i like your style of punishment :3

Bts sexually punishing their baby girl for being pouty

Seokjin: “Don’t test my patience, princess or do you really want to explain all of your coworkers why you’re walking kinda funny?” Rough sex

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Namjoon: Are you for real? Say one more thing and I’m gonna slap that sexy ass so hard, you could see the imprint of my hand for weeks.” Spanking

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Yoongi: He just watches you calmely and says: “It seems like you never learn. Get on your knees and don’t you dare making a sound.” Moaning Denial

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Hoseok: “Please behave. I really don’t wanna punish you” you don’t listen to him. “Okay, I have no other choice” Overstimulation!

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Taehyung: “I’ll give you 3 seconds to change your mind and apologize…3..2..1.. Okay so if you insist on staying bratty-” Rough Doggy Style while pulling your hair

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Jimin: “You little brat. I’d reccomend an apology. No?! Well than that’s your own fault.” Choking!!

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Jungkook: “Say ‘I’m sorry, daddy’… What? You don’t want to? I warned you!” Ties you to the bed while eating you out. Orgasm Denial

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dieformonarchy  asked:

As a huge Marvey shipper since the first Season I have to say how amazing your blog is and how much I love your art Soooo since this is an ask I wanted to ask you if youve ever thought of a little pissed Harvey in his perfect 3 piece suit late at his office punishing Mike a little for making a mistake Yknow so Scottie/Harvey style yknow

Thank you for letting me know that you like my works and blog, I’m so flattered! 


Though you can’t tell whether Harvey’s wearing his vest or not, and where they are, and the background is too light for late hours. But hey, They are pissed about something, Lol.

#they’re going to kiss crazily then have making up sex

"Good Boy" (Zayn Mailk Imagine)

Babe?” Zayn calls out. He drops his keys on the coffee table and proceeds to the look around the house.

“Babe where are you?” he says walking towards your shared bedroom. His jaw drops at the sight of you with nothing on but his black leather jacket.

“Right here daddy…” you say grabbing the jacket making it tighten around your chest. The jacket was barely covering your nips.

“What do we have here? “He smirks, walking towards you. His hands wrap around your waist slowly he runs his hand down to your clit rubbing it in circles.

You let out a low growl, pushing him to the bed.

“No- no, only good boys get that.“ You say crawling into his lap.

“Have you been a good boy?” You say slowly sliding the jacket off.

He nods at you, rushing the jacket off your smooth skin. He begins to leave wet kisses down your shoulder signaling how desperate he was for your touch. You pull his hair allowing you access to his neck, forcing him to stop his actions.

“I asked a question Zayn, Are you a good boy? “You say sliding your tongue up and down his neck following the path of his now popped out veins.

“No-no I haven’t…”He stutters causing you to chuckle. You gasp at his answer.

“Did you just stutter?“ You sarcastically ask already knowing your answer. He looks at you in embarrassment. Usually you were the one who was making all the noise but this…this was completely different, you had Zayn wrapped around your finger and you sure as hell weren’t about to pass up a moment like this.

“You’re cute when you stutter.” You say mocking him.

If there was anything more to tick Zayn off was beginning called cute in times like this. Calling him cute was like calling a bunny sexy. It was like a slap in the face because he was always the one to dominate or the steamy one in both your sex lives. So calling him cute completely set him off making him more flustered by the minute.

“I’m what sweetheart? ‘He says snapping his neck towards your face, giving you a dirty look.

“You heard me loud and clear…Love“ You whisper in his ear.

He throws you down on the bed, ripping his clothes off his body. He attacks your neck leaving dark purple marks all around it. He slowly starts to leave trails of kisses down your body starting with your neck, down to your cleavage, all the way to your slits.

“Let me show you how bad I’ve been baby. “He winks,you could feel the smirk across his face.

He slowly licks up and down your slits swallowing the pool you had created, smacking his lips together.

“So good “he says his hot breath tickling you flaps. He begins to flickers his tongue inside you, hitting your g-stop, slowly picking up speed. 
“Zayn no-no teasing. “You moan hitting your head against the mattress. You reach in between your legs grabbing a full fist of his hair forcing him deeper inside you. He picks up speed bring you close to your climax.

“Fuck Zayn….yea right there baby…YES RIGHT THERE! “You moan close to your climax. He pulls his tongue before you could finish. Leaving you a mixture of disappointment and anger.

“What the fuck Zayn-“he cuts you off by ramming into you giving you no time to adjust to his size.

“IS.THIS.CUTE?”He grunts, droplets of sweat falling down his forehead as he thrust harder and harder. He was pounding into you so hard that it was causing the head bored of the bed to bang against the wall leaving a dent.

“hard-harder zayn”you moan feeling your climax come back harder than the first time. He picks up your leg throwing it over his shoulder to get the right angle.

“Is this good love “he says as he lowers himself down to you still thrusting at full speed. You were so stunned by the pleasure it seemed that your body was out of it.You wanted to nod but you were to focus on how good it felt.

“Answer me when I talk to you damnit! “He growls in your ear, smacking you ass with his free hand leaving his hand print engraved in your skin.

“Fuck Zayn I’m close…so close baby “you say feeling the orgasm bubble in the pit of your stomach. You could feel you walls clench around his cock.

“Me too baby just a little more “he says as he tries to swallows his own moans down. He starts to leave sloppy kiss down you neck and chest area. You both fill the bedroom with screams and moans of each other’s name. He stays inside you for a little longer before plopping himself next to you.

“Am I a good boy now” he grins, trying to control his breathing.

“No, but ill punish you more later” you say rolling yourself closer to him. Wrapping your leg over his snuggling yourself into his chest.

“Can’t wait" He whispers in you ear sends shiver down your bare back.