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Not really fuck anyone, just a weird thing that happened. So I have a friend, let's call him James, who hates when call centers call him. So he always answers an unknown number by shrieking like a pterodactyl or a flippin crow. Anyways, I get a job at a call center. It's whatever. Anyways. Here's how my call just went: Me: *Gives standard speech* Caller: *͏͕̞̪̮̲̘U̩͙̹̳n͈̠͉̞̞̖͖h̜o̡l͔̬͜y̢͓̼̩̲͍̭ ͠s̢̺͔̯̮͕̦c̺͙re̤̫̙e̲̱c҉͎̫h̪in̢̼̼̭͍g͈̦̀*̛͓̹̼ͅ Me: ... "James?" Caller: *panicked* CAW CAW *click*

lmfao I wonder if he’ll stop now that he knows you might be on the other end at any random time. -Abby

Percy Jackson is not !!! dumb !!!!

yikes ok this has been bothering me for a while so here I go:

I hate it how (soME) people show Percy as someone who’s dumb. sure, his personality is all bubbly and sometimes he acts all “stupid” and like a “Seaweed Brain”. bUT LET ME REMIND YOU THAT THIS BOY HAS GONE THROUGH SO MUCH CRAP !!!!





I’m sorry this is so long I had to get it off of my chest



  • a romantic comedy movie like No Strings Attached or Friends with Benefits
  • talks a lot during it but gets shy if a sex scene comes on and will shut up instantly
  • really into cuddles, so you will be hugged for the whole duration of the movie
  • will also feed you popcorn all the time 
  • “what do you mean you don’t want it? just eat it, you need to grow!” 


  • somehow I think he will enjoy watching something like a thriller or a mystery movie that will make you both curious and anxious
  • so maybe a movie like Shutter Island or The Prestige
  • lets you put your head on his shoulder or chest as he careses your hair slowly
  • not much of a talker, but would gasp or go “oh my god, did you see that babe? i would’ve never imagined it!” 
  • probably talks about the movie and how good it was for at least 3 days after you saw it


  • sci-fi, action movie which is not even a surprise 
  • you will watch Transformers for the 15 times this year together
  • “oh, look, look it’s getting to the good part!”
  • “we saw this for like 10 times, it’s not fun anymore”
  • gets really into the movie and probably won’t hear you if you talk to him and respond after 5 minutes 
  • “did you say something? sorry but Optimus is so cool wow!”


  • somehow I think he will want to watch a horror movie so maybe The Conjuring or Insidious
  • it’s not that he likes horror movies though, he just wants to use it as an excuse so he can cuddle you and hold you close 
  • “come on, i will protect you, trust me” 
  • will be a little shit and if you are scared from the movie, he will scare you even more 
  • “i’m sorry please, i’m serious hahaha. stop hitting me y/n, we can keep the light on tonight, ok?”


  • somehow I think he would like something like Maze Runner or Now You See Me
  • he won’t care for the genre and probably lets you pick the movie; but likes a captivating one, that will keep you on the edge
  • talks a lot and always asks questions about everything 
  • “so… who did it? was it him? oohh or maybe her? yeah, i’m sure she did it, right?” 
  • you have to shove a handful of popcorn into his mouth to shut him up 


  • an animated comedy movie, probably a comedy like The Secret Life of Pets or Zootopia 
  • would squeal through the entire movie and point out at every character and how cute they are 
  • “do you think Rooney and Peter are actually undercover spies and work for a secret organization while we are sleeping?” 
  • “what the hell Daniel?” 
  • “with how athletic they are and how fast they climb the walls, i wouldn’t be surprised if they had a black belt in taekwondo” 


  • an animated movie as well but something with a little more adventure like Up or The Incredibles
  • gets very excited and probably laughs and cries together with the main characters 
  • i think he would like cuddling, but instead of you having your head placed on his shoulder
  • he will have his head on your lap as you play with his hair 
  • imitates his favorite parts of it for a week after you see it and forces you to act with him 
  • probably insists on seeing the same movie again for the 4th time in a row because he just liked it that much


