i like your glasses too

“When does a joke become a dad joke? When the punchline becomes… apparent

ok but what about: Shinsou trying to cheer up Izuku with the worst dad jokes

((Specially dedicated to the lovely @yumoirail-art – te dedico my lamest shindeku hasta ahora 8) ))

BTS reactions: To you telling them that you can’t see without your glasses.

A/N: I myself have glasses and know how bad it is when they fall down.I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made.

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Request: “ bts reaction when their s/o tells them she uses glasses and is basically almost blind without them 


  He will get worried in his motherly way and I think that Jin would have another pair of glasses on him when you go out together. Just in case something might happen.”Don’t worry jagya, I have another pair of glasses with me. Look we match now.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

  Yoongi knows that you have bad eyesight, but wouldn’t expect it to be that bad.He will be worried as well and suggest contact lenses, just so you won’t have problems with glasses.You might think about it, but he won’t give up on getting them for you. “Jagya, at least try them for a week.

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope: 

  He will become overprotective of you and make sure your glasses are always clean. I feel like he too will suggest contact lenses because he is worried that if they fall you might have trouble walking. “Jagya I am scared that you might fall and get hurt.”

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster: 

  Namjoon will worry about your eye problem, but will let you choose what you want to wear. If something happens and he sees first hand how bad things are, he might go to the extreme and suggest surgery, but will still let you decide if you want it. ( ignore the subs )

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Park Jimin:

  I see him saying all kinds of things in a cute voice. “Jagya you look so cute with glasses.”. Of course he will be concerned as well, but he will use that as an excuse to be with you almost all the time.

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

  I feel like Tae will go and buy glasses that match yours. He would love having the same pair as you, couple accessory style. Taehyung will google things that help eyesight and immediately make you try them out.He would probably take off your glasses and kiss your eyes “There, my magical love filled kisses will help you jagi.”  

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  He will take your glasses off and walk around the house with them. When you tell him that it isn’t funny and explain how bad your eyesight is, he will feel bad.He will turn into a scared bunny and start saying he is sorry for doing it.”Isn’t it difficult with glasses jagya?Let’s go to a doctor, he might have a solution.”

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So, Victuuri role swap AUs are fun. And kid AUs where they meet as children and everything is pure fluff are also fun. So what if we combine the two?

Yuuri is ten and practicing at a rink in Russia for an upcoming junior competition. He’s actually really really good for his age range, but he doesn’t think that, because he’s Yuuri. He also doesn’t usually like practicing in front of people he doesn’t know because he’s a shy kiddo.

Too bad for him, because tiny six year old Victor is learning how to skate at this rink, and he sees Yuuri practicing and thinks he’s just the coolest thing ever!!!

So now Yuuri realizes that he had an audience because this little kid is watching him and clapping and cheering any time Yuuri does anything more challenging than skating in a straight line. And Yuuri wants to tell him that no, he’s really not that great, lots of people are better than him, but he can’t speak Russian and his English is still pretty shaky so he can’t really communicate this to Victor. And even if he was better at English, it doesn’t matter because Victor only knows about five English words. One of those words is ‘wow.’ Which he keeps yelling while jumping up and down when Yuuri does anything especially impressive.

And Yuuri still doesn’t think he’s anything special, but…it’s hard not to feel a little encouraged by this kid’s enthusiasm. There are some other people skating, but this kid only seems to care about Yuuri. It makes him feel kind of…good! Confident!

And then once Yuuri comes off the ice to take a break, Victor just immediately latches onto him like a barnacle and unleashes a torrent of excited Russian rambling at him, and Yuuri of course can’t understand a word but he likes this weird little kid now so he’s just smiling and nodding awkwardly and hoping that’s the right response to make this kid happy.

It’s too bad Yuuri doesn’t understand Russian, because Victor is a fountain of positivity right now. ‘You’re such a good skater! You’re the best skater I’ve ever seen! Except for the ones on TV at the Olympics, but they’re grownups, so you’re definitely the best kid skater I’ve ever seen! I really like the spinny thing you did! And you have really pretty eyes! Oh, you’ve got glasses, I like your glasses too! And I like your tshirt! I like YOU! When we grow up, I’m gonna marry you, and you can teach me how to do all that cool stuff you can do!’

