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Useful Words Pt.2

그만큼 - That much

가끔 - Sometimes

많이 - Many/A lot

빨리 - Quickly/Fast

갑자기 - Suddenly

어쨌든 - Anyway

아마 - Probably

방금 - A moment ago

마지막으로 - Lastly

오랜만이야 - Long time no see

이렇게 - Like this

때문에 - Because

그런가/그렇습니까? - Is that so?

설마! - No way!

같아 - Same

몰라요 - I don’t know

그렇죠? - Right?

알겠습니다 - I understand

알아서 - I know/ Understood

Part 1~


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I think a lot of the conversations about the “Bubble” that is the west coast and the Bos-Wash (Boston to Washington DC) area are like, idk, they’re coming from a real place.  There is a massive lack of understanding between like, the upwardly mobile people who produce thinkpieces and shit on the internet and the majority of people in this country.  And part of the difference is an urban-rural split, there are rural people who on paper are doing better than the young people who are in the city scraping by rent, but there’s still a massive difference between barely scraping by in a region which hasn’t had a functioning economic model for longer than you’ve fucking been alive and barely scraping by in a world where you seem like you’re on the verge of *making it*.  

For a lot of people who just haven’t faced that kind of nihilistic shit, not something that you can personally struggle against by like going to more networking events and taking a Yoga class, the idea that a whole economic model is stacked against you even having gainful employment is this fucking impossibility.  For people who haven’t had it beaten out of them, life is this railroad where you get a high school degree, then a college degree, then a job, then get married, have kids, etc.  They look at the poor people in the periphery as those jock assholes they were always gonna be told they were gonna do better than and hey they are! Ha! Serves em right!

But on the other side, for someone who lives in the periphery, many of them aren’t living there because they hate the cities and also all oppressed groups, they live there because they don’t have enough money to even make the incredibly difficult choice of “scrape by in the city, paying 90% of your paycheck in rent” or “live at home and barely scrape by and avoid a fuckin horrible addiction to something”.  Like if you can’t make enough money to pay 2 months rent you can’t even think of that as a decision!

But people don’t relate to that when they talk about the Bubble, they talk about middle americans as if they were simultaneously the only working class people in the United States and as if they were the only bigoted people in the United States.  It’s as if someone can’t live in the city, be gay or a woman or a person of color, and be working class.  As if you can’t be those things in a rural area!  As if the reason for these peoples’ suffering is somehow justified because this incredibly awful economy didn’t let them on to that railroad, as if having an economy that just works for highly specific college grads maybe is workable, and as if all of this is to blame on Middle America, which is just working class people, and just bigots.

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Also funny how he didn't get continually pushed on a 1D reunion like Niall. So some topics clearly were off limits, unlike Jay :( I cant believe Simon Jones is allowed within 5 miles of Louis, he is such a piece of shit.

I’m listening to it, and there are parts when Louis sounds super genuine and into the interview, but a lot of it he starts talking really really fast, like he’s trying to hit items off a check list, and then he like,  collects himself and makes himself sound calm and into it again.

I can’t believe his PR like I’m still fucking stunned they let that happen.

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Hi. I'm cis. I'll also be a nurse practitioner in two years or so, and partly because of your blog, I've been giving a lot of thought to how best to be a real ally to trans folk in that role. Could you elaborate on why you think I shouldn't do (1)

healthcare for trans people? I want to actually help and not be an asshole who just thinks she’s helping. I want to increase access to care rather than gatekeep. Is there a way I can do that, do you think?

That post got a lot of cis people writing long thoughtful essays on why like having trans people in charge of or more a part of trans healthcare is bad or whatever, and like, honestly it was a 15 word text post on the internet that was coming off of an incredibly frustrating week in terms of like my interactions w medical professionals.

But this message got sent to me and like, I guess my thought here isn’t like “if yr cis and thinking of going into trans healthcare, DONT” because yeah it would be better to have people who are less terrible providing services. My honest opinion is that *all* doctors and medical professionals should be aware of and attentive to trans healthcare, not only because the chances of having a trans patient are increasing, but also because knowing about trans healthcare (patient autonomy, endocrinology, whatever) is just generally helpful for like practicing medicine in the first place for all one’s patients.

i have had healthcare around being trans in 3 different cities and 2 different countries over abt half a decade, multiple of these places were LGBT/women’s clinics that specifically highlighted their trans competency, or were surgeons who are seen as specializing in trans medicine. Both of the ones I went to recently were not only completely unable or unwilling to get the documentation I needed, but were actively and almost aggressively oblivious to the political situation and my anxieties that resulted in needing an incredibly simple document quickly. At none of these clinics have I ever been seen by a trans woman.

