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Responding to your post about twist endings and Rod Serling: Do you think that the "No, Luke, I am your father" reveal in Empire Strikes Back works as a powerful twist? It's hard to view it as anything but obligatory after almost 40 years of references but at one point it was truly shocking, I think. Still, I'm not sure if the themes that the reveal serves are actually important to the work or if they just match the reveal.

Comparing the “I am your father” ending to the Twilight Zone/Scifi Proposition-Argument-Conclusion ending is like comparing a dolphin to a torpedo; they look the same, but they work in very different ways.

I think it’s important to emphasize here that the ending IS what your story is trying to say; the ending IS the story. If you have a story about the hazards of love that cynically shows how bad relationships can be…but the hero finds true love at the end, it’s an optimistic story that says true love and happiness is possible and relationships are great. The ending is what your story is trying to say.

Now, that said, the reason that the Darth Vader reveal has oomph can only be understood if you look at the Empire Strikes Back script by Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote maybe one of my favorite Westerns, Silverado (I love Westerns as much as scifi, but considering the nature of this blog, that part of my personality doesn’t come up much). It’s worth noting that most scifi writers have an understanding of the basics, something that transfers from genre to genre; the fundamentals of storytelling are the same. Rod Serling won Emmys for drama long before Twilight Zone, for instance.

You can understand what Empire Strikes back is all about from the title, which wasn’t carelessly chosen. It’s a story about how the Rebels are on the run; they are running in the night, and the wolves are after them. It’s impossible to stand and fight. The opening has the rebels in exile in a miserable icy location, from which they are forced to flee.

As the story goes on, things get worse and worse. The heroes are betrayed and have no place to hide. Luke does the impetuous yet loyal and courageous thing to help his friends before he’s ready, which the wise Yoda raises the stakes for by saying that Luke will fail totally if he confronts Darth Vader. The scene on Dagobah with Yoda and Obi-Wan fills us with dread for the meeting to come and raises the stakes for the battle to come; that’s the purpose of the scene.

Are you getting it, now? The point of the story is to have the Empire victorious, to show the sacrifice and loss a rebellion would need. And when Luke goes to see Vader, he has his hand chopped off and his lightsaber lost; he never stood a chance. And that, at the very conclusion of the film, is when the biggest bombshell of all is dropped: Darth Vader is Luke’s father.

The Darth Vader reveal wouldn’t have worked if it came in the middle of the film. It worked because the entire film had been building to it, with loss after loss to the Empire. It’s the ultimate thing to make a hero totally despair in a story that’s all about losing (note that after learning this Luke has no option but to jump to his death). The twist isn’t just thrown in there out of nowhere; the entire film had been building to it, and it’s the final “knockout punch.”

To have an ending like this, you have to identify what your story is about and what it’s trying to say, so you can convince the audience of it. As Brian McDonald says, “lots of young writers ask me if they are being too preachy. Not enough ask me if they are being sufficiently clear.” 

Hexes {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

This really gave me a hard time. Hopefully it’s not that bad. I tried my best, lol.



(Y/n) felt her anger boil up inside her quietly as Sirius approaches her in the courtyard. There was nothing else that could silence the raging volcano in her as she watches her boyfriend smile and laugh before waving goodbye at his friends. She had just returned from the Hospital wing after learning about what had happened to Bertram Aubrey, a Ravenclaw student Sirius hated. His head grew twice as large and it had almost given poor Madam Pomfrey a heart attack.

(Y/n) had an idea that could possibly be the reason why Sirius Black and James Potter had decided to give him that treatment and she was not letting him get away with it so easily. She balled her fists furiously as he ran towards her.

“(Y/n)!” He said, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Charms was awfully boring today and–”

“Really?” She said, acting as though she was interested.

“Yeah! And Professor Flitwick was–”

“Nothing interesting? No ILLEGAL HEXES THAT COULD INFLATE SOMEONE’S HEAD?!!” She shouted. Students began to look at them including some Slytherins who watched them from under a tree.

“I can’t believe you right now, Sirius.” She said, her voice low. She shook her head in disbelief while Sirius tried to explain.

“Look, (Y/n), you have to see it from my point of view. He was–”

“From your point of view? I can’t quite look at it from your twisted perspective besides mine! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?!”

“He was beginning to get too close to you.” Sirius said. Everyone had gathered around them and as much as Sirius wanted to shout at them to mind their own business, he couldn’t.

“So you hexed him, huh? Well, next time, maybe you should hex Remus too when he tutors me! Bloody hell, hex James too!”

“It’s not like that, (Y/n). You know it.”

(Y/n) looked away, her tears falling down her cheek silently. She hated crying in front of a lot of people but she hated it more when Sirius was the reason behind it. He tried to brush it away but she turned her back. He did not know why she was even defending Bertram. He saved her from a pervert so what was she mad about? He deserved it and that should make him the hero, right?

Sirius sighed and tried to speak to her gently, “Can we talk about this, please? Somewhere private? I don’t want to lose you, (Y/n).”

“Sorry, Sirius. You just did.” (Y/n) walked away, leaving him to stand alone in the middle of the courtyard with a furious expression on his face. His friends had returned after receiving news from their fellow Gryffindors about what had happened.

“Padfoot, calm down. Let’s go out, hm? Perhaps for some fresh air?” James said.

Sirius followed them without a word and as they were walking outside, all the students whispered around.

“Make them stop, Remus. Before I do something.” Sirius muttered in anger.

Remus did not say anything and took long strides, James leading them to a deserted patch of a nearby forest with a view of the lake.

As soon as they reached far enough, they sat down and Sirius began to rant while punching and kicking a tree.

“Stupid Aubrey. Posh, stupid Ravenclaw and his little smirk and stupid head. Can’t even get a girlfriend of his own so he steals mine. I bet you’re happy now, aye? Stupid, stupid–”

“Sirius, language please.” Remus said.


“Mm, much better.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Padfoot, you’re hurting the poor tree. Besides, I took part in it too so it’s also my fault.” James said.

“No, no, James. He deserved it.”

“But what about (Y/n)? Did she deserve to get hurt?” Remus asked, the question lingering in the air. “She was obviously hurt about what you did. It’s not just about you hexing his head. It’s about you not trusting her.”

Sirius made no reply. It had just dawned on him the root of his problem which was mainly because he was feeling jealous and he felt like she had been spending more time with Bertram than him. He looked at his bruised knuckles which were now violet.

“So what, I apologize to her?”

“Well, yeah.”

“It’s not gonna fix anything, I’m sure. She hates me now.”

“But you haven’t even tried yet, Padfoot.” James said. After all, he was pretty much set on pursuing Lily Evans and he had never stopped no matter how much it infuriates her but Sirius only remained quiet throughout the day.

Miserable was an understatement to describe Sirius. Two days had already passed since his girlfriend broke up with him and he has been eating less. He did not participate in classes and no pranks were played for the entire week, sending Filch to celebrate at his demise. He had now realized his mistake on not trusting (Y/n) but now, he believed it was too late to take back what he had done. He spent his days depressed during detention with James and sometimes, they were even separated. Bertram Aubrey finally returned from the hospital wing but he was very traumatized and would often shake and shiver at the sight of Sirius.

He poked his food and flicked his mashed potatoes at first years, sighing constantly and pouting.

James watched him and put down his fork, leaning in to whisper at Remus.

“Moony, I think we should do something.”

“What do you suggest? Lock them in a broom closet until one of them comes out alive? I’ve told you many times, Prongs, my bet is on (Y/n).”

“No! Although, I agree on that one. But I think we should do something to help them.”

“I’m staying out of it, Prongs.”

