what Theo did flashed through my mind.
"How am I alive?"I asked.
"Liam took your pain to keep you from passing out until he and the pack drove you here. Malia and Scott helped Liam take your pain while I removed the daggers and stitched up your wounds."Dr.Deaton answered, walking in.
I was moved by the fact that they had saved my life, but I couldn’t show emotion. I looked down at my stomach to see my wound completely healed, making me smile slightly.
"So what do I have to do now that you saved my life?"I asked, hopping back onto the metal table.
"Go out with Liam-”
“Stiles!"Liam snarled, making Stiles back away.
"Help us protect the pack, Theo won’t ever stop to try to tear us apart-”
“He won’t ever stop trying to become a werewolf, an alpha of his own pack."I mumbled.
"Alpha of our pack."Liam mumbled.
I clenched my jaw as an idea popped into my head, it would be the only way to stop Theo from pursuing to take over Scott’s pack.
"I have an idea…"I spoke up, gaining there attention.
"Liam, I’m going to need you to give me a ride."I muttered, making Liam look up at me.
"Where to?"Liam asked, grabbing his car keys.
"Take me to church.”
(Theo’s P.O.V)
I sat down in the front of the church, my head in my hands as images of what I did flashed through my mind. Suddenly the sound of a door opening snapped me out of my thoughts.
“Theo Raeken, please don’t tell me your talking to someone imaginary!"I heard a voice I yearned to hear say heels click against the tile floor.
I turned to see (Y/N) wearing a Metallica fire and ice ripped shirt, with a black pair of shorts that were covered by the shirt. She wore black knee high boots and a light blue denim jacket.
”(Y/N)?“I asked, jumping to my feet.
"I’ll admit, I never saw it coming."She mumbled as she flicked her wrist, her claws sprouting out.
I gulped, I could see the rage in her eyes as she glared at me. She could easily kill me if she wanted to, but she hasn’t.
”(Y/N), I know you’re angry-“
"Angry, you think I’m angry? I’m beyond angry!"She roared, making me flinch.
She stormed over to me a her eyes glowed red, she was pissed. She slammed me against the ground, her hand gripping tightly around my throat.
"I’m sorry-”
“Sorry for trying to kill me?"She asked, baring her fangs at me.
I shut my eyes tight as images of my time with (Y/N) flashed through my mind, I didn’t deserve her. She deserved better, I knew that the second I found her in her house the day she lost her parents. Like I said before, she was an angel, a delicate angel who was on the brink of becoming a fallen angel. Instead of protecting her and helping her heal, I destroyed any good left in her.
"It’s okay (Y/N)."I mumbled, making her furrow her eyebrows in confusion.
"Go ahead, I deserve it."I whispered, letting a tear run down my cheek.
Her eyes softened as she noticed the tear, her grip loosened around my throat before fully letting go.
"Was killing me worth the power you hoped to gain?"She asked.
"Answer me, was to worth it?"She yelled.
"It wasn’t, and it never will be. I’d rather be a chimera than to lose you."I answered.
Her claws retracted as her facial expression softened.
"I love you (Y/N) and I’m so sorry I hurt you-"I started to say but was cut off by her sinking her fangs into my shoulder.
I let out a scream as her fangs dug further in.
"Why’d you do that?"I asked as she removed her fangs from my shoulder.
"You wanted to become a werewolf, I’m giving you that chance."She answered as her fangs retracted.
"Whenever I asked you, you always refuse. Why now?"I asked as she helped me up.
"Redemption."She answered, smiling at me.
She believes in me after I tried to kill her?
"Now that you’ve been bitten, we should probably find an alpha for you to kill-”
“Are you seriously considering letting me become an alpha?"I asked.
She nodded before turning around.
"But we’re not going after Scott, we’re leaving Beacon Hills."She answered, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"I’m your alpha now, you listen to me now. So when I say we leave Scott and Beacon Hills, we’re leaving."She snarled, making me back up.
"You will worship me like the dog you are to be."She muttered as she glared at me.
"Lets go."She muttered before walking out the door.
This behavior is so unlike (Y/N).