My points here for any cis person who would be looking to getting into healthcare that involves trans people are

1) Listen to your trans patients. Above everything, make sure to like, listen to their concerns and not act as if you are some sort of savior or like know their priorities better than they do. I’ve known my endocrinology better than multiple of the doctors I’ve seen, and I’ve been told incorrect information by doctors and professionals who think they know what I need for a form better than I do, but this is *my life*.

2) Most medical professionals are ime (at least) subconsciously physically repulsed by trans people (particularly trans women i’ve noticed) and stop being able to do normal medical school things like ‘take blood’ effectively when treating a trans client. I don’t know how to get over this, but fuck someone should try.

3) Trans people have healthcare needs that are independent of being trans. Since starting HRT i’ve had more cis medical professionals ask me either about my breasts or how I have sex than have asked about my exercise habits or my chronic pain.

4) Tbh part of the reason that I think trans people should be in trans healthcare is because I think so many of these organizations, medical professionals, etc are making so much money off of us, and we are currently a disproportionately poor demographic. If you know trans people in healthcare w you (particularly trans women, trans people of color, etc) and you hear abt clinic jobs or positions that serve many trans people, maybe those particular jobs that deal w many trans people could be better served than by a cis person, and potentially reccing those jobs to the trans people you know in the field might lead to a more stable community in general in a material sense.

5) Like, I don’t know yr life, and this is probably basic, but you should like… know and associate w trans people in yr day to day life if you are going to make a career off of our forced interactions w the medical establishment (and that’s what it is! we are hostage to gatekeepers every month/period of time that we need a script). Never forget that you are in a v. real position of easily-abused power given by cissexist institutions so that someone can simply exist.

NCT 127 + Ten when their s/o swears a lot and they have to try and tone it down around younger members

hope you like this reaction lovely anon~ i wont add Johnny and Doyoung into the nct 127 part just because this was submitted before they joined thats all~ sorry about that but i hope you enjoy it anyways~


would make sure that he keeps reminding his s/o that the kids are round. he doesnt want the younger ones to pick up the bad language that’s all though he doesn’t mind you swearing when the older ones are around

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would sense when you were about to swear and would give you a little nudge, if that didn’t work then he would just try and do something that would drown out your language, maybe asking a question loudly suddenly or just start making weird noises.

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would teach you some stuff in thai so you could use it when you needed it but you’d suddenly make it a habit and start swearing in Thai all the time and he’d catch you mumbling to yourself กระหรี่ ( grà-rìi = Bitch) every time you hurt yourself and he’d find it hilarious.

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would be surprised at how much you actually swore seems he had gotten used to it but suggested a few japanese words to fix the problem around the younger ones. only problem being the kids picked up on this and had now learnt the japanese swear words.

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would teach you a few chinese words but instead of remembering you were using them as a replacement for the usual swears, he’d be complimenting your pronunciation instead.

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i feel as if Jaehyun is the type to tell you to be aware of what you’re saying and who you’re around but would end up cracking up every time you did let a swear word slip that he’d draw more attention to it.

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“Babe can you please just try not to swear so much around the younger nct members. They’re still so young we want to keep their innocence for as long as possible~”

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trying to divert the attention from the fact that you just swore a bit so that everyone will forget about your slurs because they’d be too busy laughing at him

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Alright, y'all. Get your popcorn and put on the comfy pants. Put the dog out and tell your significant other to leave you alone or at least be quiet while you watch.

This is a 3.5 hour documentary broken into four parts, showing fete Ogou and fete Danto this summer down in Jacmel, and it is INCREDIBLE. My mother narrates/explains quite a bit of what is going on (in Kreyol), you get a really good look at what ceremonies in Haiti look like, see possession in its natural context, and see vodou how it is supposed to be seen. .

I am so proud of this. My mother worked so hard to make this happen, and it’s incredible. The following three parts link up with this video.

There’s a lot here, but don’t be afraid to ask questions–I could talk about all of this forever!

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i’m far from being a hand-drawing expert but I tend to do this a lot:

(also a reason why I like to draw alone… to avoid weird looks from other people)

LOTS OF HAND STARING. Sometimes I use my phone to take pictures too (esp. if it’s my right hand lmao)

It also helps having the basic knowledge of the parts of the hands and how the joints work; there are lots of hand drawing tutorials in the net u can check out, but these can also be achieved by observing your hand a lot (again, lots of hand staring!)