“Look at Padfoot! He looks like a kicked out dog!”

“Because he is!”

“And look at (Y/n)!”

The two watched (Y/n) from the other side of the table, not eating as well. Her eyes were puffy as though she had spent the whole night crying and she was still wearing the necklace Sirius gave her for Valentine’s day. It was tucked out of sight under her shirt but the gold chain stood out.

“She still loves him, Moony, and so does our boy,” James whispered.

“Fine, but if she murders me, I will personally haunt you.”

“Wow, can’t wait to see what a were-ghost-wolf looks like.”

“You’re about to meet him very soon, Prongs.”

As the two constructed a plan, unbeknownst to them, Sirius had already stood up and left the hall. He was not feeling hungry so what was the point in staying at the table? He shifted into his animagus form as soon as he was out of sight and walked to the tree where he and (Y/n) would hung out on Fridays. He lied down and whined before falling a sleep.

(Y/n) gathered her things and walked outside to accompany her friends to pick out flowers. Lily had insisted they gather a bouquet to send to her sister, hoping it would cheer up (Y/n). Of course, this was all part of Remus’ plan. He knew where Sirius went after looking at the Marauder’s map and he decided to involve Lily Evans as well. The girls went out and looked around for flowers while (Y/n) stayed by the lake.

James, Remus and Peter watched her from behind a bush when a black dog approached her.

“Hello there. Where did you come from?” She petted the dog as it sat down by her side, its chin resting on her lap. “You know, you remind me of someone. His name was Sirius and he’s such a jerk sometimes but I love him, you know? I wish I hadn’t broken up with him.”

She continued talking to the dog as though it could understand her. He quite enjoyed having her rub her fingers on his head and stomach, his tail wagging uncontrollably.

“Look! He’s wagging his tail! I think it’s working!” Peter said.

“Great! Now he should know that she still loves him!” James said excitedly.

“Yeah but I feel like something’s wrong.” Remus said, watching the two closely and that’s when the three of them saw the unbelievable. Sirius was now standing behind her but the black dog remained by her side. The three were more than confused.

“I don’t know who you’re talking to but I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Sirius said, kneeling down and holding her hands. “You’re right. I was a jerk and I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me, (Y/n). I still love you but it’s alright if you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Sirius. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that in public and I’m sorry too. I just wish you’d trust me.”

“I know, I know. I’m really sorry.”

She pulled Sirius in an embrace and brushed his hair softly. “I forgive you, Sirius. Let’s not fight again, alright?”

He pulled back and placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her forehead before whispering, “So are we still dating?”

“Of course, baby.” She smiled and this time, she kissed his lips lightly which he eagerly returned.

James, Remus, and Peter went out of hiding and clapped their hands at the couple while Lily sent a bouquet of flowers to them. They pulled apart and watched their friends cheer for them before sharing another kiss.


Anonymous asked:

How do I hide information about my main, point-of-view character from the audience without it feeling cheap? There’s a plot twist, the climax of the story actually, where it is revealed that my protagonist actually works for the big bad, think a CIA agent who is actually a mole for the KGB. I don’t want readers to feel like this comes out of left field but I also don’t want to tell them. The only solution I could think of is clever foreshadowing, but I’d like to hear someone else’s thoughts.

Assuming your story is multi-POV, you will just want to make sure this characters POV chapters take place at times when none of the stuff you want to hide is taking place. Those things will happen “off-screen” while another character’s POV chapters are taking place.

Foreshadowing is one way you can keep the reveal from being random. You can also just build in very subtle hints that can be explained away, either by the character themselves, the other characters, or the reader. For example:

- the character knows something they shouldn’t, and they know it because of who they really are, but they provide some other legitimate sounding explanation of how they came by this information.

- the character shows up late to an important event and has a ready excuse, but after the plot twist, it will be revealed that they were off doing something related to who they really are.

- someone who works for the Big Bad seems to recognize your character, but the character quickly explains it away as mistaken identity or knowing them from something else.

- the character has surprising skills or abilities that they try to keep hidden but come out in urgent situations. The character tries to downplay these skills/abilities and provides an alternative story for how they were learned.

These are just some of the things you can do. Obviously, you don’t want to be too “in your face” about it. Just a few little incidents so the reader can look back after the reveal and connect the dots. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


This is a continuation from the following reaction I did: Seunghyun walks in on you having sex.

Warning: Contains heavy smut. If you are 12 don’t read it or whatever. 

Seunghyun hovers in the door, his gaze lingering as Jiyong slips inside you, his thrust sloppy with his drunkness.

‘Fuck, Seunghyun. Are you going to stare at us all day? It’s killing my vibe.,’ He pants as his momentum doesn’t stop, his hips continuously snapping into you in a frantic, jolting pace. ‘If you’re that curious, come and take the other end.’ Despite the rhetorical reverb, Seunghyun’s head tilts in interest, the offer one he was clearly contemplating.

‘I can’t help but think she must be good if you’re so desperate with her all the time…,’ He mulls quietly, before turning to the girl next to him abruptly, his head nodding directionally back down the hallway. ‘I’ll come get you later.’ In an instant, he had made up his mind. A quiver shoots through your body, your mind confused as to whether it was induced by fear or anticipation. Seunghyun’s voice was smooth, containing a subtle finality to it that was equal parts intoxicating and intensely disharmonic. Not to mention the fact that Jiyong had basically just given you away, like you were his toy to be shared with whomever he chose. His eyes meet yours as he hovers over you, his body pausing it’s rhythm to check into yours.

‘It’s okay, right, baby?,’ He questions, his nose resting gently against your own. ‘It’s just sex.’ You peer into Jiyong’s eyes, blurred with the previously consumed alcohol in the evening and give your consent a short, curt nod in agreement, your eyes blinking slowly as your cheeks flush with redness. You don’t even know why you’d agreed. Perhaps it was the glasses of champagne you yourself had consumed, but you’d always been intrigued by Seunghyun and his mysteriousness. Jiyong had just presented you with the perfect opportunity to explore that.

‘Sure.’ You whisper quietly to him. His lips tuck behind his teeth, a smirk appearing on his face, lifting the corners of his mouth in a half moon crescent shape.

‘That’s my baby. I knew you were damn dirty.,’ He murmurs, his lips pressing into yours aggressively, his mouth bitter with the taste of whiskey and the lingering remnants of his last cigarette. ‘Seunghyun’s going to find that out pretty quickly, too.’ His pace starts again, slower this time, but with the same drilling power, as he nods his head in his friends direction to invite him towards you both. A stuttered gasp leaves your mouth as the tip of Jiyong’s member connects with the perfect spot inside you. Seunghyun comes to stand at the top of your head, his eyes meeting Jiyong’s as his tall stature towers dauntingly over your body.

‘Any rules?,’ He raises an eyebrow in question, scanning your exposed torso with interest, his question directed towards Jiyong.

‘No marks, alright? I don’t want to think about you next time I’m fucking her and I see a damn hickey you gave her.,’ Seunghyun nods deeply in understanding, crouching down to bring his face to your level. ‘And fuck her with a condom.’ Jiyong adds with a ferocity Seunghyun couldn’t argue with.

‘Any suggestions?’ Seunghyun’s voice is a purr, his breath melting against your skin as his hand reaches up, lingering softly on your neck. You are almost certain he can feel the quiver of your racing pulse as his fingers dance delicately against your throat. His touch is a stark contrast to Jiyong’s frantic movements penetrating your lower half.

