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Agreed, Jaspethyst is underrated but... aren't they relatives?

nah man, i wouldnt ever say that pearls or quartzes or even diamonds that are the same type of gem are related because I see it as more of a race of gems (sort of like elves, dwarves, etc; they have similar features but are not all family) 👌✨

“All men must die.”
“But we are not men…..We are cats.”

Classicat #18: Daenerys  Tailgaryen The Furst of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meowreen, Queen of the Hairballs and the Rawrnar and the Fur-st Cats, Catleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Leashes and Meowther of Dragons, from A Song of Ice and Fur (Game of Fur-ones) by George R.R. Meowrtin

Many cats claim to be rightful ruler of Whiskeros…..but only one of those cats has dragons.

I found some robber flies mating today (they thought my hand was the perfect stage for this scene apparently)

and I’m just looking at how like, the male is literally holding onto the female by her eyeballs

like wow, rude much

I tried avoiding this mini rant/ airing of thoughts, but… I can’t!

I’ve been scarce from dA for… months? And I’m honestly limiting my time there for a host of reasons I won’t bring up here. (I’ve said them before anyway.) I can’t help but notice one of my very old pieces in particular (the megaloceros, done in 2008-9) won’t stop getting notifications. Like, 20+ a day, for several weeks now. It didn’t get a daily deviation awarded to it, and I’m sure I’d figure out why it was drawing traffic if I did some google fu, but part of me is reluctant to know where the traffic is coming from.

Call me selfish, but… I’m not fond of my old, time-stamped art being dragged back out into the light of day to flood my notifications. I know, people only mean well, and I think about that each time this happens, I truly do. Sometimes the fact that something is old doesn’t even occur to people sharing the art in the first place. But I have to tell you, it’s hard not to be discouraged when people regularly ignore your new work in favor of some dusty old pieces completed a lifetime ago.

Yes. I am a curmudgeon! The tendency for popular works to only become more popular is also a thorn in my side. Which gives me only one choice: to clear/store any works in the gallery over 5 years of age, while my Society6 will have some of said works available as prints/etc. To avoid the emotional outbursts this sort of thing tends to solicit, I won’t be announcing when I plan to do so. I can’t help it, I need a good art gallery PURGE!!!

(If it makes sense, I am the sort of person who destroys/gets rid of old sketchbooks as soon as they reach the “eyes bleeding” level of cringe. I don’t get nostalgic, and I don’t look back. I also don’t have infinite space for old art garbage to pile up.)


I finally got the onyxian drake to drop the other day and I got really excited and drew this. (like a month ago at this point but I keep neglecting to post things woops)

Numinous /Chapter 1/

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Numinous- Being both fearful and awed by what is before you

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU

Pairing: Kim Hanbin x Reader

Warning: Violence

A/N:  I’m so excited to post this, please let me know what you think♥


You were running trough the hallways, completely out of breath trying to catch your train. Due to the complicated ways taking place when leaving home, now you’re late. As you take a look at your watch you see that the train leaves in four minutes. “Great, I really need to reach that train.” This is the only thing in your mind. Once It appears in your sight you slow down a bit to catch your breath. You wouldn’t be able to wait for the next one.
You get on and walk past the cabins, check all of them to see if there were any seats left. You find an empty one and sit down next to the window. As you sit down the train starts off and you can see the view getting blurry as it gets faster and faster. You hear the door opening and immediately reach for the ticket in your pocket, but it’s not the inspector, 4 people are getting in. One of the guy instantly drops his bag on one of the seats, but then the only girl among them turns to you “Can we sit here?” She asks, she seems to be the same age as you and you just think that despite of her manners she looks quite unfriendly. “Yeah sure.” You say immediately and realise you sound a bit insecure. The girl nods and sits down with the 3 guys. One of them has to sit on the only remaining seat next to you and you can see the look he gives to the others.You guess he would rather sit with his friends. He is kind of different from the others, despite his bad boy look he has a thick book with himself. You put your music on shuffle, trying to keep out the noise, but one sentence still catches your attention. “I bet she doesn’t have one, just look at her.” At that moment you feel someone poke your shoulder. You turn to the guy sitting next to you. “Do you have a cigarette?” He asks and you just shake your head. “Told you.” You hear the others say before you turn your music on again.

