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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... MASTERLIST

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….

Chapters below…

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“Your plumber boyfriend isn’t here to save you this time, Princess.” 😈 

Many find it rly annoying to see a meme blow up and it becomes this overrated, mainstream thing. I’ve felt that way before with other things so I understand that!

But personally, I think it’s exciting when there’s a meme like this that encourages creativity from the art community 💖 and more eyes are directed towards artists!

What’s your opinion on the whole super crown meme? 😊🌸

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Hey, what’s the best way to describe a characters appearance? I find that when the author put a whole paragraph describing how they look it gets boring and takes away from the story. Thanks!

I’m going to reuse the advice I gave yesterday because it still applies. While there is no “best” way, you are correct in thinking those descriptions are tedious. 

Basic Tips for Describing Appearance

  • Don’t have them stare in a mirror and describe themselves, please, that trope needs to die.
  • Do describe aspects of their appearance that will be important later in the story.
  • Don’t go into creepy detail, especially if you’re male describing a female. This rule does go for romance writers too, but obviously not as strictly.
  • Do tell us if they look their age and if they’re short/average/tall.
  • Don’t fuss over their eye color, honestly, it’s the last thing I remember about a person.
  • Do describe their clothing, but don’t go into minute detail of every article of clothing, it’s distracting.
  • Don’t have a 1st person POV describe themselves to death, rather let them and/or others drop clues as to what they look like.
  • Do explain if they’re clearly ethnic unless that’s otherwise implied by their name or situation, and please don’t compare skintones to food. Peaches, cream, cocoa, coffee, these are sometimes okay, but basically don’t make POC sound edible, y’know?

Most of these aren’t as strict as I made them sound, I think. Except the one about mirrors, that one’s a dealbreaker.

Definitely look up other opinions on writing appearances to flesh out this advice. Hope I could help!

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My physio therapist today was blind, as in “uses a cane and cannot see at all” blind. It was an interesting experience.

He obviously couldn’t see me, so my usual method of pointing out all the sore spots was replaced by him mapping out my entire body from quite literal top to toe with his hands and me going “yep that hurts, that hurts, that also hurts, that really hurts, that just tickles, nope, no pain, nope, no—okay I lied that hurt, that just feels weird, that hurts…let’s just assume that all of me hurts except for those three spots” and then him proceeding to work out through experimental prodding and tapping (think of a person knocking on a wall to find the hollow spots) at my muscles until he found what he was looking for, and then proceeded to massage elsewhere until the affected area relaxed. 

Fun fact, the pain in my left upper rib, is alleviated by massaging the back of my right knee. What the even is the human body.

I am bruised to shit around my neck (not because he was blind, I just bruise like a peach and he was a little firmer with me than my usual person, but oh god it was bliss while it lasted) and I’m starting to stiffen up a little (I’d like to thank @vaspider again for their wonderful heat pack), but it was a really good experience. I might try and work him into my regular rotation of therapists while my main person is on sick leave. I’ll have to tell him to go easier on the pressure if I do though. As much as I enjoy really deep pressure massage, having defined thumbprints along your spine and neck is a…concerning…look.

It almost looks a bit like I failed to use my safeword at a vampire bdsm club. Which is an entertaining thought in of itself.

Jealousy |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  Y/N and Anna have a girls day and Jack is really happy to see them together but gets lowkey jealous because he’s not seen Y/N all day.

Word Count - 1,329

Warnings - N/A

“What colour were you thinking Anna?” you asked, as you sat crossed legged on the bed, rummaging through the make up bag that already had half the contents spilled over the bed.

“Well, I was thinking like a peach or coral colour because I’ll be wearing like an apricot coloured top.” Anna smiled, her attention was currently on what colour nail polish to wear as she was going to a friend’s party.

I mean, she was deciding everything now and she didn’t leave the house for another 2 hours, whereas you were a more of a ‘leave everything until the last minute’ kind of person, but you had agreed to help your boyfriends little sister out.

Though Jack didn’t seem too pleased on the idea as you hadn’t seen him in a few days, he wanted you all to himself but helping Anna wouldn’t take that long, would it?

It made you laugh and smile because Anna was making such an effort; being 16 your looks were obviously important. You were the same when you were 16, but now being 22 years of age, you were lucky if you made the effort to get dressed as when you did spend time with him, Jack preferred it to just be the two of you, having a lazy day.