‘She can take it really deep. Don’t go easy on her.,’ Jiyong smirks, his hips jutting roughly in uneven timing, his words breathy with his own lust. ‘She likes it really rough, don’t you baby?’ Seunghyun’s head nods in agreement, before lowering itself to your lips, a fire of lust burning through his kiss. You hear his hands fumble with the buckle of his pants as he continues the kiss, deepening it. He breaks apart, pausing to look into your eyes from above you.

‘You know how close Jiyong and I are, right, Y/n?,’ Seunghyun’s questions you gently, his words a soft murmur from his mouth as his eyes gaze into yours. You hear the distinct sound of the metal zing as he unzips the fly of his pants. ‘Sometimes Jiyong likes to share things with his Hyung. It’s nothing romantic for me, alright? I’m just here to get off. Are you okay with that?’ You slowly nod your head, your eyebrows creasing as Jiyong’s erection hits your spot again. A whimper of acknowledgement passes your lips.

‘We’re all clear.,’ Jiyong answers in staggered breathing. ‘Just stick your dick in her damn mouth.’ Seunghyun’s erection appears from the top of the briefs he was wearing, slowly revealing it’s thickness. He brings it forwards, towards you, before giving your entire body a tug to move your head off the table slightly.

‘If you want it, take it.’ Seunghyun pauses, his hands holding the tip of his erection just above your mouth in a tantilizing tease. You cast one last glance at Jiyong. Once you’d done this, there was no going back. Jiyong gives you a short, quick nod of approval, and you move your lips around the thickness of Seunghyun’s cock, the salty taste of him hitting your tongue instantly. It had been a long time since you’d felt anyone but Jiyong in your mouth. The texture of Seunghyun was different, your lips accepting his rough, veined shaft as they stretched wide, curling around him. He begins a slow thrust of his hips, your fingers reaching to grip the lower end of him, stimulating what refused to fit inside your mouth.

‘She’s good, huh?,’ Jiyong’s smugness is met with a guttural moan escaping Seugnhyun’s lips. ‘Wait till you get to this end. Her pussy is nice and tight.’ A twitch of anticipation runs through Seunghyun’s erection, flickering across your tongue. You smile lightly at the feeling, and Seunghyun’s hand reaches to brush against your cheek gently.

‘I can see why you’re so infatuated.’ He slips his dick out, bouncing it across your face with a smirk, before leaning down and enveloping one of your nipples completely in his mouth. His teeth graze the skin, nipping lightly on the mound of engorged, sensitive flesh, and you feel Jiyong intentionally aim his hips to hit you perfectly again. In a matter of seconds, a continuous circle of moans are dancing off your tongue as Jiyong quickens his pace and Seunghyun’s other hand slips over your body to stroke the pearl of nerves in your folds. His long torso leans, stretching effortlessly over your shorter stature to stimulate you.

‘Fuck.,’ You whimper desperately, Jiyong’s relentless pace banging against you. ‘Ji, baby, please… Let me cum.’ Your begging seems to please Seunghyun, his lips curling into a full grin. You can feel them shifting against the thickness of your puffy nipple. He nips it again, before letting it fall from his mouth with a tug. He straightens himself fully.

‘She cums on command? I’m impressed.’ He looks at Jiyong, taking in the smirk of pride evident on his face.

‘She’s a special girl. Would you like to do the honours and give her her first one?,’ He withdraws himself, slipping smoothly out of your drenched core. A whine leaves your lips, a pout forming as you begin to sit up.

‘I want you, Ji.’ You peer at him through hooded eyes, your face begging desperately. ‘Please, make me cum first.’ You shift, wrapping your hips around his legs and adjusting yourself closer to him. He looks down at you, taking in your face as his eyes skim over your pleading expression.

‘What’s wrong with Seunghyun?’ He questions, the offence evident in his voice.

‘Nothing’s wrong with Seunghyun… I just… want him to see how good you make me feel.’ You puff you breathlessly. Jiyong’s eyebrows furrow in annoyance.

‘You want him to see that? You want him to watch your face as I fuck you senseless?’ He questions, his hand reaching up to gently ruffle your hair in affection, lingering to cup your cheek. He looks at Seunghyun to explain your demeanour. ‘She gets needy for me sometimes.’ Seunghyun’s eyebrow raises in interest, the apparent dynamic between you and Jiyong something he found curiously entertaining.

‘He wants to watch us too.’ Your head nods in Seunghyun’s direction. You knew. You’d picked it as soon as you’d met him. You’d seen the way he’d steal lengthy glances at dancers during practices, his eyes lingering long enough to build an image, but not get caught. You’d seen the way his head would follow girls in short skirts at the club, drinking in the way their hips swayed with his eyes. You’d even seen his eyes on you on the rare occasion your bra strap had slipped into view, or your top button had accidentally popped open when he’d been around. Everything about his being screamed visual, every sign pointing to a voyeuristic tendency. He liked to look. You knew.

‘She’s perceptive.’ Seunghyun comments in approval, his cheeks puckering with dimples as he nods at Jiyong in consent, his face breaking into a smile. ‘And she’s right. I want to see it. Give it to her.’ Jiyong sighs, taping your legs to release his hips.

‘Turn over, then.’ His voice is a low growl, his hands gripping your waist, pressuring you to twist. You turn obediently and  come to rest on your hands and knees, arching your back to offer yourself to Jiyong, your hips lifting higher. He knew this was your favourite position, and he knew he’d hit you perfectly as soon as he entered. He didn’t hesitate, nor did he ease gently into you, the sharpness of his entry causing you to gasp instantly on contact. The wave of pleasure instantly begins building again as soon as he enters, his rough hips snapping against you, his thickness grazing your spot with perfect anglement. A shudder runs through your body, Jiyong’s left hand digging nails into your hips as he pulled you into him, thundering against you. His right hand reaches up and falls sharply to leave a stinging slap on your ass. Your eyes fall on Seunghyun’s, your gaze locking his as he watched intently. He doesn’t blink, standing with his pants hanging open, his shirt crinkled and roughly untucked, his erection twitching slightly as he watched.

‘Ji, baby, please.’ You beg, your lips pursing around the words as you moaned them out. Seunghyun’s grin grew.

‘She sounds so fucking sexy begging like that.’ He chuckles.

‘It will be your name soon, my friend.,’ Jiyong comments. ‘You can cum, Y/n.’ He adds as an after though, a few particularly rough thrusts following his words. You crumble, your legs sagging as you shudder, your muscles spasming around his presence inside you.

‘Jiyong, I love you.’ You say as he slows his thrusts, momentarily forgetting Seunghyun’s presence as your brain clouds in post-orgasmic bliss. You close your eyes, sinking with a wave of exhaustion into the table. A chuckle leaves his lips as he slips out of you, another sharp slap of his hand coming down hard on your ass.

‘I love you too, Y/n. But we haven’t finished yet.,’ Due to your tiredness, you don’t sense the movement occurring around you until you feel a pair of strong, unfamiliar hands snake around your waist and lift up your hips, pulling them to a fuckable angle. Your eyes snap open, twisting behind you to see Seunghyun surveying your ass, his fingers skimming over the skin that had turned red with the impression of Jiyong’s palm. In the space of time between your orgasm and him standing behind you, he’d managed to slip a condom on. Jiyong is crouching beside you, his hand coming to stroke your hair. Despite his rough play during intimacy, he was a gentle man with genuine concern for your wellbeing. ‘Can you give us one more?’ He questions lovingly, his thumb stroking your sweat drenched forehead lightly. Your head signals approval with a delicate nod, your eyes taking in the gentleness of his concern.

