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Gay Trans People

I’m gonna 100% get shit for this but here it goes. Touchy subject. Homosexual couples with trans people. Alright I see a bunch of people saying that gay people won’t date trans people and I’m here to just put out what I have observed. First off, a lot of the time that a transgender person gets into a relationship, the partner doesn’t initially know that the trans person is even trans at all, and sometimes the trans person will even push them away. From what I’ve seen and experienced, there are not a lot of instances in which my friends partners have left them for this reason which doesn’t mean they are pansexual or bisexual or whatever sexual, because at the point where my friends partners want to have a sexual relationship with them they love them enough not to leave and to find a sexual compromise. I don’t think it’s wrong to break up with your partner though, if they cannot fulfill a sexual need, but that’s only because I have very rarely even seen this happen and I think it’s a waste of time to try to please someone who is not interested in a compromise or your needs and does not gain the same pleasure that you do from it. I feel a relationship should be equalized. But I do NOT believe that a trans person can only date bisexual or pansexual people, because of the fact that trans people are their genders and believing or supporting such would invalidate trans people as it’s hard enough for a gay or straight pre op trans person to find a partner. Gay trans people can definitely have an exclusively gay partner because the thing is that a lot of the time, a gay partner probably likes a lot more than your lower areas, I.e. I don’t fantasize about lower bits, I’m much more attracted to collarbones and soft hair and curves and or muscles (of course that’s just me but I’m pretty sure that when people think ab that stuff they don’t only imagine a chunk of ya). I have a friend who thought he was gay and is now dating a trans woman so he now is happily identifying as bisexual. I know a girl who knew she was straight and now is dating my trans friend and still identifies as straight because she’s dating a man. I’m really tired of people saying that the person can only date bisexual people because although I feel safer having a relationship with someone who is attracted to all of me, that does not invalidate me as a man, I just feel more secure because I feel that there is less of a chance of denial, but again, that’s just me. It’s just me being paranoid. So please stop trying to tell us that the only people who will love us must be a bisexual or pansexual or whatever because it’s complete bs thank you sorry that this is so long.