“What about this one?” you smiled, holding up the small bottle of nail polish.

Anna smiled and nodded, taking it out of your hand and held it up to the light to examine the colour as you laughed.

“Anna, it’s as close as we’re gonna get. You’re going to look amazing.”

Anna blushed slightly and looked down at her hands as a grin spread on your face.

This was something Jack always did as well, whenever you embarrassed him, he instantly looked down to his hands.

“Right, what did you need help with next?” you asked, as you heard footsteps approaching from outside the door.

“Erm, I think that the next thing was-” Anna started before being interrupted as her bedroom door swung open.

“Are you done yet?” Jack whined, a sad look on his face as you giggled.

“Not quite yet babe.” You told him, smiling as he sat next to on Anna’s bed.

“How long are you gonna be?” he mumbled, resting his head on your shoulder as he glanced over the mass of make up on the bed.

“I’ve still gotta choose shoes, what eye make up and jewellery I’m wearing.” Anna told him, not even looking up as she started to look through multiple eye shadow palettes.

Jack groaned in response, starting to pick a few make up products off the bed.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding a little black tube in his hand, looking at you curiously.

Glancing over at him, you knew he was going to ask many more questions and it wasn’t because he was interested in the answers, it was because his plan was to annoy you until you caved and left Anna to make her own choices and proceed to have your lazy day with Jack.

“Primer.” You told him, going back to look at what kind of eyelashes Anna should wear tonight.

“That stuff that you put on walls before you paint them?” he asked, looking at you and Anna like you were mad. “Why the fuck do you put this on your face?”

Anna rolled her eyes at her older brother, as you started laughing.

“It’s kind of like the same thing but for your face, before you put foundation on.” You giggled, ruffling his hair as Jack glared back at you playfully.

“Is that what this is?” Jack asked, reaching over your lap to pick up the glass bottle. You nodded in response, beginning to look through Anna’s selection of eyelashes again.

“Y/N, please can we stop this now, Anna can decide the rest on her own.” He begged, with the look of puppy dog eyes to follow his request.

“Jack, I really won’t be that long now, promise.” You smiled slightly, stroking his cheek with your thumb as his eyes closed at your touch.

“I just want to spend time with you.” Jack mumbled, barely audible as he knew Anna would start teasing him if she heard the conversation.

Looking down at him, Jack’s blue eyes sparkled as he looked back up at you.

“I know, and I will be done soon, I promise.” You told him for the second time, kissing his forehead.

Jack sighed deeply as he stood up.

“Right well, see you whenever then.” He mumbled, leaving the room quickly.

You sighed quietly as you heard him slam his bedroom door and glanced at Anna.

“You know what he’s life, Y/N. He always wants his own way. He’ll calm down in a minute.” Anna smiled slightly.

You nodded once and turned quiet as you put your concentration into choosing those bloody eyelashes, before passing the tiny box to Anna, though you couldn’t help but think of Jack sulking in the next room.

After an hour or so, Anna had decided on everything from her outfit, to make up, to a handbag and jewellery. You had helped her do her make up and hair and you had to admit, she looked beautiful.

“Thank you so much for your help, Y/N.” Anna smiled as her hugged you, standing on her tiptoes even though she was wearing heels as you were still quite a bit taller than her.

“It’s fine Anna, just have fun and let me know how it goes.” You smiled, watching as she collected her phone and bag before Anna left her room and went downstairs.

You stood in the hallway as you heard Anna saying goodbye to her mum before hearing the front door click shut a few second later.

Letting out a deep sigh, you went into Jack’s bedroom, to find him sprawled out on his bed and the only light source was coming from his TV. Besides that, his entire room was in complete darkness.

“Jack.” You sighed as he glanced over to you, but still didn’t say a word.

“You can’t be jealous because I spent a bit of time with your sister.”

This got a reaction out of him, as he sat up and looked at you.

“A bit of time? You literally spent the whole day with her, Y/N. I hardly get to see you because we both work all the time, and when I thought I would get sometime with you, my baby sister steals you to talk about paint primer.” Jack frowned as a smile spread on your face.

Jack looked up at you, clearly confused as you smiled. “What?” he asked, still frowning.