  • i am 100 out of 10 sure, this boy will want to watch something that has to do with dancing so probably Step Up or Honey 
  • you two jam to every song there is in the movie
  • but then you have to pause from 15 to 15 minutes because he has to show you that he can do the same move Channing Tatum did and better 
  • “i do it better right?” 
  • “ummm…” 
  • “what was that babe?!” 
  • “well he is Channing Tatum, i mean… but i love you, ok?” 
  • “i can’t believe my own girlfriend would betray me like this wow…”


  • somehow I think he would enjoy watching something like The Perks of Being a Wallflower or The Fault in Our Stars
  • probably lets you put your head in his lap as he plays with your hair 
  • also likes holding your hand a lot and squeezing it at the important moments of the movie
  • by the end of it, the whole movie date will turn into a “who can cry the most without the other one noticing” competition 
  • just a tip but… Jinyoung loses


  • you will watch a chick flick most likely, something like Mean Girls or Pitch Perfect 
  • will comment on everything like “WOW BITCH I’M SHOOK” 
  • makes 10 different facial expression in the spawn of 2 minutes 
  • would hug you at the most random times 
  • and mostly when something good happens in the movie just because he is so into it that he can feel the happiness of the main character


  • i don’t know why but i can see him totally enjoying those movies with stupidly funny super heroes like Kick-Ass or Deadpool
  • not much a talker, but smiles and laughs a lot 
  • lots of short comments like “wow”“oh my god”“that’s so stupid”
  • would probably take over the popcorn bowl and only keep it on his side 
  • whether you cuddle or not mainly depends on you because he can go both ways 
  • hugging you all throughout the movie and kissing the top of your head at time 
  • or you two getting excited together and jumping up and down the couch when something cool happens in the movie 
hero (peter parker x reader)

hi! i’m no longer dead. i swear school has been like taking a razor scooter to the ankle.

anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this cute little imagine i randomly came up with at 8:24 pm.

i love you all so so much and thank you for being patient with me.


let me know if you want to be in the permanent tagged list!

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Peter smiled as he walked through the hallways at school, all the latest gossip is about who the ‘spider-man’ is and why he’s disguising himself in a red and blue suit. he smiled to himself as he caught up with his best friend, Ned.

“hey man. how’s it feel to be famous when no one knows who you are?”

“it’s absolutely amazing.” he responded, a wide smile tugging at his lips. Ned gave him a high five before looking past Peter, giving him a light smile.

“girlfriend at 6:00.” Ned said, giving him a smile. just as the words left his mouth as Peter felt arms wrap around his torso. Ned gave the couple a smile before walking away, winking at Peter.

Peter had a huge smile on his face as he turned around to face his amazing, beautiful girlfriend, y/n.

“hey baby.” he said. she smiled up at him due to height difference.

“he babe. how are you?” she asked as he kissed her forehead.

“i’m good. kinda over whelmed with the ‘i’m famous but no one knows who i am’ sorta thing.” he said,”what about you? how did your algebra test go?”

“i’m 95 percent sure i passed.” she said and he smiled at her while slinging his right arm over her shoulders as they walked down the hallway.

“that’s my girl.” he said, pulling her into his side as they walked. both of the teenagers wearing wide smiles as they walked to their classes.

“so, do you want to come over later? hang out and watch some movies or something? my mom just grabbed cookies and creme ice cream” said y/n as they reached her biology class. he smiled down at the beautiful girl he was glad to call his own.

“of course. you know i’m always down for cookies and creme ice cream.” he said she smiled before she reached up on her tippy toes and planted a kiss on his soft lips.

he pulled away a few seconds later and hugged her tightly, taking in her lovely scent and kissing the top of her hair.  

“go learn. i love you and i’ll see you when school ends.” he said to her as she walked into the classroom.