And since Yuuri just keeps smiling and nodding, Victor takes that to mean ‘yes Victor, I met you literally fifteen minutes ago and I have no idea what you’re saying but I will definitely marry you and show you how to do that cool spin that you really like.’

After they part ways, Yuuri ends up winning the junior competition, partially inspired by that kid who was so excited about everything he did. And Victor is just going around telling everyone that he met the boy he’s gonna marry.

Barb’s November

Summary: She’d known since she was a little girl, looking around at the others and thinking that calling her friends princesses and kissing their cheeks couldn’t possibly be wrong, only to be slapped on the wrist for it a year later. She’d known since she was a third grader, and she’d known since the first time she’d changed in front of Stephi Danvers in seventh grade and felt a shiver go down her spine. She loved the way girls made her feel. She loved the way Nancy made her feel.

She let out a sigh, and walked a little faster.

Words: 6589

A/N:  Hey guys!!! This is the longest fic I’ve ever written and guess what, it’s femslash!!!!! What a surprise…. Enjoy babes :3c

Beta’d by the lovely @beep-beep-trashmouth

READ IT ON AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10612878

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i’ve sold my soul to this ship, i’m not even sorry

Hey but have you considered this

Jacob doing that irritating thing people do where they take your glasses and try them on and comment on how blind you are to Ned

Ned’s retaliation: plz discuss

so Amanda and I were talking about modern magic and

witch bottles in old dasani bottles from the recycling because glass jars are expensive

runes in sharpie on bottle caps

wands carved with pocket knives from branches from the saplings in the local park

dried herbs hanging from pushpins and grown in old cans with holes punched in the bottom

Fae Gathering in children’s parks and lure kids out after park with what sounds like a punk show 

other Fae helping community gardens grow

ghosts from old civil war battles wandering around the business offices built on top of the sites of their death

kids drawing pentacles in their little siblings’ chalk on the floor under their carpet and fixing it with art sealant because their parents would notice if they pulled up the carpet to draw a new one too often

protection charms written on graph paper and worn in shoes during school

using oil burner scented oil or scented soaps to anoint candles

Friendly Fire (pt. 1)

part two

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were tired and your hair was a mess. All you were doing was putting your hair up, but the hair tie had other plans. Now you’re in this little war with Bucky. Who will win, who will lose?

Words: 824 it wasnt supposed to be this long sorry

Warnings: None?

Notes: god damn it i thought of this idea TWO WEEKS ago, and i kept saying ill write it tomorrow. its 1:53 am right now, and this isn’t what i meant by tomorrow but here i am writing. i dont know if i can consider it a drabble because i feel like its a bit long, but oh well. i may or may not continue writing this, depending how well it does. enjoy
update: because it did so well im continuing this cute drabble series! thanks ~

There are 24 hours in a day. Only a small fraction of those hours were spent sleeping, and you for one, didn’t do much of that. Still, you weren’t one to sleep in, regardless of how many hours of sleep you had. Every morning, you were up at 6:30 on the dot. It had become a ritual to be up before everyone else, so you could make coffee the way you liked it (Steve made it too strong or too weak. There was no in between) and no one ever complained.

This particular day, you slept in.

You had a mission yesterday, and this one was definitely not kind to you. Word came in about a hydra meeting taking place, so Steve organized a group consisting of him, you, Sam and Natasha.

At first everyone was worried; it was 1:26 pm, and still no sign of you.

“Hey, uh, F.R.I.D.A.Y?” Tony called out. He was walking back and forth in the kitchen, arms crossed and wrinkles forming on his forehead.

“Yes, boss?” the irish A.I. replied nonchalantly.

“Whats the status on Y/N? She still alive in there?” he asked back.

Bucky shook his head in disapproval. “That’s not funny Stark, Steve said she took a hard hit yesterday and needs as much rest as sh-” F.R.I.D.A.Y interrupted Bucky, 

“She’s heading out of her room right now, sir.”

Everyone froze and looked towards the hallway that your room was in. Your shadowed entered the room first, but slowly and surely, you came along as well. Steve quickly stood up and approached you cautiously.

“How ya feeling? We were all kind of worried when we didn’t smell coffee this morning” he joked.

You rubbed your eyes for a good moment before looking up at him. You could see he was trying to be playful with the coffee remark, but his eyes spoke a different story. You reached out and patted him on his upper left pect and chuckled.

