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In FE:A after Grima is defeated and all the awakening kids are born, how do you think their personalities would differ from the kids in the "bad future" timeline? (since their personalities were shaped from the war/ death of their parents)

Ooh, this is interesting. I haven’t read a lot of the characters’ supports with their unchanging parent for a while so I apologize if some details are off. 

Lucina: She’d be quite different. I very much see the best summation of Lucina’s personality as “child who grew up too fast.” Good timeline Lucina wouldn’t have this Lucina’s aloofness to the same degree (though she’s chrom’s child so maybe that’d still be there haha), and certainly would wear a smile around and be a lot more energetic/not serious. She’d still sort of have a hero-worship mentality around her dad though, haha. 

Owain: …I forget the canon explanation for his over-the-top hamminess. I think good-timeline owain would still have it, though, and I don’t think in the end his personality would be much different. He’d still want to be a legendary hero like his ancestors. 

Inigo: This depends on whether Olivia gives him the “talk to girls to get over your shyness” spark. If she did I think his personality would proceed similarly though he’d allow himself to be more vulnerable with people and allow his smile to drop if he’s not feeling happy, since people don’t rely on it the same way they did with bad timeline Inigo. If Olivia doesn’t give him this since she learned of it, he’d be very outwardly different, shy much like Olivia,  though I think his doofy core would be pretty much intact.

Brady: Oh he’d be even more of a Mama’s boy than bad timeline Brady is. It’s possible that since Maribelle has more time with him that she actually is able to iron out more of his, er, curtness. 

Kjelle: …Can’t see her being much different, she’s still Sully’s daughter and still gonna get ripped as hell for Severa to stare at. 

Severa: I think, after Cordelia’s exposure to bad timeline Severa, she’d be much more careful in how she raised her and the people/ideas she was exposed to. I think Severa would turn out with a much decreased set of insecurities and inferiority complex, and some of her tsundere-ness would probably be gone too. She’d allow people to see her genuinely happy, at least. She’d still be sweet and protective of Noire and people like her and I think she’d still get very shy at praise. 

Gerome: No more batman. He’d openly be his dorky, wyvern-loving self. 

Yarne: Well, he’d obviously be a bit less jittery and concerned about the last-of-his-species thing seeing as Ylisse is at peace, but it’s still something that’d cross his mind from time to time. Otherwise I think he’d be mostly unchanged.

Laurent: …I can see almost no possible differences. Maybe he’s a bit less emotionally distant. Though not likely considering his mom. Side Note I really like to HC that Laurent was super short, the shortest of the group whenever they traveled back but over the 5 years he spent in the good timeline before he’s found he sprouted up. 

Cynthia: Hmm… I seem to recall her harvest scramble convo with Severa saying that her hero stuff only started after Sumia’s death. So that’d probably be at least diminished, perhaps she’ll turn out just a bit more openly girlier. However she’d still be very excitable and clumsy and still want to be a pegasus knight like her moms and i think she’d still get along great with the Justice Cabal. 

Noire: Whew. This really all depends on Tharja. If bad timeline Noire’s support convo with and presence with her curbs a lot of her abusive tendencies, I think she’ll turn out fine. She’d still be a very sweet and timid kid but wouldn’t have the split personality. She might find her mother’s hexes and dark magic a little scary but nothing beyond that.  she’ll also fall in love with the good timeline severa who would have a very similar relationship to her as the bad timeline severa and noire do and itll be so cute

Nah: …Um. This is the character I know the least about unfortunately. She’d have less abandonment issues but I think overall she’d still largely act the same. 


A-Going Home (Laslow x Peri)

Laslow gripped his blade tighter, the nerves finally starting to set in. He had told Xander that he finally needed to return to his own country, and while the king was saddened by his report, he knew the value of family and had given Laslow his support.

Really, Laslow wouldn’t have wanted to serve anyone else.

He wasn’t really planning on telling anyone else. Odin and Selena were going back with him (and they obviously knew his origins already) and he didn’t want to see Corrin upset at his departure.

If Peri and his daughter, Soleil, weren’t going with him, he would be a little more upset, but it was as the saying went – home is where the heart is. His heart just happened to be in two places.

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