No masters or kings when the ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin
In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean

(Y/N)’s P.O.V)
"Did you convince him?"Liam asked as he popped out from behind a bush.
"Pretty sure."I answered, making him frown.
"Why do you have to leave?’'Liam asked.
"Theo and I have no one but each other-”
“You have the pack."Liam objected.
"You have me."He whispered, grabbing my hands.
"You know all this time I thought that loving someone like Theo was a sin. I used to believe in god, but not anymore."I mumbled.
"There’s no god, no king, no master, no one that will make me abandon that man in that church."I stated, pulling my hands away from Liam’s grip.
"He almost killed you if I hadn’t saved you-"I started to say but smashed my lips against his.
He kissed back, his hands resting in my waist as my hands grabbed his face.
"Thank you for saving my life, there will always be a part of me that still loves you a Liam. That part of me is fading away though, that part was the old good (Y/N)."I said as I pulled away from the kiss.
"I love Theo, and it might make me look stupid, but I can’t help how I feel."I mumbled.
"So if it’s a sin to love Theo, than I must be a sinner. There’s no sweeter innocence than the gentle sin of loving someone."I declared.
"This town is full of danger, take care of yourself Li."I whispered, making him smile sadly at me.
"Do you know why I let Theo kill me?"I asked.
He shook his head, of course he wouldn’t.
"I though, perhaps when I’m dead, maybe I would be clean again. I would be innocent in the afterlife and not the monster I am today."I answered.
"You’re not a monster (Y/N)."He argued.
"You’re still an angel to me."He stated, making me smile.
"Until we meet again."I whispered, kissing his cheek as I hugged him one last time.
"Tell the pack that I loved them."I ordered, making him nod.
"I love you (Y/N)."He whispered as I started walking towards Theo’s truck.
I shut my eyes and let out a shaky breath before continuing to walk towards the car.

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Suddenly Theo walked out of the church and ran over to me. He picked me up and spun me around, making me laugh. Theo and I hopped into his truck, going home to pack our stuff. Once we had gotten everything we needed, Theo started driving away from Beacon Hills.
"Where to?"Theo asked as he kept his eyes on the road.
"Take me to church."I answered, making him furrow his eyebrows.
"I know you’re an atheist but I want to go back to my old roots. Maybe there isn’t a god, but there is some kind of supernatural force that I believe is good."I explained.
"Instead of going to church, why don’t you just believe in what you think is real. You don’t have to go to church."Theo mumbled.
"I have sinned a lot so I thought maybe if I went to a church I’d be forgiven-”
“Church is just a building. You’re belief and the goodness that is left in you is your redemption."Theo stated, making me smile.
"You and me?"I asked, holding out my hand.
Theo looked over and grinned before placing his hand in mine.

I swear my writings getting worse, don’t know what’s happening.

Joker Imagine *Song inspired* - Lay Me Down

Hi! This is based on the song ‘’All the pretty girls’’ by Kaleo ( click song title to open the song if you want to ). This was requested, but I won’t display the request because it can spoil the story. Enjoy!

Joker’s P.O.V.

Some say that bad people don’t deserve anything good. They say that evil can’t get pure. I didn’t believe that at all since I had Y/N, my girlfriend. I was evil, to be completely honest. Come on, being the clown prince of crime and the king of Gotham didn’t come if you were a good person. I killed, I robbed and I enjoyed bad things. 

Then there was Y/N. She came into my life and at first, I tried to push her away. It wasn’t easy to let someone in and get to know me, but somehow it happened and I was so happy to have her by my side. Damn, we knew how to have fun. We made the Bat chase us around the city quite often. She liked it. Her laugh was like music to my ears when I drove ten times faster than anyone else around us. Everything was just great! I had let her in.

We had been separated for a week now, but I was going to see her soon. I wouldn’t be alone, no, all our friends were coming too. Well, whatever we could call friends, more like our goons and a few criminals we knew. Even her old friends were here which was special. Tonight would be about the king and queen of Gotham. It made my gut twist in a sick way because I was nervous which I rarely was. 

A week ago we had been sailing. Yes, it was romantic and all that shit, but the main reason for it was an island near shore here in Gotham. Y/N and I broke into a fancy-ass house and we killed the owners so we could stay there for a day. It was one of the best days in my life. She opened up to me about her past and I was there to listen. When I was alone with Y/N, I felt like I didn’t have to put on a show. I could just relax and being me, relaxing wasn’t something I could do often. I was always busy planning our next crime.