‘If it’s too much, I’ll stop.,’ Seunghyun says affectionately as he eases himself into your core, your sensitivity causing you to groan as soon as his tip had pressed against you. He was thicker than Jiyong, your body taking the time to get used to the sensation of the pinch of pressure you felt from his presence. ‘Fuck, Jiyong… you were right. She’s tight.’ His husky voice vibrates through the room. Jiyong continues to stroke your hair affectionately, before planting a subtle kiss on your forehead.

‘Can I cum in your mouth?’ He raises an eyebrow questioningly at you. He knew it wasn’t something you usually let him do, but considering how far out of control things had unwound tonight, it wasn’t going to be hard to lower your standards. You nod listlessly, your brow furrowed in a creased frown of concentration. The overstimulation of Seunghyun’s thickness was flooding you with feeling due to your sensitivity from your previous orgasmn. Jiyong stands, his hand remaining against your head, before moving it to tilt your jaw upwards. You open your mouth obligingly, the salty tang of his own taste mixed with the metallic bitterness of your juices overpowering your senses. His hands grasp your hair, bundling it into a thick ponytail he uses to guide you lower down his shaft, filling your mouth entirely with his member. A raspy gag escapes your throat, and Jiyong eases himself out slightly, a coy smile flickering across his face. Seunghyun’s grunts fill the room as he continues his steady pace, his thrusting smooth and even, quickly picking up speed. You moan, the vocal hum resonating around Jiyong.

‘Oh, god, Y/n.’ He struggles to articulate his words as your lips purse around him, your tongue working it’s way sloppily around his member in a twirl. The chorus of his uneven breathing joins the fray of sounds filling the room, your body quivering in sensory overload. The taste of Jiyong in your mouth, the relentlessness of Seunghyun’s motions behind you, the auditory crescendo of their combined pleasure. Your energy sags, and you begin losing track of anything but the cardinal feeling of both of the men stimulating you. Another few thrusts from Seunghyun, and your second orgasm racks through your body, bringing with it a new level of tiredness. Without warning, the warmth of Jiyong’s liquid fills your mouth, spilling down the back of your throat, and you gag, swallowing the load reflexively as your own muscles wrap tightly around Seunghyun’s presence inside you, your body convulsing against him. Jiyong uses your hair to push your head, deepening himself in your throat, remitting the last few drops of his cum into you. You gag, choking slightly again, and he slips silently from your lips, once again coming to kneel at your level.

‘Ji.’ His name is a bare sussurate from your mouth, your energy not allowing you any more volume.

‘You’re doing good, baby.’ He reassures you soothingly, his hand ruffling the locks of your hair, shifting them off your face. Your body was heated, your hair sticking flatly to the position Jiyong had moved it to due to perspiration.

‘She is doing good.’ Seunghyun grunts from behind, his hands gripping your hips to steady you and allow him to drive deeper into your core. The rawness of his power causes you to stutter out your now heavy breathing.

‘I’ll let you finish.’ Jiyong comments casually to him, before coming to stand, making his way to the couch in the far corner of the room. You watch him as he picks up the jacket he’d shed there, peeled off by you earlier in passion. He digs in the pocket, drawing out a half empty, crumpled packet of cigarettes. His long fingers spider over it, selecting one and bringing it to his lips. It was a dirty habit you hope he’d drop, but it didn’t seem like there was any chance that would happen in the near future. Seunghyun removes himself from you, your attention snapping back to the reality of what was happening.

‘Almost there.’ He mutters to you as his hands slip over your hips, twisting you to turn and lay on your back. Your tiredness prevents you from any use of your muscles, and Seunghyun hooks his hand around your legs, dragging your torso towards him. He positions your legs upright against the firmness of his chest through his shirt, his erection guiding itself between the slickness of your folds. His pace continues again, unceasingly intense in it’s rhythm. A jarring thrust sends your body sliding down the table slightly, his strong hands gripping your shoulders to pin you against him. The feeling again builds in the pit of your stomach as Seunghyun threads himself through your entire being, coaxing your orgasm from every corner of your body. You shiver, the feeling of intense pleasure again spewing from inside you, your muscles clenching for the third time around the foreign feeling of his thickness. His pumps jutter, the condom preventing you from feeling the warmth exploding from his tip despite you knowing it was happening. His smoothness turns to uneven, sloppy thrusts as he finishes, cuming as your third orgasm subsides. He hesitates, waiting a fleeting moment, before withdrawing himself slowly from you.

‘All done?’ Jiyong questions as Seunghyun turns away, smoothing the shirt you’d creased beyond repair. There was no way the three of you could go back to the party without your now ragged appearances and delayed absences raising suspicion.

‘Yes.,’ Seunghyun nods, the snap of the rubber from the condom being removed ringing in the air. ‘I have to say, that was much more enjoyable that whatever is going on out there. I can understand why you’re so into her, Jiyong.’ He walks slowly towards the rubbish bin, his natural suave demeanor returning to replace any indication he’d just had senseless sex with his best friends girlfriend. He drops the condom lightly from his palm, before readjusting his shirt again, tucking it swiftly into his pants.

‘She is something special.’ Jiyong concedes in agreement, his eyes gazing over your limp form lying sprawled on the table.

‘Thanks for letting me have a turn.’ Seunghyun’s eyes meet yours, a subtle wink flicking over his face. ‘Hopefully it won’t be the last.’ He turns on his feet, slowly exiting the room, the heels of his shoes clicking dramatically against the hardness of the floor.

‘Baby, come here.’ Jiyong purrs from his spot on the couch, his arms opening invitingly to you. You urge your muscles to move you into a standing position, your shaking legs carrying you treppidly towards your boyfriend.

‘I’m exhausted.’ You say as you collapse into his arms. He pulls you closer, cuddling you tightly against his side, his lips pressing against your forehead with a tenderness you’d come to expect over the years.

‘That was something, though.,’ He chuckles, his lips hovering above your skin, dotting briefly against it at the end of his sentence. ‘You did really well, Jagi.’ Your eyes meet his, a pleased smile curling the corners of his mouth to elicit the puffy apples of his cheeks that became increasingly prominent when he was happy.

‘That was an unexpected something, is what it was.,’ Your arms swats him lightly. ‘Next time tell me before you go inviting people to fuck me in a threesome.’

‘Are you really mad?’ He raises an eyebrow in question, hugging you tighter into him. You relax into his hold, the warmth and security he provided an ultimate comfort to your exhausted frame. You inhale the lingering scent of cigarette smoke mixed with his cologne, and you breathe deeply to allow yourself to commit it to your memory.

‘Not at all. If all of your friends fuck like Seunghyun, we should make this happen more often.,’ Your comment brings a deep chuckle from his lips. ‘Let’s ask Seungri to join us next.’

‘Don’t get ahead of yourself, baby girl.,’ He continues his chuckle as his hand reaches up to mildly play with a strand of your hair. ‘I had to admit towards the end it was all sitting a little uneasy with me. You’re my girl. Seeing Seunghyun make you crumble like he did wasn’t that fun.’

‘Nobody can make me cum like you, Jiyong.,’ Your head arches, reaching to kiss his lips softly. ‘You don’t need to worry about that. I’m all yours whenever you want me.’ Despite Seunghyun’s ability to make you completely unravel, what he did to you was nothing compared to how Jiyong made you feel. The comfort, the affection, the tender streak that came out at exactly the right moment to keep you going a little further… Jiyong knew you like no one else ever would.

‘Let’s get you home, baby. You look like you want to crawl into bed and sleep for days.’ His finger releases the strand of hair, smoothing over your face to pinch your chin affectionately.

‘Only if you’re by my side.’