The journey slowly gets to it’s end, and you jump a little as the train stops. You get on your feet quickly and say a quiet goodbye to the others. As yo get off the train, you feel the cold air touching your face, which makes you tighten your jacket. It’s worse here than it was when you left your hometown. You look around and see that everyone is rushing somewhere. At that moment it starts raining. It feels cold on your skin. You quickly grab your case and run indoors. You sit down on a bench and try to dry yourself up after the rain.
“Are you sure you don’t have a cigarette?” You hear a familiar voice next to you. “I’m Daren.” He says while he reaches his hand out. It’s the guy from the train. ’I’m Y/N.’ You shake his hand. You instantly start to think about the reasons why he is talking to you,and what he wanted, but you just stop worrying and keep a conversation going with him.
“Do you mind if I sit down?”
“Feel free to.” You say as he takes a seat next to you. You immediately slide a little away from him.
“What brought you to this town?” He looks at you curiously. “I don’t remember seeing you around.”
“I’m just visiting someone.” You say shortly and keep wondering why he asks so many questions.

Daren offered to accompany you on your way, he seems to know the town well, and you didn’t resist since you would probably get lost alone.
“What were you reading on the train?” You ask him to break the silence.
“Just some old literature.” He shrugs his shoulders.
“Your friends aren’t coming with you?” Now it’s your turn to ask questions.
“We are quite different, I rather left.” A slight smile appears on his face and you just watch him curiously. He doesn’t talk much and you still don’t know his intentions, but maybe he is just trying to make friends.

“Anyway, who are you visiting?” Well it looks like it does interest him.
“My father.” You say a little bit hesitantly.

Getting closer to your destination he suddenly stops.”I gotta go.” He says and leaves in a hurry. What’s up with him all of a sudden?
You stand in front of the door, with a piece of paper in your hand with the adress written on it. Last week’s happenings give you mixed feelings.

You didn’t know your real father up until now. You just grew up in an overly perfect family. You knew something was wrong, you were always standing out. While your alleged father had blue eyes, just like your mom, yours were dark, almost black. Your hair was wavy too despite their straight hair, but your mom could always explain it since she was a doctor. Eventually, one day you went up to the attic and found a box full of pictures. There were a lot of photos of your mom with another man you didn’t know. You were looking through them when a paper got your attention. It was your birth certificate.
You saw an unfamiliar name where there should have been your father’s name. You were so shocked and confused. You ran to your mom to question her about it.

“What is this? When were you planning to tell me?” You shouted.
You were argueing violently all night. The quiet and peaceful house where you grew up was filled with tension and shouting. You told them to give you his adress. Your so-called father didn’t want to, he was against it the whole time. Eventually, after hours of fighting, your mom agreed.
“Then go pay him a visit and see what a good parent looks like.” She told you holding back her tears.
You just had to know him, your real father. You felt betrayed, and you needed to meet him. You’re so different from your mother.

You’re standing in front of the door full of hope. Slowly you manage to get yourself to push the doorbell. You stand there in complete silence for a while, then you hear the sound of the lock clicking and the door opens in front of you. A man stands there who looks like he could be your grandfather. You immediately recognise his face from the photos you have seen of him.
’I’m not buying anything, leave.’ He says harshly as he sees you.
“I just…” You stutter in surprise. Do you look like someone who sells junk??
“I don’t care about your crap, leave.” He tries to close the door but in your despair you manage to put your feet in the opening that remains.
“What the…I’m cutting your leg off if..”

“I’m Y/N, Frank.” You interrupt him with saying your full name and also his name to get his attention.
You still see anger on his face, but then he slowly realises what you just sad.
­­­”________ and _______’s daughter?” He asks saying your parents name.
“Well…actually…your daughter.” You spit it out without thinking. You shouldn’t have told him like this.

He just stares at you faithless. He nods his head and stands in the side allowing you to go in. You step inside and see the house is not just run-down on the outside. He offers you a seat on the couch while  watching you carefully from a distance.
“What makes you think you’re my…daughter?”
“My mom told me.”
He starts bursts out laughing. “Tell your mom I don’t have money.”
“No, I’m really your daughter, I saw it in my birth certificate and mom admitted it.” You say and take the paper out of your bag and give it to him.

He shows no reaction for a while, although you can understand his situation, you were just as shocked when you got to know about this as he is right now.
“I can’t believe I have a daughter.” He says while he walks to the window and peaks out. “Did someone see you coming?”
“I don’t know, Daren walked me here.”
“Your friend?”
“I just met him today.”
“Damn it…”He says while he walks around the room. “Let’s think…”

What is he talking about? What is going on? You get to the conclusion he is afraid the neighbours would get suspicious about the situation.