“i love you too, Peter. see you soon.” she said, giving him a bright smile.

he smiled back before walking to his own class, happy it was his last class of the day. he walked into the class room and took his seat next to Ned just before the bell rang. 


Peter walked out the front doors and walked down the sidewalk, shoving one headphone into his ear before walking across the street. just then, he felt two hands attack his sides and a scream from behind him.

his heart stopped as he jumped, turning around to see y/n laughing. he soon rolled his eyes as he pulled her into his body.

“you little ass.” he said as she laughed.

“i’m sorry but it’s just so funny to scare you.” she said as they walked down the streets of Queens. hand in hand, the only destination is to y/n apartment. 

“so, how was spanish?” she asked as they continued walking. her hair blowing behind her as the fall breeze kicked in. 

“it was great.” he smiled.

“hit me with some spanish, Parker.” she grinned up at him. he chuckled before putting a sentence together. 

“eres la persona más hermosa que he visto.” 

she blushed as she understood what he had just said. 

“muchas gracias. te amo, Peter.” she smiled.

“te amo, y/n” he said giving her a kiss on her temple as they reached her apartment complex.


Even if there were many flaws, i really liked the ending.
Nolan for me, didn’t get an redemption but i think he’s progressing.
Theo’s scenes were beautiful. The elevator thing, “I’m not gonna die for you” was like “I am definitely gonna die for you” tbh, and taking Gabe’s pain was beautiful too. I wanted it to be Liam but i think this way was more meaningful, because it really means Theo is becoming a good person. He’s not just caring about his friends and alies, he can empathies with people, even if they are enemies.
All of the fighting scenes were beautiful, you can see everyone kick as and let me say this, nobody can say Theo and Liam wasn’t an epic duo. Power couple #2(first is Scalia)
And Jackson scenes… It was amazing. I in no way ship Jydia but nobody can tell me they don’t feel something or have some old feelings for each other. The hug was amazing, it paralells the season two final of tw and EVEN Lydia’s words were more happy and shocked than any time before. The lasy time i see Lydia this happy was when she was with Parrish. Jydia was a abusive ship indeed but it was still epic.
I found Lydia telling Malia to kiss Scott stupid because Malia literally Kissed Stiles to concentrate. But they were still good.
Derek was great, i’m actually curious over the other’s fears but Derek was amazing, you can see he matured and thet were acting like a old married couple with Stiles.
A queerbaiting clasic by thiam and sterek: Carrying the other one bridal style.
I loved it when Lydia told Jackson she thought he was never gonna figure it out. It was such a friendly comment because usually your friends and even your partner can figure your sexuality out faster than you, can confirm.
Stydia was minimum so it’s fine too.
The last scene was cliché but i still loved it.
So i think, goodbye Teen Wolf. You fucked my life for 2,5 years but i still watched you, actually the only reason i continued was because of Malia aka my goddess but still, you’re over and i’m sad but relieved.

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I’ve been trying to convince myself that they’re just friends all this time. like, the other members did some strange things too. but this comeback is making me question my own beliefs. jimin singing “let me love you” to jungkook... backhugging him and leaning his head on jk’s shoulder... shamelessly grabbing his ass in front of thousands of people... and jk’s reaction to all of that is just a big happy smile what the hell is going on here

right??!!??!! I just…. they make me contemplate all my thoughts. like, i’m convinced they could never be real, and that i’m being delusional and all this. but then they go and do shit like that,,,, and it’s like… HOW CAN YOU NOT BE TOGETHER. i try to keep my head screwed on tight and not be one of ~those~ shippers, but jikook make it so hard when they go and act as gay as possible. like, i have no idea why they make me question the entire universe, but they do :/ idk i’m so confused by what their relationship is or could be, i htink that i need to just stop thinking about it and just concentrate on them being adorable (though it’s hard because next thing you know they’re going to do some v gay shit lol) 

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So basically when I ask a Ravenclaw for answers on their homework they look at me like "bitch, do your own homework", Do any other people find that annoying about Ravenclaws

So I can’t chime in on the annoyingness because that’s pretty much how I react. I don’t care if you are my enemy, my crush, or my best friend. The only way you are copying my homework is over my dead body. That being said I’m always more than happy to help explain something to someone who doesn’t understand it and help them work out an answer but I will never let you copy.