Jack Ate the Beanstalk

Woo finished written commission for @thisnekoisalynx​ involving both Jack, Mark, & x reader WOO 

Warnings: swearing (i think only once, idk how i did it), and mention of death/killing multiple times WOO THREATS

length: 2016 words (rip 2016 year)

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lynns-art-blog  asked:

So, from what I've read, the reason you don't like "98%" of other AU's (or "AU's" as you put it) is due to them not followin cannon? Sorry, but that feels like it defeats the purpose of it bein an alternate universe, and sorta puts down creativity. Like, even in your thank you to Lynx, it seems like you went out of your way to almost BASH other AUs because they deviate from what is canon. Dunno, that just seems sorta strange to me. And more than a little off-puttin.

Not at all. Ya’ll can make your twisted version of characters from undertale and I’d like some designs and stuff, but the concept as an AU I don’t like it.

I think my real issue with it is that most of you don’t know what an AU really is. 

Even in quantum physics you can see that the theory that talks about timelines and different or Alternate Universes, are generated whenever you make a decision that would change the outcome of a situation

For example, “Do you want to buy a house?” If you chose yes you’ll met a whole ton of new people and maybe make a family out of it. There’s supposed to be an alternate universe where you choose not to buy a house and met other people instead having a completely different life from that point and on.

That’s an AU, that’s how it works

Is the a different outcome from a situation that may potentially change the course of your life.

In undertale, the pacifist route is an AU, while the genocide route is another AU

Things like … let’s see the most famous ones like “Underfell” or “underswap” are just a bunch of characters based on undertale, but that has no relation with the game or it’s purpose whatsoever. I like the design of some of these AUs.

For example I’ll always enjoy watching designs from Outertale, hell, I myself have drawn some designs from that “AU”. 

Do I like the designs? Yes

Do I enjoy supporting the creator and watching and following fanart of it? Yes 

Do I like it as a possible AU? No.

Tell me what decision can you make in game that would lead you to underswap? Nothing, is just a concept that can’t be applied to the game. 

Let me explain,

I LOVE Flowey, it broke all the laws of an RPG in the first 2 minutes of gameplay. The first character you encounter is supossed to help you or explain the “controls” or give you a quick “tutorial” through the game right? That’s like the basic “Level1″ for RPG.

The first thing you encounter in game is a yellow flower, which we usually associate with something good and nice. And after like 30 seconds it’s already calling you idiot and trying to take your soul.

Get what I’m saying? All of the undertale characters are designed with their looks and personalities the way they are FOR A REASON. Either to “break the rules” or make the experience more unique. 

A world where monsters are actually nice and 90% of them just want to show you their dance, or their hat. At first I was terrified of Papyrus because he was a “Monster” but then you discover he’s a sweet innocent cinnamon roll that must be protected and your whole vision on “monsters” change as a whole.

But no, in underswap you have a dumb cat that talks derpy as flowey, ruining all the moments where flowey appears. Andin underfell all the monsters are actually bad…. ju- just like a normal RPG… what a twist…

A short chubby skeleton? he looks friendly! But toby gave him that design to make him an approachable character. When in reality he’s been watching all your moves and wrecks your sh** in the genocide route.

Oh but, that purpose is completely defeated in underswap when they actually make him friendly with a “I bilief in u!” personality that’s expected from a character with that design.

Get my point of view? I don’t like “AU”s because they change what I loved the most about this game, the character’s personalities or their designs or how they act. 

Hell some AUs don’t even have other characters more than Sans, which is sad. Because Sans is my favorite character, and people blindly hate on him because there’re people that make him the center of attention of an entire universe. Which is understandable, but sad.

That’s why I’m trying to stick to the canon as much as possible, I know I’ve added new characters but I’ve tried to make them insert themselves in undertale in a way that you could actually see it happening, in a way that you can still see it as “undertale” not just a twisted version of the characters just because you wanted them to fit your own interpretations.


This is probably the last time I answer this question so I’ll just link everyone else to this one ask.

3 Piece Suit, 2 Sigh Night

(A dancing fic for @spider999now and their adorable art. Sorry it’s a little more talky and angsty than I originally meant. XD )

“We’re over-dressed.”

Stiles scoffed, looking around at the crowd other teenagers milling about, while absolutely not understanding what his boyfriend was even—"Okay, yeah. Yeah, we are. A little.“

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SOMEDAY IS NOW part III, Henry’s point of view

This is the end of this journey, I hope you liked these three videos from the different points of view and I really really hope you love the end of this video. this plot twist at the end of it. thanks for your support. mwah


Originally posted by jiminuh

Warnings: For you, doctor Jimin prepared some tools to help you feel good. All you have to do is sit back and moan. Ready to get inserted?

Part 2 (Jimin’s perspective)

“Miss Y/N?”

I stand up from the chair as the nurse calls my name. Passing by the line of patients sitting restlessly, waiting for their name to be called, I reach the white door and open it. A young man with fluffy coffee brown hair and a big pair of round glasses sits on a spinning chair, hands holding some paperworks as he examines through them. He has on himself an ivory white coat which indicates he is a doctor. I freeze at the door, with the dreadful thought of him proceeding my check ups in my private area.

“Hello I’m Doctor Park Jimin and I will be in charge of you today” - his smile is bright and dandy.

“Hello… but is it ok since we are… um…” - I baffle, trying to avoid any embarrassing moment.

“It’s ok, I’m experienced in this but if you do feel uncomfortable…” 

“No! No… I’m fine.”

His eyes widen as I speak. It seems like this is the first time he’s ever received an agreement to perform check ups for an opposite sex. But to me, there was something about that lab coat and stethoscope around his neck that stopped me from refusing the offer. He returns to his notes and scribbles information on it. Sometimes he looks up and meets my eyes, giving me a warm but at the same time, dark and twisted look. Shivers running through my legs sends me a warning signal, tells me that this check up won’t be as usual as it should.

“Okay now  can you please take off your pants and underwear and lie down on that stretcher?”

I look at the direction he’s pointing. Instead of a stretcher, it looks more like a bed since it is covered with a white bed sheet. The top half of the stretcher is inclined, giving me perfect view of the check up process. My cheeks boil and turn bright red. And of course Park Jimin notices.

I decide to lie on the stretcher first before removing my bottoms. After carefully folding my pants so that my wet underwear is completely hidden from him, I closed lie back flat, thighs closed to each other. Jimin gets closer and postion himself on a small stool, in front of where my thighs parted.

“Now spread your legs.”

I slowly spread my legs with the help of his hands. The fold of my core slowly open. Cold air blowing in my clit. Jimin looks at my face as if he is asking for permission. My eyes avoid his because right now, it only takes one gesture and I can feel myself blowing up. He started by using his hands to slightly dab on the side of my fold.

“Is it hurting you?” - he asks, eyes never leaving my core.


I try hard to answer properly and not letting out a moan. Jimin glances at me then softly bite his lips. As he keeps on touching my core, sliding his fingers up and down on my clit, I start to wet myself in front of him. Cum is coming out too much that I can assure he notices. I clench my teeth while thinking about how embarrassing it will be if he knows I’m turned on.

“Everything seems fine so far… but you’re soaking wet already…”

I let silence answer him. I can’t deny the fact my orgasm is building when my dripping core is telling the truth. Seeing me without any negative reactions, cheeks blushing and heavily gasping for air, Jimin smirks - the cocky smirks of someone who knows a prey has just fell into his spider web.

“Well I should take a sample of this, it is very important.”

He takes a cotton swab and draws a cirle along the wall of my entrance. My eyes close tight as I swallow the extra saliva in my mouth, hoping that it can carry down whatever has been stucking in my throat. The swab starts moving up and down the inside of my fold and that pattern continues until the cotton is damp with me juice. He put it into a tube and place it on the table beside. 

