i like your style dude

tumblr is being a major ass-hat so I’m gunna submit this 2 hours past yer b day lmao

happy birth!!! have me + sass with a space cupcake. Spacey is off doin space things idk

I made such ungodly squeals when I saw this?? I put banshees to shame
HFHFJGJHKH THANK YOU for the bday wishes and for drawing my nerd son! you both look amazing <3
I’m dyi n g; help  

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Do you use references when drawing or do you just go for it? I tend to use photos of people to help me understand how faces work, but I tend to lose my "style". I still don't really have a style and sometimes I worry this is why? I love how consistent and unique yours is, I just wish I could figure something out too!

I use A LOT of references my dude!!! 

as for your style, i feel like in terms of art you shouldn’t worry about your “style” too much. Yes it feels good to have something that people see as your own sense of style, but it’s not a necessity. Focus on your anatomy and poses, that’ll benefit you a lot more, in order to have a style that might be more exaggerated and cartoonish, it’s important to get realistic anatomy and proportions down first

so don’t worry! your style will come to you, don’t focus on it too much. Keep using references and working on anatomy, it’ll help you more in the long run and it might even evolve your art into a style you didn’t even know you wanted

@marian-bloodsoul said: H-Hey there! Well uh… I don’t know what to say n.n" first because I don’t speak English very good.. And second, this is the first time I draw something like this. I really, REALLY love those AU’s!!! They’re soooo pretty cool! I wanted to give you this Drawing I did >w

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I love how you always draw peridot with sharp teeth, because as we all know, that is the best version of peridot. She always has just one fang sticking out and its adorable. Plus, i really like your style haha. Anyhow, TOP QUALITY ART MY DUDE

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I love your lipophat style, my dude, very genuine like French Guiana. I need your help tho. How do you get yourself to do shit? I really want to work my ass off and make something of myself but I always end up lying in bed. I just can't fucking move. I know what I have to do, I know that I can do it, but there is this god damn blockade in my mind, I want to get up and do shit but I just scream against a wall in my head, cry, and stay in bed till midday hating myself. It's getting worse and worse

Typically the fear of death helps me do something and the reality of having your life pass completely unfilfilled in any regard

wow. no. dude. you’re camping my style. so hard. this is the most a style has ever been cramped. can you go? like? go cramp your own style? i mean. damn dude. you’re the champion of cramping. you’re like. the cramp champ. hahaha, crampion… okay actually yeah that’s cool you can stay let’s be best friends