i like your red jacket

I like your hair

Character: Keith @ silentwhispofhope

The team is back on Earth for a couple of days and somehow Lance found a party that can be crashed. Hunk, Lance, and Keith were going to be the party crashers. Pidge stayed behind because she wanted to work on the castle’s technology with Coran and Allura. Shiro stayed back because he was not a huge fan of big crowds. And it was a good thing because the party was loud and took place in an old warehouse, it was more like a rave than a party. Glow sticks were everywhere and drinks were being served. Lance was hitting on any girl that would let him. Hunk was on the dance floor having an enjoyable time. Both Hunk and Lance seem to be having a great time. Keith, on the other hand, was leaning against a wall asking himself why he came. He was about to leave and head back to the castle, but then he noticed something.

He noticed this girl with bright red hair. Keith stared at her and was taking away from her beauty. “Why don’t you go talk to her,” Lance said scaring Keith. Keith did not notice that Lance had walked up beside him because he was busy looking at the girl. “And say what,” Keith said with a hint of bitterness in his voice. “Flirt with the girl. Complements her” Lance said while patting Keith on the back. Keith sighed and began to walk up to the girl.

“He…Hey, I’m Keith” he said while stuttering at his words. The girl smiled at his awkwardness. “I’m y/n,” the girl said with a smirk. She then gave him a big smile. “I like your jacket,” she said pointing to his red jacket. Keith blushed a little and said “I like your hair. Red is my favorite color”. They talked for at least an hour about the color red and what it meant to them and after their conversation, she turned and asked him “do you want to go somewhere a little bit quieter to talk”. Keith smiled and gave her a quick nod. She then gave a small smile and said, “I know this great diner we can go to, that have the best food”. Keith smiled and held out his hand, so she can lead the way.



2.04 + really neat shots

Tequila Truth Serum

Okay so this is for SwanQueenWeek - Truth Serum - Tequila makes Regina tell the truth. 

Emma almost can’t believe the sight that awaits her in the Diner. She got a call from Ruby to get down there right away but she assumed it was just Leroy stirring up trouble again. Instead she walked in and found Regina, a bottle of tequila and a megaphone. 

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Calendar drabbles

Last year I made a calendar for my friend that had a block of white space on one side that I utilized to write short Mulder/Scully fics for her.  Some correlated to the month, some didn’t.  It occurs to me now that maybe someone else would want to read them.

A Winter’s Tale
“January is the cruelest month,” Mulder said.
“Why do you say that?” Scully answered.
“I don’t know, it sounded appropriate.”
Scully shivered.
“You cold?” Mulder asked.
“A little.”
Mulder held open his overcoat and jerked his chin at her. “Nice and warm in here.”
Scully lifted her right eyebrow.
Mulder jerked his chin again with a smile. “Get over here, Scully,” he said.
Scully stepped closer into the warmth of Mulder’s jacket and he wrapped her up in his arms.
“Better?” Mulder asked.
Scully hummed a response.
The night was quiet.
“What are you thinking?” he asked.
“January’s not so bad,” she said.

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