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hey. are you looking for a movie with a strong, flawed, complex female protagonist? one who can outsmart immortal creatures and who can crush inappropriate romance subplots under her heel without blinking? who can solve impossible riddles and tame wild beasts, all while finding herself and growing into a mature powerful woman? 


no really, don’t bother looking. 

apparently this movie doesn’t exist since everyone who has ever watched Labyrinth forgot that’s what it’s about.

Ever since that day

Josh and Tyler have just finished the first show of the emotional roadshow and I’m so fucking breathless, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen them play. They have been my best friends since I met them, I have known Josh slightly longer, 15 years that’s not long is it, but we never hung out until he started the band. Josh and I have known each other since we were babies since our moms have been best friends nearly their whole life, we didn’t get to see each other that much as they moved to America when I was around 5 years old so we only saw each other when we went to holiday and stayed at their house in Ohio. Josh met Tyler in college and they have been inseparable since, I moved to America soon after they met and the rest is history. I could have been part of the band but my passion has always been to be a fashion designer and luckily my dream came true and now I do what I always have wanted to do, I have my own label so since my boys are on tour I decided that I am going to follow them on the whole of their tour and I didn’t argue because they are secretly scared of me.

So the show has finished and to be honest both of them look so hot coming off stage, I’ve never been with either of them but no one believes me, I’ve had my crushes on both of them over the years but I have always crushed on Josh, ever since I knew what it was like to crush on someone, his beautiful brown puppy dog eyes, his muscular arms and that fucking smile, they break me each day because I wished so much that I could call him mine, but I know that would never happen. They are both dripping with sweat, walking towards me, I can’t help but stare at Josh’s torso, the sweat dripping down his chest was so distracting, I wished to see that sight on top of me, wait, no I can’t think like that, we’re best friends. “Hey, (Y/N), my eyes are up here you know.” Josh jokes.

“Sorry I couldn’t help it you know I’m more of a chest girl.” I joke back, slightly blushing.

“Oh don’t we all know that.” Josh smirks, his eyes seemed full of desire but that couldn’t be true, well I am shit at reading emotions.

“Come on love birds I want to get out of these clothes and see my wife and watching the both of you flirt like that is pretty painful.” Tyler laughs as he pushes past us both. Me and Josh share a look before we both follow Tyler, he goes to his dressing room where Jenna is probably waiting for him and I follow Josh into his. We enter the room, I close the door behind me and I go to sit on the couch but Josh grabs my hand, spins me around and pins me against the wall.

“Josh what the fuck are you doing?” I question, trying to sound annoyed but inside I was dying.

“I can’t deal with it anymore.” He replies, his eyes darken.

“Can’t deal with what.” I question again, I start to melt underneath his grip, and I won’t be able to last much longer before I snap.

“You.” He bluntly replies. “I can’t deal with you walking around in your skinny jeans that hug your ass, the tight tops that cling to your breasts, your flannel shirts and those damn combat boots.”

“Oh I’m sorry if the way I dress bothe-“

“I’m not finished” Josh interrupts, his grip tightens. “I can’t deal with the way you smile at me, the way you laugh too much around me, the way you talk about what you are passionate about but after you have nerded out you act like no one cares about it, but I do.” He takes a deep breath. “I finally can’t deal when I see you with another guy or girl because I always wish it was me, I wish that it was me that would have you in my arms at night, be able to kiss you and fuck you whenever I wanted you, I have wanted that since I’ve known you”

I stand there speechless but I smirk and take this as my chance to flip him around and pin him against the wall instead “What took you so long huh babe?” I ask running my hands up and down his chest.

“Well seeing you tonight enjoying the show, every time I looked at you, you would smile at me, sometimes it would be a cute innocent smile but the other times it would be that smirk, the one you do when you want something.” He gently replies, his eyes are now filled with love, innocent love.

“Well you are right about one thing, I do want something, that something is you, I have always wanted you.” I whisper in his ear, making sure to sound somewhat seductive. “Ever since I can remember you have been the boy I have crushed on, because when I’m with you I feel free, I feel wanted and it’s the best feeling in the world but you know me, I don’t act upon my feelings until I know the other person also kinda likes me too, I guess you like me too don’t you?” I ask him, he simply nods. “Well I guess we can make that a reality tonight.” I smirk once more before slowly backing away from Josh. “You can have me when we get back to the hotel, if you don’t come and find me within two hours I guess I’ll have to go and find some other guy to play with.” I tease while I twist my (Y/H/C) hair around my finger and slightly bite my lip. Josh backs away slight from the wall “Why can’t we make it a reality right now huh?” he questions, sounding slightly annoyed.