Anyway, Y/N swam butt-naked in the sea and she even got me in the water, but I had my clothes on. We had negotiated things about her stupid ex-boyfriend and we ended up agreeing that he’d be dead once we got back home. Her ex was a man called Samuel, a total player who had used Y/N. How disrespectful. No one and I mean no one would disrespect my queen.

             The rain made me snap out of my thoughts. Gotham city seemed to be the center of rainclouds.  The sky was very dark and dull, but the full moon shined through. The wind was cold but the breeze wasn’t too harsh. I looked around and saw people waiting. ‘’We can do this Y/N’’ I told her quietly. Then I looked at her, feeling how tears stung my eyes. Man, this felt unreal. This was happening now!

I made sure that the strap on my shoulder was there tightly. Then I gave Y/N a small pat, almost comforting her before I started walking further. Everyone’s eyes turned to us and it reminded me of everything. I just had to keep myself together and not freak out or do some crazy nonsense. Not today, this was way too important.

The five people around me were quiet. Frost was on Y/N’s other side. I took a deep breath and I forced myself to ignore the dirt that came onto my shiny black shoes. The dirt turned muddy because of the rain that soaked our clothes. A few more steps later that felt extremely heavy, we stopped. This is it. It would happen right here on this spot. ‘’You ready boss?’’ Frost asked me carefully, looking right into my eyes. The people around us were still quiet, but some sniffled and cried. There were rows of my goons with loaded guns in their arms.

Everyone was dressed in black. ‘’Yes’’ I told Frost, signaling the four others too. Frost nodded to them all, which broke my little heart that Y/N had once fixed. Too bad she could never do that again. I looked into the deep hole beneath hr and I wanted to wake up, but this wasn’t a dream. This was her funeral.

So we started lowering her casket into the ground. It was a white one with a carving of a swan. I hope she could be happy because my Y/N deserved that. She was such a beautiful girl. I hadn’t cried for years until her death and I swear it was close now. I loosened my grip slightly so she could go down. Then the casket hit the bottom and we pulled up the straps. There she was.

My breath stopped and I stared down at the casket that would be covered in dirt in a few minutes. It felt like I was looking at a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful queen was in that wooden box! I couldn’t save her. ‘’I’m so sorry’’ I whispered before facing the other way. I was supposed to hold a speech before she’d be buried. Everyone looked at me now. Although I loved attention, this was different. I hated it. For once I could say that I hated death.

The cemetery was honestly depressing. I saw so many graves around us, so many flowers some dead and some alive, then our guests in black. The grass was wet and it had paths on it because so many people had been here. I cleared my throat and I took a deep breath. Instead of looking at someone, I looked at a nearby tree on a small hill. 

‘’Y/N was too young and too good for this’’ I started, trying my best to sound strong for her. Making a good speech wasn’t my specialty, but I truly tried. ‘’She was the only person who understood me and I felt like I could understand her. Y/N wasn’t a bad person although people would like to think that. Being with a bad person doesn’t make you one. She was incredibly beautiful and sweet. I knew she could accomplish so much, but now that chance is gone. Although religion and stuff like that are hard to understand, I hope she goes to a good place’’ I spoke slowly, holding back tears, but it was hard.

Then I saw something close to the tree. A black figure came closer but stopped. It was Batman. He was just standing there and I knew he’d get shot if he even tried to come and interrupt this. For some reason, it didn’t alert me, because I kinda expected to see him here. ‘’We’re here today to say goodbye to the queen of Gotham city. She shall never be forgotten and I’ll make sure of that’’ I promised them surely. Then I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I could almost believe she was beside me.

‘’Y/N I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save you. I didn’t want this to happen to you’’ I said more sadly. Then I opened y eyes and I grabbed a shovel. So did the five goons, but I would put dirt in there first. That was a deal. I grabbed a little dirt and then I put the shovel above her grave. ‘’I love you’’ I whispered, saying three words I had said only a handful of times in my entire lifetime. As I let the dirt fall, so did my tears. The rain washed them away which was good.