Anyway my last tip is to keep on practicing! I have to be honest, before, I absolutely /hated/ drawing hands. I am very guilty of using the “hands hidden behind the body” technique ….

but that would get you nowhere if you wanna improve drawing hands. So yes, you have to draw them !!! Don’t be afraid !!! Doesn’t matter if they look weird initially, buT JUST DRAW THOSE HANDS !! :-)

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Just read your tags on Alice's post. Can I ask what you think they are like irl? I'm curious. looking forward to your new fic btw. your writing is beautiful 😊

Hiii! Of course you ca :) As I said, I agree with a lot of things Alice said. 

Especially for Louis, I think he is much quieter when he’s not in the spotlight. I think he’s a perfectionist and thus, ambitious and professional, not only with his job. I also think he’s a very private person, but then again, someone who easily makes friends. But he makes a clear distinction between friends and acquaintances. I also think, despite popular believe ever since TIF, that Louis is a dog person.

Harry is not as slow as we often make him out to be. I think he’s really sharp and one of those people that are quiet, but when they say something, it’s usually on point (sarcastic, clever, funny… whatever the situation). I also think that Harry is not flirty. He is just kind, and people just missread his open and cheeky behaviour as flirting. He, as well, is very private, but makes friends easily, but I don’t think he lets people as close as Louis does. In my opinion, of the two, Harry is the actual cat person. 

Together, I don’t see them as sappy and domestic as we make them out to be. I don’t see them as the couple that constantly has to touch or acknowledge each other’s presence as much and often. That’s projection, really, something we’d like to see. I think irl they’re just comfortable and they trust each other, and each of them leads their own life and is an idivudual person without the other. They don’t cuddle every night, they need their space, too. Stuff like that. They’ve been together for so long, they’ve just become so used to each other, those things are not necessary anymore. 

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Are you a fan of early American history or just the Revolution? (If it's all of early American history, what do you think about ol' Henry Clay?)

I’m a fan of many parts of American history I’m just drawing a lot of Rev comics because I like drawing young America because he’s super cute.

 I’m not that fillmillar with Clay but I get the impression that he was just really nice guy who’s always getting the short end of the stick.  With his fight with Jackson over the bank, his fight to be president against Adams and Jackson, his run a decade later with Polk he seems like a lovable loser. And I love the fact that he was Aaron Burr’s defense lawyer and thought Burr was innocent only to be surprise, whoops! oh no that dude is guilty lol .  

(Jeez now that I’m thinking about it Does that poor man ever get a break from bad situations?) I kinda like him even more now that I’m thinking about it. 

I would be such a more happy person if I could let go of my need to be loved by a man. It’s like the only thing I really want, to not be worried about a dude. I get too obsessed with them and their attention becomes as drug. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t want to feel sad anymore when I can’t be with the guy I want to be with. My number one mistake as a teenager was focusing too much on boyfriends and not enough on myself. It played a huge part in shaping the way I am to this day. I just want a lot for myself and I don’t see myself getting there when my brain can seem to barely function a day without his presence and attention. I can’t stop thinking about where I’d be if I didn’t fuck that last dude or my ex for three years. They both drained me as a person and ruined my finances. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t let any of that happen, but you live and learn.

So I feel like if I’m gonna describe what it’s like for me to be nonverbal I think you also need the context of how I am when I am verbal too. Words don’t always come out right or in the right order. A lot of the time I will forget to say words that are extremely important for context, or I forget words all together but know the meaning of what I want to say. Speaking out loud for the most part is very draining for me, unless it’s about a special interest.

I tend to go nonverbal in the evenings as that’s when I’m lowest on spoons, but it also happens for many other reasons or randomly. Sometimes I can make noises to agree or disagree. Sometimes it hurts to make any noise, or even thinking about trying to speak or make a noise hurts. Sometimes I want to speak and am just physically incapable of speaking.

When I’m nonverbal I find signing to be the easiest way to communicate. But I also type a lot cause it can be faster (for now at least)

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Are more of a Romione person or a Krumione person?? Personally I like Romione a lot but I think Viktor and Hermione are such a cute couples and also that it was good for Hermione to have the attention of someone who wasn't part of her close friends

Andy: I agree with the above statement

so i’ve been thinking about that Jaune post i reblogged earlier and. i really wanna go in depth with how much better and MORE Pyrrha living but Jaune dying would have been. (under the cut bc holy shit this got long)

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if ur looking for relaxing music just listen to the ENTIRE fuccin minecraft OST. It feels very Adventure Time to me tbh :/

im good ive got a lot of songs now but thank u! and i agree that mc music is rly good! i spent like. 4 years of my life playing it i think. the ost never got old. disagree on the last part tho bc AT is pretty different but theyre both good its good

Going in the right direction

The First Trailer of Tangled-Before Ever After has been out, and after watching a couple of times I am impressed with the animation quality.  The 17 second teaser animation gave me serious concerns on the quality.  The teaser was giving it a flash animation look, it lacked some of the movement clarity and polish we see in the trailer.  However, will the Series Animation be as good as the BEA animation?  That is a good question, a lot of this stuff is getting out sourced to Canada for this series which puts a big unknown factor on consistency and quality control.  DTVA isn’t known for both of these things.  Granted there has been vast improvement over the past five years…  It is only a short part of their history.   I am looking forward to seeing more on the newer characters, Casandra for one seems like an interesting choice for Raps new best friend.  Less handmaiden more shieldmaiden, which is an interesting choice.