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Hi! I really like your blog! I'm working on a story and I was wondering if I could get some prompts about/between a high-schooler and his friends about his abusive foster father, because the guy doesn't really see it as abuse? Or is that a little too specific for you?

“He doesn’t hit you.”
“Michael, verbal abuse is just as serious as physical abuse.”
“Guys can’t- it’s different when-”
“Did your foster dad tell you that?”

“You know what? No. Don’t call him your father, not even your foster father. No parent, biological or otherwise, will ever treat you like that. You shouldn’t let this man negatively impact your view of guardians.

“I’m going to throw this out there as an eye opener, if nothing else: we have enough evidence here to call the police and have a case.”
“No, we can’t do that.”
“For now, we won’t, but you have to start taking this seriously.”

“You’ve been missing a lot of school recently.”
“My foster dad, uh… He wouldn’t let me go because-”
“Because of a bruise?”
“Yeah, he was afraid that-”
“He should be afraid.”

“Sometimes he’ll destroy my stuff.”
“Just, like, my books or something.”
“Yeah, it sucks, but he won’t hit me. And all his threats-”
“- they don’t mean anything.”

😂 So...its time to pour a cup of Petéa 🍵Because...its like...When you try to spare people the embarrassment and shame by being nice. They try to play victim.

So I know you all saw my last post. The one about the grillz coming soon? And how I mentioned that they were blatantly stolen??? Well its time to elaborate because I was going to let this slide but when the thief wants to keep lying and trying sub-posting about it as if nothing will come of it…

lol well…Time to make something of it. Since I’m not one to send hate messages and casually post and delete dumbass posts with no @ then block the person I’m talking about, I will @ you:


for everyone to see. See, I was going to spare you the public embarrassment but you decided to show such bold cowardice *ahem*

Let’s show everyone how bold you really are. 

Ok ya’ll XD So this girl actually managed to take my grills, these right here:

And take the texture that I took the time to work on and shape to fit a sim’s mouth and paste it on another base teeth then upload it and call it her own XDD

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Kosmo, if the link is private, how’d you get them to compare??” Well see that’s where she fucked up lol She released another set of grillz publicly but she forgot to take out the texture images for these “private” ones lol Both of these grillz managed to escape my notice until recently because she doesn’t tag her cc as S3CC and that’s the tag I follow. At first I just thought “Hmmmm I don’t think I gave her my grillz so maybe they just look similar to mine?” 

But nope. I opened the files in GIMP and xDD Well, these are her’s:

And these are mine:

So now you’re probably like, “Ok but did you try to take this up with her privately???” And the answer is yes. Lol In fact, when I first saw they were literally my textures verbatim, not a variant, (NOT EVEN ON DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE TEETH YA’LL like bruh xD) I was annoyed, but if she just admitted it, all I was going to just ask for  was a simple apology and for her to give credit as using my stuff as a base. But she got defensive and snippy and tried to dismiss me XDD She actually claims that she just found the same image as me on google then showed me some cellphone picture of her computer screen of grill images. But even then those weren’t the one’s I used??? xD I actually used two different ones then shaped them in GIMP to fit my Melanated teeth. 

But after she got defensive and rude and basically annoying, I stopped responding back to her because I had the answer I wanted. 