So we started filling up her grave. It was so unfair! I would do anything to get her back, but I couldn’t. I was surprised that batman didn’t come closer to try and get me. I wasn’t in my best state so I doubt he would find it hard. Maybe he felt guilty as well?

You see Y/N died in such an unnecessary accident. There was a gang making trouble in the city. She was curious about it so we went downtown to see it for ourselves. We meant no harm for once. Batman was already there before us. He was fighting the gang and we watched. I was going to grab my gun from the car just in case, only leaving her side for ten seconds which was enough.

One of the men took her, dragging her in the middle of the mess. I tried to run to her, man I shot everyone around her to get there. No one gave her a helping hand even tho so many could have. I remembered how she screamed when the gang member stabbed her abdomen as I ran. I reached her too late and so did batman. He had tried to save Y/N, but he couldn’t either It all happened so fast.

So there I sat on the cold ground with her dying body in my arms. Her blood had completely soaked her and my clothes, but I didn’t give a damn. ‘’Don’t..blame y-yourself’’ She had told me so weakly. I yelled that she wouldn’t die. I was so furious that I was losing my mind. ‘’I love you’’ Were her last words and then she had died in my arms. I could still feel that haunting moment as it happened a minute ago.

Batman didn’t take me to Arkham that day. I guess he showed mercy or something.

I had lost her.

And now I had lied her down to her last resting place.


Eva: we cant come up with anything else to give her?

Noora: like, a card? What if we perform something?

Eva: yeah, yeah!

Noora: something… Moroccan or something?

Eva: something that everyone will remember 

Text: hey chris. do you have any money i could borrow? like 1000 kroner? Its okay if you have less too, i promise you will get them back 1st of july, along with those 750 i owe you already. Its just a top that is on sale now that ive wanted forever. and i dont want to ask mom because ive borrowed so insanely much of her lately

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I’ve always wanted to write a Shallura fanfic but I honestly don’t know where this came from. Enjoy it, though! <3

Also, this piece was written for @kaxpha because she’s amazing and I love her art and angsty aus so much. I hope you’ll also enjoy this!

Allura is soft yet tough. She’s strong but has her moments of weakness. She’s firm when needed to and kind the rest of the time. She’s a walking contradiction and Shiro loves everything about her.

Or, at least, he used to.

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Noona, I like you.

Wanna One’s Park Woojin X Reader
Pt. 1
Pt.2 Fluff, slight angst.
Word count: 1998

Update: pt.2 has been posted

WOOJIN IS MY SON I MUST PROTECT and yes i think i wrote a lot for one part so I’m splitting it into two. And I’m actually really bad at writing angst :( Sorry anon !! Hope you like it though. You can give feedback on which direction you want it to go from here in part two :))

“Hey guys, Y/N is coming over today,” Daniel exclaimed as he walked through the front door of the house he shared with the Wanna One boys. He was smiled brightly, not bothering to hide his excitement.

Hearing his hyung’s statement, Guanlin poked his head out from the kitchen where he and Jisung were enjoying a snack. “You mean, Y/N noona is visiting? Today?”

Daniel nodded. “Yes. She’s coming in about an hour’s time. Why? Hey-”

“Stop running up the stairs!” Jisung, the mother of the group yelled at the maknae before Daniel could. “It’s dangerous!”

But his youngest son defied him despite his protests. Jisung sighed and went back to raiding the fridge.

Guanlin barely heard them as he burst into his, Woojin’s and Daehwi’s room. Woojin was lying on his bed and he appeared to be watching a video on his phone. Daehwi was sprawled out on the lower bunk, his head tucked into a book. Guanlin reached up to Woojin’s elevated bunk and tapped him on the shoulder effortlessly. This caught Daehwi’s attention, he sighed, he regretted throwing out his insoles last week.

Or did Sungwoon hyung steal them?….

“Ouch! Guanlin!” Woojin yelped in pain. He rolled over to face the tall Taiwanese boy, running a hand through his disheveled hair. “What is it?”

“Y/N! I mean…Y/N noona is coming over soon,” Guanlin announced.

Woojin’s eyes widened as big as saucers, his ears turned a little redder. “Y-Y/N noona? Y/N noona? Now? Who invited her?” he asked. At the thought of your pretty face and soothing voice, he found himself smiling and blushing even more.


