i like your back tho

when I was in elementary school, this author came to our school for a picture book reading and idr what happened exactly, but i think i wrote him a letter thanking him for coming to our school and i wasn’t expecting him to reply, but he did and told me to ask my mom if it would be okay for him to send me a book, so i wrote back and said yes and the next time he wrote, he included a free autographed copy of the book and i was so excited?? we kinda kept in touch and every time he released a new book, he would send me a copy with some extra goodies like stickers and stuff and he still does to this day and one time he even sent me an autographed copy of one of his friend’s books because the cat’s name was victoria and he “thought of me” and i’m just like THAT’S SO NICE

anyways, we added each other on FB a few years back and i totally forgot because he’s not really active on it, but he just created and added me to a facebook group for his dog and books and i’m just like this is it, i’ve made it LMAOOOO

So ….. this happened. *looks around nervously*
I SOMEHOW ended up there…with the help of SOMEONE kicking my butt into the fandom. And … I fear I will stick around.

So.. those two are a thing now… in my art. It’s the arms and eyebrows… I s2g seriously…

(No, not a fandom switch, just an addition, don’t worry. I’m still totally in volleygay hell.. I just have a …space hell now too… oh god i have TWO space hells…)


Crazy Skills & Combos Gymnasts Have Only Shown in Training (so far) Part 3/: Skills I found after already making gif sets for Kohei Uchimura and Simone Biles

(L-R): Triple Tuck (HB), Weiler Full (UB), Triple Twisting Side Somi (TumblTrak)

i witnessed a fist fight in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant today

one man supposedly spit on another man’s car. so of course that is an Unforgivable Assault on one’s Manliness and must be dealt with in a mature, grown up way such as yelling ‘fuck’ a lot and punching each other in a parking lot

stress relief klance doodle ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡


Happy birthday to our beautiful kitty, Jung Taekwoon. My dearest moonlight~ Happy birthday~ Thank you for gracing us with your existence and beautiful voice. Let’s run to the future together, easy or not. You know we love you for whatever and whoever you are, right. I love you~ HAPPYLEODAY~



the strawhats if they had blogs

Luffy - mostly vines, any kind of meme that can possibly be posted. personal fav is dickbutt. mourns the loss of the tumblr glitch, is also the greatest shitposter of all time. his sidebar img is a picture of “thwomp” with “rest in piece” in black cursive letters with a faded white border (usopp made it for him). takes selfies and vines with random people on the street. has 4 fake about pages and the real one just says “im luffy the pirate king” and redirects to Never Gonna Give You Up after 10 seconds. usopp helped him with this. tumblr claim to fame is eating a bathbomb

Zoro - a blog with the basic theme titled “zoro”. theres 3 posts and theyre all pictures of his swords

Nami - aesthetic blog. generally only posts ocean pictures and orange things. buys a lot of bath bombs and posts pics

Usopp - fashion/art blog. makes custom themes and mostly just reblogs from the other strawhats. has one of those weird statcounter things that says who from where is on your blog

Sanji - food pics. lots of food pics. sidebar is something similiar to “Sanji. 21. Cook. Fighter. Stuck eternally in the friendzone.”

Chopper - uses his as a diary, talks about medicine a lot. has a ~cute~ theme with little pixels on it. likes to reblog cool anime graphics even though he hasn’t seen most of the shows theyre from

Robin - mostly literary analysis. pictures of book covers and reviews of book stores that she’s been to. also likes to liveblog horror movies and review them. sometimes posts nature sketches. sometimes reblogs posts making fun of john green

Franky - posts pictures of things hes built and takes selfies w everything. his theme is that old Plaid theme that tumblr removed even though usopp offers to make one for him because his blog looks fucking awful

Brook - only has his official Soul King blog. answers all of his fanmail personally tho

UGH sorry about my shitty front camera and this light and filter didn’t help much either but aNYWAY i realized i never post myself anymore (duh that’s what instagram is for) but i liked how these came out they’re like 3 weeks old tho but i had nice hair and a nice dress and i was feeling super good and the only purporse of this is saying HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you my lovely friends!!!!!!! oKAY I KNOW IT’S NOT EVEN 14TH YET but i’ll spend it woking my ass off (at home sob) and all by myself of course but i hope you have a good one!!!!!!! kiss kiss fall in love in my place pls!!! <3 

ALSO there’s a little surprise at the end of these post so keep reading and you’ll find out!!!

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The pride I feel knowing that hannahhindi and hillyhindi directed all those parodies that are fluffing awesome is overwhelming. I’m tired of hearing women can’t do jobs as well as men. You guys are examples that we can, and even better. I also want to add how the videos never make fun of the movie/show/person of make them seem bad, like other parodies. You basically pay tribute to them and make it appealing to everyone. Thank you for being so amazing and so talented. Seriously you inspire me so much and please never stop your craft.