“I told you, it’s not paint primer.” You giggled, causing Jack to roll his eyes.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry I spent so much time with Anna today.” You told him, sitting next to him on his bed as he turned his attention back to the glow that was coming from the TV.

“I promise, I am yours for the rest of the night, and tomorrow and next weekend.” You told him, taking the remote out of his hand; you moved into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck.

Planting kisses all over his face, you smirked as he groaned when you missed his lips.

“A kiss and all is forgiven.” Jack told you, that sparkle coming back to his eyes.

You chuckled before leaning your forehead against his, leaving a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I love you.” You told him, those three simple words causing a deep blush to spring to his cheeks.

“More than you love Anna?” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and gently tracing his thumb over the skin that was exposed on your hip.

“Way more than I love Anna.” You chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder and looking over at the TV.

Suppose you would both get your lazy day after all.

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HELLO USHI! I just wanted to stop by and say tell you i love your art?? Like I legit got into detroit because of you?? AND I was actually wondering if you have ever drawn any artwork of Daniel before (or youre thinking of doing so?). Hes a real peach and I personally think he deserves more love in the fandom. ;-;

Hey hey hey! Thanks for taking your time to write this, I’m so flattered that my silly scribbles got you hooked on DBH!

And to answer your question, I am in fact drawing some Daniel-related stuff right now. It’s a self-indulgent human!college AU that I’ll be updating on my Twitter and Insta.

Still a WIP but Simon and Daniel are twins. Can you guess who’s who? 

André Aciman Reading:

AKA how one man cleared my pores and saved my entire life (this will be long so it’s under a read more: 

I learned a lot of things about myself and the book tonight. One of them being that I made a lot of eye contact with the associate producer of the film and im only half sure we didnt fall in love.

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( spilled milk🥛 )

➭ part 30 (epilogue)

➭ an au in which you join an app that assigns you to groupchats randomly

author’s note

me being afraid to end this series because i adored the characters too much? more likely than you think!!!! anyway have some overdue fluff 🕴🏻

➭ taglist

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info: jeon wonwoo/reader, general audiences, record shop au
genre: fluff, romance, glimpses of drama | word ct: 9k
warnings: none
summary: to most, jeon wonwoo was the surly owner of a hole in the wall record shop. to her, he was a simple mistake she kept making time and time again.
notes: reposted from my old blog, @dimp1ejeon 

cross posted on ao3

Her first mistake started with a record shop.

(It of course wasn’t her first mistake, but for the sake of this story let’s pretend that it was.)

It began in a record shop, an actual record shop. Something she honestly didn’t believe existed anymore. But as her new music obsessed boyfriend was happy to point out, they did, in fact, exist, and it would be good for her to get acquainted with vinyl. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to take that, but he was hot, the most popular guy on campus, so she would gladly “get acquainted with vinyl” for him. Didn’t mean she completely understood what that meant.

She barely understood what that meant.

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It’s Okay, It’s Okay

I was feeling…well, I broke down the other day and it got worse when I realized the one person who I wanted to notice…didn’t. But others did. And that got me more emotional. But I’m better now, and I’m sorry to the people I did worry, who did notice me.

So thank you @recklesssketches @the-wickedness-that-is-zai

Summary: Sometimes Felix disappears without a word, and Bridgette’s the only one who notices.


No one really paid attention to Felix in the first place, so it was easy for him to skip classes, avoid going home.

His teachers missed his name during attendance, usually marked him present when they catch it later because “hey, that Agreste kid was there; he’s just quiet, is all” and he got high grades so who really cared what he did?

His father usually left reminders via email for him if something came up, too busy with his own work to check on him personally. The staff knew he didn’t eat much so it was no surprise if the meals they made were left untouched by the door of his room.

Honestly, Felix could disappear from the face of the earth completely and no one would notice.

Well, except for her. She noticed everything about him.

Bridgette remembered it was that time again; early spring when the skies were clear but weather still cool and windy. It was the same weather years ago, when she had learned her one and only friend had moved away without a single warning.

He disappeared every year, around this time, she learned. No one really noticed until she had asked a classmate the first year after seeing him again.

She figured it had something to do with his mom.

Bridgette knew she shouldn’t worry; he did this regularly and always returned, safe and sound, like nothing had ever happened. But the point was that she was worried, and she seemed to be the only one who was.