“I’ve felt better, but I’ll be alright. Thanks for asking” you mumbled back, “What’s that smell? Did you make the coffee again?”

Natasha got up from the kitchen high stool, walking over to you with a mug of what you assumed was coffee.

“Actually, I made it this time. I wasn’t sure which roast you used, so I kind of just mixed some until it smelled like yours” she said, offering you the mug.

Without hesitation, you reached out and took it. Carefully lifting it to your nose, you took a deep whiff and furrowed your brows.

“It smells like you mixed the Hawaiian Kona with Tony’s favourite French Dark Roast? There’s even a hint of something else, but I’m going to assume you added… Lion Coffee?”

“W-wow. That’s exactly what I put! Damn Y/N, if I hadn’t known almost everything about you, I would assume you were a coffee connoisseur.”

“Oh please” you giggled out, “I’ve been making the coffee for over a year now. I think I know my stuff.”

You walked over to the couch, joining Sam and Bucky who were watching the t.v. Both of them acknowledged you, giving you a smile and nod. Bucky looked particularly happy to see you, scooting over more towards you.

“How’d you sleep, doll?”

“Like a princess”

You rolled your eyes in a friendly manner, making him chuckle.

“Hey, any chance you have a hair tie I can use?” you asked him. Your hair was everywhere, pointing out in every possible way.

“Actually, today is your lucky day because I, in fact, do” he replied, taking the tie off his wrist and handing it to you.

Thanking him, you put the mug on the coffee table and took the hair tie. As you collected your tangled mess into a somewhat decent ponytail, you maneuvered the hair tie around your fingers to get it in the right position.

Just as you were about to wrap around, the hair tie came off your thumb and slingshotted directly at Bucky’s face, hitting his cheekbone.

He let out a small yelp out of pure surprise, and turned his face around to see what hit him. Sam leaned forward, letting out a contagious cackle causing everyone else to let out a laugh.

“Was that you?! Did the world’s deadliest assassin just yelp like a little puppy?”

You gave Sam a dirty look, and moved your gaze to Bucky.

“Oh my god, Buck, I am so sorry. Are you okay? I swe-”

“I’m fine! I’m fine Y/N. It was just a hair tie, no harm done. I don’t even have a mark”

You studied his facial expression and let out a laugh. Bucky’s expression soften a bit as the ends of his lips lifted into a smile. After wiping a nonexistent tear, you looked back at Bucky and his playful smile turned into a devious smirk.

“What was that?” you questioned him, raising an eyebrow.

“Sweets, you don’t know what you just started.”

thoughts? complaints? constructive criticism?
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my kind of love

You are a special kind of love. The kind of love story I wouldn’t mind reading about everyday like bedtime lullaby before I go to sleep. You are beyond my special kind of love and I am not complaining at all.

pairing: jungkook | reader ; college!au
words: 4.3k
genre: fluff
summary: let’s just say, reminiscing memories of you and your best friend isn’t helping you at all besides the fact that you are falling harder and harder in this really frustrating kind of love

If there was one thing in the world you wished to chase after even it means scraping your knees from falling or leaving patches of bruises on your heart, was none other than the thought of love.

Sure people had their ideal kinds of love that probably comes in a ball of fur that greeted them when they enter the pet shop or when they express their affection of their beloved family in frames hung decoratively on their wall. Years and years of learning the beautiful concept of love, it was also an unbearable chore to carry the weight of the detrimental parts of love along with it.

Wise people would say that love could be difficult to understand, to indulge and to accept. Believe them without any hesitation because the first time you digested the meaning of love was when losing one, the light of your life went out in the middle of the night, a heart failure in your mother and maybe a failure in yours as well.

The more you believed in those words was when you conformed to the feeling of rejection. Crushed by the words you feared that lingered out from his mouth, publicly for the whole word to gawk at your embarrassing situation. It was that night you felt dread and self-pity for yourself. It was also that night; you couldn’t remember whether you were drunk on alcohol or tears. It was the same night you promised yourself not to accept love till you find it in the palm of your hands.

And you finally accepted it when you felt the force of love slamming you and puncturing your heart with arrows at the thought of a beautiful human form whose doe eyes reflected the stars in the sky and the remarkably cheeky smile that sweeps you of your feet every morning.