“Yah, isn’t Y/N noona the girl Daniel likes and cannot shut up about?” Daehwi interrupted. He opened his mouth so speak more but clamped it shut when he saw the look of disapproval on Guanlin’s face.

Woojin frowned. He too knew about Daniel’s huge crush on Y/N. Who wouldn’t? She was so beautiful, kind, caring, understanding-

“Woojin! Don’t you want to impress her? Start getting ready,” Guanlin hissed.

Woojin flopped back onto his mattress and sighed. “What’s the point? She’ll choose Daniel hyung over me anyways. There’s no point in me trying anymore.”

But he still changed into his best outfit and brushed his hair out into perfect curls.

“Woojin! Hello!” You greeted your good friend when he opened the door. Daniel had invited you over to the Wanna One house but you were excited to see all of your friends again, it had been awhile.

Woojin bowed respectfully. “It’s nice to see you Y/N noona.”

You huffed. “Woojin, enough with the formalities,” you said. Of course you knew it the younger boy was just being respectful but it made you feel old and you didn’t really mind much about those.

Woojin smiled cheekily. “Okay noona.”

You rolled your eyes and playfully punched his shoulder. The two of you were in the midst of laughing when you heard a familiar voice call your name.



He rushed down the stairs and as he did, Woojin noticed that he too had changed into a different outfit from the one he went out in this morning.

Was he trying to impress Y/N noona too? Woojin thought. He watched as you and Daniel embraced each other. He nearly let a scowl appear.

Control yourself, Woojin. They’re close friends, siblings almost. You shouldn’t be jealous over this.

But she’s your good friend too. A small voice reminded him.

“Ahhh. It’s good to see you Y/N,” Seongwoo admitted. “I’ve missed you.”

“Hello Seongwoo. Hi Jaewhan! Guanlin! I can see you up there!” You yelled.

Woojin was lost in his own thoughts. Was she looking forward to seeing all the boys but me?

He shook his head and without another word, disappeared up the staircase. Unfortunately, you were too overwhelmed by the rest of the boys and didn’t notice.

However, you did notice that his curls looked incredibly soft and touchable.

Daniel opened the door to the maknae line’s room.

“Woojin-ah. Let’s have a talk,” he demanded, causing the younger boy to sit up in curiosity. He nodded.

“I know you like Y/N.”

Woojin froze, his blood ran cold. But how? He had only mentioned it to Guanlin and Jihoon. When Daniel noticed his loss of speech, he sighed. “I’m not so oblivious, Woojin. It’s so obvious but hey. Listen, she’s my friend too. I like her too. She’s my age as well, don’t you think you should back off?” Daniel put his hands up in surrender when Woojin’s jaw dropped open to fire back. “I’m doing this for your own good. I don’t want to see my younger brother get his heart broken.”

Before Woojin could even reply, his hyung had already fled the scene.

Woojin did venture out of his room, just much later than he anticipated.

His heart thudded madly in his chest, threatening to bounce out any second. The more number of minutes he spent in your presence, the more red his face and ears became. When he blushed madly, it would become more evident that he had a major crush on you.

How did Daniel hyung keep his cool? He wondered. I must know his secret. Daniel seemed to know a lot of mine.

He thought you might have left while he was wallowing in self-pity and doubt. So, it was a great surprise to hear your angelic voice from the living room and to hear you agree to Jisung’s invitation to stay for dinner.

“It’s late,” he said. “You must stay. You must be getting hungry.”

You politely declined, not wanting to intrude but with the help of Seongwoo and Daehwi, they managed to persuade you to stay. You wrapped your arms around them affectionately. “Ahhh. What would I do without you boys?”

Guanlin had rushed up to the room immediately, a panicked Jisung following behind.

“Woojinne! Come out of there!”

Being much taller and stronger, Guanlin had an advantage and dragged poor Woojin out of his bunk.

“Yah! Don’t you know it’s rude to eavesdrop? Did you run back into your bed and hide? I knew you were sitting by the stairs listening in the whole time,” Jisung scolded, then softened. “I’m doing you a favour. Go, here’s your chance.”

“Woojin!” You shouted when you saw the boy walking down the steps. “I have missed youuuuu.”

Did she really?… He shook his head.