When was the last time someone really worried about him? Really noticed him? Perhaps there had been more, but they had all come and gone, and he thought he could disappear like usual.

But he forgot about his girlfriend.

Bridgette climbed up the rose trellis, just like had had shown her, and leaped over the wall, landing with a soft thud on the grass.

She let her feet lead her, and memory nudged her along the paths that he had brought her through.

“This had been our secret gateway, in a way.”

“You’re the first person, aside from me, to come here in a long time…”

“I think she would have liked me showing you this place.”

“I think…my mother would have liked you, Bridgette.”

Bridgette smiled softly as she sat down under the peach tree, reaching for his hand.

Felix shuddered at her touch, as if he hadn’t even noticed her approaching, and he immediately leaned his head against her shoulder.

“It’s okay to miss her, Felix,” she murmured, stroking his hair. “Just because things have changed…it doesn’t mean you’re unloved.”

“Not even my father noticed I was gone longer than usual,” he whispered. “Why are you always here for me, Bridgette? We got off to such a rocky start.”

“We did,” agreed Bridgette, tilting his head up slightly and pressing their foreheads together. “But look how far we’ve come. You don’t have to be alone anymore.” She closed her eyes. “You can open up to me too.”

With that, Felix broke down, burying his face in the crook of her neck, his muffled sobs filling the otherwise peaceful garden. She hummed softly in turn, stroking the small of his back and running her fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” she said softly. “I’ll always be here for you. If no one else, then me. You’re never alone, Felix.”

Lucas: Every single day, I send my mom a strange text and every day she responds with something absurdly optimistic and kind.

(Lucas sends her a picture of a tree)

Lucas: Look at this tree

Peach: It’s beautiful, just like you!

(Next day)

Lucas: Mom, listen; some days you have a lemon. Some days you ARE the lemon.

Peach: I think you’re peachy keen!

(Next day)

Lucas: What if I dropped out of school and became a hermit in a mountain cave in Siberia?

Peach: Can I visit you there?

Lucas: No, the only person allowed is Barack Obama.

Peach: That’s awesome for you! He’s very nice!


empty apartment - bts x oc social media au

in which y/n moves in with jungkook who just so happens to “forget” to tell her his apartment is highkey haunted

10 < 11 > 12

pairings: none, its all platonic here folks
genre: crack/humor, paranormal, roomate!au
warnings: swearing
an: FINALLY yn found out!! and did you expect yoongi to be the peach person? dont forget this is still a crack au, things that seem serious most likely arent hehe let me know what you think please! (im at work when this gets posted so i’ll take care of links when i get home) (next part comes out tomorrow at 6pm CET aka 12pm EST! )

I think I liked you better when you didn't have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 15 - Personal Space

Originally posted by rackhamrogue

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…. 

Chapter 15 - Personal space

Blake had slept badly, tossing and turning all night…..unable to get David’s words out of her head.

The names he had called her….there was obviously a reason for these. Maybe she was as useless as he suggested. And maybe she did look as shit as he accused her of looking.

Blake was blonde and tall, and as far as the male of the species went, she had never had any trouble finding guys. She had long legs and round hips and her breasts were average size.

She had of course, back in the ‘real’ world, always supplemented these things with tight jeans, high heels, push up bras.

She had loved make-up and was never seen out without at least two coats of mascara and some lip-gloss…but those days were now gone…

Perhaps she had let herself go slightly…perhaps she wasn’t as pretty as she once was…perhaps David was right….the way Negan’s wives went around with perfectly polished red-painted fingernails, short black dresses and high heels….they were of course more attractive than her…

But she had never realised just how bad she must look….if that was the kind of things what her own fiancé labelled her as being….

Blake had woken fairly early…just as the sun was coming up…

And being unable to drift off again she had dragged herself up and headed into the shower…spending about thirty minutes bathing under the cool water…cleaning every inch of her….cleansing herself of David’s horrible words.

But every time she realised how much he hurt her…Blake felt guilty…so ashamed of herself for thinking these things.

He only criticised her because he loved her. Because he was trying to keep her safe.

That was the only reason…right?

Blake had hurried back to her room and gotten dressed in a fresh pair of indigo jeans, her brown boots and a pale blue blouse, which she tucked neatly into her pants.