Clearly, it has infected you like a virus when realization struck you. It wasn’t the first time you denied falling for your best friend. You have always pushed those thoughts away. But being stuck in bed with fever and having him feed you home cooked soup, pinching your cheeks once in a while isn’t helping you with any further denial.

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“I want to be mad at you but…this is really great,” Sam said, shaking his head as he looked at the napkin Dean had handed him.

“Well someone had to make the first move and it didn’t look like it was going to be either of you,” Dean replied. “Go get her, Sam.”


I saw this and thought of these dorky lawyers

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[Part 1] Matchup, please! "I am short (almost 5'0), artistic and I love history/old things. I like the fall season and people often refer to me as cute. I have a twin sister and we both wear glasses. I tend to act a little louder around her but when I'm alone I quiet down. I often dress casually or in something comfortable, just not skirts, dresses or make up...

[Part 2] I love to wear big shirts (and like my sister, that usually have funny jokes on them). In my free time I draw or take walks (with or without my sister) while listening to music.

Thank you sending in an ask, and thank you for being patient!

I ship you with……………………. ASAHI!


- you are his  a e s t h e t i c

- he thinks you are too cute!

- likes to clean your glasses with his sleeve

- loves loves loves to take walks with you. He’ll walk you to and from school, or he’ll take you out into the city and walk you along there… and he always is holding your hand while doing so.

- Asahi likes it when it’s fall as well. He thinks the color of leaves bring out your eyes, and he really finds it cool how the wind blows through your hair magically

- you guys draw patterns on each other’s hands sometimes, and it ends up being really intricate and calming

- cannottttttttttt stop blushing when he sees you in one of his sweaters… he refuses to look at you because it tempts him so much, and he just feels really honored

- pls play with his hair and he will cuddle with you all night

- he’s honestly really sweet towards you and will protect you at all costs even if it means he has to speak up

- ALWAYS saves the seat next to him in class for you

- kissessSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssS everyday because you’re soft and he just wanna treat you right

Older Atsushi wearing punk clothes for @intra-fiducia! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Probably I didn’t do him justice, but I still hope you like it ;3;

City of TomCav, Day 2

Tom Auto

As Rogue were saying they wouldn’t allow food gifts, my plan to bring Tom a bag of Clementines (top rated snack by both Tom and Magic, MATES #46) was foiled, so instead I learnt the noble art of Candle Making, and made a Clementine Cake candle using eco soy wax. And made custom labels. And went all out.

It’s called ~Respect For Women~, OBVIOUSLY. 

He couldn’t believe it, and that I knew which episode it was, and just seemed so surprised, touched and taken aback. “Wow… I can’t tell you how much that means to me that you actually know that.”

And he signed Little Harry’s little head! And took more selfies with him. He promised to put them up on social media soon when he escapes UK roaming charges.

He was like “I LOVE YOUR GLASSES.” And I was like “I LOVE YOUR GLASSES TOO.”

Our glasses are cute, ok!

Then “I LOVE YOUR REVERSE FLASH LANYARD.” To which I restrained myself from the obvious reply of “I LOVE YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE.” Which would have been accurate, but may have resulted in security being called to the scene.

I took a photo of myself outside the auto room afterwards because Tom got me feeling cute af and like I could take on the world!  ❤

Tom Photo


The Cavanarms were out of ALL control. What kind of musculature!


And the everything, let’s be real. The everything.

Random Observation

Tom asks for permission always. Before doing anything which may tangentially involve you, he asks if he can, if that’s ok, and waits for full verbal consent before proceeding.

Beyond precious and lovely and tremendous and winning.

And robust & athletic.