I am annoyed about how many people are upset about what people are calling continuity issues with the hair, and the return of the hair in general.  The story of Rapunzel is all about the hair…  Yes Raps is a beautiful brunette, but her 70 feet of hair is core to her story.  Also DTVA has been screaming from the roof top that there will be a reason for the return of the hair, that it is the main plot to the series, and will all be solved by the time the series will end.  Which will make sense, because Rapunzel’s hair is the same length three years after the end of the movie, and the short.  Unless she kept it short, which would be something a noble of that era would never do, or she was forced to cut it.  So this explains the continuity, not hinder it. 

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hc requests still open? can i request relationship hcs of jotaro with a secretly mermaid s/o pls lol

this is strange…but I like it. Imma do it. As realistically as I cAN

(their mermaid tail is their stand)

Jotaro (Part 4) With A Mermaid S/O

  • This guy has seen a lot of weird Stands in his life. Fog, sand, yellow Ditto, a boat, a car…but he wasn’t expecting a mermaid Stand.
  • In all honesty, he probably forgot about the existence of Stands when he went down to the beach (he totally has a beachside house) and saw his s/o swimming around with a glittering tail.
  • It’s hard to render him speechless, or make him so shocked he exclaims, but the suddenness of this discovery leads to him scaring his s/o by bellowing: “What the fuck?!”
  • The poor guy will actually believe they’re a legitimate mermaid. Remember when he asked Kakyoin if he liked sumo, and he had that enthusiastic smirk on his face? He’ll be like that, asking his s/o a ton of questions about how they function on land and water, how they shift, all sorts of nerdy things. He’ll be honestly disappointed when they tell them it’s just their Stand.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you had a Stand? “It doesn’t do much combat wise unless I’m in water, so I figured it’s useless.”
  • He’ll want to see how they swim with it their tail, if it attracts marine life towards them like how mermaids are typically depicted, any alterations to their body such as gills or fins, etc. etc. He’s never been so interested in another Stand before.
  • He will get SO MAD when his s/o teases him about his interest, but in a passive way. He’s just generally irritated by teasing but he can’t be too bothered this time, because he’ll admit that everything they’re saying is true.
  • The whole experience of learning of this power opens up a much more fun side to him, one that he probably left behind when he became delinquent. He has multiple boats, one for research, one for lounging, but he also has a speedboat that he likes to take out for joy rides. But now, he’ll be asking to race his s/o to see if his boat can compete with their Stand. Evidently, it can’t, but each time he has more fun than he’ll ever admit.
  • As a joke, he’ll like to call his s/o his little mermaid. Each time he addresses them as “my little mermaid”. He’ll emphasize the ‘my’, too.

I feel like I wasn’t meant to take this seriously but I did


another thing re: j&c aging

When I rewatch the whole series (or work on making season 1 gifs like I have been lately), it REALLY stands out how much older Jamie and Claire seem in late season 2 versus when we meet them in season 1. Even though both of them had been through a lot before they met, they were still lighter and more carefree. By the end of season 2, both the characters and the actors aren’t much older chronologically but they SEEM much older, having become more world-weary than anyone would choose to be.

So, I think Sam and Caitriona’s performances will also be a big part of selling the passage of time, and I have no doubt they’ll be able to pull it off.

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hey!! i hope you're having a nice day, i know you're watching 3-gatsu no lion and reading hachimitsu to clover; have you been inspired by the artstyle in any way? (oh and im so sorry if this question is rude in any way;; i love your art it always makes my day!)

Yeah! I have definetly been inspired by it. Especially on the style of inking and drawing certain things but honestly rather than anything about style, i think i got a lot more inspired by Umino ’s Emotion over all else type of storytelling. Like especially with her earlier work hachikuro i feel the artist is very visible? Her art is not flawless by any means and it feels sincere in that way. Like in some parts you can see where she tried new things that went well or not so well and how she experiments around kind of publicly?? Or like freely throwing away stuff like anatomy and realistic sets in favor of things that communicate personality and feeling or atmosphere better. So yeah, most of all I’m inspired by her stuff’s power to communicate emotion and strive to do the same!