Woojin squeezed himself in between you and Daniel, he earned a icy cold glare from his hyung but Daniel soon snuggled deeper into Seongwoo’s chest as the movie continued.

Woojin had missed out a lot on the movie, he decided to concentrate hard. He nearly cursed under his breath when he felt you lean your head on his shoulder. But he couldn’t stop a smile from gracing his face.

“Woojin your smile is so cute!” You whisper-yelled, turning to the boy and gently squishing his cheeks. “Aww, I think your snaggletooth makes you look so handsome. Ahh, so many girls are going to fall in love with you. Promise you won’t forget noona? Okay?”

Oh, noona, I only want you to fall in love with me.

Who's Nobody? (Eisuke’s Angst)

Fandom: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
Category: Angst
Character: Eisuke
Notes: Just getting some random ideas out of my head

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

With fingers tapping impatiently on the dining table, the corner of my eyes keep hoping for the blinking light as the boring dinner continues. I nod here and there, smiling when the gesture is suggested but all I’d think of is her. Why does she overreacts at every little thing? Hasn’t she got used to it by now? She knows damn well that I am working, not cheating. If she doesn’t like the way I do things, she’d have walked away.

Wait, that’s kind of what she did.

She just runs off. And I have taken part in driving her away,  if only I’d think twice when it comes to her. I may not be able to introduce her as my girlfriend but “nobody” seriously is out of line. I get impulsive when she’s around but I’m doing this for her, I want to surprise her, give her the proposal of a lifetime. And it certainly isn’t the right moment when she walks into my meeting with the event planner!

“We’re still driving around.”

The four words from Soryu sinks my heart further more, it’s been six hours and I’m worried as fuck. That’s so stupid of me! Why, just why the heck did I say she’s nobody?! And without her phone and pager there’s no way to track her, Mamoru has gone back to the station and searches the security feeds near by but nothing comes through so far.

Dragging my exhausted form back to my now empty penthouse, I flop down onto our bed, turning to her side and curl up like a ball. Trying to drown my senses with her scent but the cold sheets only makes it harder to forgive myself, “You should be less selfish.” She once said and I ignored her like I always do, thinking she’s twice as lucky as any women could ever get, dating a billionaire like me is a dream of many women and I have chosen her. I was saving the speech, those words she craved to hear so much. I even had it all written down and now I could only wished I had told her in person. To let her know how much she means to me, I am the lucky one to have met someone who’d put up with all my flaws and still love me so unconditionally. I pray and pray for her to be safe, to be back in my arms till my eyelids become too heavy to open. 

Suddenly, the sound of a ringing phone fills the room. I jump up and hear Mamoru’s voice, “She’s in the hospital.”

I sit and watch her sleep, the sight of her helps to calm my uneven breath. My heart flutters and aches at the same time, at how close I’m at losing her. To realize that none of it matters, the cover up, the lies, the surprise, the sparkling ring or the grand party I’m planning- none of those fucking matters if she isn’t by my side. There’s no one else I would rather spend the rest of my life with but her, I am done being such a fool.

Leaning forward, I plant a gentle kiss on her forehead and whisper my first sorry, promising myself to never drive her away ever again.

Thoughts About TGS 2017 @ 21/09/17


When I got a message from senpai that Emitsun was the special guest, I was totally stunned for a second or two before I quickly went to load the stream as I was working. Not my proudest moment, but I was really numb, excited, in disbelief, worried and lowkey wanting to scream.

I know Anchan’s history and knew how she was a LoveLive! Fan, so my first thoughts were: “How would Anchan be holding it?”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to the stream (I might understand only 20% of it anyway), but I was able to see Emitsun and Anchan introducing the PDP seiyuus, but through the whole stream I was looking from Anchan to Emitsun and back again, and the difference between the two were obvious.

Anchan was the more energetic one, and Emitsun was the calmer, more focused MC.

I read tags and titles about the meeting, it’s really connection generations, and I felt a shudder running down my back as I realized it was really like what it appeared to be.

A more mature, experienced and calmer Emitsun hosting together with an energetic, happy and lowkey fangirling Anchan.

It’s really Chika meeting Honoka on the same stage, and I was really happy for Anchan.

Remember this was when I was on the clock, and I was twitching so much in concern over the stream the entire time.