He lets you stay for tonight, so you feel relieved and see more hope to get to know him a little bit. You sleep on the couch since you didn’t want to take his bed.
You wake up with an aching back, but you feel like it was worth the sacrifice.
“Good Morning.” You say to him as he walks past you.
“Morning.” He says with a grumpy voice.
You go to the kitchen to have breakfast but find literally nothing in the fridge.
’I’ll go buy some food.’ You bring up the idea and go to dress up. You leave the house quickly, the atmosphere is still awkward for the two of you. You suddenly realise that you don’t know where to find a shop, so you just try to remember which direction you came yesterday because you saw a shop on the way. You reach a little café and go in. You see a sign pinned on the door which informs you that they are looking for a waitress. You start to think about it for a minute, your father seems like he needs some help, so you decide you’ll give it a try. You go to the counter and wait for the waitress. She comes quickly, she has really beautiful wavy hair that covers her shoulders.
“Hi, I would like to apply for the job.” You say smiling, hoping to leave a great impression.
“Hey, I’m really glad you came, we need someone quickly, I’m the only one taking shifts right now.” She says with enthusiasm. “When are you able to start?”
“Even today.” You say hoping she will apply you.
“My name is Ellie.” She says happily
“I’m Y/N” You shake her hand.

Ellie told you you can start working in the afternoon, so you get back to the house with a big smile on your face. You don’t tell your father anything about the job yet, you are afraid it would scare him if you planned to stay for a while. You just tell him you’ll go to see the town in the afternoon.

You try to find something nice and appropriate for the job. You arrive early, but Ellie welcomes you happily. You are quite insecure first at serving but you try to enjoy it and be nice to people. You hear a lurry as a group of guys open the door. They sit down at a table and Ellie goes to them quickly. She seems to be a little concerned and starts to act in hase. You go to their table to bring their order to them. You step there a little afraid, they seem scary. One of them chews a toothpick and watches you up and down.

“You would run well in the market.” He says still checking you out. You have no idea what he means by that, so you just turn around and leave the table. but you still hear one of them saying “Isn’t she the old fart’s daughter?”
Ellie gives you the coffee you still need to bring to their table and you feel a bit uneasy about it.

“What’s up babe, we don’t hear you talking. What’s your name?” Says one of them with an arrogant voice.
“None of your business.” You say and rush back to Ellie. She looks at you full of worry, then tells you to go home it was enough for today. You don’t really know what’s going on, but you’re sure these guys are troublesome.

On your way home you still feel weird about what happened and you keep checking behind you to see if someone is following you, but not one soul is on the street. It’s already dark and it’s making you a bit scared. You almost reach the house but when you step on the road to cross it, you hear the rumbling noise of vehicles. They stop in front of the house with motorbikes and big cars. They get out and you see a bunch of people in front of you.

“Hey, looks like we are heading to the same place.” You hear an unfamiliar voice from right next to you. You shiver as his breath hits you. You look up after feeling a hand on your shoulder. His black eyes are somehow a hot yet cold invitation to you, but still his presence makes you feel like you should stay away from him. You just looked at him but he makes it seem like you are staring. His lips slowly curl up in a smile as he still watches you with those deep black eyes.

’Who are you?’ You say more insecurely than you wanted to.
“I’m Hanbin, what about you, kitten?”
“I’m Y/N.” You gulp as you still feel his hand on your shoulder, your skin pulses even through the shirt.

The very next moment he puts his arm tightly around your shoulder and starts walking you towards the entrance. You don’t realise anything, he is way too close to you and you feel his scent which makes you dazed.

“Hey Frank.” He shouts loudly. You startle abruptly when you hear them crashing the TV. They start to punch the wall, and destroy everything in the room. This whole thing seems like a nightmare, especially how this guy embraces you and watches the others rampage.

-admin Bae

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

god as of this year it’s been a literal decade, ten years, since I’ve been in school and yet I still have fucking nightmares about it at least once a week

The Path Untraveled, Re-Visited

… i dunno, i was trying to press through writer’s block by just typing a lot and seeing if anything worked out & this happened…

Canon Characters: ADA Rafael Barba & Detective Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi Jr.
Non-Canon: Reader / You.

edited to add: a pseudo-part-two from Rafi’s perspective happened, too.