“I cleaned you up that much and you’re still dripping huh? Wonder what else should I use for you to wet the bed?”

I blush at his word but my mouth can’t make a sound to refuse or at least deny. My vision limits me from seeing the next object but I feel a cool feeling against my skin. Metal. It must be metal. He inserts it into my entrance and creates little vibrations. The coldness of metal hits my G spot, making me drip more and more. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, he slides the long piece of metal in deeper in me. Sensations force me to moan. A loud, dirty and satisfied moan, enough to satisfy Park Jimin. 

“Such a dirty girl, let me see why you’re so wet down here” 

Jimin chuckles as he place another piece of metal and place it on my clit. I throw my head back. My hands grab the sheet tight. My body stiffens, as if the only thing moving is my substance that flows out due to orgasm. It builds inside me, but never enough to send me to my climax. Jimin retreats the tools back and watches me carefully: sweats falling on my cheeks as I gasp for air like fish on dry land, my legs are still spreaded and my core’s exposed and dripping with cum like raindrops.

“I haven’t figured out the problem yet. Maybe I have to insert one more thing to find out.”

He pulls down his zipper, giving me hope that whatever underneath those pants can tell me the reason I’m here.

For the nonnie who had been very patient to bear with me through getting this request in my ask box, hope this is accurate to your wish. I didn’t write the sex part but if anyone wants a part 2, tell me in my ask box and I would certainly be happy to write it ;)

Ask box is also open for request and conversations. I LIKE WARM HUGS AND FLUFFY CONVERSATIONS SO COME TO MEHHH

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events and that insane plot twist

I used as much round about language as I could in order to avoid giving out spoilers, but I’m still putting a spoiler alert. Because I’m not saying you won’t read this and I be able to hazard a guess, but if you scroll past it you won’t see any certain words that will jump at out you or have your mind blown. Read at your own risk. Here goes:

I feel like the plot twist in Netflix’s ASOUE that was NOT in the books, isn’t them twisting the story. The author of the books writes for the show, he wouldn’t be THAT unfaithful to the source material with as meticulous as he was creating the entire universe of those stories. I mean heck, the guy went as far as to write an autobiography of the ‘author’ Lemony Snicket, who is also a character IN the book’s world.

I think it’s a clever use of the medium of TV to cover more of the story from multiple points of view. The entire 13 book series was solely from the eyes of the three children, with Lemony narrating. If there is ANYTHING those books hammer in your head it’s:
(1) Point of View is everything, you’ll only see it how the person telling the story WANTS you to see it or how they see it or, simplified, you’ll only see the truth as much as the narrator knows the truth.
(2) Even adults can be unreliable, easily tricked, and manipulated. Getting older does not make you less prone to that.

And while the books tell only the story of the Baudelaire children, only following them directly, they are written by an adult, Lemony Snicket who, despite his best investigations, believed what he was told was truth.

I see the plot twist reveal as a thank you to the fans like me who adore these books, because their minds will be absolutely blown (maybe even a little blown if you never read them but at least watched the movie with Jim Carey), while also using a medium that allows you to constantly flip back and forth between point of views and not lose any momentum, to explore deeper into the story for EVERYONE.

Well done Netflix. Well done Daniel Handler.

I Don’t Know You Anymore.

It had been a rough couple of weeks - but not in the way that he’d feared. Sure, some of the other SHIELD agents had been a little shy towards him (more than usual, anyway) but by the end of the first week they were back to poking fun at one another in front of the assassin. Occasionally he’d made a comment sideways and just get them really confused. Yes, James Buchanan Barnes was capable of laughing. The interview and Steve’s photos weren’t faked. 

The paparazzi were another matter entirely. His ways of getting into the apartment they shared had to become more creative, otherwise he’d lock up in almost habitual fear as soon as flashes of cameras and their shutters started to crop up. He didn’t need to hear that again. He really never wanted to. But today, he was heading home after a particularly savage mission. More than one of his team had opted to stay at SHIELD for a night before heading home; many of them couldn’t keep their eyes open long enough to drive. Not Bucky. He’d done this far too often on such little sleep. 

As it was, he didn’t feel like bothering with waiting until the paparazzi had gone away. He just wanted to sleep and hoped that the look on his face was enough to deter anyone dumb enough to ask him a question. It wasn’t until he was feet away from the front door that it backfired. 

“Sgt. Barnes! Sgt. Barnes!” 

He shouldn’t have stopped. But it almost sounded like one of his team. Slowly, Barnes turned around to greet the voice - and stopped dead when he saw a camera pointed at his face. His mouth twisted into a grimace. “No cameras,” Bucky said in clipped tones. 

The reporter flat out ignored him. “Sgt. Barnes, I wanted to say congratulations on you relationship with Captain Rogers -“ 

“Well, thank-“ 

“ - Isn’t it a little odd to be dating someone who looks so much like your old Handler from Hydra?” 

They had to say it. The color drained visibly from his face, his mouth suddenly tasting like ash. A certain face came into view, old and decrepit. “Steve doesn’t look a thing like -“ 

“Well now he doesn’t, but Alexander Pierce had ties to Hydra as long as you yourself did. Isn’t it weird to be dating someone who-“ 

The rest of the sentence fell on deaf ears. Bucky slammed the door behind him, static roaring in his thoughts. No. It can’t be. It absolutely can’t- 

He didn’t remember getting into their apartment, or finding the StarkPad. Bucky caught flashes. Typing a name he thought long buried into a search..and Steve’s age. He didn’t want to know. But he had to. He absolutely had-

Everything was swimming. They kept him on a cocktail of meds ever since the man with the Golden Voice’s powers started to fluctuate. To keep him passive, they said. It reduced his vision to a narrow-minded band of focus as he wrung the neck of the first guard and bolted, as fast he could, a silent, angry, vengeful shadow. 

He had no idea where he was. Half the time, he couldn’t bring to mind who he was. The electroshock had only just started of late and it made things twice as hard to focus. But he saw the Red logo on almost everything he passed and one thing managed to worm its way in. 

He needed to escape.

The Asset had spent three days locked in their base, deep underground, before Upper Command had finally managed to decide to send someone in. He was new, of course, but chosen specifically because of a silver tongue and a certain resemblance. The second he walked - ran, really - into the underground warehouse like the hounds of hell were at his feet, the Asset dropped his gun in surprise. 

He couldn’t remember his own name, but the man in Stars and Stripes - 


Bucky looked down in horror. Another wave of memories had broken loose, scattered fragments that he couldn’t decipher other than pure hatred and fear at the image in his hands. He saw the same figure on the walls and he reacted with the basest of instincts. 

He broke the frames. Smashed the glass on the ground as he ran, trying to put any and every obstacle in That Man’s way. He couldn’t keep from screaming in anger when he tore upstairs. 

No, no. This can’t be true - 

It was just another handler. He wasn’t free. 

His knuckles were bloody by the time he made it to the bedroom, his howl that of a caged animal. 

He was always the Asset. 

samponi  asked:

Hey, TJ. I'm a seventeen year old boy from Finland. I've known for many years now that I'm pretty much pan/bisexual. This is highly thanks to discovering you and starting to watch your videos. I would like to thank you for making me question my sexuality (and kind of pinpointing what I was, it was inspiring to hear the point of view of another bisexual.) I am also kind of a pervert, so it gives me courage and self-esteem to hear that it's ok to be kind of twisted in that way. Thanks!

Never be ashamed of who you are.

Unless you like the Star Wars prequels or something. Then be ashamed.