Then the PDP Seiyuu’s came out, one by one, all of them running awkwardly to the front of the stage, looking very much like students being called by the teacher for a self intro (which it kinda was with their blazers).

The first thing that came to me was this image:

(Image courtesy of LL Wikia)

I mean look at it:

(Images from Lui~)

I kid:

They were similar enough that I couldn’t help but draw similarities with it, and as I had stressed with senpai a long long time ago, this was exactly what I had hoped Aqours’ debut would be.

This was what Aqours missed out, the chance to be introduced, acclimatized and recognized by their seniors, u’s before they took over the baton.

And all the PDP girls were so young, and so nervous, you could literally see them wondering how the audience would react and receive them, and besides how that makes me feel my age, they crowd was mostly silent too.

I suppose that’s different from a live niconama, Tokyo Game Show doesn’t really allow cheers as far as I remember.

I have some knowledge with makeup, so all of them were probably not at their best, just like how Aqours were like before. They were ‘student’s before, and most likely they chose or were asked to do so to avoid showing up their seniors. Not like Anchan or Emitsun would lose. But the image they portrayed of being junior to their seniors were done very well, gonna give props to that.

I remember Anchan hosting Niconama’s at the start, I didn’t like her at the start, I felt she was too violent and rushed, and preferred Suwawa for being more collected and calm. But Anchan matured so much, I could say the same for Emitsun though.

Remember the meme that Emitsun, just like Honks, is either the best or the worst idol? There’s no in between, but here we are, Emitsun sharing the stage with Anchan and letting her junior take the lead while she plays the supporting role.

Things really have changed, and in many ways I still have very mixed feelings

The highlight and key note of the entire talk show was the speech that Emitsun gave at the very end. And again I had eyes for Anchan, and the SC from Onibe’s subbed video says it all.

Did the guys pick this as the thumbnail or was that pure luck?

Either way - this is what I felt, and to most of the LL-ers too. Anchan’s holding back emotions. Or she’s just trying to blink and to cry. But at the very least she can’t keep a straight face at Emitsun’s speech, and I’m sure I won’t be able to.

But after all the dust settled, I still feel conflicted and worried over the implications that u’s and Aqours might be collaborating.

I’m excited that they are going to work together at least in the game, and they would be active again.

I’m somewhat sad that Aqours would have to share the spotlight with u’s, sad too that it seemed that Lantis is determined to milk what’s worth of u’s dry.

I’m worried about how SIFAS is retconning stuff to make them be together, what is canon now? I’m also worried about how this would affect u’s themselves, they didn’t retire, but they did get everything wiped clean.

What’s going to happen to my wallet?

I’m anxious about finding out whether they’ll do nama’s together or just be doing voice work. Would they bring back NozoEli? Are they really back on their own terms? Would they be rivals in a way? Aqours vs u’s??!?!

I’m happy that u’s is coming back, maybe? And finally Solo Live Collection!!! I’m happy that they are back after resolving their contract issues and are working on LoveLive! again.

I’m concerned about how the community would react as a whole instead of the small amount of trolls. Would there be camps of u’s and Aqours fans? And would they bait each other? What would be the future plans of SIFAS be?

The PDP girls too, would they be able to rise up to the challenge, would they be popular enough to get Lives and etc? Will they get Lives? Will u’s get Lives?

My heart won’t be able to take it if u’s get more Lives though!

There’s so many thoughts going through my head right now, but there’s something I must say though:

This was long long, long overdue.

Perhaps it’s a contractual thing, but the media black out for Aqours on talking about u’s, the same way that u’s had one over Aqours really made things awkward between the two camps early in the franchise.

Emitsun’s speech, where they welcomed the PDP Seiyuu’s as part of the LoveLive! Family, should have been done with Aqours and that would really helped smoothed things over at the very beginning.

Having Tsun post the instagram pic and tagging Anchan was pure genius though, even if do wonder what Emitsun felt about that. I hope Anchan understood how big of a concession that probably was.

Glad it was Tsun though, not there could be anyone else more fit to be the special guest

So with my mixture of feelings from ALL the points above, I eagerly await the arrival of all our idol overlords new seiyuus.

PS: Lantis please stop trying to one up yourself. 

RIP BangDream!