“Well babe, I want to make it special, and I think I have an outfit better for the occasion.” I smirk, pulling my shirt up slightly giving him a preview, revealing my black laced bra. His eyes winded slightly, and I can visibly see that he’s hard but he chooses to ignore that and says “How did I not know you were this big of a tease huh?” He walks over to me and wraps his arm around my waist “Can I not have a little taste of what could come later on?” He whispers in my ear, nibbling slightly at it.

“But babe.” I whine, gliding my hands down to his ass to give it a slight squeeze. “It will ruin what I have planned for later, and I’m telling you now it’s going to be great.”

“Not even one little kiss.” He pleads, showing me his puppy dog eyes, his face inches away from mine, I could so easily close the gap, I edge forwards just a bit and Josh leans in expecting to kiss me but I just pull away before his lips touch mine and make my way to the door.

“Sorry babe that’s not how I play my games, you should really know that if you’re one of my best friends.” I smirk, playing with the door handle.

“I am your best friend, but I’ve never seen this side of you, I’m slightly mad at myself that I haven’t had this chance before, you sure that we can’t start something right now?” He asks, biting his lip, that little action makes me snap and I can’t handle it anymore.

“Aww fuck it.” I exclaim before I run towards him, and pin him again to the wall, his hands snake around my waist, mine stay on his chest, I slowly lean in towards him, closing my eyes, I stop just before his lips allowing him to fill the gap and he does. The minute our lips meet, I finally realise this where I should have been my whole life. I run my hands and down his chest, fiddling with the hem of his shorts, I break away for a second.

“I feel like I’m wearing too much clothes.” I smirk, slightly breathless, still with my hands on the hem of his shorts.

“I definitely agree with you.” He replies, “Do you mind if I rip this?” He asks, I look down to see what the shirt is, it’s a twenty one pilots tank top.

“Yeah its okay, I got it for free anyway.” I joke, but it’s true, I always get free merch from them.

He rips my shirt off revealing my black bra, he now gets to see the full view of it, and he looks me up and down very slowly, taking me in.

“Okay I’ve had enough of this shit right now, just fuck me now.” I say, as I take off all my clothes and I’m stood there naked in front of Joshua William Dun, my best friend, the boy I have loved since I met him, well I didn’t think today would end up like this.

“Holy fucking shit you are actually perfect (Y/F/N).” He says, he must be so horny right now, how is he not dying like I am.

“Yeah whatever just get your pants off please baby.” I plead almost.

“Okay baby just wait, I’m going to make sure this something you don’t forget.” He smirks, his eyes darken once again while he takes off his shorts and lets his erection spring free, holy fuck, I knew he would be big, but not that big. “Like what you see baby girl?” he asks, as he slowly walks towards me.

“Of course I like it.” I smirk “Daddy.” I run towards him, jump and wrap my legs around him before kissing him like no tomorrow, hands tangled in his candyfloss hair while his hands hold tight onto my ass to keep me up. He throws me on the sofa before kissing all the way down my chest leaving hickies as he makes his way down, he starts to lick my clit, moving his tongue around in little circles and I can’t help but scream his name not caring who hears me.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you senseless babe?” he asks, still eating me out, I feel the vibrations.

“Yes I am, please just get inside me now.” I barely get out.

Without warning he removes his mouth from my clit and plunges himself into me, it takes us both a second to adjust then he starts to thrust into me, roughly and I fucking love it. Both of us are moaning each other’s names and it doesn’t take long for us both to cum. And now were getting our clothes on in silence, I borrow a white shirt from Josh, when we’re both dressed we just look at each other and laugh.

“What the fuck was that?” Josh asks, laughing slightly.

“I think we might’ve just fucked, really hard.” I reply, with a smile.

“I want to do that again.” He says hugging me from behind, slowly kissing my neck.

“Well if you ask me out, maybe we can fuck each other till we die?” I laugh.

“(Y/F/N) will you do me the honours of being my beautiful girlfriend?” he asks, spinning me around to face him.

“Of course I will you fucking idiot.” I smile and kiss him, this time the kiss is sweet and full of love.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” He says, holding out his hand, I grab it instantly and we walk out of the dressing room hand in hand.

