i like your eyes sir

Cold Hands - Chapter 1 (Trixya) - Star

Cold Hands - A Victorian AU in which Katya is a wealthy heiress and Trixie is homeless - though they both have more than they realise in common. Their first meeting gets off to a slippery start, to say the least.

Hi guys! A new multi-chapter trixya fic that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is appreciated:)

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anonymous asked:

How do you like your blowjobs sir?

I like them wet and sloppy. Lots of eye contact is ideal, and I need my bottom to take it all the way down to the shaft. I love when my fag suckles on my nuts while stroking my cock before taking it back down again. If you really want to make me feel good, then moan while sucking it; it shows me that it feels just as good to you as it does to me. If I’m feeling particularly raunchy I’ll ask my sub embarrassing and humiliating questions with my cock in his mouth, only to ridicule the way way he speaks while working my pole. I hope this satisfies your curiosity, anon.

Soft Spot (P2 Negan)

Title: Soft Spot
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 1,539
Warnings: Language
Author’s Notes: Okay, there was someone who messaged an ask, asking for a tag. And I didn’t save the username. And I feel bad. D: Please let me know if it was you. I’m the worst.

Part 1 || Part 3 || Masterpost

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