Tom Talk #2

  • He will be doing MATES “until the world runs out of snacks!”
  • Power sliding was his own invention – it was written as running in and grabbing the gun and he was all “no I don’t think so, how about I just slide in” and so he did.
  • He likes to do all of his own stunts – he says his stunt double has the best job in the world because he gets paid to come in then get told to go home and hang with his twins because Tom has got this.
  • The glasses were coming on or off from episode 1 as little tells and visual hints and cues: Tom was doing “about 117 things throughout season 1” as part of EoWells’ subterfuge, which you can watch back and notice only in retrospect.
  • Big Belly Burger started off as a joke, and he and Carlos were like “let’s talk about Big Belly Burger as much as we can” as improve which then took off and became a thing, so much so he now has a poster in his room.
  • Was asked if he could travel back in time, what message would he give himself -  “don’t kill all the cows in the future, Big Belly Burger is the best thing they have!”
  • Tom kept complimenting the shirts and costumes of everyone queueing to ask questions – it seemed a tactic to ease their nerves. Adorable and thoughtful!
  • “Hello, Flash!” (In EoWells voice) at a little girl in a Flash shirt about to ask a question. TOO CUTE.
  • His favourite scene this season was in Flash Back where Grant was chained to the chair, and he was threatening to thrust his hand through Barry’s chest.
  • Mentioned NBA All Stars – said that it’s basically rich celebrities trying to play basketball for televised fun, but that it gets into trouble when they start taking it too seriously and forget it’s just on television.

“The show works best with daily conflict – Harry is a malcontent bitch who’s always complaining.”

  • BUT deep down Harry is a good person, and all he really cares about is “getting his daughter safe and sound.”
  • Described his behaviour on set as “just massive amounts of hijinks and practical jokes – that’s my speciality.”
  • CARLOS: “a musical genius… the best I’ve ever seen in 25 years.”
  • Someone asked what he likes to do in his spare time…. “Vancouver is a coniferous jewel of a city”, he spends a lot of time being outdoorsy. He also writes a lot!
  • “I WROTE SOMETHING FOR GRANT AND I”, it shows both Tom and Grant in a “MUCH DARKER AND FUNNIER LIGHT” – NOT for The Flash, something original, and they ARE going to shoot it and make it available to us!
  • Was asked about the wheelchair, and mimed out the same story that he did in yesterday’s lounge with the spinning of the chair, saying on every spin to Grant, “WATCH YOURSELF, ALLEN.” And Grant couldn’t keep a straight face.
  • Talked about Cisco vibing… “he can’t really control it! But then he can!” Said how he can when he needs to for the story, but then at other times it seems like he can’t again, but that it’s a necessity for the story as everything would be too easily resolved otherwise.


I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post about the Tom Lounge that he said that he and Carlos are going to be RECORDING SOME MUSIC TOGETHER and putting it online for us at some point!!

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Hi! I see you’re taking Jikook prompts.. Can you write me soemthing about jimin being embarrassed about his glasses (the ones he wore pre debut, not the square ones) because he used to get made fun of for them in school, but now Jungkook finds them really sexy? Smut if you’re comfortable with it xx

(I’m assuming you mean these?)

Title: You Should Wear Them More Often
Pairing: jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Word Count: 973
Rating: NC-17 (ish)
Warnings/Notes: Mild Sexual Content, Glasses Kink (if that’s a thing?).
Jungkook’s never admitted it, but he’s definitely got a thing for glasses. And no, he doesn’t mean the circular framed props they give them in photo shoots, or the thickly rimmed ones Taehyung or Seokjin have taken a liking to wearing; he’s talking about the slim, prescribed black spectacles that rest upon the bridge of Park Jimin’s nose, curling over his ear and beneath the dark tuffs of hair.

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Eeek, your nearsighted Ruby makes me so happy! Like, I wear glasses too, and I'm always sort of sad/wistful watching fantasy /SciFi type stuff on TV because? No one ever has vision problems? But I saw your art and I was like 'Hell yeah! My fave needs glasses!' So. Yes. IDK, I was sort of sad when Connie's vision was cured. So anyway, you're awesome! Have a good day! :D

“Sure, it’s common here on Earth, but where I’m from, this is unique!”

atropian  asked:

Sterek: "Don't make it into a big deal?!"

“So, you two,” Scott points between them, “Are… You’re…”

Derek stares at him flatly, “Yep.”

Stiles squirms on the couch, huffs when Derek puts a hand on his thigh to keep him still. “Dude!”

“Relax! You’re beginning to sweat, and it’s driving me insane.”

“You’re already insane.”

“If I am, it’s because you drove me there.”

“You won’t get in my car!”

“It’s literally a death trap.”

“It’s fine.”

“It’s broken down three times this month. If you’d just let me take you to a dealer—”

“And get a Toyota like yours?! Oh yeah, might as well jump right into old age and get myself some glasses just like yours, too.”

“I don’t believe I heard you complaining about the glasses last night.”

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