She stole them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I even had other CC Creators look at the files to double check for me because if I was wrong, I was willing to apologize but literally the only difference is she shrunk my textures down, sharpened the fuck out it, changed the saturation, and stretched it ever so slightly to fit a pair of MoonSkin93’s teeth as a base XD

For comparison this is the quality on her other, public, set of grillz ya’ll XD

So I just wanted to neatly unfold this at her feet so she can stop pretending to be a victim of hate. XD I can and will also post the conversation that was had if you need a reminder. Like this wasn’t even going to be a thing until you annoyed me but like I said before, whatever happens, happens. And well…its done happened LMAO

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Listen. I’ve seen a lot. A LOT of shit about the tstz group chat that I’m in. And a lot of it is mean and hateful for no reason other than the fact that you’re “annoyed” but I’m not sorry at all.. Like I have been just kind of wandering around on this site for two years because I lost all of my friends that I used to have. And I decided I would message someone and say Oh I see you’re starting a group chat can I be in it? And they let me in and now I have people that I talk to everyday and that I can go to if I’m sad and I can laugh with and I don’t feel lonely anymore. I’m truly sorry if anyone feels left out because of the fact that we had to cap the amount of people we had forty people is really so much it gets super stressful. So I’m sorry for anybody who is hurt. But I will not apologize for finding friends and appreciating them and having fun with them? If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to unfollow I won’t be mad. But I’m going to put my happiness over your comfort level on something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. That is all.

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YO let me tell you something my friend my homeboy my man I think this new url is goin in a good direction for you youre keeping it FRESH youre keeping it COOL something RELATABLE to the kids but I think ya need to keep going my dude dont stop take your undeniable FRESHNESS further and change your url to something the kids can really dig change it something like "swegwaylover" or "brogasm" my dude my man my homie balonie you gotta take that extra step keep the brand ALIVE keep it well and fed kee

this is a lot to take in

so i had a coding assignment due on monday (today), but i left my charger in one of the school buildings, and when i called on friday they said they had it but i couldnt get there before they closed. and it only opened again on monday

so i tried doing the assignment on the school computers on saturday, but you can’t install shit on them and i needed to, so i texted my roommate/best friend and was like hey can i borrow your laptop. and she was like yeah of course, go ahead my room is open! which was really nice of her, like she could have said no. but then i went to her room and it was locked, and she didn’t answer her texts bc she was drunk. but i was like ok ill just do the assignment on sunday. so i text her to let her know i can just borrow it on sunday night instead. and then sunday night im like hey so i can i borrow it? and she’s like “oh, no i brought it with me today and now im at my gf’s. i hope this all works out for you though!!” like ok bitch bail on me whatever but “i hope this works out for you”?? pls know you’re actually screwing me over!! you could have told me earlier that i couldn’t use it!!!

so i went to an internet cafe at 2am, but i forgot my wallet so i only had enough money for 2 hours. i ended up getting a bit of work done but i still had like half of it to do.

so in the morning on monday i wake up and rush to the building where i left my charger, and i go to the front desk, and it turns out the charger they have isnt even mine. so class is in 2 hours, i still need to do the assignment and get to the class, and i dont have access to a computer where i can run the program to make sure all my coding is right.

so i decide fuck it i’ll just write and submit the code on my phone and hopefully it’s right even though i can’t actually see the output.

but at the same time i missed the first two lectures bc i wasnt enrolled in the course yet, so there’s some parts i dont really understand? but theres this girl breanna in the class who gave me her number so i text her like “HELP im on my phone and have an hour to finish the assignment”, and she walked me through the parts i didn’t get and then ran parts of my code for me on her laptop to check that it worked, and i submitted the assignment with like 10 mins to spare 🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🌈🌈⏳⏳⏳🙆🙆🙆🦄🦄🦄

so anyways in conclusion friendship ended with rebecca, breanna is my best friend now!!!!!!!!!

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To be honest, I originally starting following you for Buffy stuff, but you've convinced me. I am currently in the process of finding a site to stream Veronica Mars off of because you make seem like such a good show. Any advice for a new watcher?


YES, MY FRIEND!! First of all, you can watch it on go90 if you’re living in the US. Or, you know, there are other alternatives… 

Advice? Blacklist Veronica Mars if you haven’t been spoiled about the show because one of the best things about it is the unexpected plot twists. 