Warning: Mention of death, hunting, porn and algebra.

A/N- this is realy short… sorry :( Im working on the longer ones so I’m getting the short one’s out of the way :)

Sam :-

“DEAN QUIT DUMPING YOUR DIRTY PLATES ON MY DAMN LORE BOOKS” You yelled into the empty library of the bunker  hoping your elder brother would quit acting like a douche.

“you okay, anklebiter?” Sam walked into the library holding a book and two of your favourite sodas. You sat on one of the mahogany chairs shoving the dirty plates covered with pie residue, aside.

“Yeah Dean just doesn’t freaking learn” Sam pulled up a chair next to you and handed you a drink.

“you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Y/N” You popped open the tab and drank the fizzy drink extremely quickly. You burped exceptionally loud which surprised and impressed Sam.

“gross yet majestic. Here I got something for ya” Sam handed you a leather book with a men of letters symbol engraved on the top with latin letters beneath it.

“angeli de caelo delapsam…. An angel fallen from heaven?” You opened the book flipping through the vintage pages, detailed with information and pictures.

“Yeah it’s how angels fell, the reason behind it and the first fallen one. Which wasn’t actually Lucifer, Merry Christmas” Sam saw your eyes glisten with how you absorbed the new information. He saw himself in you, when he was your age. Though at 17 he was already hunting ghosts and killing witches, which he hoped you’d never go through.

“It’s March and thanks Sam” You kept your eyes on the book, tracing the inked word and the descriptive pictures of ‘meteors’ falling from the sky.

“No problem babe. Hey Y/N. Can I ask you something?” You hummed in response, keeping your eyes on the prize.

“is this what you want?” you looked up, meeting your older brothers eyes that were filled with concern and curiosity.

“Yeah Sam these books are great”

“That’s not what I mean… being home schooled. Is it what you want?“ you shut the book and slouched into your chair. With Sam expressing your feelings came easy, you could negotiate with him, talk to him, relate to him. Unlike with Dean, you loved him with all your heart but you couldn’t open with him like you do with Sam. Talking to Dean is sometimes like talking to a brick wall. Unresponsive.

“I mean yeah. The bunker is the only place I don’t get treated like a freak. I tried normal school and it didn’t pan out” thinking of walking down those hallway of highschool made you want to throw up. The judgemental stares from knowing too much in history or the rumours of your anti-possession tattoo. Your favourite was “satanic slut freak”, people were creative.

“we can try another school? i just dont want you to miss out on those high school moments, you know? The parties, forbidden drinking” you laughed at your brother suggestion in which he chuckled as well.

“That’s hilarious. We both know i’d rather shoot myself in the head than go to a frat party. Look Sam i know you’re worried about me but i love this life. I love learning and being helpful for you guys when you’re on hunts. I saved your asses the other day remember?” Sam recalled the kitsune hunt they took on. If you weren’t on the other end of the line they’d probably be dead.

“I don’t want you to go through what I went through” You reached out for Sam’s hand and squeezed it lightly.

“Sam I wont. Wanna know why? Cause I got you guys to look after me. Because of you i got to experience school but it wasn’t for me. Hell maybe because of you I might experience college, who knows? But I love lore, Sam. I love learning about Angels falling or how a witch performs black magic.” You smiled at your older brother and appreciate his true intentions.

“thank god you take after me, call me if you need any help” Sam mumbled before he got up and kissed your head.  You nodded and smiled at his concern. Dean loves you more than himself, he’d take a bullet to the head for you but he never showed it like Sam. Maybe because he felt guilty for bringing you into this life but he blamed Dad for that, he always did. Sam walked out the library and you saw he left his drink aside, probably on purpose.

“Hey Sam can I go on tumblr for a few hours? k thanks” You whispered knowing you should be reading up on your lore. You pulled your laptop towards you and popped open your new can of soda. You saw your laptop stay black for a while until two barely clothed asian ladies on your screen.

“What the?” You tried clicking on the power button but it stayed frozen on bust asian beauties.com

“dammit… DEAN WATCH YOUR CREEPY PORN ON SAM’S LAPTOP” you yelled knowing Dean could hear you from his faint but audible ‘sorry’.

“HE CAN TRY BUT IT’S FINGERPRINT PROTECTED” Sam called out from the kitchen and you fumbled with your laptop, pulling it’s battery out.

“that’s smart… i should do that too” Dean groaned as he listened to your complaints.

“GET YOUR PANTIES OUT OF IT’S TWIST, NERDS” you heard Sam defend you calling you an enthusiast not a nerd and it was times like this where you wished time would stop. Where university doesn’t matter or good grades. You just wanted to watch your brothers bicker about nerds or enthusiast. You just wanted what you’ve always had, normal.

Dean :-

“Sam no matter how many times you explain it, I wont freaking get it. “ You hit your head on your table while Sam ran his fingers through his hair.

“Maybe if we try it again? You need to know this, Y/N.” Sam tried to convince you but you kept groaning in response.

“Why should i care if x equals 5? I care about making silver plated arrows or salt rounds. Not pythagoras theorem” You rubbed your eyes seeing the time blare 11:00pm.

“C’mon Sammy. The kid’s been going at it for hours, let her relax for a bit.” You saw Sam give Dean his famous bitch face knowing his influence wasn’t helping.

“Dean if you won’t help motivate her then how is she gonna learn?” You yawned, exaggerating your boredom and lack of interest.

“Relax Sam. One night off won’t do shit. Whaddya say kiddo? Heard there’s a batman marathon on? We can go grab some ice-cream if you want?” You jumped up from your seat grabbing your jacket without even thinking twice. You ran out the door before Sam could interject make you learn algebra, or as you like to call it algeblah.

“Guess that’s a yes. Don’t worry Sammy, I’ll get your kale flavoured… something” Dean smiled before he chased after you towards the impala.

“Sam’s doing this because he cares about you… you know that right?” Dean looked over to you on the passengers side. You kept flicking through the radio channels finding midnight radio to be crap so you pulled out Dean’s cassette collection.

“I know… i just don’t care about how Wolves transform and why. I care about placing the bullet between their eyes” You pulled out one of your favourite Led Zeppelin songs which was coincidentally Dean’s favourite too.

Asked sweet mama, let me be her kid

She said, “You might get hurt if you don’t keep it hid”

Well I know my baby, if I see her in the dark

I said I know my rider, if I see her in the dark

“Nice choice by the way. But Y/N, you know you have other choices. You don’t need to take this job? Go be an actress, after all you are a drama queen” You punched Dean’s shoulder and rested your head on it. He lifted his arm so you laid closer to him.

“i don’t want to do anything else, Dean. Nothing sounds more appealing, i know it’s sick and twisted but I wanna help… i wanna be in the family business” Dean pulled into the grocery store and parked near the entrance.

“You do help us, sweetheart. By letting us know that you’re safe, you don’t know how much of a relief it is to know your heart is beating and alive” You sighed and looked up into his caring eyes, realising and understanding his point of view.

“Well i do have a thing for Chris Evans… maybe I can be his onscreen love interest” You laughed at Dean’s grossed out expression.

“You’re insane…he’s like 40 and you’re 17 “

“and you’re like 50” You poked your tongue out and he squinted your eyes at you.

“I am going to pretend you didn’t say that. Now let’s go get food fit for us warriors and rabbit food for Moose” You smiled and got out of the impala following Dean into the store. 

You walked behind him and reflected on your 17 years of living with the boys and Dad. You remembered the way Dad made the boys train and how miserable it made them. You remembered the hate for dad which you never understood. 