She missed carrying a gun or knife and found, that as she slipped a large brown belt around her waist, it felt empty without the addition of a weapon.

She again pondered on Negan’s wives….on whether any of them had needed to carry a gun….if all they did was lounge around painting their toenails and reading old magazines?

But she cursed herself.

These women were probably hurting as much as she was…as scared as she was…and whether they had ever carried a gun wasn’t important…it was whether they now felt safe, that was.

It hadn’t been long after that, that Blake, bored of her room had wandered the corridors, heading down towards the main dining area….hoping to once again catch a glimpse of David….try to reason with him….to apologise…

She had seen a couple of faces she recognised along the way down the winding hallways.…a couple of them men who usually surrounded Negan, carrying guns…before she found herself once again in the large communal dining room.

Blake stared up at the far end of the room, expecting to see the usual large pots full of food…but today it was just a single female Saviour stood behind a table, dishing out small bags of crackers and pieces of watermelon to the small line of people.

Blake not really being fussed with eating…her stomach still doing backflips at the thought of her run in with David….instead turned, making to head back out into the small courtyard she had ventured into yesterday.

But before she could do so, she heard a sharp whistle from across the far side of the room…drawing her attention immediately.

She turned her heard towards the sound….her eyes falling on the tall and imposing figure of Negan…just standing there…Dwight at his side…staring over at her…his face fixed and unreadable.

Blake gave a sudden gulp, her breath catching slightly and her heart dropping.


Did he know?

Had Eugene told him?

Her heart pounded, going a hundred miles an hour.

But the feeling only lasted for a brief moment, as a smile suddenly crept across Negan’s long features as he began to stroll towards her, swinging his barbed-wire covered baseball bat from his hand as he went.

“Well hey there, hot stuff,” growled Negan, his tongue poking out from between his line of straight white teeth. “Don’ you look just finger-lickin’ fuckin’ good this mornin’?”

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Now here's a question, where do Humans fit in? Cause, as far as my knowledge of Mario goes, there aren't many Humans and the ones you mainly see are in higher positions of power

Humans actually do canonically exist in the Mushroom World/Super Mario World. The New Donkers are humans, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi are all human, the background characters in one of the Mario Golfs (or all of them I can’t remember) are all human. The only human characters we really see in a position of power is Pauline.

Now, I’m not including Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina because they’re all half human. Sorta.

So in my headcanon, Mushroom Kingdom has what we don’t (as far as I’m aware): sup-species of humans. There’s humans like Pauline, who are more realistically proportioned and are more familiar in terms of stature. And then you have The Mushroom People.

Despite the name, The Mushroom People are not sapient mushrooms, they’re humans, but they’re a different type in comparison to the humans native to New Donk Kingdom. If they could be likened to anything we’re more familiar with, I’d say gnomes. They’re naturally short in stature, their heads are larger in proportion to their bodies, arms are longer than their legs, and sharp fang-like teeth (the teeth is legit because I thought it’d be cute). Here’s my quick scribble on how I think they look, using our bud Toad as a subject!

Both Peach and Daisy are “half-bred” in a sense. One parent was a human while the other was a mushroom person. But I’m uh… I’m gonna need a smaller name for the “Mushroom People”. “Toad” doesn’t count for me because I associate it as an individual character, not the name of the species. o3o Rosalina is half-god: her mother was human while her father was a god. <:


Poppy Knott for @hiddenspringss‘ Peach’s bachelorette challenge!

some facts about Poppy:

  • has a cat named dobby that she loves to spoil
  • takes him out for walks too, don’t judge!
  • has been growing out her hair for five years almost now
  • always wanted to be a veterinarian but ended up a receptionist
  • does help out at shelters once a month
  • does know she looks cute, v confident and takes pride in her appearance
  • unlike in high school where she was quite shy
  • has two younger brothers
  • loves making smoothies and brewing herbal tea
  • primroses are her favourite flower, poppies not so much oops?
  • has a big social life and is never seen without her friends tbh
  • but does miss that special someone in her life
  • finds it important to always stay busy or she gets restless
  • BUT does practise yoga so she can find her inner peace
  • thinks peach is just the cutest but her personality speaks to her as well!