“FINALLY MY OTP IS FUCKING CANNON” Tyler fucking Joseph screams at the stop of his lungs as we walk and we both can’t help but smile.


Let’s be real. I was killing it today.

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More golly in Elaine's closet please.

[Link to Part I]

The incomparable Scoot wrote Holly’s ramblings at the end, and I thank her for it. *high five*


The next year it was Gail who’d stepped out first, with Holly following close behind, fumbling with the buttons on her jeans. “Do you think your mother will notice that we were gone so long?” Holly asked as she attempted to do up the top, more troublesome button that kept slipping through her fingers. They were supposed be retrieving the kids presents from garage when they had gotten  sidetracked.

She felt a nudge to her shoulder, but when another much more violent one hit her, it almost knocked her over. “Ouch, what the hell, honey?”

When she looked up, her wife’s eyes were wide and she was pointing her nose towards the dining room entrance. Holly followed Gail’s line of sight.

True to form, there was Elaine. She was leaning against door jam, already waiting for them.

“Oh. Shit.” Holly quickly patted her shirt, taking stock. Yes, good, she was still wearing one.

“Indeed,” Elaine replied evenly.

Thinking quickly on her feet, Holly said, “Would you believe me if I told you we were trying to make a baby?”

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Imagine #1- you sext him while hes on tour

(Y/N) P.O.V~
Luke had just left for a 2 week tour around Europe with the boys. It had been 3 days with out him, 3 fucking days since he has touched me, 3 days with out him here to hold me, to kiss me, to love me. I have been thinking about his big hands and what they can do to me. How they make me feel so good. I’m getting my self turned on and i have to text luke. I pick up the phone and text him. ‘Luke, baby im so wet for you ;)’ I send that to him and im for sure it will get him hard. We haven’t gone this long with out sex since ever…well when im on… well you know we don’t but this is far to long. I can’t wait another 11 days.

Im recording with the lads and i get a text. I see it’s from (Y/N). I instantly smile. I open the text and im surprised to see what she put. ‘Luke, baby im so wet for you ;)’. (Y/N) was always the outgoing type but she has never done something like this and it was surprising. I can just imagine her on our shared bed all hot and bothered waiting for me to reply. Itching to touch her self but i now she wouldn’t without my permission. She knows what would happen when i come back home if she did with out me allowing her to. I hurry up and send a text because its my turn to record. ‘Baby wait till later, I’m recording ;)’

(Y/N) P.O.V ~
I get a text back and i get excited. I see its from Luke and it said ‘Baby wait till later, im recording ;)’
i get upset. He wasn’t supposed to say that. I get an idea. ‘But luke i need you sooo bad. I’ll touch my self without you ;)’
I knew it will get him going.

I get another message from her but this time i get livid. She wouldnt. But then again she would . Im done with recording and we can leave. We all have our own rooms and im glad for that. Then I get another text and its a picture. Oh god. Its a picture of her in her black lingerie my white button down that she likes to wear. Wow. I get hard instantly. I have to call her.

(Y/N) P.O.V ~
I get a call from luke and thats all i wanted. I answer. “Hello?” “Your such a bad girl. ” he said in a growl. “I don’t know what you mean.. ” I said trying to act innocent. Obviously he knew what i was trying to do. “Strip. ” he demanded. “Its been off already. ” I say. I heard him groan. “Baby what are you doing?” I question already knowing what hes doing. “God.. pumping my self to the thought of you… oh fuck!” He basically moaned out. I go down and start rubbing my clit and i moan extra loud cause i know how he loves when i get loud. “Baby tease your self like i would.” He said panting. I run my fingers over my slit and moan lightly . “Luke baby i need you ” “I know baby i need you to.” He moaned loudly. I also loved how loud he got it just so hot. “Babe put a finger in side you and pump it fast. ” I did as he said and went as fast as i can. “It feels so good luke, but not as good as your long fingers. ” I moaned. He let out a groel “god (Y/N) ….. Im gonna cum!….. fuck ya… ” “I know me to!….fuck Luke! Shit, fuck LUKE!!! ” you almost screamed out. As you were coming down luke had just hit his high. “FUCK (Y/N)!!!!” You guys sat there just panting. “Wow ” luke said. “I know. ” you said. “I love you (Y/N).” he said breathlessly. “I love you too Luke. “

The end

†Jordyn †