The nights Sam and Dean would get drunk and you’d take care of them were the nights you learnt the truth. Dean would mention how he’d lose our money dad gave us and how he stole or how Sam gave up stanford for dad. All this happened because of family business and yet you wanted to be a part of it.

“Maybe I am insane” you shook your head and watched Dean pick up a pack of gummy bears and smile like a child. And in that moment you realised, that no matter how broken he claims to be, you’d still do anything to keep that smile on that face.

anonymous asked:

At a tom poulin dressage clinic, he said it is incorrect to cue canter from the outside leg. It is a bad habit passed down from the hunting field. It messes up the horse's balance. Cues need to come from the inside. Thoughts from a classical view?

uh… sounds like a load of horse crap if you ask me.  The canter always begins with the outside hind leg so it only seems logical to cue with the outside leg behind the girth.  Yeh, it may throw a horse off balance if you 1) twist your whole body to the outside and swing your leg back with a whole lot of “push” or 2) use way too much leg and make the hindquarters escape to the inside.  But I am interested in other view points and id be curious to see what kind of evidence he has to back up his claim.

anonymous asked:

Imagine being so petty about a group of people that you have to make a blog showcasing when "their predictions are wrong"... What is the point of this besides to make fun of people? Have you never been wrong about something before? Lmao

Hello Anon. If you had bothered to read my description you would know that the purpose of this blog is to present and document failed predictions seen in tinhatting fandoms. In this case, I’ve set the focus on Larrie tinhats, so other tinhatting fandoms can compare the similarities. (Skeptics and Larries for example are remarkably alike.) Big Larries like to act like they’re these omniscient gods who have inside sources about the entertainment industry and the boys’ personal lives, but in reality the only thing they know more about is how to manipulate and lie to their followers better than you or I. And yes, like all humans I have been wrong before. (Although according to Larrie logic, I’m not even a real person in the first place…) 

But unlike Larries, I can actually admit when I am wrong. And that is the most important distinction. In case you haven’t noticed (which based off this message it appears you haven’t) Larries don’t admit when they’re wrong. They either ignore their incorrect prediction or just make up new ones to make up for the previously failed one. Excuse my language, but they’ve been pulling shit out their asses for years, despite little to no evidence to support any of their claims and despite how virtually all of their predictions have been proven to be incorrect. And yet somehow their followers don’t catch on. Larries’ conspiracy theories cannot be sustained without big Larries, and therefore one of the purposes of this blog is to explicitly show smaller Larries who listen to these people that they cannot be trusted. 

As I have said many times on this blog, this isn’t a harmless belief of people thinking two guys are dating each other. This is a group of people intentionally lying and manipulating their followers for their own gain. Not only are they harming the boys and associated family/friends, but they’re harming their followers by promising things that will never happen. And I’m not just talking about BG ending or Larry coming out, but also promising that these events happening will somehow rid the world of all homophobia and that the boys will thank them for all their hard work and for being ‘real fans.’ Which is just a flat out shitty, manipulative thing to do. Smaller Larries will eventually have to come to terms with reality and be devastated. Furthermore, they’re teaching people that it’s okay to pry into celebrities’ lives and use stereotypes to guess peoples’ sexualities. They’re teaching people that the world is so LGBT+ unfriendly that going as far as to commit a felony is needed to closet people. (Which is really bad when you consider how many Larries are LGBT+ themselves and they’re being told constantly how much the world hates them.) They’re teaching people that there’s only one right way to be a mother and raise a family and encouraging them to judge people who come from non-traditional families. They’re teaching their followers that critical thinking skills are twisting facts to fit your perspective rather than using using facts to change your perspective. (Can you imagine if academia worked like that. *Shudders*) 

So if I can do my part to explicitly expose their lies and allow smaller Larries to see another point of view, then this blog has served its purpose. And yes sometimes I get a kick when I see how ridiculous Larries’ theories are. But there are much more important reasons for running it.

anonymous asked:

Why do you love John Murphy? I want an explanation based on his actions, I love him too but I want to see it from your point of view

oh my god. please don’t even get me started. john murphy. you got me started.

i am so bad at putting things like this into words, because most of the time the reason i like characters is just instinctual and I’m drawn to them. i have a type and murphy fits right into it. but most of the reason why I’m drawn to these characters is because they are flawed, angsty, complex, tragic, problematic, misunderstood, and all too human. i love all those dark, twisted qualities in characters, usually because it makes them more interesting. and that is no exception with murphy. 

he is, for all intents and purposes, pretty sucky of a person on the surface and probably underneath to an extent as well. his actions should make him utterly unlikeable and I’m sure to many people he is. but what gets me, what always gets me, is what caused him to be that way. the tragic freaking backstory. the complexity of why he is who he is. granted, we don’t know a whole lot about his history at this point, but that makes it even more fascinating to me. like they said in canon, how does a boy who is loved by his parents turn into a monster? (i don’t think he is a monster by the way. pretty fucked up and in need of a lot of therapy but not a monster.) i can’t help but think about what he was like before his father got floated, before his mother died, before he was an orphan locked up on a shuttle in outer space. what was his crime? yeah, he was a criminal but in what regard? on the ark that took many different forms. but he was a kid. a kid with no parents.

and then there is all the issues associated with what went down on the ground. granted, murphy was no ray of sunshine (he sucked, yes i know. he did some really shitty things to people for no reason). but the trauma and complexity associated with being hanged for a crime he did not commit– come on. this is the second time, that we know of, that he has been blamed in a major way for a major crime that he did not commit (he was told by his mother he killed his father, he was told by everyone he killed wells) (he was responsible for neither btw). now in the first case, he may have believed it, that he killed his father. but in the second, he knows it wasn’t true, but here it was happening again. another death on his shoulders. even though (at that point) he never murdered anyone (i don’t think). yes, he wanted to kill charlotte when he found out she did it. i don’t agree with that (obviously) but i can see where his rage was coming from. HE WAS JUST HANGED. and why? because he was a little bit older? because he was less likable of a person? i’d probably be a little mad too (real mad).

then he’s banished and tortured by the grounders. cmon this is angst at it’s  finest. he comes back to camp and is, unbeknownst to him, a missile of death to his former people (wasn’t he a missile of death to his father? i think his mother told him that). at least one of them dies from the disease he infected them with (unknowingly). add another death to the count on his shoulders that he never intended to be there. at this point, though, things change and the killings he is blamed for start to become purposeful and malicious. oh john. MESSED UP. do i love him any less as a character? nope. add the deaths of all the grounders in tondc that he was supposed to have been able to prevent Finn from committing (”i tried to stop him”, “not hard enough”). can angst get better than this?

for all intents and purposes this kid is alone in the world, but it’s nothing new. he’s been alone in it for a long time. but he is a survivor and he knows it. that makes him INTERESTING. and of course, i am the total optimist, there are the good qualities that peak through every now and then, despite all the anger, selfishness, narcissism, guilt, and malice. letting clarke have his cot when she got sick. helping raven when  she was hurt (yes he shot her.. i can’t catch a break). trying to stop finn from committing the massacre. attempting to protect him later from the grounders after he committed it anyways. the dry sense of humor. the tears (at raven’s betrayal, when talking about his parents). its the stuff of dreams (mine).

these kids on this show have all been through so much. they are all so interesting, so complex, so worthy of being loved by the fandom. but for me, john murphy is the most interesting, and the most loved. he tugs at my heartstrings. such a shocker for anyone who knows me (it isn’t).

despite the cliche-ness of it all, i love john murphy because he is all of these really terrible things and yet he is also a lot more than that. but it takes a loooong time to get to the bottom of it. 

i love that shit.