Hope you like her! ♥

GUYS I MISSED IT BUT JUNE IS NATIONAL ROSE MONTH!! I’m a month too late but that’s okay,, I don’t need one specific month to admire beautiful flowers :)) This actually tells you what roses mean which I find SUPER intriguing! I personally love the yellow, lavender, or the peach ish ones the best so it’s cool to find out what they symbolize. At least to me :p Next year, if I remember, June will be filled with extra roses :) you guys have to remind me!! Also,, do you guys like the quotes? I just want to make my audience happy!! Thank you petals! You’re all beautiful. Never think any different :)



(I go overboard on hashtags don’t I haha)

anonymously send me a fruit!

🍏 Green Apple: I like your personality more than your blog!
🍎 Red Apple: I like your blog and your personality! 
🍌 Banana: You’re fun to talk to!
🍒 Cherries: I think you’re hot!
🥥 Coconut: I like your taste in music!
🍆 Eggplant: I don’t remember why I followed you…
🍇 Grapes: I wish we were better friends!
🥝 Kiwi Fruit: I have a small crush on you…
🍋 Lemon: I love your sense of fashion!
🍈 Melon: I love your sense of humor
🍑 Peach: I want to date you!
🍐 Pear: I wish you knew I existed…
🍍 Pineapple: We never talk, but I care about you!
🍓 Strawberry: I have a huge crush on you!
🍊 Tangerine: I prefer what you post more than what you reblog
🍉 Watermelon: I prefer what you reblog more than what you post

T O B I A S  +  L E I L A

For #TSCTuesday, I thought I’d indulge your request for more Tobleila shippiness. Here’s a brief excerpt from CHAPTER 8: THE HEALER of The Savior’s Champion:

“You’re staring at me.”

“I’m thinking,” Leila said.

“Thinking what?”

“That you don’t look like an artist.”

Tobias shrugged. “I’m no artist.”

“Is that so?” She raised an eyebrow. “Your laurel suggests otherwise.”

“I’m a laborer. I work in the sugarcane fields.” He rested his head against the wall. “I was an artist. Almost. I was almost an artist.”

“Care to explain?”

Tobias stared down at his peach, rotating it between his fingers, not wanting to look Leila in the eye.

“It’s all right. I suppose it’s personal—”

“I was an apprentice,” he said.

Leila wavered. “Oh? For whom?”

“Petros Elia.”

“Petros Elia?” Her brows shot up. “His work hangs in the palace, you know.”

“I know. He’s a legend.”

“I imagine it’s very hard to secure an apprenticeship with him.”

“It was. I worked under his teaching for, oh, I don’t know…” He thought for a moment. “A year? Maybe longer. And then I left.”

“Because of your sister?”

He nodded.

The stairwell fell silent. Leila’s eyes were fixed on him, and he couldn’t help but feel naked in front of her, as if her questioning had left him vulnerable.

“Goodness.” Leila smiled, poking him in the chest. “See? I was right. I usually am—though not when I accused you of murder. Nobody’s perfect, I suppose. But usually I get it right.”

Tobias chuckled, his burdens lifted. Leila pulled her knees into her chest, and her legs peeked through two long slits in her dress, revealing a leather strap around her thigh—a sheath holding the blade she had wielded just hours prior. He averted his gaze and bit into his peach.

“It’s your turn, you know.”

Leila wrinkled her nose. “My turn?”

“Tell me a story. I told you mine.”

“That’s funny, I didn’t realize we had worked out an exchange.”

“It’s only fair.”

Leila laughed. “Oh, piss off. You don’t care about fairness. You’re just prying.”

“For sound reason. I can count on one hand what I know of you.”

“Oh, please.”

Tobias held up his hand. “You’re a healer.” He counted along his fingers. “Your name means darkness. You hate the Sovereign. And you’re an acquired taste. Meanwhile, you know…oh, I don’t know, at least a million things about me, by my approximation.”

Leila chuckled, hugging her legs tightly.

“You laugh at me. I’m serious, you know.”

“You inquire for no reason,” she said. “You don’t even like me.”

“Of course I like you.”

“You said you didn’t.” She pointed her nose in the air. “You called me vinegar.”

Tobias playfully rolled his eyes. “Well, clearly I’ve acquired the taste.”

As always, a huge thank you to @pocket-size-super-villain for the beautiful portraits! If you’re in need of character art, look no further!