More advice? WATCH IT ALREADY! please? and let me know what you think!


Are you an ana who needs a group of friends who are like you?

Are you an ana who feels like you’re alone in your fight and you don’t know anyone who can relate to you?

Are you an ana who needs a safe space to feel accepted, loved, and supported?

if the answer to any of those questions was yes, then I have the perfect thing for you!

search petiteplease on Kik and join the groupchat for a chance to make friends with girls who are just like you. guys are welcome as well! let’s be there for each other.


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If there were 40 Seungkwans that would be like having 40 of me in a room all vying for attention and then feeling bad for trying to be the center of attention so they all start comforting each other to make one another feel better and thats the kind of thing i need to see before i die - your best friend who keep insisting is Boo.

I can’t handle one of you let alone 40 so I doubt I could handle 40 Boos 😂

My feelings on the last episode of Teen Wolf (spoilers)

~ void Stiles 😭😭😭

~ Theo taking away Gabe’s pain 😭😭😭 (seriously though I cried so much I love him)

~ Scotts biggest fear being the thing that took over his best friend and being told he let Allison down 😭

~ Thiam saying they will fight with each other and then the badass fight scene together




~ Sheriff Stilinski being all badass.

~ Momma McCall and Chris Argent ❤️

~ Lydia telling Malia to kiss Scott because it worked when she kissed Stiles to stop his panic attack 😭 (I was a mess when this happened)

~ Jackson being his sassy ass self and using his tail to take out the guard.

~ Coach being the true hero here.

~ “You’re not a monster, you’re a warewolf, like me” I AM NOT OKAY 😭


I’m gonna miss this show so much I can’t!

Mod Note

Hi memesters! I had to trim down my reading list a little to keep up with the meme – I friended a lot of people when I was trying to follow everyone, and that’s not viable anymore (there are LotR, Harry Potter, and Star Wars branches I was not even AWARE OF for a long time) so I trimmed off DC people who I don’t interact with much or at all. 

But if you want Steve to respond or play into a plot just @ me in the post and I will like, 85% likely see it! Or send me an ask to let me know and I will go and find the post. It’s not that I don’t like you or anything, it’s just a question of time management. 


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BETTER YET!!! being the Host friend and just having set days where the two of you just slip away for a while and enjoy the quiet while either reading or him telling you stories and just relaxing. You have a habit of resting your head in his lap though but it's not like he minds, he trust his friend and misses the contact if anything just enjoying time away from hectic lives and enjoying the quiet with your dear friend~👻

(I’m back tracking to what’s applicable, I’m on lunch so let’s see how many I get through)

That would be one the greatest benefits to being Host’s friend. The ability to have those chill, no talk necessary, kind of times.

If you are not my friend and I’ve never talk to you or follow me, don’t

I’m not upset, it’s clear they final look like a couple. No more hiding and playing games but Harry if you were a couple along, you have some explaining to do.

You’re complicit with all her pap walks and merchandising and selling pictures to the press. 

You crying you wanted the Veterans to be the highlight is a lie. That’s one of the reasons for me covering your ass, my love of an idea that vets deserve so much better. 

Now let’s get to that Trump Article that I defended you on, now who is fake and phony?  What about your side trip to St Vincent’s? The people want to know.

Maybe it’s time for you to get a real job and pay your way. 

Good luck Mr. Markle you’re going to need it.

need help !!

i am seeking fans of 1d who have never been larries, who witnessed the rise of the tinhatting in fandom, and who chose at that time to just let it be/thought it wasn’t that big of a deal and who now realize what a problem it was and is. it’s alright if you left fandom at any point as well.

i know this is super specific, but i figure you can spread the word around to your fandom friends who’ve been here for the long haul or moved on.

i’d like to have some conversations about what it was like at that moment in fandom, and i’ve generally only talked to people who were larries during that time. i don’t even know when the tinhatting really took off (2012??). any help in piecing together this history would be appreciated.