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“I swear, you’ve never met someone like him, you’ll just adore him-”

“Sonny, I’m not quite feeling myself,” so instead, you gripped hard onto his arm, pleaded with him to accept your modest attempt at escape; “maybe it’s the nerves- perhaps I should go get a drink…”

“Oh stop,” promptly, he tugged at your sleeves, straightening out the wrinkled velvet that had bunched at your elbows. “He’s a great guy,” he twirled your curls around a fingertip, smirked as he watched them fall into place, “I’ve been shadowing him, you’ll think he’s so interesting- How do I look?”

Oh, Sonny. Sweet, precious Sonny- your darling ‘boyfriend’ of only a few months. Instead of objecting at his sudden, apparent need to primp and prep your appearance, you lay a hand atop his cheek. He really was so handsome, so excited about life, and you- “Sonny, sweetheart, I think we may have something to discuss…”

Instead of indulging your suggestion, his eyes went wide, as he quite obviously went to staring over your head. “Doll, we’ll talk about whatever you want tonight, but now-” he took a deep breath, tried to subdue the boyish smirk pulling at the corners of his lips while fixing his (not-even-)crooked tie, “Well, he’s comin’ this way and-”

“Carisi!” You flinched as soon as the voice came from behind you, but dared not twist that way. “Carisi, when they said you brought a date, I thought they were lying to me.”

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I can be your hero

*I recommend you listening to Hero by Monsta X*

Both, you and Jooheon, were walking around the mall, looking for things that you might like. “Do you want to go in there?” Jooheon asked while pointing at a certain store, across the mall, with a smile. 

“Jooheon, that place looks expensive.” You responded after looking at the store. “How about we go there?” You suggested while pointing at a cute little store at the corner. Jooheon looked at you then nodded his head with a smile.  

While the both of you were making your way towards that store, you felt someone was following you. Every time when you looked back, you would always see the same guy. Maybe, he’s just going in the same direction. You thought to yourself while shaking off the uneasy feeling. Every time you would look back, the closer he got. Okay, that’s a little weird. You thought to yourself before holding Jooheon’s hand tightly. 

Jooheon immediately looked at you. “Is something wrong?” He asked slightly worried. You nodded your head with a smile.

“Everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong.” You responded. Jooheon continued to stare at you for a couple seconds before looking forward again. 

All of a sudden, you felt something against your butt. You turned around again and you saw the same guy again. Maybe, that was on accident. You thought to yourself while looking at him. You turned back around and continued to walk to the little store. “Is something wrong?” Jooheon asked again. You shook your head. 

Then you felt your butt being groped. You immediately stopped walking and turned around to face the man. Before you could say anything, Jooheon spoke up. “Did you just touch my girl?” He asked while letting go of your hand. “Not once but twice?” He asked while getting closer to him. 

“What are you even talking about? I didn’t do anything to her.” The man said while crossing his arms across his chest. Jooheon immediately dropped the bags and grabbed the man by his collar. 

“Did you think that I didn’t see you?” Jooheon asked through gritted teeth. Slowly more and more people would start to surround us. You slowly made your way over to Jooheon and tugged on his arm. 

“Let’s just go, we’re causing a scene.” You said. Jooheon looked at the man for a couple seconds before pushing him away. 

“You’re very lucky.” He said before picking up the bags again and held your hand tightly. 

“That bitch isn’t even that pretty, why are you so worked up?” The man asked while dusting off his shirt. Jooheon immediately dropped everything, ran over to him, pinned him against the wall with one of his arms on his neck. 

“Say that again, I dare you.” Jooheon said through greeted teeth. You walked up to Jooheon and pushed him away slight. 

“I got this.” You said. Jooheon looked at you for a couple seconds before stepping aside. The man chuckled once he laid his eyes on you.

“And what are you going to do? You’re just a girl.” He said with a smirk. EXCUSE ME?!

“Look here, mister, if I wasn’t that pretty, then why the fuck did you grope my ass? How desperate can you be? Say whatever you want, but there are cameras everything and it captured everything you did. Did you think that I didn’t notice you following us from the food court all the way here? Did you think I was blind? And if you think that it’s okay to go around and grope people, then you’re fucking wrong. Would you like it if I went up to you and randomly grab your junk? You wouldn’t like it, would you?” He immediately fell quiet. “Didn’t think so,” You said before turning around to walk away. You then turned back around and face the man. “Never mind, I take back what I said, you might enjoy. ‘Cause you’re that desperate.” You said then turned around again. “Come on, Jooheon, let’s go.” You said while holding your hand. 

The both of you were now on your way to the front doors. “(Y/N),” Jooheon called. You looked up at him with a smile. 

“Yeah?” You answered. 

“I can be your hero and I can be your man,” Jooheon started. “But DAMN girl, you roasted his ass!” Jooheon shouted with a wide smile. You couldn’t help but giggle at him. “That’s one of the reasons why I love you so much.” Jooheon before kissing your temple. 

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How would Dean react to Sam/Max in your opinion? Supportive yet not wanting to compromise his masculinity or full-on obnoxious teasing big brother?

WELL ANON this is an interesting question which I think I could go a few different ways on. I have one version of Dean’s reaction in this fic, All in One, which I guess might be summarised as… is a bit thrown by it but does his best to be supportive. That’s the chirpier version I think, and it’s definitely fun to write a Dean who’s sort of begrudgingly pleased to see Sam happy / faux-grossed out by any reference to Sam’s sex life / revelling in the opportunity to embarrass his brother wherever possible (Sam: “I’m just gonna show Max around the archives,” Dean: “I know it’s been a while Sammy but that’s a terrible name for your junk”). I guess I do also feel like that is a plausible response, especially if Sam and Max were just hooking up - think about Dean’s response to Sam’s flirtation with Sarah Blake in Provenance or the backseat sex with Piper in Baby. He’s amused and sort of proud of Sam for getting some (which… sure).

That said, I think if Sam and Max got more serious than just the sexting (which has become so inextricable a part of their relationship in my head, ahahaha) and the occasional in-person sexytime, Dean might find it more difficult. He’s been on board in the past with Sam’s casual hookups but where Sam has had longer relationships they’ve often been framed as a betrayal of Dean - Jess because of Stanford to some extent, Amelia obviously, Ruby at least sort of falls into this category too. Max is different to this - he’s a hunter so he doesn’t present the threat of taking Sam out of the life and with that away from Dean, but obviously as a serious romantic partner he would take Sam away from Dean to some extent (just because Sam would have sometimes to prioritise Max or his relationship where at present he has only to prioritise Dean). (I think Sam might also struggle with this.) Plus Max is a guy which might either make Dean feel even more like he was being replaced or might eliminate some of the ‘you left me to die for a girl’ sort of thing we saw in S8. I don’t know, but there would definitely be some adjusting to do, however well-intentioned all parties concerned might be.

So… I have a lot of thoughts as you can see, hahaha. Essentially I think supportive/teasing at first for definite but with the potential for some more complicated issues to arise later on.

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“How long has it been?” + sterek

The front door opens while Derek’s in the kitchen, hunting out snacks.

“Hey,” he pops his head around the kitchen door frame, smiles at Stiles.

“Hey pop tart,” Stiles greets him with a wan smile, and then looks strangely depressed.

Derek would say it’s because he’s realized suddenly that his variety of endearments for Derek are strange and ridiculous, but he’s been doing it for years, now and Derek, oddly, embarrassingly, likes them.

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I get so vexed by pro-lifers who smugly assume I’m backing out of a conversation because I’m emotive and pissed off that they have calm, rational arguments when I don’t.

No, your arguments are not rational. They sound exactly like the junk they are. But they are also putting me in the position of having to verbally fight for the basic right to deny others decision-making power over my body.

So yes, I’m emotional. Your expectation that I argue from a position of perfect dispassion is unrealistic. You can do it because you know this is never going to happen to you. It’s all theoretical for you, but for me it’s real. I could become unexpectedly pregnant under circumstances that would make abortion the best choice. And people like you are doing their damnedest to make sure I don’t get that option, because they genuinely believe a collection of cells days after conception is fully living and human and more deserving than I am, of rights and choices it couldn’t exercise if it had them.

Hell yes, that makes me emotional.

McCree: It’s hiiiiigh noon!

Me as Mercy: Hiding behind the cart thinking ‘I should be fine’

My Junkrat: 

My Junkrat: Launches the enemy McCree into the air, allowing him to see around my cover and kill me.

Me: Ahh why did you launch him into the aiiiir!??

My Junkrat: I was trying to kill him. I did if that helps.

Me: Not really…. I’d rather be alive.

Later when McCree gets POTG I see that Junkrat didn’t just enable him to kill me but two other people on our team.